• Disable the round timer

    In the options menu highlight the "time limit" option. Hold A and left until it reads 00. Now the timer will be blank and the fights will only end when a fighter is knocked out. This cheat works in any mode.

    Contributed By: averagesnkfan.

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  • Infinite Continues

    At the continue screen enter the following code....

    Hold Start and press A + B + C

    Doing this will give you one more continue
    Note: This can be done up to nine times in one continue.

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.

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  • Select CPU opponent in 1P VS COM mode

    Usually in the player vs. CPU mode, the CPU will randomly select a character for you to fight against. However, whilst highlighting the 1P VS COM, hold the C button on pad 2. With C held down on pad 2, press start on pad 1. You'll now go into the character select screen, and you can choose who you want to fight by using pad 2 to move through the fighters.

    Contributed By: Rugal.

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  • Select fighters in CPU VS CPU Mode code

    Usually when you go on the CPU VS CPU option, the CPU will choose the fighters. However, highlight CPU VS CPU and hold down the C button on pads 1 and 2 and with those held down, press start. You can now choose the fighters you want to watch fight each other.

    Contributed By: Rugal.

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  • Set player to require 99,999 wins in versus mode

    Highlight the "Point" option in the "Control" section of the options menu. Press and hold B and left until the counter reads 0. Now in versus mode that player will have to win 99,999 times to win the fight (effectively making victory impossible). This cheat can be used on one or both players.

    Contributed By: averagesnkfan.

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  • Unlocking Geese Howard

    Choose VS mode, then select your game play (1p vs 2p or either). Right before you select your gameplay, hold LEFT for both players, then press start. Now Geese Howard should be playable on VS mode.
    Note: This code works ONLY on VS mode. If you play '1p vs Com' or 'Com vs Com' mode, then you enter this code, it will done. It is possible for CPU to play as Geese Howard in VS mode.

    Contributed By: BraMan.

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  • Extended Ending

    Complete the 1 player game mode under the hard difficulty level setting without using a continue. The ending will have an additional sequence showing all of the fighters.

    Contributed By: Rugal.

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