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Guide and Walkthrough by Mento_MKII

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/06/2007


Author: Mento
System: Genesis/Mega Drive
Version: 1.0


How To Play/Controls


Chuck's your average caveman on a quest to rescue his hot wife from dinosaurs,
pretty much like every other caveman game out there. Chuck Rock is a little
more complex than most, however, as skillful rock-chucking is not only 
necessary to get past certain points of the game, but are also needed to find
various secret areas and caches.

This is the first FAQ I've done with this new account that wasn't a licensed
game of some kind, so I kind of feel like I'm breaking some kind of stupid
code I've set up for myself. Regardless, I hope this guide helps you with this
or any other version of Chuck Rock (and there were a few).

One last note: That theme song is rockin'

How To Play/Controls

D-Pad: Move Chuck. You can duck by pressing down.
A: Doesn't appear to do anything
B: Attack/Pick Up Rock/Throw Rock
C: Jump

Chuck's regular attack (a belly bounce) is powerful but severely limited in 
range, so you'll need to either have good timing or just throw rocks at enemies
to defeat them. If you jump while attacking, Chuck will perform a flying kick
move which has even less range.

Chuck, when he has found a rock, can pick it up and acquire various advantages:
* By holding it above his head, he defends from above attacks and can even kill
some flying units by letting them swoop right into solid rock. Keep in mind
you won't score any points for enemies that die this way.
* He can throw the rock onto lava/mud/tar to get across before the rock slowly
sinks and disappears.
* He can also use them as makeshift platforms to higher areas, or as a ranged
* He does, however, have his movement speed and jumping height/length reduced
while holding a rock, which is severely reduced while he is holding a large

Chuck has a health bar of sorts, which is a big heart shaped container that
shrinks whenever he's hit. He can replenish health by finding bouncing hearts
around the landscape. If the heart vanishes he'll faint and lose a life,
restarting at the beginning of the current area (whenever he last said "unga 
bunga", generally).

You can collect foodstuffs or kill enemies for points but your general mission
is to proceed right, classic platformer style.


It seems all the dinosaur kingdom have it out for poor Chuck. Well, almost all,
there's a few dinos who are willing to help him (check "power-ups" and whenever
I mention them in the Walkthrough). All enemies that you can defeat are worth
25 points, unless they fly into your rock like an idiot in which case you
don't get anything.

Level 1:

Dragonfly - These innocent green bugs just fly across the screen from left to
right, often getting in Chuck's way. If there's a solid object along their
route (say, a rock that Chuck is holding) they'll crash into it and get 
squished. They can be killed if you're accurate enough with a throw/flying
kick, but you're better off just avoiding them or ducking. 

Pinkasaurus - These little elephantine guys just walk left to right on their
chosen platform like happy little things. Like the dragonfly, they can be
avoided easily enough, but are also easy to kill.

Orangeyougladhesaurus - These horrible things run straight towards wherever 
you're standing and change direction to hone in on you. Best way is to smack
them with your belly bounce once they get close. 

Palm Tree Arms - Whatever these are, they hide in trees and throw coconuts at
you and all you see is their arm. Probably monkeys, but the arms seem a bit 
big and pink to me.. Well, they're annoying to avoid but not difficult if 
you're holding a rock, since the coconuts bounce off that.

Rock Whatsits - Hide under rocks. They can be hard to spot if you don't see
them doing the shifty eyes thing before moving. They're immune to damage at
all times, except while they're moving. 

Pteradactyl - Flying green menaces that swoop down on you constantly. If you
hold a rock they'll swoop into that instead, breaking their beaks. Serves them

Hammer Orangeyougladhesaurus - Even worse than the above. He's almost 
impossible to hit midswing, so its very much recommended you avoid him if at
all possible. Worse still, there's no way to tell it apart from its normal
brethren until it gets close.

Baby Pteradactyl - Not as hostile but still annoying because of how small they
are. They fly left and right in midair and are often hard to hit. They hatch
from eggs, so keep a look out for any. They can die by flying into your held
rock, like most flying things. Sometimes hatch with the top half of the shell
still on; doesn't change their pattern but is kind of amusing.

Pink Rhinosaurs - These things move, stop, and then move again constantly. If
you kill it, it'll split into two smaller rhinos who have the same movement
pattern but are harder to hit (plus, there's two of them). So either avoid it
or kill all three parts of it to get past. By the way, the even smaller ones
that show up once you kill the small versions are completely harmless. You can
just squish them under your foot at that point.

