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FAQ/Walkthrough by Cataya



 1. A slash does much more damage than a jab. Strike the opponent when
he is not parrying or when there is an opening between his moves. A good time
to attack is when the opponent swings back his weapon. Always keep the
joystick back so a slash can be delivered readily. Don't bother to parry.

 2. Resting on the hay stack restores four hit points, up to a maximum
of fifteen. It is a good idea not to rest (except at the end of a level) until
you have lost more than four points. Only one rest per level. The dreams make
interesting reading, but have no direct relation to the game.

 3. Once the fireball scroll has been invoked it cannot be disarmed. Be
careful not to waste the spell by accidentally hitting the fire button. Once
hand-to-hand combat has been initiated fireballs cannot be released.

 4. Goblins have green skin. Trolls have olive (yellow?) skin. 

 5. Unless you are a slow reader, hold down either joystick button to
speed up the text display. Press both buttons together to zip past text


 Note: The certificate numbers listed give the best character condition.


 Exit through the only door. If you wish to be briefed on your mission, 
approach the round table to hear Mordamir's last recorded words. Otherwise 
stay close to the wall as you walk out.

 Relieve the dead warrior's body of its possessions. The corpse is directly in 
front of you when you exit the first room. The fireball scroll is optional, 
but it is a good idea to take it since it will reduce your amount of fighting. 
Avoid the goblin if possible. Dispatch it quickly if necessary (one slash or 
fireball will do).

 Slay the goblin involved in a fight with a human. Approach the human. The two 
are in the left section of the room, near the bottom of the screen. The goblin 
will direct its attention at you when you approach. It can take about two 
slashes or one fireball.

 Mordamir's servant Ulindor will give you a key to open the chest in the room. 
The key cannot be found on his person if he has been slain.

 Open the chest and take all the items. The map is optional, but it can give a 
better idea of the locations of the traps on level one than this document. 
There is at least one more fight on this level. If you think you need healing 
at this point, exit through the door nearest the chest. Go to the haystack 
and rest. Return to the original room afterwards.

 Exit through the far door. The exit is located beside the right wall of the 
room, at the top of the screen.

 Go right, ignore the goblin's warning and kill it. Take everything on the
goblin and in the room. Exit through the door on the north wall. As soon as 
you advance beyond the point of warning the goblin will walk toward you. It is 
weak and can only take one slash. The only optional item is the note, which 
warns of the nature of wraiths. It will disappear after reading. The exit is 
directly opposite the door through which you entered.

 Walk closely along the wall of skulls, turn at corner but stick to the wall. 
Do not stop walking or change direction after stepping on floor plates. Enter 
the first door encountered. There are no floor mechanisms along the wall of 
skulls. When the first mechanisms are triggered at the second corner keep 
walking in the original direction until you are beside a door. Enter quickly.

 Keep to the left wall (ie. near the pile of dirt) and enter the door on the
other side of the room. There are pit traps in the room. See the map for 
their precise locations.

 Walk to the sconce on your right (it is on the same wall as the door) then
walk in a straight line down the length of the room. Pick up the amulet. Walk 
to the scroll in a straight line from the location of the amulet. Take the 
scroll. Walk in a straight line to the wall opposite the wall beside the 
scroll. Exit through the door. This is the part where a bit of luck comes 
into play. If you do not wish to waste time or do not have fireballs left, 
follow the above directions and you may avoid the wraiths. If you still have 
a fireball you can light a torch by shooting at a sconce, this will allow you 
to see the shadows of the two wraiths. If engaged in battle, a few good 
slashes are required to dispatch the undead. The exit leads to the room with 
the haystack.

 Walk to the source of the light and use the amulet. Do not read the runes.
Climb down the ladder to the second level.

 LEVEL 2 (CDDFF10006F70)

 Avoid the slimes. Take the red gem. Search the pile of bones and take the
Elven sword. Search no further afterwards. Exit through the door at the
bottom of the screen. The touch of slime means death at this point. The sword 
of Arinar will grant you additional agility. If you search again after find-
ing the sword a slime will appear and cause your demise. You can also exit 
through the other door.

 Enter the door in front of you. Before you exit, there is a haystack to the 
right (bottom of the screen) of the room if you need the rest. Ignore Lindli 
the dwarf for now. The exit is opposite the door you just entered.

 Slay the troll. Walk to the other end of the room then exit. One slash is all 
it takes. If you are confident at evading slimes you can skip this room al-
together and take the other way as suggested by step one. The room reached 
through the exit is the same one reached by the other door of the first room 
on this level.

