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Reviewed: 08/09/00 | Updated: 08/09/00

Prehistoric lifeforms, in a cartridge!


I can't believe this is the only review for this incredibly unique game! While virtually similar to Lemmings, Humans has one distinct difference: you must control the helpless, hopeless Humans.

Humans first intrigued me when I read the back cover. You must help and save numerous prehistoric numskulls by discovering new tools to insure their survival, helping them work as a team, and by finishing levels with as many of your tribesmen intact as possible. Sound like a challenge? Damn right it is! Add 80+ levels and you've got yourself quite a formidable task in front of you; along with infinite hours of gameplay.

GAMEPLAY: (9/10)
Basically the gameplay focuses on this: you must save as many Humans as possible in some incredibly frustrating levels, AND within the time limit.

Every level becomes more challenging and frustrating than the last, as you struggle to help the poor stupid creatures through evolution. ''Teamwork'' is the magic word in this game. Humans need you to control them, yet they need their hairy comrades to make it to the end of the level. An example of the Humans' teamwork can be anything from passing a spear over to another tribesman, to stacking up several Humans to make an ''artificial ladder''!

The items in Humans help your tribe get past several gaps/objects in the way of your claim to victory. There's a spear, a torch, a rope, a wheel, and even a Witch Doctor! These and several other items can be found in different levels, and you will need these items to continue throughout the complicating levels.

The only tiny annoyance that gives Gameplay a 9 is the ''password saving system.'' I've never been too fond of passwords, because I always seem to misplace the list I've worked so hard to compile.

The music in the background is delightful. I found myself humming the BGM tunes as soon as I started playing a different level. If you do not particularly care for the background music, there is an option in the beginning that allows you to turn off the music, which automatically switches the Sound FX to ''on.'' Of course, the sound effects are equally intact with the Humans as they move around.

As usual, the graphics are what you would expect from a 16-bit game. But it's really not the graphics that help this game excel, it's the puzzling gameplay.

FUN FACTOR: (10/10)
I loved every minute of this game, after hours of playing, I soon found myself at extremely difficult levels. As you discover more and more how to help your somewhat-hairy predecessors, you'll find yourself addicted to Humans.

CHALLENGE: (10/10)
As I said before, the mind-boggling levels force you to think before you act, otherwise you may have some unfortunate left behind/fried Humans!

Humans screams challenge like an opera singer with a flaming pair of horns.

Humans is one of the best games ever made for Genesis. It's definetly a worthwhile purchase to add to your cartridge collection.

~ Mind-boggling levels.
~ Satisfaction of completing a new level.
~ Background music.
~ Hours and hours of gameplay.

~ The password saving system.

~ and that's the opinion of a female gamer!
by Steph

Rating: 10

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