Lil Snapper - This adorable little green thing shows its true colors once you
get close to it, as it tries to bite you with its giant mouth and teeth. The
biggest problem with this guy is that he's small and fast, which makes him
hard to peg with a rock in time. It can also drop off the platform its on,
allowing it to suddenly drop down from above.

Green Jumping Things..asaurus - These green guys hop around the place with a
completely spaced-out look on their face. They're easy enough to get past 
though, as they're fairly slow and don't actually aim for you like most things.

Level 2:

Snoutasaur - Show up in Level 2. The orange ones just jog to and fro. Defeat
them if they're in your way.

Mini-Snoutasaur - Redder than their bigger cousins, and a lot faster too. They
can be more annoying so maybe take them out ASAP.

Fat Bat - A bat that is fat. Acts like the dragonfly, in that they don't come
after you but just fly around. Unlike most flying things, it won't die if it
flies into the rock you're holding.

Moleasaurus - Is actually a mole. Does the wander to-and-fro thing, but appears
from the ground which can surprise you if you're not expecting it. You know,
instead of things that surprise you when you do expect them. Man, I suck at
writing these things.

Spidersaurus - Is actually a spider. It's pretty big, and just goes up and down
on its web. Knock it out of the way to get past it.

Green Stegosaur - Just another walking thing. Smash it if you want.

The Muddy Thing - The thing that is mudd.. yeah, you got it. It's invincible,
but it retracts into the ground after every "bwaah!" so you can get by. It can
sometimes be moving around, actually making it easier to avoid but harder to 
see in time.

Orange Stegosaur - Has stuck its head in the ground and now just walks 
aimlessly forward. It won't change its direction, even if there's a wall 
stopping its movement. Not a huge problem, unless you stand in front of it, in
which case it throws mud at you.

Short Fries - Tiny little fire demon things who show up whenever there's fire
around. They can sometimes jump onto platforms and walk around, though they
usually jump up and down in fire to annoy you as you're trying to jump over the

Green Firebreathing Stegosaurus - He looks just like the regular ones, until he
gets close and roasts your butt. He's pretty tenacious, so kill it quickly.

Mutant Mushroom - Looks a lot like the general foreground mushrooms, only its..
ALIVE! Wait, all mushrooms are alive. Uh, well this one bounces, so deal with

Level 3:

Bigmouth Bass - A green fish. Kind of standard, and you can use your attacks
underwater so keep that in mind. 

Crabby - This thing attacks like the hammer orange guy, in that he kind of
jumps out of the way of a belly bounce and hits you on the head. Either avoid
him, or dodge the initial attack and hit him before he attacks again. Or throw
a rock at it if one's available.

Sea Turtle - Not very threatening, they just move left and right fairly slowly.

Frog - They jump off lilypads as soon as they see you, and are annoying both
in and out of the water.

Piranha - Little blue fish with big teeth. Hard to spot in the murky depths,
but are generally non-aggressive unless you're in their way.

Lobster - Like the crab, it likes to jump around and pinch you. They only show
up on the waterbeds though, so you can just swim over them.

Jellyfish - Hangs out on on the surface of water, making it hard to get out. A
swift kick in the jelly section should shift him.

Blue Noseasaur - Likes to wander around like most of its kind, though is prone
to leaping into the water from the edge. This can sometimes be hard to see or
avoid in time.

Swordfish - A big goofy-looking swordfish that attempts to skewer you if you
get within its line of sight.

Hermit Squid - It's some kind of squid in a cone shell. I guess it's a 
nautilus, though those are rounder. Well, that's what you get when you try to
apply botany to a video game. It doesn't do much at any rate.

Nautilus - OK, this is a nautilus, much rounder but still has the squidy
tentacles. It's like the hermit squid, in that its pretty harmless if you stay
out of its way.

Level 4:

Octopus - Simple enough, they just go left/right or up/down in a set pattern.

Frozen Fish - Act like the blue fish in the last area, but are green and inside
ice cubes. They come in a few different sizes.

Clam - Clams are annoying. They sit at the bottom of pools until they see you,
and go ballistic with their clamping. Can be hard to hit them.

