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A New Season

HardBall '95 is the most realistic baseball game ever. This year, we included new player animations and realistic player cards. We made it more strategic. Trade Maddux straight across for McDowell. Follow the chase for the batting title with Gwynn or Bonds, and, to top it all off, we even made it more challenging with a stronger computer opponent. Watch Dykstra and Gonzalez make gold-glove stops or see pitchers try to pick off Molitor and Lofton leaning from 1st. The bottom line is that HardBall '95 is as close to the real thing as you'll get. So step up, dig in and think fastball because it's a whole new ballgame. And this one's for the pennant.

A Whole New Ballgame

- Official MLBPA license with 700 real players and '94 stats.
- Player Editor lets you modify player stats, attributes, even pitch selections.
- League leaderboard with the top 10 players in 20 statistical categories.
- All 28 Big-League ballparks with authentic dimensions and designs.
- NEW! Player-for-player trades.
- NEW! Ballpark graphics with variable field conditions.
- NEW! Tougher computer opponent now attempts pick-offs, aniticipates pitches and more.
- NEW! More calls, more excitement from Emmy Award-winning sportscaster, Al Michaels.
- NEW! More frames of animations give batting, fielding and pitching a smoother, more realistic look.
- NEW! 24 Meg cart with battery backup to save stats for all 700 players, standings, trades and highlights.

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