 Use the charm scroll. Go to the merchant on the right of the room. Refuse
the slime oil at 80. Go to him again and buy the oil at 60. Pick up the
stone. Exit through the metal door at north (top of the screen). Cast charm 
at the sight of the first will-o'-the-wisp. Since you do not have eighty gold 
pieces you will have to return to the merchant a second time to buy the oil at 

 Slay the two goblins. Take the complacence dust. Enter the door guarded by
the goblins. You can either set the wisps on them by casting charm again (at 
least one wisp has to be in the room with you) or kill them by hand. The door 
leads to Gresh the Wise.

 Slay the two goblin guards. This step is optional. If the wisps have not been 
used yet, use them now. Be sure not to enter fighting distance with either 
guard (so you can stand and watch the guards beaten to death by the wisps). 
Otherwise kill the guards by hand.

 Use the spores on the pile of dirt. Exit quickly and return after a second or 
two. Approach the goblin king and give him water. Exit room. The mushrooms 
kill both goblins and humans. Giving water to Gresh will allow him to give 
you a key.

 Go back to the room with the dwarf gem cutter Lindli. Stand near the dwarf
and use the dust. Approach dwarf. Use the oil before entering the rightmost
door on the bottom of the screen. You can go to Lindli through either the room 
with the slimes or the troll room. The dwarf will become friendly due to the 
effects of the magical dust and he will give you another red gem. If you need 
healing a haystack is available. The next room contains two slimes.

 Drop stone into a slime. Pick up the red gem when it appears. Exit at the
other end of the room.

 Place the gems in the holes indicated by the following diagram:

 @ = gem (number beside symbol indicates order of placement); H = hole

 H               1@           2@                H           H                H
         H                             H                            3@
         H                             H                            H
    Left triangle                                             Right triangle
   (top of screen)                                          (bottom of screen)

 Climb down the ladder.

 LEVEL 3 (F47EF21000E10)

 Go down the ladder at the bottom of the screen.

 Go to the chest and remove everything in it.  Do not step on a flamethrower.

 Arm the fireball scroll and cast one at the troll. Remove the ritual knife
from the dead troll. The goblin will ignore you and unlock the door in the 
room then leave. If the goblin is killed there will be no way to open that 

 Climb out of the room and go down the other ladder.

 Throw the second fireball at the goblin on the left (the one whose back is
to the wall with the torch). Remove the Protean ring from the dead troll. The 
real goblin is harmless. The alternative to using a fireball is to wait until 
the goblin has been killed then kill the impostor goblin by hand. The bottle 
of slime is useless. Opening it means your demise.

 Climb down the ladder. Wear the Protean ring and walk to the chest. Take
everything from the chest. Go to the ladder then remove the ring. Climb up.
You can also kill the goblin guard if you do not wish to use the ring. A fight 
will occur either if you (as a human) walk past the warning point or touch the 
guard while disguised as a goblin. You cannot climb or cast spells as a 

 Go to the room where the fireball scroll and the ritual knife were found. 
Exit through the door. Climb the ladder beside Gresh the Wise. Do not wear the 
Protean ring when you are near Gresh. He will declare you an impostor and a 
pit will appear beneath you, causing you to shuffle off this immortal coil. 
It is all right to put on the ring after he has spoken to you though.

 Pick up the red gem and exit the room via the other ladder. The path free
of spikes is in the following general shape:

 L = ladder; # = represents squares; @ = gem

    |   ################################################################  /|\
    |   ################################################################   |
   \|/  #####                        #####                         #####   |
        | L |       <-------         #####       <-------          | L | 
   End  |   |                   /|\  #####  |                      |   | Start
        #####       Go to the    |   #####  |                      #####
                   other ladder  |   ##### \|/
                                     #####  Take the gem,
                                     #####  follow the original path
                                     ##@##  back to the intersection.

 Watch the screen for a while to get an idea of the general locations of the 

 Throw the ritual knife at the troll guarding the door. While it is fighting
with another troll enter the metal door to the north (top of the screen). Use
the goblin gas bombs on the two trolls. Get the muscle potion. Exit through
the wooden door to the north (top of screen). Drink the potion and kill the
troll in the room with the haystack.