Frozen Dino - These are troublesome. Not aggressive in a traditional sense,
but they skate in out of nowhere really quickly and are too tall to easily 
jump over. Try to time your attack, since you won't have much time to stop it.

Snowballer - These annoying dinos throw snowballs at you which, for some 
reason, bounce. Avoid the snowballs and pick the time to hit it in the face.

Frozen Snowballer - I guess this one was waiting too long to throw snowballs
at you. They work the same way as regular frozen dinos, only easier to get 

Chilly Dino - The non-frozen version of the Frozen Dino. He's pretty darn cold,
so he tends to stamp his feet and move around randomly. He also takes two hits
to defeat completely.

Woolly Rhino - Just walks to and fro.

Woolly Mammoth - This guy is not interested in helping you, and instead just
charges around in a pattern similar to the Pink Rhinos from the first level.
Fortunately, he won't split into two smaller mammoths. 

Winterwear Ptera - Acts just like regular pteradactyls, only now he has a
little scarf and hat on. Aww, bless.

Sneezeasaur - Green versions of the Blue Noseasaurs from Level 3. They sneeze
a lot, which can hurt you (presumably because of germs and stuff?)

Frozen Sneezeasaur - Like all the other frozen creatures, it just skates past
you really quickly. 

Level 5:

Bone Pteradactyl - Like his alive pals, he dives from above. Pretty accurately,
even, considering it has no eyes. It will also NOT die if it hits a rock, so
don't rely on it.

Mummysaur - A dino wrapped in bandages that runs around like the woolly 
mammoths in the last level.

Fat Dino - Walks left and right like 80% of the baddies in this game. If you
kill it, you get a nice little animation of its soul departing the body and
heading up to heaven as an angel. Of course, it can sometimes turn into a 
devil too, which will stick to you and drain your health until you knock it
off with an attack. 

Slime - Hops up and down in one spot. It's.. just a bouncy slime.

Skelerhino - Looks like the little rhinos from the previous levels. Only, you
know, a skeleton. Just goes left and right.

Fat Dino With Teeth - These guys look a lot meaner than the regular fat green
dinos, and will spit their possessed vampire teeth at you. You'll need to take
out the teeth quick, as they're fast and annoying. The dino itself isn't a 
problem, in fact he just kind of stands there after spitting out the teeth...

White Blood Cell - Weird fried-egg shaped blue thing inside the dinosaur (stage
5-2). Floats towards you.

Orange Parasite - Little wormy thing. Sort of cute for a parasitic menace. 
One of those "left n' right"ers. 

Red Parasite - Looks meaner and more determined than his orange pal. Will leap
towards you slowly.

Heart - It's a heart. For some reason, if it sees you it'll quickly leap out
at you, making it hard to defeat in time.

Blue Butterfly - It's a butterfly thing inside the dinosaur. It flies around,
but doesn't do much.

Big Red Parasite - Doesn't move, but leaps out of you like the Muddy Thing from
Level 2. Like the Muddy Thing, it is invulnerable, so just pick the right time
to get past it.


Band-aid Triceratops - Like King Hippo, this guy made the tactical error of
displaying his weak point with a conveniently placed band-aid. Just avoid its
charge and throw rocks at it as it charges. Boss of Level 1. And yes, I do
realise he doesn't have three horns and as such does not qualify as a 
"tri"ceratops, but it's late and I'm tired.

Sabre-Toothed Tiger - Runs around, and has a jumping attack and a roar. You
can actually stop it hurting you by standing in its way and hitting it with one
of your attacks. The roar, however, will freeze you to the spot, allowing it
to attack you all it wants until you recover. Boss of Level 2.

Snorkel Plesiosaur - Big blue Nessie-looking thing. It's two attacks, besides
just spinning around like an idiot, are shooting bubbles at you (seems random,
but it can often go in different directions so be wary) and making little crabs
show up which are just like their annoying regular-sized brothers. It'll take
about 14/15 hits to sink it. Boss of Level 3.

The Mammoth Woolly Mammoth - Hops around, firing snow and sucking you in. Kick
it on the trunk 12 times to take care of it. Boss of Level 4.

"Gary" - Has three separate attack patterns, depending on what bone platform
you're launching attacks off of. Needs 20 hits to defeat. Boss of Level 5 and
End Boss of the entire game.


Slime - Some kind of slime/lava substance. It isn't fun to touch (Chuck flies
into the air injured if you do), but you can use rocks to cross it. The rocks
will sink without a trace though.

