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Reviewed: 04/10/05

I really don't buy those war stories granda, I mean in this game - war's a laugh!

It was on the last years of the Mega Drive, my mates where getting Playstations - and this was one of the last new games I bought. While in the town with my ma, after a quick dig around the bargain bin I noticed "Cannon Fodder" - I'd heard this was a violent game and it was from the lads who made "Sensible Soccer" - that made me sure I was getting it. I did enjoy the game as a boy but I could never get by a few levels it was only now, when I digged it out of my cupboard that I could muster the will (and the neccessary amount of alcohol) to see it through.


It's not for everyone, but I'm with the faction of gamers that enjoy simple graphics. Crisp yet simple graphics, I'll admit that the jungle enviroments are no rival to "Snake Eater" - but this was the Mega Drive, and at the time Cannon Fodder had top notch graphics. The character sprites however, are rather generic - the enemy usually just has an outfit that's more or less just a different shade of green. And finally, the explosions were nice!


Well, it's a simulator. If you want a story...I suppose you have to come up with it yourself. Don't let that put you off though, excellent gameplay makes up for lack of an actual story.


I CAN'T DO IT!!! I CAN'T DO IT!! *SLAP* DO IT NOW SOLDIER!!!! PRESS "B"!!!! Killing gets easier as you play it, so does evading the enemy, also the point and click style of your movement and attacking really gives "Cannon Fodder" the feel of a strategy game. The missions start simple as do the controls, but a bit later on you'll be expected to sabotage bridges and blow up buildings so it can be tricky if you have no experience.


There isn't usually music playing throughout your levels, just the noises of the jungle, the screams of your enemy and the sounds of your gun. But the main theme is class, it's one of those tunes I find myself humming and then get really annoyed when I can't remember what it's from.


The fact that you can hear the enemies wail out when they're not quite dead yet - is very handy. If you've missed one, you could be looking around for ages if it wasn't for that "argghh oooh arrghh", usually when there's just background effects and no music - it gets irritating. But this wasn't the case for "Cannon Fodder" - the sound effects were clear and enjoyable. I dare you not to laugh at a dying soldiers screams in this game - I dare you.


Well the objective of all your mission is well...finishing the objectives. Most of the time you'll have to play through a level a few times, but since theres a password system you're sorted if you die. The brain of a strategist is needed for most of the later levels - and it might take a few shots but trial and error almost always works with this game.


I don't really think after a war a soldier is eager to go back for another and since the game doesn't have any un-lockables you won't be eager to go back for a replay anytime soon.


The fact that the tombstones are so personalised and they don't have "lifes" - you really miss some of your lads when they die. This creates more personal involvement with the game. Which can be a good long as you don't cry over them...or anything. :'( R.I.P. Jools.


I'm not particularly into strategy games or war, but this game was still very enjoyable to me. If you get the opportunity you really should give it a chance.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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