Review by prof1515

Reviewed: 11/21/05

The Best Flight Simulator on the Genesis

Flight simulators are the realm of PCs. That's something that's just been true since the first flight simulators came out. The best are on PCs and what game consoles like the SNES and Genesis turned out were horribly pathetic in comparison. So, that's why F-15 Strike Eagle II is a bit surprising. It's actually quite good. Of course, the fact that it originated as a PC simulator by Microprose helps explain this.

You have a good selection of options involving skill levels and including six different locations in the world to complete missions. The controls are good, the graphics decent (for the system) and the sound effective. Compared to the pathetic offerings of other simulators on the Genesis, it's not hard to turn out better. But F-15 does and makes the game significantly entertaining to overcome the system's shortcomings.

Flight controls are easily learned, but complex enough to give you a good experience of flying. Opponents range in difficulty based on the setting (basically, it's harder to get in and out and still complete your mission successfully without getting shot down). On the maximum difficulty setting, you'll find it more than challenging while engrossing all the same. And the thrill of the dogfight as well as the cool and calm downing of a bogie with a missile is as good as on a PC.

The number of scenarios and campaigns is a bit repetitive, but then again, that's the nature of combat. You've got a primary and a secondary target and obviously if you take out both you're all the better. On the highest difficulty, you'll appreciate just completing one and getting out alive. The encounters within a campaign are not the same so it's original every time. And while the graphics aren't as spectacular as PC simulators, they're better than you'd expect for the Genesis (though I tend to lower the graphics level a bit in order to streamline response).

In all, F-15 Strike Eagle II is the best flight simulator on the Sega Genesis and the only one that even earns a passing grade. Despite such low expectations for success, it goes above and beyond and earns nearly a perfect grade. Truly one of the gems of the Sega Genesis and a must-have whether you like flight simulators or not (personally, I'm not even that fond of them).

Control: 10
Game-play: 10
Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Originality: 9
Replay Value: 10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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