Bracken - Pointy weeds/bushes, basically. They hurt, so avoid touching them.
You can get someway over them if you have a large rock, as the top of the rock
is higher than the bracken allowing you to stand on it. 

Cave-In - Often happens in Level 2. The screen shakes and rocks start dropping
in from above. Just avoid the falling rocks and you'll have nothing to worry

Fire - Burning fire stuff that may also be lava. It shows up in Level 2. It
obviously hurts, so avoid it if you can.

Icicle - Level 4 has these, and they can be pretty irritating after a while.
Best bet is to hold a rock while passing through the caves on the surface.


Items are separated into food (which just give you points) and hearts. The food
seems to change each Level. Every 100,000 points gives you an extra life, 
though getting that much is hard work so avoid dying if at all possible.

Steak (L1) - 200 points. 
Mushroom (L2) - 200 points.
Green Fish (L3) - 200 points.
Frozen Shank (L4) - 200 points.
Wishbone (L5) - 200 points.

Ham/Shank (L1) - 400 points.
Carrot (L2) - 400 points.
Tan Fish (L3) - 400 points.
Frozen Steak (L4) - 400 points.
Bone (L5) - 400 points.

Drumstick (L1) - 600 points.
Lemons (L2) - 600 points.
Blue Fish (L3) - 600 points.
Frozen Drumstick (L4) - 600 points.
Bone (L5) - 600 points.

Sausage/Hot-Dog Wiener (L1) - 800 points.
Round Pebble (?) (L2) - 800 points.
Starfish (L3) - 800 points.
Frozen Wiener (L4) - 800 points.
Skull (L5) - 800 points.

Roast Suckling Pig Head (L1) - 10000 points.
Gigantic Tomato (L2) - 10000 points.
Giant Starfish (L3) - 10000 points.
Bag of Frozen Peas (L4) - 10000 points.
Big Bone (L5) - 10000 points.

Heart - Regenerates two points of damage on the heart meter (I think).

Friendly Dinosaurs:

Brachiosaur - These snobbish looking things help you cross expanses of slime or
water by letting you ride their backs across. Just jump onto their backs. You
can even throw rocks up there first if you want to bring them with you.

Red Pteradactyls - These guys look just like their green brethren, except 
they're asleep when you find them with an arrow over their head. Hit them to
wake them up, and they'll carry you to another part of the level.

Crocodile - Stand on its tail and throw a rock at its head. This'll spring you
up to a higher platform. You can imagine the crocodile saying some kind of
pithy Flintstones "it's a living" axiom after doing this.

Hamster Wheel Dino - You can't interact with it, but the little guy is the one
who powers the lifts in Level 2 so thanks is due.

Snake - You may see a coiled snake hanging out near a platform edge. Hit it
with a rock or a belly bounce for it to uncoil and make a small bridge you
can jump to/from.

Giant Frog - Sometimes camoflaged in the background, the giant frog will 
bounce you up to higher places if you stand on his back.

Whale - Like the brachiosaurs of the first level, this happy looking fellow 
will take you across an expanse of water. Even more helpfully, he acts like a
stepping stone to higher ground.

Woolly Mammoth - Not exactly "mammoth", but the little guy can help get you 
further into the level two ways: He'll either flip you with his tusks (sending
you up) or suck you into his trunk and spit you out (sending you across).
Attack him to activate him.

Fat Dino - Bounce on his belly to get up. Very ignominious.


Level 1

Mostly greenery, rockery and, uh, dinosaury as Chuck starts his epic quest to
recover his gal pal.

Stage 1-1

Head right, over the gap and over the pink thing, to reach a platform with a
few points on it. Drop down the gap and get the rock. Use the rock to block
coconuts from above, and take it right. Use the big rock to get out of this
hole, and use the rock you're carrying to reach the left platform for a lot of
points and a heart.

Keep right, you can use the rock here to reach the platform above the slime,
but it should be possible to jump up there without the rock. There's an egg
up here, but it doesn't do anything (unlike the small egg you just passed that
hatched into a baby pteradactyl). Ride the brachiosaur over the next pool of
slime and jump on the platforms to avoid the orange thing on the ground. 
You'll eventually be taken automatically to the next stage.

