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by IceQueenZer0

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Guide and Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

Updated: 12/15/2009

Game: Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck

System(s): Master System

Author: Andrea Castillo aka Ice Queen Zero/Azul Fria


You are the son of Chuck Rock whom rescued his wife Ophelia in the first game and has now been kidnapped by the evil Brick Jagger and it is up to you Chuck Rock Jr. though only a mere infant to save him. Are you a bad enough dude err.. baby to rescue your dad?


Chuck Rock 2 and its characters are trademarks of Virgin/Sega and all copyrights belong to them.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka Ice Queen Zero (or the Zophar Queen if you prefer) and cannot be put on other sites or posted without my given permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper consent.

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1 buttonClub
2 buttonJump
DownStand on club
Left/RightMove in that direction

Quick Notes

  • Difficulty dictates what enemies appear and how some obstacles behave.
  • It is safe to walk through anything spike but not safe to jump on them.
  • To swing on a vine, you must jump and land on the end of it on the money.
  • If you hit a rock to many times, it will shatter.
  • There are some cases where there are hidden platforms you can stand on that make you look like you are standing in midair.
  • You can hit some non-enemies to force them to help you.

Stone Age Suburbs I

Try hitting the enemies you face from a safe distance. The flies are very quick and depending on the difficulty, determines how many hits it takes to defeat a caveman because one hit can knock off part off his body and the next hit will kill him.

Some dinosaurs will hide in trash cans and throw trash at you of course. Get in close and whack them.

To reach the top of the clothpin, walk past the rock and behind the spikes and knock the rock to the left and use it for leverage and walk across the top of the clothesline and work your way up there for tons of candy. YAY!

Defeat the enemy in the trashcan and swing across the spikes and trampoline to the platform above and try to get the candy above the breakable stones.

You can't get on the clothesline yet, hit the rock onto the spikes and use it to get across the spikes and defeat the enemy in the trashcan. Jump on the stones and reach the clothesline and get the candy to the left and double back.

Hit the caveman disguised as a dinosaur to knock off the head part of the constume then finish him off.

Stone Age Suburbs II

Go up the hill and jump over the rock that's rolling then run under the rock that bounces. At the top, jump across the floating platforms for tons of candy.

There are some hidden bonus points behind the first white flower at the top of the same hill. Get behind it and whack the air till points stop appearing.

Hit the rock into the spikes or you can just drop down safely and walk through them unharmed. Take the top road from here and this level is yours.

Stone Age Suburbs III

Kill the disguised caveman and hit the strongman and jump on his hands to get a boost up the wall. There are hidden points behind the white flower here. Use the rock to cover the spikes a little and use it to clear them. Ditto for the next set of spikes.

Bungee to the top right and use the hidden blocks to get the milk (energy) then drop back down.

Smash the blocks and walk harmlessly behind the spikes but kill the caveman. After smashing the blocks. You can climb up the side of the wall via invisible blocks and jump to the right for candy and energy and fall back down.

Avoid the bouncing rocks going up hill and get hidden points behind the flower.

Move in and jump over the rocks in the narrow area and once you reach the top of the hill, yoiu should have no trouble finishing this level.

Stone Age Suburbs IV

Swing across the spikes then use the rock to get across some more spikes and get candy and walk through the candy.

Get on the clothespin for some candy and get on the stones to safely get onto the cliff.

Use the strongman and fall down and get candy and smash the stones. The exit is just ahead

Boss Fight: Dinosaur Munchies

While he is moving his neck, stay still and when he stops moving, he'll try to come down and attack your position and ends up getting his teeth stuck into the ground. This the opportunity to knock his teeth out with a couple whacks at a time. Repeat this pattern till victory.

River Race

Press 1 and 2 in succession quickly to win the race.

Boss Fight: Dipping Dinosaur

This is somewhat of a short level. It's best to hop over the crabs and attack the fish and birds.

When the seagull arrives and comes into full view, jump on one of its feet to avoid the rising water till it subsides and after killing a few enemies, you will face Dipping Dinosaur.

This is basically the same way you defeated Dinosaur Munchies earlier except you can't touch the water. Stay in one spot to bait him into striking then move away slightly and whack him once each time until he is defeated.

Monkey Mania I

The Venus Flytraps look dangerous but they are not, they spit you upwards so you can reach places that are hard to get to. The first once get you to the candy. Just down and to the right. Jump on the stack of stones and jump up to find a hidden block that helps you get candy.

Stand on the ants to safely get across the area with thorns in them. If it is there.

When you reach one of the monkeys with a big tail, unblock the banana to make the monkey move to it and move the tail in range to swing among the vines. From here, you can walk along the bottom safely to the end of the level. Just jump over the thorns at the end.

