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    Genesis/Sega CD Changes Guide by EWJfanatic

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                                   Earthworm Jim Special Edition Changes Guide
                                                            by EWJfanatic
    Welcome to my guide! Obviously, this guide will cover the changes between the
    original Earthworm Jim (SNES version) and the Special Edition(Sega CD version).
    Mostly, this won`t include small in-level things (different turns, enemy spots,
    ect). As this is my first guide on GameFAQs (or I might miss something), you
    can email me at: unleashthemonkey49@yahoo.com. Now, on with the guide!
    I will have the level name, list the changes, and give my opinion on the song.
    General gameplay stuff:
    1. Jim says more things with a different accent ("Yeeehaw!", "Sweeet dawgy!",
    "Plasma!", "Oh yeah!", and some more pain exclamations).
    2. The intro changed from Jim flexing to a hand drawn-like animation of him
    doing some crazy things accompanied by a drum piece, which is pretty cool.
    3. There is now a password system. Yay!
    4. Along with the Mega Blast, you can pick up homing missles.
    5. All of the songs are remixed, which is good in some cases but bad in others.
    6. Since the game is on a disc, there are loading screens between warps and
    7. There are 2 new levels (one was already on the Genesis version).
    8. There are now three difficulty settings (practice is removed) along with
     two new endings.
    9. There is no longer a Nick Jones code (maybe because there is no Y button).
    10. There are now codes to give Jim an afro, big lips, and more.
    New Junk City:
    1.You don`t fight Chuck in this level- he is replaced by a toilet that warps you
    to new area where you slide down chutes 'n' stuff until you reach him.
    2. The cool sun-scrolling background has been replaced by a greenish
    non-scrolling background.
    3. When you enter the new area, Jim says "Iii`m nuude..".
    Song- Three words. I hate it. The song is changed from a great dark-rock
    beat to some kind of detective/ spy song. You might get used to it though.
    Andy Asteroids?:
    1. At the beginning, Jim will say either "Look, they`re meatballs!" or sing
    "I`m a rocket-mannn!".
    2. The worm hole kind of twists as you move around.
    3. All the Andy Asteroids are the same color instead of  the awesome SNES
    ones that are all different.
    4. If you win, Jim will say "I win!", and if you lose he will say "I hate
    losing!" or "This doesn`t make me a loser, does it?" instead of grumbling.
    5. Near the end, when the tunnel flashes, it flashes light rainbowy colors
    instead of the SNES`s white.
    Song- Sounds like the original, only sounds a lot more like real instruments.
    1. Jim says "Psycrow, come here!".
    2.When you win, Jim says "Psycrow, you got stomped!".
    Song- You probably won`t be visiting this level much if you`re good.
    Anyway, it`s pretty much the same, but the main part is replaced with
    a piano.
    What the Heck?:
    1. The part where you fight the snowman is turned into a whole new area.
    2. When you whip the second lawyer, he yells "I`ll sue!". Also, if lawers
     shoot you, they laugh menically.
    3. The free life next to the two floating gems is gone.
    4. When you fight Evil the Cat, The background is plain black
    instead of the the scary faces (awww, I liked those).
    5. Also when you fight Evil, some voices call out the number
    life you just killed.
    6. the whole level before the Evil fight has fog at the bottom of the
    Song- This version sounds much closer to Night on Bald Mountain in
    the beginning. For some reason, the record stop sound is heard a 
    while after the song stops, which makes it less funny. All in all, a pretty
    good remake.
    Big Bruty:
    Since this is the new level, there are no changes.
    Song- Just some odd echoed sounds.
    Down the Tubes:
    1. The whole level has a ripple effect which makes me want to puke.
    2. Instead of the New Junk City song, this version uses the Level 5 song.
    3. The little bubbles where you can avoid Number 4 (the cat) now have
    a wire running across distinguishing it as a place to hang.
    4. The ships you drive now make an annoying sonar ping.
    Song- See Level 5
    Tube Race:
    1. Tou can now skip the level by letting the hamster out, then pressing to
    the right of its' pen and jumping a lot. You will go through the wall. Go 
    right some more until you reappear, then head for the free life. You will
    be transported to an Andy Asteroids with the words Bonus Round 
    flashing onscreen. This level is psychodelic man!"Whoa, Nelly!".