Stage 1-2

Kill the orange thing and quickly pick up the rock to kill the pteradactyl. Use
the rock to kill both pink things, and head to where the heart was a little
lower down (make sure you still have the rock). Head to the far right of this
little platform and throw the rock left. It should land on the edge of the 
platform, allowing you to get to the left platform holding lots of food items.

Down the hole to the ground level, take the rock right defeating enemies as
you go. You'll reach a series of steps which will have boulders tumbling down
them: your rock should protect you from them if you're on a step. Use the big
rock up here to get to the top left platform, which has some food. Go right, 
and go up the platforms where the bracken is by dropping the smaller rock

Now, you can either: throw the big rock onto the bracken from the platform
here, allowing you to cross and get that hotdog food item, or you can go up the
left platforms and activate the friendly ptera, which drops you off on the
higher platform. The gigantic dinosaur here won't hurt you (it's just dressing)
so head right until you reach bracken, and then head left and down. Either
path should take you to a baby ptera egg.

There's a pink rhino thing here that has an annoying tendancy to split into
two smaller rhinos when you hit it. Generally, it's best to just avoid, since
it has a predictable pattern (though it does follow you). You'll meet a 
crocodile down here, which has handy arrows to give you hints on how to use it.
Drop a rock on its head while you're standing on its tail to spring up to the
platform above.

Head right. There's a Roast Suckling Pig Head (RSPH), which is a high points
earner, but it's guarded by one of those pink rhinos. Make your decision 
whether or not to get it. Head right to end the stage.

Stage 1-3

Another orange guy is here to greet you, but he's a hammer orange guy, so he'll
be a challenge to get past. Best method is to let him leap towards you with
his hammer while moving left and away, and then jumping over him once he's
back to normal. You can kill him with the rock a little to the right if you

Heading up the steps, again use the rock and steps to block any boulders from
hitting you. If you don't care about risking yourself for points, you can
avoid all the platforms above and just head right, under the rocks flying up
and down, and down the right side of the hill. If so, skip the next paragraph.

Head up the left platform (don't worry, the orange guy is a regular one) and
head up and around to the friendly ptera. Use it to cross the gap, and pick up
the rock to deter the not-so-friendly ptera. There's a Lil Snapper here, watch
out for it because it tends to be pretty small. Kill it quick, and carry the
rock to the far side of this platform and use it to reach a RSPH in the sky.
The next platform has a heart, but also another one of those Lil Snappers. 
Drop down to the right side of the hill/volcano.

On the right side, watch out for more falling rocks and another orange dude
with a hammer at the bottom. The Lil Snapper from above might drop down to
say howdy too, so it's a good idea to be armed with a rock (either the small
one you used to climb the left side of the volcano with, or the big rock from
the platforms above). Use the rock you're holding or the new large rock to
make a stepping stone in the slime, and cross over.

Kill regular orange guy (or let him run at you as you jump to the brachiosaur
and fall into the slime). Ride the brachiosaur, and head right. You can drop 
down here for some food and dinos (watch out for the partially obscured rock
whatsit), but you'll need to use that rock as a stepping stone to get back out.
Head right and over the drop to reach the next stage.

Stage 1-4

Again, you're greeted with a hammer-weilding orange thing, but this time you
can use the convenient rock here to smash it off the stage. Use the crocodile
and red ptera to get further. Head up (ignore the rock if you want, since 
it'll be hard to get it over all these jumps) until you reach the cliff,
then go left and up for a lot of food items, ending with a RSPH.

Back at the right cliffside. Another decision here: you can either drop down,
killing the enemies and grabbing the big rock down here as you head right, or
you can head along the top platform here to kill three orange things in a row
(the second has a hammer) for a RSPH you can't reach any other way. In either
case, make your way right with the big rock in your grasp and use it to make
a stepping stone in the bracken here.

Cross the bracken, and watch out for a pink rhino hiding behind the foreground
here. Head right over a few more patches of bracken and collect the big rock.
Throw this big rock on another big rock already hidden in the bracken to the
far right, you can then use it to reach the platforms above. Up and over the
platforms here to reach the end of the stage. Boss time!

Stage 1-5

The Band-Aid Triceratops has a very predictable pattern: blow a raspberry,
charge left, blow a raspberry, charge right, repeat. As it charges right, drop
and grab the rock, and then head back left and up before he charges into you.
From the top, safe platform, throw a rock at the Tricera as he charges right
to hit him in the back. Drop down and get the rock again and repeat this
process, choosing the right time to move. 8 hits are needed to take him out,
and he'll speed up a little each time he's hit so be careful.

