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Reviewed: 05/06/09

Erugh! Much Better Than Most Give it Credit. Was it Too Hard for You?

Many think that this game is terrible, and for no clear reason. "Hulk jumps over cities, in this game he can't jump over a ledge." "Hulk breaks everything, but in this game he has to go around objects." "HULK DOESN'T CLIMB LADDERS!" All of this is complete bs, the game itself is great. It plays well, it looks good, and it sounds good, therefore, its good! Game play will explain why.

Game play: 9/10

Great controls, and fun (albeit hard) game play is found in this game. Hulk plays predominantly like a plat-former, with a few beat-em-up elements here and there (like Golden Axe or Blades of Vengeance). Traversing the levels is a lot of fun, and there are many hidden rooms, and passages littered throughout the levels, so exploration is key, and sometimes necessary to either complete the level, or to advance further into the game. Hulk has quite a few moves in his arsenal, from punching moves, to full body moves, to throws (the latter one is the best). There are many different enemies, with many different attributes, and the same goes for the bosses (save for the Abomination, who is the same every time). Good game play, how about the story?

Story: 7/10

Not part of the Hulk canon, nor is it anything different than most comic book story lines, the story in Hulk is just a basic "evil guy wants to take over," story line. The Leader is trying to take over the world again, and this time he's instilled the help of three super villains, the Rhino, Tyrannus, and Absorbing Man. Oh yeah, and you'll have to deal with the chemical brain that is found inside a weird lair. With all this help, surely the Hulk cannot stop the Leader now, can he? Graphics coming at you next.

Graphics: 9/10

Great graphics in this game, everything is highly detailed, and the colors are beautiful and vibrant. The enemy characters look great, as do the bosses. With exception to the Leader (who is small and obscure), and Bruce Banner (for the same reasons), every boss looks highly detailed, and has a variety of expressions and movements. The true graphical power is in the Hulk himself though, moving around with realism, realistic movement and muscle pulsating when going up and down ladders. Probe spent a great deal of time programming the Hulk himself, and it shows. The backgrounds also look great, though not as great as the characters. Much of the backgrounds are looped, however that is no cause for concern. Sounds are up.

Sounds: 8/10

Great sounds here, albeit repetitive. The constant gun shooting is tedious after a while, as is the constant fire ball shooting in the second level, otherwise, the sounds are good, if not a bit humorous. The music is where the sound department really shines. All the tunes are catchy, and they fit the levels perfectly. The first level has a nice bouncy feel to it, just as you get transitioned to the game. The second level continues this, as well as the third. The fourth level has a bit of a different style of music, as the level is quite different from the rest. The final level has music that sounds a bit creepy, as if you know this is a tough ******* level. Great stuff here, but is the Hulk replay-able?

Replay ability: 4/10

This is a fairly difficult game, however once you get used to the controls, get your timing down, and learnt he vast array of moves, you should beat the game with no trouble. After you beat it once though, will you have motivation to play it again? Who knows...

Buy or rent?

If you can rent this game, by all means do so just to see if its your cup of tea, otherwise just go ahead and purchase it!

So many comic book games have gotten a bad rep, and for what reason? Many games are quality, fun titles, just like the Incredible Hulk. Finally completing this game after years and years at it gave me such satisfaction I have never gotten before. Oh hell, "Hulk Smash!!!!!!!!!!"

Rating: 7

Product Release: The Incredible Hulk (US, 12/31/94)

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