Monkey Mania

Lure the Money to the right by first hitting the bananas into its range and once you hit them in position, jump on the monkey and get over the wall then swing across the water.

Ride the ant across the thorns and kill the evil monkey and hit the rock onto the thorns and hop to safety.

You'll be swinging across the thorns the rest of the way.

Wacky Waterfall

Stay out of range of the water some enemies spit at you and use water waves to clear the spikes. Stay along the bottom for most of the level. To get over the wall, stand on the octopus to get a boost.

At the end, knock the rock down the pit onto the spikes and don't jump to the right, walk off instead and end the level.

Boss Fight: Ozrice Tentacles

This is way to simple. Stand at the end and hold down and stand on your club and you'll avoid his water squirt then knock his missile back at him and after three hits each, he'll charge you. Stand on your club to dodge him. Repeat this pattern and that's all she wrote.

River Race

No different than the other River Race.

Lively Lava

Lure the wierd looking dinosaur to the right by walking forward, get far enough to jump on its back and reach the ledge above before the dino runs away and get loads of candy.

It doesn't take a genious to know that touching the lava is harmful.

The flamethrower blows his flame in a pattern going diagnoal-up, straight, diagonal-down, straight, repeat, for a few seconds at a time then pause for a moment. Keep an eye on him and move in and whack him when he pauses.

Before attacking the mother, stand on the edge on the ledge before here and hop up onto invisible blocks and get the candy. Watch for missiles. To defeat the mother, stand above her and whack her as she comes close.

Use the turtle to cross the lava and at the end, watch for volcanic rocks that are raining down at you and turn into fire

There are rocks in the lava that sink if you stand on them to long so hop of them quickly. There are also ledges that break off at the edge to. Get off of them before you take a dive.

Mind That Magma

There are lots of flamethrowers in this level. Attack them quickly between the pauses.

There a point where the stones above protect you from volcanic rocks and their flames. Use the rock and walk in the opposite direction to move it where you want to go and use it to reach the next platform. The rest of the level is simple after that.

Going Up the Tree

Nothing but bugs, bugs, bugs in this level. Kill the Spiders to swing on most vines.

There are dangerous thorns on some platforms, careful not to land on them.

The Venus flytraps help you along.

Going Down the Tree

This is the same as going up only you going down with more bugs to fight your way through.

At one, point you must swing through two vines in a row.

Boss Fight: Watch the Birdie

Stay on your club while the egg rolls back and forth then when it hatches, whack the birdie as it starts to go down into the lava (this is the only time to hit it on its way down) then start whacking it on its way out of the lava and avoid the rock it drops.

Once you defeat it, you are not done yet. Now the bird as grown and it will swoop back and forth. Time your jumps to whack it on the way down as it swoops through the center.

Fruit Mountain

Use the rock to get over the thorn bushes then double back and get the candy on the orange slice ledges.

Jump across the orange slice ledges and watch for falling rocks. Some log ledges fall if you stand on them.

Do not touch the tiger's head or hell bite you. To make it leap across. Jump and swing the club onto his back and ride him.

To ride ballons, jump onto their strings. As you work your way up, watch for more rocks and thorns as its a toughie.

At the very end, swing across the thorns and end the level.

Snow Joke I

There are icicles at the bottom that can be walked past but not jump on.

Some enemies run and drop their luggage, avoid the luggage only as the enemy will die on his own.

Hit the rocks to make it tumble down the snowy mountain.

This level itself is pretty much straightforward so no need for specific details.

Snow Joke II

The rock rolls out at you at the start and the other ones will try to rain down on you. Use the tree to avoid the first one and the stones above to avoid the others. All in all, another straightforward level.

Boss Fight: Sergei the Sea Slug

Avoid his hands and arms as you repeatedly whack him in the fight. This is your biggest challenge yet. He'll open his palms before he strikes so its not that bad.

River Race

Same as always

The Sewers I

That water is awfully green. Stay out of it as much as possible. Use the cans to get across it if you can.

The faucets blow out steam, jump past them when they or hit another faucet to make them stop. Watch out for dripping red acid too.

Knock the hooks off the vines to swing across most toxic water sites.

Avoid the trash falling from above and stay low and the level is over before you know it.

The Sewers II

Albeit tougher, it's the same ol stuff you faced in the previous Sewers level.

Final Boss Fight: Look Out It's Brick

There goes your dear ol daddy all tied up, make that Brick pay for this.

Move around and watch for the head to shoot off and send a spring or rock at you or away from you. Move to where the head came from and whack it on the way down till the robot retreats.

Brick Jagger appears and tries to spring at you. To beat him, simply move back and forth as he futily springs at you and whack him each time. Victory is yours.



You have rescued your daddy from the evil Brick Jagger.


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