Level 2

Following an overworld stage with an underground one, who'd have thunk it? The
music gets a bit annoying down here, IMO.

Stage 2-1

Make your way right, keeping an eye out for moles and mini-snout things. Get
past the spider and over the spikes. The mud whatsit can't be killed, so avoid
it or use the muddy rock here as a stepping stone over it. You can use the
lift here to get to the left platforms. If you want to avoid a bunch of points
heading back across the level, skip the next paragraph.

Use the left platforms here to head left. Activate the snake by throwing the
mossy rock at it (you'll have to jump up and throw it) and cross it to the
area beyond. There should be a heart and three pieces of food, including a
Giant Tomato (10000 points).

Back to the lift, go right and make sure you have that muddy rock with you. You
can use it to get to the higher platform here, which is an alternative way of
getting over all the spikes on the ground floor. There's also a Giant Tomato
(GT) up here. Keep heading up and right until the room starts shaking, and drop
down the hole back down to the ground floor.

You can drop down to the left here for lots of food items if you avoid the
muddy thing. Make sure not to miss the GT before heading back on top. Now,
just head right defeating or avoiding the enemies and you'll reach the end of
the stage before you know it.

Stage 2-2

Head right, avoiding the cave-ins. There's an interesting looking drawing on
the rock/menhir ahead, but just walk past it as it means nothing. As you
approach the cliff edge, use the two rocks you passed to make a bridge that
goes as far right as possible and then try and jump to the food to the right.
Keep in mind you'll fall into fire if you fail to make it, so you can just 
drop off the cliff and hold left if you don't want to be hurt.

Down here, you can head left to get some food and a GT, though keep in mind
some short fries will ambush you as soon as you grab the GT. Head right, avoid
all the jumping short fries and use the snake to get further. Eventually, 
you'll reach a green stegosaurus who breathes fire, so take care of it quickly.

Head right some more, defeating the orange stegosaurii and the mushroom, until
you get to the end. Jump up to the lift and ride it up to the next platform.
You can head left here, but it'll save a lot of heartache if you just grab the
big rock and use it to go right at the lift. Just go right to complete the 
stage. The left path has a few pieces of food on it, but also a hard-to-avoid

Stage 2-3

This stage up to the first lift is fairly standard, if a bit enemy-heavy. Watch
out for the muddy things as you're heading up to the lift.

If you take the top route, you'll have the easiest path to the exit, so I
recommend doing that. The bottom route is full of fire and those annoying
short fry things. The stage is otherwise uneventful, just a trek.

Once you reach the lift in the hole, no matter which route you take, you're
practically at the end. Just head right, watch out for short fries that jump
up out of nowhere, a few mutant mushrooms and a little jogging mini-snoutasaur
coming down the steps here, and you're done.

Stage 2-4

Oops, looks like the boss showed up early today. The Sabre-Toothed Tiger is
a fast foe with no safe haven (though he only seems to get up to that top
platform on rare occasions). Keep moving, and hit him with flying kicks or
belly bounces whenever you're able. If he roars, you'll be petrified for a few
seconds before you can move again. He needs 10 hits, which is more hits
than you have, so devise a strategy or be very good at avoiding him.

The best strategy I've found is to go to the far right, and hit him with a 
well-timed belly bounce as he runs into you. If he jumps, do a flying kick, or
hit him quickly with a belly bounce if you do get hurt. If he stops to roar,
quickly go forward and hit him to prevent it. It's a risky and painful method,
but its also the quickest and most efficient way of dealing with this pest.

Level 3 

Goody, a water level. You'll be swimming a lot, and Chuck can't hold his 
breath forever so watch his arms. If they start moving so fast that they
become a blur, it's time for air. You can also get some idea of oxygen by
watching Chuck's face next to his extra lives. If it turns completely blue, get
the hell out of the water.

Stage 3-1

Head right. There's nothing in the water except a fish, but get used to the
underwater controls if you want. You basically sink slowly and have unlimited
jumping power until you reach the surface. You'll also die if you stay under
too long, as previously mentioned. Once done here, head right and take out the
crab carefully.

