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Guide and Walkthrough by A.K.A

Version: 0.2 | Updated: 05/30/2004

          ______     ___       __   __   __   __    ______    __   __
         /      |   /   \     |  \ |  | |  \ |  |  /  __  \  |  \ |  |
        |  ,----'  /  ^  \    |   \|  | |   \|  | |  |  |  | |   \|  |
        |  |      /  /_\  \   |       | |       | |  |  |  | |       |
        |  `-----/  _____  \  |  |\   | |  |\   | |  '--'  | |  |\   |
         \______/__/     \__\ |__| \__| |__| \__|  \______/  |__| \__|

          _______   ______    _______   _______   _______  ______
         |   ____| /  __  \  |       \ |       \ |   ____||   _  \
         |  |__   |  |  |  | |   --   ||   --   ||  |__   |  |_)  |
         |   __|  |  |  |  | |  |  |  ||  |  |  ||   __|  |      /
         |  |     |  '--'  | |  '--'  ||  '--'  ||  |____ |  |\  \-----
         |__|      \______/  |_______/ |_______/ |_______|| _| \_______|

                              Game: Cannon Fodder
                             System: Sega Genesis
                               Platform: Action
                            Creator/Developer: Sega
                           Author of this FAQ: A.K.A
                      E-mail: arminjewell[at]yahoo[dot]com
                                Version: 0.2

                              TABLE OF CONTENTS

1.0 Version History
2.0 Copyright Information
3.0 Introduction
4.0 Game Basics
5.0 Walkthrough
6.0 Credits

______________/1.0 Version History\____________________________________________

0.2 - April 5, 2004 - Completed the missions 1-5, more coming as soon as I can
beat it!

______________/2.0 Copyright Information\______________________________________

Unpublished work Copyright 2004 Armin Jewell

This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright
Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only--it cannot be
reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any form (written
or otherwise).  It is a free document that cannot be used in any sort of
commercial transaction, including selling it or giving it away as a gift.  This
FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by anybody (including webmasters,
publishers, and magazine staff) without my expressed written permission.  This
FAQ was created and is owned by me, Armin Jewell <arminjewell (at) yahoo (dot)
com>.  It can be found exclusively at www.GameFAQs.com and at
www.neoseeker.com.  All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and
respected that are not specifically mentioned herein.

______________/3.0 Introduction\_______________________________________________

Hello and welcome to the FAQ for Cannon Fodder.  This great little underrated
game is a joy to play, and it is very addicting as it is challenging.  There
are 24 levels of great fun and the difficulty level is great.  The general idea
of the game is that you control a group of soldiers and you must eliminate any
enemies in the area.  This FAQ's purpose is to help you in completing this game
to its fullest extent.  Enjoy!

______________/4.0 Game Basics\________________________________________________

A - Move Soldiers
B - Shoot Bullets
C - Nothing
A+B - Shoot Grenades
Start - Pause the game

*** Note - To shoot grenades, you must have picked them up, and then secondly
you must hold down the shoot button and then press A to fire the grenade.

Main Menu
The main menu is a little confusing, but I intend to clear that up.  There are
three things you can basically do here.  You can load up a password that you
either got or didn't get (cheated...) into the load section.  The save section
is where you get your password for whatever mission you are on.

Now, on the main menu screen itself are several things.  The "score" at the top
is how many soldiers have been killed.  The home is your kills, away is the
casualties of your army.  On the screen itself, on the hill is where a
tombstone will appear if any of your men die.  Also, in the column on the left,
the people under Heroes are killed, and the Squad is people still alive.  The
number next to them is their ranking, and I'm not sure what it signifies.

The combat system in this game is very interesting.  You basically are
controlling an arrow, and that arrow can move on the whole map.  Of course, it
is limited to the sight of the actual soldiers, so that's a very realistic part
of the game.  Basically, you at the spot the arrow is at when you press B, and
you move there when you press A.  When you pause the game, you can select a
certain soldier to move by himself, and you can also look at the full map.

______________/5.0 Walkthrough\________________________________________________

This is the heart of the FAQ, and definitely what you came for.  I will give
information about each phase in each mission, and I will give you the starting
information as well.  On the side of each mission header will be the password
to get to that mission.  Here goes!

                     MISSION 1 - THE SENSIBLE INITIATION
Password: None

Phase 1: It's A Jungle Out There

Phase: 1 out of 1
Briefing: With 2 Soldiers You Must Kill All Enemy
Recruits Remaining: 13
Soldiers to Kill: 3

Well this is probably the toughest level in the game...yeah just kidding.  This
is very, very easy, and does not show the toughness of the rest of the game
very well at all.  Go up and attack the soldier, then lure the other two over
and shoot them to complete the phase and the mission.