 This is really just one of the many ways to get around the trolls. For
example, you can use the bombs on the trolls outside the room and use the 
knife inside. If you still have a fireball you can use it on the last troll, 
since it is too strong to be beaten by ordinary means. If you feel adventur-
ous, you can kill the four trolls inside and outside the room by hand. The gas 
bomb can paralyze any number of trolls as long as they are within range. The 
muscle potion and gas bombs will disappear when you exit the level, so you 
might as well use them. You can also rest on the haystack while the troll in 
the room is paralyzed (although why one would want to do this is beyond me). 

 Step into the beam of light when it is purple. Use the red gem. Climb
down the ladder beside you. You will be burned to a crisp if you step into the 
beam at any other color. The teleporter will bring you to the other side of 
the chasm seen at the beginning of the level.

 LEVEL 4 (B5FFF31001EB0)

 Defend yourself against the troll (it is right beside you as you enter the
level) until Ulindor kills it. 

 Approach Ulindor so you will get a magic carpet. Exit through the only door.

 Use the carpet as soon as you are in the room. Navigate around the
flamethrowers until you reach the wooden door. If you stand in any part of the 
room long enough a monster worm will burst from the ground and have you in one 
gulp. You will be burnt to a crisp as soon as you are over a flamethrower 
(they also burst randomly though). Do not move too slowly while on the carpet, 
it has a certain life expectancy and will disappear when the charge is gone
(in other words, practice flying the carpet!).

 Go past the wooden door and keep going until a dead end is reached. Pick up
the ring then return to the wooden door. This step is optional. The ring is 
not needed to complete the level, but it will make things easier if you do not 
have this cheat file. It is not necessary to get off the carpet to pick up 
the ring.

 Use the carpet again to get off it. Enter the door and immediately get on the 
carpet again. Navigate past the flamethrowers to the other side of the room.
Get off the carpet and enter the door. Climb down the ladder. Enter the door 
quickly after getting off the carpet -- the worm can appear at any time. 
Ignore the brief appearance of a girl and move into the corridor opposite the 
one from which you started. There is a haystack in the room with the ladder, 
so rest if necessary. There are two trolls to fight down the ladder.

 Kill both trolls. Go down the ladder. Each troll will need a maximum of two 
slashes. Go rest in the haystack now if you have not yet done so.

 Go to the girl (Ana). Answer yes to her question if you have her ring so you 
will get another ring. This step is also optional. If you do not give her her
ring, she will become upset and will not give you the clue for escaping this 
level. Not a big problem if you have this file. 

 Climb down the ladder. Walk clockwise around the triangle 3 times. Climb
down the ladder. Both Protean ring and Ana's gift disappear when you descend 
into level five. Presumably they were red herrings. 

 LEVEL 5 (D630F43000EB0)    

 Take the egg. Exit through the only door.

 Ignore the goblin conference and enter the door directly opposite the one
you just entered. Go to the goblins if you wish to know about their "water 
problem." This will give you an idea of what to do in the latter part of level 
seven but is not necessary.

 Buy the potion from the merchant. Exit through the entrance. There is no 
haggling with the merchant this time. The potion will shrink you to the size 
of a mouse. Do not drink it yet. 

 Stand beside the small hole in the wall at the far end of the room. Drink
the potion and enter the hole before you resume your normal size. You can also 
wait for a moment before entering the hole. The effect of the potion lasts 
for about 15 seconds and there are two trolls on the other side who will try 
to squash you while you are tiny and mobile. However, they will simply stand 
beside you if you do not move. Play around to find the best way for you to 
get past them.

 Go to the chest once you become normal and remove everything in it. Exit
through the only door. Avoid the trolls if possible. Drink the magic water
before you die. The only optional item in the chest is the note, which tells 
you what to do with the egg once it hatches. The note disappears after read-
ing. If you maneuver correctly you can avoid fighting either troll. The 
trolls need two slashes each. Do not use the fireballs against the trolls 
since the quantity available varies from game to game. I have encountered as 
few as three and as many as fifty-five. Besides, they are only at one-third 
of the strength of the fireballs previously used. The magic water restores 
five hit points.

 Avoid both flying lizards and kill them with fireballs. Search them for a
key. Exit through the other door. One of the lizards carries a key needed to 
unlock the other door. Each lizard can only withstand one fireball. I suppose 
only one has to die if you are lucky. The ladder on the other side of the 
door leads to an infinite corridor. Ignore it.

