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Reviewed: 06/12/03 | Updated: 06/12/03

Its like Bare Knuckle but with weapons and magic

Storylineb -8/10
-Well there are 2 endings. It all depends on how you perform before you get to see the Prince of Darkness.
The storyline is like some sort of an RPG but a more or less typical ones. You also get to fight your companions when they become possessed which is quite a cool idea for a storyline.

Graphics -8/10
The graphics of the characters aren't too great since they may be quite small. as for the enemies well the enemies are actually drawn quite well. Wow I really wish I could use some of those enemy sprites for my own games. The towns and castles are also very well drawn and once again I also wished I could use them as chipsets for my RPG Maker.
As for Magic the magic is quite cool and looked devastating.

Sound Effects/Soundtrack-8/10
Okay this one isn't as good as Bare Knuckle. However it does matches the fantasy land that it is supposed to represent. There are also some good catchy tunes as well.

This game would have gotten an 10 for game play if not for one major flaw. The balance of power between the characters is very unbalanced. The black panther is too overpowered and the other charaters are really very weak and difficult to use against the enemies. If you use the black panthese you can basically clear the whole game using 1 move. The forward,back, forward +BC special move will allow you to beat everyone in your path. Its the only move that you need to clear the game.You do not even need to bother to learn any of the other moves. In fact I have never been able to get a good ending when I use anyone else. If I play with my friends if none of us choose the black panther its always game over for us when we reach the last castle.

Speaking of moves there are quite a number to learn for every character. But most of them aren't really that useful against enemies so you really forget about using them.

As for stages there are many stages. In fact the game's replay value comes from this area. You are allowed to choose the path that you want to get to the castle of the
Prince of darkness. You want to fly there on the back of the eagle or go there by a ship or take a walk there. Its all up to you. The enemies and the end boss are also different for each stage.

As for modes there is actually a versus mode where you can even get to use that Eagle Man who is the game's most pesky sub boss. Well he actually appears every where and keeps challenging you when you are playing the game's normal mode.
But the versus mode actually allows you to play against the CPU which is kinda cool although the cast is still kinda limited.

Conclusion- If you want to play this game well just take note that the difficulty of the game is either very easy or very difficult depending on your choice of character to use. However this is the game's only flaw since this one differes from the competition in terms of stages and moves.
Its also more challenging than the Bare Knuckle series if you don't use the black panther. Anyway I would recommend this game to players who love games where the idea is 1 man against an army. You should play this game if you love the Dynasty Warriors series or the Bare Knuckle series.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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