Review by JinnyPants

Reviewed: 07/16/06

A disappointing final installment.

I was little surprised to see this game receive so many favourable reviews here @ gamefaqs. In fact so surprised that I've decided to write my own review as there is only 2 negative results for this quite terrible game.

I (like many people) have quite fond memories of the original Golden axe from back in the long, long ago days when you could play it in the arcade for 20 cents (AUD) a credit. I found both the arcade and genesis sequels quite decent but somewhat repetitive and lacking the fast pace of GA 1. GA 3 however is a real step backward for the series. Here's why:

Graphics 4/10
About equal in quality to the very first genesis games, the graphics by no means use the consoles potential.

Sound 2/10
Mostly I played the game with the sound off. The out of place, space age ditties and particularly the sound effects are excruciating.

Gameplay 1/10
This was the low point of the game for me. Although you have the choice between 4 heroes in the main game, each with with slightly differing characteristics (i.e magic, speed, range, power) I found it to be mostly an exercise in frustration. Unlike the original games you can no longer approach your enemies and just start hacking away. To do so just results in them leaping directly in the air and jump attacking in response. The hit boxes are way out of sync, sometimes your attacks will pass straight through an enemy and an enemy can hit you even when not standing in the same line as you. Basically you have to just sap your opponents life with jump attacks or backward attacks for bosses.

You can ride the dragony things in GA 3 also but they are more a hindrance than help in most cases and you take damage if hit when atop them.

Difficulty 6/10
A little harder this time, mainly cause its a bit trickier to whack people.

Length 6/10
Far too Long really.

Replay 5/10
Just like GA2 in arcades you can pick your route and also you can get a good or bad ending (possibly) depending on your score. However you can only fight the same 3-4 enemies so many times with slightly different backgrounds before you get well and truly sick of it.

Overview 2/10
An unfortunate end to the franchise I'm guessing, since sega doesn't make many games anymore since going bust and nobody makes these type of games anymore...

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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