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On Your Marks... Get Set...DASH!

Are you ready for a reckless race that's like nothing you've ever experienced? DASHIN' DESPERADOES pits you against a friend or the computer in a split-screen speed contest that puts a whole new perspective on "getting ahead"!

Will and Rick, a couple of cool cowdudes, were best buds until Jenny came to town. They've been rivals ever since, competing constantly for her attention. Now Jenny's dad has given her a trip around the world for her birthday. Will and Rick are both determined to go along as her bodyguard - and they'll do anything to top each other!

From the deserts of the Southwest to the icebergs of the Arctic, through shark-infested seas and the haunted ruins, you'll need your fastest footwork, your wits, and a few handy bombs to keep Jenny safe and sound - and to leave your opponent in the dust! So you'd better get dashin', desperadoes - and may the coolest cowdude win!

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