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Reviewed: 05/29/15

Great Title, not the best of the series, but still gives a lot of improvements.

This game came out for the Sega Megadrive in 1993. It was a strong title, with some good improvements over the previous titles. It's one of the most underrated Megadrive games ever. I found this game very enjoyable and very funny, the combat is realistic and it feels fluid and precise, the music is awesome and there's some nice sound effects. Of course this game has some flaws, like the recycled enemy design or the poorly made main menu, but it still a good game.

Presentation/Plot (6/10):

The argument is accurate and interesting, but it's incomplete, only few words before fight and some words between levels and that's it. Of course it may be enough for some players, but for other players it's just feels like we want to know more about the story, and since it's the last game of the trilogy, that means a lot.
For the rest it's fine, you encounter your teammates being posesed by some ghosts, and after you kill them they return to the normal form and tell you something, that's always acceptable for a good argument.

Gameplay (8/10):

The gameplay is great, it just feels comfortable to play this game. The mechanics are realistic and the movements fluid, the controls are responsive, and you never will get bored playing this game. There's some nice movements and some violent stuff to do in this game, so that's a good thing. The replay value is good enough, because you can choose different paths that lead you to different levels, and in there's 12 level in total, you can't do all the levels in one longplay, you have to choose which one is the better option. The difficulty is just right and the game is never unfair, it gives you a challenge but nothing hard, it's just normal, and I like that, because you are rewarded for saving and earning extra lives, since the continues are limited, that's a good resource, and it's not hard to stay alive a long time.

Graphics (6/10):

The graphics could be better of course, but you can notice some new animations, some minor differences in the characters, and the graphics are a little bit improved, but nothing special. The magic power effects are not better than the previous ones, I like the level design, and the new enemy design. Overall, graphics are ok, but nothing great.

Sound/Music (8/10):

The music is beautiful. The songs are very well designed, with some medieval effects and the feelings are very nostalgic. The sound effects are also improved, when you hit a shield you can hear the sound of the metal. I really recommend listening to the OST of this game.

Improvements (7/10):

You can see without problems all the improvements than this game has made over the previous titles. To begin with, The combat is more realistic and it feels more like a real medieval fight. You can recue prisoners that gives you ankhs, collect 5 ankhs and you earn an extra life, also if you collect a heart, it will replenish all your health and it will permanently increase your health bar, that's awesome. You can choose different path and different levels, and there are 2 endings depending what you do in the game.
Another improvement is the characters, there are 5 main characters in total, the 2 basic characters, 2 new characters, and one secret unlockable character. You can't play as the midget but you now can play as a panther, a giant, or as an eagle humanoid, of course you have the girl and the man from the previous titles. The score system is similar but the improvements are great.


This game is worth playing, as a gamer, I recommend it, even more if you like hack & slash, beat em up or 2D adventure games. Sadly, it was the last golden axe to be good. So it's a hidden treasure, a very overrated one, and you can't go wrong with this game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Golden Axe III (US, 10/22/07)

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