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Reviewed: 05/01/01 | Updated: 05/01/01

Game so bad it's practicly deadly.

It makes me wonder that whenever a fighting game is in development that some companies take the extra effort to add fun to their games while others don't bother adding in the fun value and just rush a fighting game out the door in about 2 seconds and what we have is yet another me too game that wants a piece of the pie but sadly it does not get any. Well as you guessed it Deadly Moves is one of those games. The game has you playing as Joe your average everyday Ryu clone who pretty much has nothing special to him with the small exception that he has this haircut like Keanu Reeves. Well that's it for the playable characters in the one player mode(Yes you only pick one character I repeat ONE CHARACTER). Joe enters a tournament of some kind and he ends up facing a Chinese fighter,a 2-bit Chun Li knock off,a Hercules type character named Warren,a kabuki fighter that looks a lot like Kyoshiro from Samurai Shodown,some guy that looks like an oscar award wearing pants,a little plump African native,and the Spanish matador named Nick(What kind of a name is that for a Spaniard?). Well anyway unlike most other fighting games in Deadly Moves you can move around anywhere in the 2D battle plain but don't think this game was the Power Stone of its day because it was not at all and it was no fun. On the plus side you can control the CPU controlled characters in the two player game but that does little effort to improve on this sorry game which does not deserve to be in the Genesis library to begin with. If you wish to know more about this bad fighting game then go ahead and move on if you have the urge to.

They looked like the ones from Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition for the Genesis and I'am starting to think that they ripped off the graphics from that game and reprogrammed them a little. The backgrounds were bland and showed no life(I don't think they even showed one single crowd of spectators). The characters themselves looked even worse and looked like the kind of characters someone would make while drunk(Joe looks the worst since he looks like Ryu beaten down with an ugly stick and the little native looked sickening too). Mediocre to say the least.

Yawn oh I'am sorry about that well you pick who you want to fight and at the bottom shows you how difficult your opponent is and how much life he has etc. Personally that was messed up to begin with for example the thing said that the matador Nick was the easiest guy yet he kicked my butt pretty good and it also said that the native was the most difficult yet I managed to defeat him unlike most of the other characters. You also have limited continues yet I don't know why since fighting games don't need that and this game is way too hard since most of my battles end up with me on the floor in less then 10 seconds. There is also a password system and I almost yelled out in anger because C'mon now do you think a fighting game needs a friggin password system. Add that up all together and I would say that the gameplay is bad and is also boring at times.

I think the guy that composed the tunes here is the same guy that did the music for Ballz(Note too understand what this means then read my review for that game). Well anyway the music is just a mess of tunes that really didn't get me going and at times it just drove me a little nuts. The sound effects are just some hitting sounds and the voices sound like they were ripped from Street Fighter for instance Nick makes this girlish yell like Vega and I could have sworn I heard the Kabuki guy yell out something that sounded like Hadouken. The sound is just plain bad.

Well I had to get used to the whole thing that you could move around the 2D battlefield. You have get up close to damage to your opponent and at times they are the ones that will put the big hurt on you instead. Oh and I don't understand why some of my attacks do little damage at times(I thought the game was called Deadly Moves not Weak Moves). Also I thought moving around at times felt unresponsive so the control is also weak.

No way Jose. With all of its problems there is no way in heaven,hell,or earth that could warrant any replay value in this bomb of a game. If you can find any trace of replay value in this game then congratulations for putting up with this you deserve a reward for your effort.

Final Word
Another fighting game that ends up biting the dust only to make room for much much better game of the genre. Don't even think about renting Deadly Moves or even borrowing it from a friend because you know there are a lot better fighting games out there so even trying this is like picking the bottom of the bunch as opposed to the best of the best. This joins Street Combat,Ballz,Dragon:The Bruce Lee Story,and Mortal Kombat as one of the worst fighters ever made.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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