Hop into the next pool and be wary of the 5 or 6 creatures that are down here.
It'll be hard not to get hit at least once, but you can use that temporary
invulnerability to readjust to your surroundings. Head slowly right, killing
all the little fish and frogs in the way, until you get to the end. You can use
the rock along the way to take out some of the more annoying fish (like the
lobster) but keep in mind while holding the rock you'll sink like a.. well..
you know.

At the end is a heart, and you can get out at the top as long as you avoid
the jellyfish. Use the big frog to spring you up to that Giant Starfish (GS) 
for an easy 10000 points. Head right now, and make your away across the next
water section avoiding the diving blue dinosaur at the edge. You can get a GS
here if you take out all the enemies around it.

The next few water sections are about the same: The danger is near the bottom,
so if you avoid that area you should be fine. Eventually, you'll come across a
whale. Jump on its back, avoid the blue dino at the end and jump onto the 
higher ground. You can now complete the stage.

Stage 3-2

Another stage, another leap of faith. Hug the wall as you drop, as there's a
jellyfish enemy in this pool. There's also a few blue snapper fish, so get out
of there quick. Carry the rock with you for the next underwater bit, and use
it take out all the annoying enemies like the frog and crabs. As you head out,
there's another rock on the surface you can use to kill things as you head up
the steps.

The next water section has a whale you need to use to get further. In the
shallow bit next, there's a big frog that's sort of hard to see. Use it to get
higher and further right. The next pool has an insane amount of blue fish
enemies, so time your leap so you can clear the jellyfish and head right while
staying close to the surface. If you took a few hits, there's a heart 
underwater here. There's a whole bunch of frogs and a crab on the waterbed 
after getting the heart, so stay near the surface (avoiding the jellyfish).

You'll reach a long underwater passage with a swordfish in it. Avoid the 
swordfish (or kill it) and head through the waterway. If you head to the 
surface over the waterway from the right side, you can reach a GS and a heart.
Heading right, keep near the surface (the seabed is still too busy with fishes)
and you'll be in the next stage pretty soon.

Stage 3-3

Boss fight! Your opponent is a blue plesiosaur with.. a snorkel? What the hell?
This boss, like the previous, is a very tough boss which is based more on
timing and sheer aggression than trying to outsmart it or exploit a weakness.
That said, your best bet is to get close to the monster's tail (which is the
leftmost point on its body) and just hammer away with flying kicks. It's hard
to control yourself underwater, so you will take some hits. You may feel the
urge to resurface after about six or seven kicks, but I recommend trying the 
full 14 before you get too beaten up by it. Of course, if you then drown that's
not really helping.

Level 4

Agh, what's with the music? Another water level? Darn it...

Stage 4-1

You start in the water pretty much. Get acquainted with the new underwater
enemies here. If you head to the surface (those ice cubes) there's a chance an
icicle will hit you, so tread softly. Grab the rock when you get out to the
right, and use it to block icicles. Also, watch out for a skating frozen dino
around here. Lose the rock at this point, and take out a snowball dino (and
his frozen friend) before resuming.

There's a mammoth here. Walk on his tusks for a free boost up. You'll see a 
chilly dino here, be careful of his erratic movement. Get the BOFP (Bag of 
Frozen Peas) here for a lot of points, and head right. Drop down the ice 
platforms, using the big rock to take out the enemies. Once you see a snowball
dino to the bottom left, get past him and head into the pool for a heart if you
need it. Otherwise, head right down the ice platforms.

At the end of the ice platforms is the way out. If you went after that heart
or otherwise fell off the platforms on the way down, you'll need to take a big
rock and head right with it to get out of the bottom pit area.

Stage 4-2

We're outside now, but everything still looks a bit cold. Head down, use the
rock to the far left to get out the pit and right. Use the mammoth here to get
higher up, and use the rock to get the BOFP and head further up. Go right.

It's safer to just drop down when you see the stegosaur. Pick up the rock, and
use it to take out enemies as you move right across the bottom. Use the rock
to take out the snowballer on the platform above, too. Further right will be a
couple of green platforms and a snowballer at the end of it: use the big rock
to get on the green platforms and quickly kill that snowballer.

Use the next set of jumps to head up, and use the mammoth here to get across
the gap. Use the next mammoth to get an optional BOFP. Drop down left and get 
the rock, and head right. Use the rock to kill everything down this path,
including the snowballer at the end (the rock will deflect his snowballs). Use
the mammoth to head up and right onto the small platform. Head over the next
two platforms (unless you really need that heart) and head right to end the 

Stage 4-3

Back in the caves again. Use the mammoth for a difficult(ish) jump past some
spikes. You'll come out in a huge area with lots of ice platforms, so head 
across the ice platforms, head up with the mammoth and then go back left to
find a cache with two BOFPs and a heart.

