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Reviewed: 07/19/03 | Updated: 07/19/03

The name of the game tells it all.

This is pretty much a robot version of the movie Gladiator. You are a human who has crashed into a planet and because you have lost all human organ functions, your brain is implanted into a robot and you are made into a cyborg and enslaved. It's your job to fight for you freedom. Choose from 216 possible robots.

Graphics: 8
Not bad. The Cyborgs are what attract most of the attention. The backgrounds are alright, but if they were fancy, it would probably be too distracting.

Sound: 8

They do have a different sound for every attack, however they get somewhat old after a while.

Music: 7

What do you expect? It consists mainly of a techno beat with some rock in it. However, music becomes a trivial part in it once you get into the game.

Controls: 6

The only downfall. You have to play A LOT to finally master all of the controls. I've played this game for a considerable amount of time and only now can I do almost every combo. There are numerous combos and as I said, practice will be the only way to learn these.

Gameplay: 10

WOW. Even though it may take some time to eventually learn all of the moves, the gameplay is fantastic. You can take other cyborg's arms off and replace it with your own or throw it back at them. Then you can take their torso off and have a great sense of victory. There are so many more moves yet it would take forever for me to list them. The arms and legs are unique in their own way and at the end of every 3 levels, there is a boss to test your skills. They can be VERY hard depending on your difficulty level and stage level. However, don't go on a playing spree with this game, because you will get sick of it. The gameplay, obviously is the best aspect of the game.

Replay: 9

You can play this game a million times even if you have already mastered it. With 5 levels of difficulty and 216 possible robots, it will be sure to keep you busy. You do get better each time you play, which is good.

There is also a duel mode where you can hone your skills on the computer one-on-one or you can fight your friend to see who is the better of the two. Or, you can play regular old Arcade Mode with five levels of difficulty and/or the option to play cooperatively with your friend.

When I first got this game, I pretty much put it aside and never bothered to play it. However, once I finally did start playing, it was hard to put the controller down. After endless practice, I truly appreciate this game for what it is and I highly recommend this game to anyone.

Overall, I give it a score of 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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