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Reviewed: 08/27/02 | Updated: 08/27/02

A quirky, yet decent action game

Back in the days there was a little known yet excellent cartoon show called exo Squad. It was derivative of many anime series, It was about a space fleet that while out hunting space pirates, recieved a message from the homeworlds (earth, mercury, venus (now a lush farming world) and Mars) saying that they are under attack from thier former servents, the bio engeneered super human, former slave race, the neo sapeans. The home worlds were thus conquered, the fleet decimated, and the neo sapeons eager for revenge always striving too finish the last remnants of humanity. Thus began an epic, series, that due too a bad time slot, didnt enjoy the long life it deserved, and is thus succeeded by this genesis title. Unfortunately, the story in the game is dumbed down too suit children, yet the action remains very difficult.

Graphics: Pretty good to be honest with ya... the Exo-frames (think the machine riply piloted in aliens, except these babies are loaded for war.) are all nicely detailed and have may attacks. the backgrounds and various enemies are all well animated and detailed. 8

Sounds: Too be honest with you, I cant remember anything either good or bad. I do remember wondering why they couldnt have taken a few samples from the shows orchestrated score and put them into the game, but I didnt hit the mute button either. 6

Gameplay: Ewww boy. Exo-squad was a great show, killed by a bad time slot. Now the game could have been a classic, but has some really ifffy control scenarios. there are three methods of control. When you control JT marsh, its a behind the E-frame shooter in outer space... good luck hitting anything though, this thing just moves too fast in this mode, and thus, this control scheme earns a 4

When you pilot Wolf Bronski and his E-frame, things get a little bit better. your involved in side scrolling, blast anything that moves, breathes, or looks at you suspiciously, action. You have an easier time pulling off your moves and surviving. But the controls are still strange, and sometimes the action just gets too hard. 6

But where this game shows it coulda been a contendah is when you pilot Torres Eframe, in one on one combat against neo Eframes. The amount of attacks and counter attacks are staggering, and make for some fun action. Fortunately there is a mode in this game where you can just set back and fight one on one all day, theres no story when you do this, but it is fun. And it controls Remarkably well. 9

Overall: Back in the day when Exo-squad was on, other great cartoons that were airing were gargoyles, Spider-man, X-men, and the first batch of sailor moon episodes (all of these have since been put onto 16-bit systems, with constantly excellent results.) It was a golden era for cartoons of all kinds. Now, Dragon Ball Z Is reaching its climax, The dubbing in sailor moon is horrendous, and Digimon is in its fourth season. If you ever saw the show and remember how awesome it was, get this game and relive the golden days when a cartoon actually had too be entertaining. The game too is fun, and entertaining, if you can work around the controls, youll thank me for this recommending this too you. 7

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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