 Use the worm sensor and follow its pitch across the room according the
directions given with the sensor (LDRDLDRURD) to the other door. Enter the
door. This part is very difficult and the only way to succeed is practice. 
The directions given are from the player's perspective, so a left would mean
the wizard's right. There are also other paths through the room, but the one
that comes with the sensor is probably the shortest. When the sensor reaches
its second highest pitch (it has the highest pitch right when you become the
worm's meal) it means a wrong step will result in death. Since the sensor
works only for a short time it is necessary to memorize at least part of the
correct path. Heaven for masochists.

 Avoid the slime. Go to the diagram on the floor and use the bait while
standing at the center of the triangle. Climb down the ladder. Move quickly. 
The egg hatches as soon as you enter the room. I suppose it might also work 
if you shoot down the hatchling with a fireball when it is directly above the 
triangle, but I haven't tried. The exit only stays open if something presses 
down the center of the diagram.

 LEVEL 6 (563FF53010A41)

 Enter one of the "spider-holes" while spider legs appear in the other. To 
enter a spider-hole, push the joystick up while standing beside the hole.

 Avoid the two egg sacks on the floor. Move slowly toward the spider. Step
back quickly when it rears to web then rush forward to fight it. Kill the
arachnid. Climb down the ladder. Little spiders will swarm you if you move 
too close to the eggs. There is a brief interval between each web-shooting, 
during which it is safe to move toward the spider. Attack the spider when all 
its eight legs are on the ground. Two slashes will do the job.

 Avoid the eggs and do not open the chest. Pick up the bottle of alcohol. Pour 
it on the chest and remove everything within. Descend. Drinking the alcohol 
will make you inebriated and lose the direction you are going, resulting in a 
quick death.

 Immediately use the levitation spell when you are inside the cobwebbed
corridor. Avoid touching egg sacks and go to the end of the hallway. Use the
spell again to turn it off. Climb the ladder. The spiders will emerge if you 
stay on the ground for more than a few seconds.

 Climb down the other ladder. Rest beforehand if necessary.

 LEVEL 7 (C250F63010AC1)

 Go to the tortured man chained to the wall. Give Dunric his ring. Descend.
Kill the troll if you wish. You can also climb down the ladder first and skip 
to step two before coming back up for Dunric.

 Kill Ulindor. Descend. Rest first if necessary.

 Paddle to the sluice gate where Norlac is and lure it to the whirlpool by
entering the whirlpool yourself. You have to be sufficiently close to Norlac 
before it will react. This part is also rather difficult, the only way to beat 
Norlac is to have quite a bit of head start when you paddle away from the 
sluice gate. Practice!

 LEVEL 8 (E011F730178C1)

 Take everything in the chest. Descend. Breasts?! Did I see breasts? Damn, I 
thought Will made a family game!

 Walk to the center of the room and let yourself fall down the pit. Swing a 
few times if you feel like it.

 Use the blink spellbook while the dragon is coming up. Press button #0 every 
time the dragon just finishes taking a deep breath. Use the fire protection 
scroll when the dragon is ready to breathe a seventh time. The seventh breath 
is the longest. Only the fire protection spell lasts long enough for you to 

 While the dragon is wheezing, hold up the amulet to the light but do not read 
the runes. Let Mordamir talk for a while. Strange you didn't find him such a 
mean teacher before.

 Use the Statue spellbook right after Mordamir reclaims the amulet. Press
button #0 about one second after the lightning bolt disappears into the sky. 
Repeat this three times. There is approximately one second before the 
lightning bolt will come down. Time it yourself.

 Use the sonic boom scroll when Mordamir bends down to casts a fourth spell.

 Press button #0 twice to avoid the next two lightning bolts.

 Press button #0 a final time just before the grim reaper reaches you. Let 
Mordamir gloat and reveal his plans.

 Use Magnetic hands when Mordamir holds up the amulet to the light. Enjoy your 
teacher's demise. Ana will get you out of the dungeon.


 Here is the complete listing of the top certificate numbers from level two to

 2 - CDDFF10006F70
 3 - F47EF21000E10
 4 - B5FFF31001EB0
 5 - D630F43000EB0
 6 - 563FF53010A41
 7 - C250F63010AC1
 8 - E011F730178C1

 I haven't figured out how the numbers are calculated, but the fifth digit is
the hit points, the sixth is the level, and the last two seem to represent the
amount of gold.

 THE IMMORTAL is published and distributed by Electronic Arts.

 This walkthru is copyright (c) 1991 by Cataya. All rights reserved.

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