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Battle Evil From The Dawn Of Time.

Long ago, before man walked the Earth, there existed foul creatures that survived in the shadows and darkness that permeated the Earth's surface. Eventually, light shot down from the heavens and the creatures who had lived in the darkness for thousands of years were unable to survive. Some managed to find refuge from the light in deep dark caverns extending towards the center of the Earth. There they multiplied, evolved and waited for the day they could return to the Earth's surface and rule once again...

Your name is Corona and it is your fourteenth birthday, by the law of the King you must go out and fight the invading creatures! But using brawn will not be enough. As you search the land for truth, your destiny as a hero begins to unfold. Animal allies will give you new powers and strength. Outwit sorcerers, travel through time and gain valuable knowledge to change the delicate balance of Earth's fate...

- Enormous game with over 40 hours of enchanting game play!
- Dozens of major and minor characters to interact with!
- Multiple mind-boggling challenges in every level!
- Discover the secret combinations of your powerful animal allies!
- Save all your progress with the battery back-up RAM!
- Gain new power-ups to increase the potency of your magic sword!

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