Review by DasaniMan

Reviewed: 02/08/04

Strangely Addictive.

Flicky. I had never heard of this game before. Yet, when I bought Sonic Mega Collection, this game came with it as a bonus item. In my opinion, Flicky represents the best time on that whole collection.

Graphics: Let's start with what most people will probably judge this game by: the graphics. I have to admit, they are horrible, even for a Genesis game. This looks like it could belong on the NES. Everything is 2-Dimensional, and everything is blocky. There is a nice variety of colors, but nothing that exceeds the level of subpar. Still, the game holds a certain amount of charm in its graphics, something that can't be said easily by how awful they are. However, graphics hardly play a factor in the overall experience. They get the job done. 2-10

Sound: I never listen to sound in games, unless there is dialogue. I assume there is sound in this game, but it must be awful. Probably a lot of corny music and bad MIDI sounds and tunes. 2-10

Gameplay: Strangely addictive. The object is to collect all of the little chicks on the map while avoiding cats and lizards, or Iggys, as the game likes to call them.The levels are full of obstacles. The interesting thing about them is, if you go left or right, the level just keeps on repeating itself. This makes some strategy and knowledge of the level necessary if you are going to succeed. The game has over 50 levels. I have beaten them all, but it has taken me a long time. It can become very frustrating, but it presents a real challenge, something that some of today's games can't do. Addicting. 9-10

Replay value: Pretty bad. Once you beat the game, which will take a while, there really isn't much reason to come back. No extras or other modes, but keep in mind, this is a Genesis game. 2-10

+ Addictive gameplay
+ Long
+ Challenging

- Terrible graphics
- Bad sound
- No extras
- Not enough replay value

Overall: Despite the graphical and audio shortcomings, Flicky comes through in the gameplay, which is what really matters. I cannot believe that I spent as much time as I did on this game. For anyone who wants this game, you probably won't be able to find it easily. The best way is to buy Sonic Mega Collection. That way, you get many other great games as well. Overall, Flicky rates an 7-10.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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