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Reviewed: 11/17/00 | Updated: 11/17/00

I wonder if Fred Flintstone ever played that game


The Flintstones has always been a popular television cartoon show, and it happens to be one of my favorites. In fact, it is my second favorite cartoon show of all time. The Simpsons is my favorite, of course. Anyways, this Flintstones video game captures the TV show nicely. I hope that in this review I can give you a good idea of what the game is like.

Graphics (7.1/10)

The Flintstones features some nice, colorful graphics. The backgrounds are detailed in a good way, with the buildings looking the best, in my opinion. Fred Flintstone himself looks just like he does in the cartoon show, as do the rest of the characters that make an appearance in the game. The enemie designs are interesting, but they are not completely innovative. For example, Fred finds himself fighting crabs and fish in the underwater levels. Sure, that is a platformer of this type should use, but maybe I was just expecting something different. All in all, though, the graphics are pretty good.

Sound (4.9/10)

I have no idea why I almost gave this section a seven. After playing through the game for a second time, I realized how annoying and repetitive the sound is. The music is not the greatest, as it seems like the developers just threw something quick together. The sound effects are even worse than the music. In fact, the main reason this section got an average score is because of the awful, awful, sound effects. I'm talking about the sound Fred Flintstone makes when he gets hit by an enemy. I don't know why this sound was chosen for that, as it makes Fred sound like a little girl. In fact, the sound effect doesn't even sound like anything in particular, but it sure gets annoying fast. This game's sound needs improvement, big time.

Story (5.2/10)

Lately, some friends and family of Fred Flintstone have been misplacing items throughout the town of Bedrock. It is Fred's duty to find those items and to return them to their rightful owners. It's not much of a story, but Genesis platformers didn't really need much of a story, did they?

Gameplay (7.2/10)

The Flintstones is really just another run of the mill platform game on the Genesis. However, most of the other games in that genre usually had something that set them apart from the rest. The Flintstones did not have anything like that.

The whole premise of the game is to go around each stage, killing enemies along your way, to find the missing item for one of the characters. As a matter of fact, that idea gets old fast. I usually like platform games a lot, but this one just seemed quite average to me. Perhaps, it is because of the non-innovative gameplay.

Whoa, I got a little offguard there. Let me continue on the gameplay:

As Fred Flintstone, you have to find missing items. You have a club to help you get through each stage, and that is what is used to kill the enemies. Don't worry, you don't have to do the same stuff every level. Each stage has its own thing that sets it apart from the rest. For example, the second stage is held underwater because Barney had lost his fishing hook, so apparently Fred has to go underwater to retrieve it. Another example would be stage three, where Fred gets to use the old fashioned Flintstones vehicle. You know, it's the one where Fred uses his feet to go superfast. As you can tell, the stages do add a nice bit of variety to the game.

As you go through each stage, you can find several items (and characters) to help you get through the game. One of the most useful things you can find is a bird. To get the bird, you must use your club to break the egg. After breaking the egg, the bird will come out and you can temporarily use it. After about 20 seconds, the bird will leave. During those 20 seconds, though, you can get through certain parts much faster than you normally would with just Fred himself. It is a good option.

There are several other items to find throughout the stages like power-ups, apples, and heart refills. Each of them can help you in their own special way. For example, apples will be used to gain your health back, and heart refills will allow you to obtain more health. As for the power-ups, they will add some more points to your point total, and can help Fred. Overall, nearly every item in the game is of good use.

Controls (7.7/10)

The controls are simple to use. Two of the three key buttons on the control pad are used to jump, the other one is used to hit your enemies with your club. Simple, yet effective, is a good way to describe the controls.

Replay Value (LOW)

Will I ever play The Flintstones again? Probably not. I tried the game out on easy mode (which I found a tad bit too difficult for its setting), and after I beat one of the bosses, it told me to go play the hard mode. Well, after going through once, I didn't feel like going through again. I did wind up playing through again, though, just for this review. Anyways, I found the game to have low replay value due to its not-so-fun factor.

Fun Factor (MEDIUM)

{old man}

Back in my day, fun meant sitting down on on the cold, wooden floor and reading ''War and Peace''. Nowadays, you youngins' got it all made, with your video games and television sets. You will never know the true meaning of fun.

{/old man}


I don't know what came over me there, but the old man does have a point. However, I don't want to stray too far from this actual review, so let's just drop that subject altogether. Let me start over:

Fun Factor (MEDIUM)

The Flintstones features a mediocre amount of fun, especially when you first start off. I had the most fun after I got used to the controls and all that, but after that the fun started slowly declining. Maybe it was because the game got a tad bit repetitive, I don't know, but I felt that the game lacked something to take it to the next level. Maybe next time.

Challenge (MEDIUM TO HIGH)

The challenge here all depends on what difficulty level you play it on. If you play it on easy, it will be a little hard for that setting, but you shouldn't have too much trouble beating it. On normal, it will feature more enemies and levels than the easy setting. On hard mode, everything will be harder, of course. Overall, if you have the patience, there will be a lot of challenge to get past.

Rent or Buy?

If you can find the game, give it a rent. I don't really suggest buying it without renting, because it is always better to rent before you buy. However, if you can find this game for less than five bucks or so, then you could go ahead & give it a buy.

The Good:

- The Flintstones characters
- Easy to learn

The Bad:

- Can be pretty difficult
- No voices

And the Ugly:

- Some of the enemies

Overall (6.2/10)

Platformer fans might enjoy The Flintstones, but otherwise you mustn't need to bother unless you are a hardcore fan of the TV show. It's worth playing once, but I doubt you will go back to it again.

Rating: 6

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