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Reviewed: 05/19/02 | Updated: 05/19/02

One of my favorites on the Sega Genesis.

Barely being able to find it on the Sega Genesis system, this could be the rarest game on the console. I originally played Golden Axe III on the Sega Channel, and before on emulator, therefore my gaming opinion of this game detected that Golden Axe III was much better than I and II.

Not just because of the characters, the gameplay was an incredible upgrade, two new characters, considering I liked Gilius Thunderhead the most, and he is in the game, but he is the dwarf who frees one of the four characters that have been placed under the Prince of Darkness' magical spell.

Like the second Golden Axe game, you must defeat an evil enemy king to regain back the Golden Axe, their land's symbol of peace. The story you could say it the same like usual, but the gameplay and INCREDIBLE music makes up for it.

The gameplay could be considered a bit more complicated, because there is now a VS mode where you can duel your friends or the CPU character against the Barbarian, Amazon, Cat Warrior, Byrd or Brute. Byrd would be considered the most useful out of all the characters of this mode, yet I feel that the Barbarian is the only one that can just always stay in a battle, and never really be truly defeated. The Barbarian always has something left in him, so he is my personal favorite in the game, especially to beginners.

The Amazon is the fastest and quickest in the whole game, even most agile than Byrd. Byrd has some weight to carry with him, but he is the second fastest. Amazon has the incredibly ability to jump two times in the air, and use her superior sword skills in battle, she could be considered the second best in the game.

The Cat Warrior, clearly the third quickest and possibly 2nd weakest, he has strong attacks in his quick ways, and his jumping power and instincts make him stay around a while in the battlefield!

The Brute, slowest and the strongest, all you need to do is run around, slash him a few times and jump slash him and outquick him, and he is done. The Brute is the most useless character in the game, but that does not make him a weakling. He is considered possibly well with EXPERTS.

Byrd should be another character used by only experts. Fighting him is hard enough, but using him is very difficult. If you just use the Barbarian's jump slash moves enough, Byrd will lose easily.

Graphics: 86%
Words: The drawings, the lifelike people looked great.

Sound: 100%
Words: Some of the BEST sound effects and Music files I have ever heard in video gaming history. The first battle music is incredible, and the other music files are EXHILIRATING.

Replay: 96%
Words: The replay value is there, in VS mode mainly, and also in the story mode. In Story mode you will pick one of the four warriors, who must battle several evil beings to recover the Golden Axe. You can play with a friend of course, and even free some of the other characters from the evil prince's spell.

Gameplay: 81%
Words: GREAT gameplay, yet sadly, just a LITTLE complicated and sometimes you could say a little unfair when you fight people like Byrd and the Barbarian.

Story: 65%
Words: The Prince of Darkness has stolen the Golden Axe, and has prepared to attack all the land with his minions and soldiers. Gilius Thunderhead is too old to guide you, but his wisdom has guided one of the four young warriors to battle with the evil forces! He wishes you good luck, and sends you on your battle!

Characters: 74%
Words: No Gilius Thunderhead was not a happy thing, without him the game does not feel the same, but the game being a little different in gameplay value and replay, it is different so you can really almost forget about him as the usual average player... but not me. I will never forget him, the greatest warrior out of ALL of them.

Final Words: I do not know about finding this game, rumors about it that they are rare, that is never made it to Genesis, which could be a lie, or just went to the Saturn. Still, if you can ever find it... BUY it. Believe me when I say it, it will be the last time you see it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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