    2. The secret air pump only refills your air to 40.
    The song is the same as Down the Tubes, duh.
    Snot a Problem!:
    1.The awesome swirly cloud sky has been repaced by a boring, one 
    color-blue sky.
    2. Along as in Andy Asteroids, the guy who yells "Hoy!" now has a 
    different voice that yells "Hey".
    3. At the beginning, Jim yells "Look out below!".
    4. Jim now makes a groaning noise when he reaches the 
    bottom, which gets annoying.
    Song- I think this is the best song remake that was made. It`s so 
    fantabulous that I can`t descibe it other than it kicks the old song`s
    Level 5:
    1. Ironically, the placing of Big Bruty technically makes this level 6.
    2. Professor Monkey for a Head doesn`t laugh when you shoot him.
    Song- The original song used to be one of my favorites, but this 
    version will make you Level 5 lovers cry. It kinda...Really sucks.
    The best part is muted and replaced my some kind of mysterious
    sound. Also, the other front sound has been made.... guitary.
    Who Turned Out the Light?:
    Pretty much the same.
    Song- Sound just like the original only I could swear somebody
    was playing this on a real piano.
    For Pete`s Sake!:
    1.Instead of the blue and black color scheme in the SNES version,
    this one has a purple and orange. What???
    2. The whole level appears to scroll northeast, as if you were
     going uphill.
    3. The background doesn`t scroll at all. The stars might possibly
    scroll, but slowly.
    4. There are four asteroid showers instead of one.
    5. Peter makes a different noise when you whip him. 
    6. If you mess up during an asteroid shower, it doesn`t
    come back.
    7. Peter's second house is now just like the first, 
    instead of being a castle.
    Song- As you may know, this CD has no voice effects in the
    songs. this makes the song use a darker, buzzing noise. Grrrrr.
    Intestinal Distress!:
    This level wasn`t in the SNES version, and I don`t have the
     Genesis one, so there are no changes.
    Song- Just like in Big Bruty, this song is mostly scary noises. The
    difference is that some of them have to do with your body. Like a
    heart beating. This song even has a Psycho-like screeching part.
    Use Your Head!:
    1. I shouldn`t even call this level Use Your Head because
    the message doesn`t appear anymore.
    Song- A little better than the original. For some reason there is a
    guitar solo at the end. The oddest thing is that the song is 2 minutes
    long, and it only takes 20 seconds to beat the level.
    1. Now the goop that comes out of the queen`s butt when you hurt
     it, hurts you! Ewww, what DID she eat???
    2. The queen laughs differently when you shoot her.
    3. The queen`s exploding takes longer.
    4. When you reach the queen, Jim yells "Ahh, it`s the queen!".
    5. When you fight the queen, the music changes to the
    Use Your Head song.
    Song- The song`s main part has a xylophone now, which makes it 
    sound really wimpy.
    Easy- You don`t get the "U`re the Best" screen, but instead get treated
    to a 5 and a half minute boring lesson on what worms are by none
    other than Doug TenNappel (the creator of Earthworm Jim) himself!
    Medium- You get the original ending and message. This time, Jim
    looks like he`s not a sprite though. He also gets a wolf head for a
    while (like in Loony Tunes) and hits himself with a mallet. At the
    "U`re the Best" screen, Jim yells "Yippie!".
    Difficult- At the "U`re the Best" sceen, you get a congratulatory speech
    from Mr. TenNappel saying that you`re probably the only person to 
    beat (or cheat) the game on difficult (he couldn`t even do that!). He 
    also says that whenever your last, deserted, or serving a life sentence
    in jail, to remember this day and know that your the best.
    The  Hunt for the Cow:
    You know the cow you launch in level 1 flys by in the background of 
    Buttville. But the cow also flys by in an earlier level in this version.
    I saw it, but forgot what level it was in. Contact me (my email address
    is in the introduction) if you find it. You will be credited. 
    *update: The search is over. The cow flys by in Down the Tubes
    (Thanks Brandon Baker for reminding me) .
    *update #2: I found that cow also flys by in For Pete's Sake! too.
    I think it's right after Peter's first house. I found this one on my own,
    so thaks, Me.
    Copyright 2006 Nick Thorpe. This guide may not be reproduced
    for any other websites or non-private use.

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