• Hidden Options Menu

    Entering A+B+C+Start at the same time at any point in between the Sega Logo and the Title Screen will open a secret options menu that allows you to reconfigure the control configuration, choose between two ball speeds, and to access a sound test for sound FX and the remarkable BGMs.

    Hidden OptionsA+B+C+Start

    Contributed By: CreatureSH_II.


  • 594,000,000 points and 27 balls

    Enter ONECRUSHME as your password and you'll receive 594,000,000 and 27 balls.

    Contributed By: Dogg.

  • 999,999,900 points and lets you see the end of the game

    In the Passwords screen enter THECRUSHL and then you'll receive 999,999,900 points, and you will also be able to see the end of the game.

    Contributed By: Dogg.

  • Music Select

    Enter the following code at the Password screen....


    Fill in the ? with a number 0 - 4 to select track

    Then when you play the game that song will always be the BGM

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.

  • Passwords

    Enter at password screen.

    0 points, 0 balls0000000000
    0 points, 98 ballsDIBW3NVJK5
    0 points, 99 ballsTIMETRIAL0
    0 points, 99 balls, no musicTIMETRIAL1
    1000000 points, 3 ballsPLAZMALINE
    11250000 points, 98 balls98AM3G1EBF
    2000000 points, 10 ballsTECHNOSOFT
    333333300 points, 33 balls(blank)(blank)SANDAA(blank)(blank)
    464900 points, 10 ballsTF2HZTF3EM
    555500 points, 33 balls0956335555
    644095900 points, 15 ballsTBEKVKTEM6
    68000 points, 16 balls16BIT68000
    77700 points, 7 ballsLUCKYLUCKY
    999999900 points, 0 ballsLIBYFWJID3
    999999900 points, 21 ballsALCLAE8ECK
    999999900 points, 98 ballsLNENAXUELL

    Contributed By: Blueberry Buttface.

  • Start game as normally, but with 7 balls

    To start playing the game normally but with 7 balls instead of the usual amount of 2, enter the rather obvious password ''DEVILCRASH'', the original japanese name of the game.

    Contributed By: H Hog.

  • Start in the Final Level

    Enter the following code at the Password screen....


    Then when you play the game you should be in the final level

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.

  • Start with 13 Million Points + 99 Balls

    Enter the following code at the Password screen....


    Then when you play the game you should have 13,000,000 points and 99 balls

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.


  • Start ball at top screen

    Immediatley after you release the ball hold up the right flipper. The ball will automatically go up to the top screen.

    This also works for Devils Crash (MD)

    Contributed By: Mattressinsptr.

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