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Reviewed: 07/29/03 | Updated: 07/29/03

El Viento is a great game, but not worthy of a 10

El Viento is another one of hit games released by Wolfteam, who also made the famous Valis series, released a classic, yet slightly famous platformer on the Sega Genesis and Megadrive in 1991. The game tells the story of Annet who is a young female gypsy warrior, whose not only an expert with her custom boomerang, but the problem is that she is accursed to an evil demon “Hastur” who is a god of an unnamed religion, and she must fight against the religion to save the human race. Along the way she will meet a lot of interesting people, and face a lot of dangerous foes.

The game is rather interesting because the game is set in a weird time period – the late 1920’s, and the Empire State Building is featured in a rather interesting way. You see, the in this game, the Empire State Building is not simply a tourist attraction, but rather a tower from which to summon the evil god Hastur. That and your character are just armed with a Boomerang, along with a healthy supply of Magic. The odd thing is that Annet goes against gangsters wielding Tommy guns and Harleys! Wow, just by this, you can tell the game is full of style.

But despite the lack of realism the game is one fun ride, with a gripping story that will keep you thrilled and entertained for at least a few hours. The ride is made even more enjoyable with a great soundtrack and pretty detailed cut-scenes. But other than that there is lot of problems.

Where should I start? Oh yeah, the gameplay, the controls aren’t the best and the game is too dang hard. Also, despite the pretty cut-scenes, the graphics are severely lacking, and that’s just a shame, considering the quality that was given to the plot, music and even the cut-scenes. Also, the sound effects are pretty bad also. They sound just like nails screeching on a chalkboard, but slightly kinder to the ears.

In the end, El Viento is a rather interesting game that not only has a lot of problems, but a lot of good as well. At first the game is intimidating with its high difficultly, lackluster sound effects and drab graphics, but the game quickly becomes enjoyable once you give it a good chance. El Viento is not only very recommend, but it’s one of the Sega Genesis/Megadrive games out there! The game should be easy to score, as the demand is low and the game is very common.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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