Back in the ice platform room, get the heart underneath the entrance and head
right until you find a rock. Use this rock to reach the platform above, and
have the mammoth fire you over the spikes. From above, drop down and take out
the snowballer and grab the rock. Use this rock as you head right to block
icicles and kill everything in your path. Drop the rock at the end and use it
to jump to that ice platform, heading up the platforms for another BOFP.

Head right some more, using the big rock down the pit to get out. Kill the
green thing, and jump to that small platform with the heart. Time your jump to
the platform above to kill the snowballer without being harmed. Grab the small
rock and place it as close to the edge of the water as you can. Leap off it
and grab another BOFP. Head right through this serpentine area of water. 
You'll eventually make it out and onto the next stage. Watch out for those

Stage 4-4

Boss time! Now this is what I call "mammoth"! This dude is pretty damn 
difficult, like most of the things you've met so far, but less because of his
attacks (which are easy to dodge) but more because you need to be within inches
of him to land a decent attack and its hard to stop yourself from jumping into

Best method is to whack it on the snout with a kick, but getting close enough
is tough without also getting hurt. It can sometimes draw you close with the
vacuum trunk move that the helpful ones sometimes use to get you over gaps. 
He will also occasionally suck up some snow and fire it above you, making it
rain down in two medium-sized snowballs, and then three smaller ones. They're
all fairly easy to avoid if you're already close to the mammoth (and you need
to be to hurt it). 12 successful attacks (you can tell a successful hit when
the mammoth looks shocked) and it's a goner.

Level 5

Dinosaur Graveyard. Spooky place, especially since some of the skeletons have
decided to get up and walk around. It's the last level of the game, so don't
expect it to be easy.

Stage 5-1

Head right, getting a feel for all the new enemies. Head up with the bouncy
fat green thing, and go left for a Big Bone (BB). Keep heading right, using the
rock up here to take down anything that opposes you. There should be a skull
ahead with a big tongue. Attack the tongue to make it stick out across the gap
so you can jump across.

Head right, crossing a few platforms made of bones. There's a BB down here
somewhere. Continue right, and make sure you take a rock with you as there's a
jump you can only make if you're standing on one. Past that jump, and you'll
reach another green fat thing on the ground, so use it to launch up and get a
BB up here.

Nothing much more to this stage. Just head right, and once you've seen yet
another BB, you're close to the end. No difficult jumps or huge areas to 
navigate through, really. The next stage will be more interesting though...

Stage 5-2

We're inside a dying dinosaur now. Follow either the path along the bottom or
the one along the top: If you take the top path there'll be a BB waiting for
you, and less danger. Watch out for the big parasites that leap out of nowhere
and are invulnerable: it's best just to wait and see what their pattern is.

The level ends fairly quickly, just head right over your chosen path. There's
nothing new to note here, besides those red parasitic things. Keep in mind it
is the last non-boss stage.

Stage 5-3

It's... a T-Rex with boxing gloves. And underpants with hearts on them. OK, so
many things wrong with this, but we have no time to stand and stare.

You have three effective levels/floors to fight from. Don't think about getting
past it, since its too tall. 

From the highest level, you have to watch out for its bite attack, which can
come at you very quickly.

From the middle floor, you not only have to deal with his quick darts forward,
but also the occasional spinning punch. 

From the ground floor, all you have is the darting forward. It's actually a lot
easier from this floor just to belly bounce whenever it gets close. You'll 
need good timing to hit it as it darts forward, but its not impossible. You
need to hit it 20 times to defeat it, and it'll look stunned whenever its hurt
like the other bosses. Good luck!

You've beaten it? Then you've beaten the game! Congratulations! 


Virgin Interactive - Chuck Rock wasn't too great, but it had some clever ideas
re: using the rocks as tools to get forward. It's also pretty good looking for
an old game, and some of the goofy monsters made me laugh once or twice.

GameFAQs - For uploading any old FAQ, even those full of typos for games no-one
would want to play in this day and age.

Anyone Who Read This Far - I guess you know who you are. Because you're reading

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