                      MISSION 2 - ONWARD VIRGIN SOLDIERS
Password: UZHNC

Phase 1: Bridge Over the River Pie

Phase: 1 out of 2
Briefing: With 3 Soldiers You Must Kill All Enemy
Recruits Remaining: 27
Soldiers to Kill: 17

The level of difficulty increases very fast here.  Right when the phase starts,
look up to see a soldier crossing the river, so shoot him as soon as possible.
Next, head around the trees and to the soldiers; lure them out to kill all
three.  Next head along the bottom and pick off the two, and when you get all
the way to the bottom left, wait there and a soldier will come, so you can sit
there and get him.  Next, move up and kill the soldier by the river and head to
the bridge.  Kill the lone soldier coming at you across the bridge, and then go

On the other side of the bridge, head left to the opening in the trees to find
a clump of three soldiers, so kill them off quickly.  Keep moving right and
you'll come upon two more soldiers to kill off easily.  Killing them off should
attract the attention of three more soldiers, so just stand there and pour it
on.  That'll complete the first phase!

Phase 2: Trash Enemy HQ

Phase: 1 out of 1
Briefing: With 3 Soldiers You Must Kill All Enemy
                                   Destroy Enemy Buildings
Recruits Remaining: 27
Soldiers to Kill: 19
Buildings to Destroy: 1

As soon as you see your men, start shooting.  Two guys will appear and you can
kill them off fast.  Cross the river, ignoring the island, and to the other
side.  You should see some soldiers waiting there, so get in sight and shoot
the two up.  Continue on and through the water kill the guy on the lone piece
of land sticking out, then land to kill the guy coming up from below.  Start
crossing the river, but head for the upper part of land so you can easily shoot
the soldier trying to cross the river.

Continue on the small strip of land on the upper part of the river, and kill
the soldier through the trees, then easily pick off the guy coming through the
river.  Swim down to the big piece of land and kill the guy trying to swim up.
Keep going left, and land to kill the next soldier.  Land soon on the opposite
side to kill the final soldier by the river.  Cross the river to the land, and
good riddance I say.

Move along the ground way, killing four more soldiers and you will eventually
get to a house/base type of thing.  There are technically unlimited guys that
come out of the base, so I won't include them.  There are three guys in a clump
above it always, so that is included.  To blow up the house, shoot the barrels
next to it, and then kill off any remaining soldiers to finish the phase and
the mission!

                      MISSION 3 - ANTARCTIC ADVENTURE
Password: JHHJI

Phase 1: Blast It's Cold

Phase: 1 out of 1
Briefing: With 4 Soldiers You Must Kill All Enemy
                                   Destroy Enemy Buildings
Recruits Remaining: 41
Soldiers to Kill: Many (All come out of buildings)
Buildings to Destroy: 4

This mission is much harder to complete, and the game steps it up a notch here.
Here you basically just need to destroy the buildings, but the soldiers are
there just as secondary items.  When you start off, move forward and jump down
the cliff.  At no point should you stop to shoot the houses or shoot the guys
unless you are in range of them.  Then, you can stop shoot and move again
quickly.  Keep moving right until you get to a house with a lot of boxes around
it.  DON'T SHOOT THE BOXES.  That will make it impossible to finish the
mission.  Go and collect, and shoot the guys coming out, making sure you don't
hit the boxes.

Once they are all collected, fire one of the grenades at the house and then
kill any soldiers around you.  Then, go left and follow it to another hut,
which you should blow up as well.  Make sure when you are blowing up the huts,
that the door is blown up.  If just the roof is blown up it is completely
destroyed, but when you blow up the door it is done.  From the bottom house,
head all the way right, up the ramp and then look to the upper level.  There
might be a lot of enemies there, and a house.  It is just easier to launch a
grenade to kill all of them plus the house.  After that, move left some more to
get to the last house, and blow that up.  Make sure you killed all the guys and
the mission will be complete.

Password: OFLJA

Phase 1: Beachy Head

Phase: 1 out of 4
Briefing: With 4 Soldiers You Must Destroy Enemy Buildings
Recruits Remaining: 56
Soldiers to Kill: Many (All come out of buildings)
Buildings to Destroy: 5

Start out by going down and to the right.  Follow the path along, killing the
lone soldier until you get to a hut with a box next to it.  DON'T BLOW IT UP,
because that will eliminate any chance of completing the mission.  Pick up the
box, which will have several grenades in it, and then blow up the house with
one of them.  Come back around the place to get back where you started.  You
can go into the little area where there are a couple of soldiers, but remember
you only need to blow up the 5 buildings.

Go up from where you started to come upon another hut in the upper right part
of the map, so blow that hut up along with any guys that are standing around
there.  Make sure you don't kill your own guys!  Anyway from there, cross the
river, killing any guys, and keep heading left and then down.  You will
eventually come upon another hut, so blow that one up along with any guys, and
then follow the river down to the last hut so you complete the phase!

Phase 2: Pier Pressure

Phase: 2 out of 4
Briefing: With 4 Soldiers You Must Kill All Enemy
                                   Destroy Enemy Buildings
Recruits Remaining: 56
Soldiers to Kill: Many (All come out of buildings)
Buildings to Destroy: 4

This phase is basically a little break from the rest of the phases in this
mission and the one before this.  It is very easy, fast, and simple.  Right
from the start, shoot any of the guys coming across the water or shooting at
you in general, and slowly move across to the other side of the water where the
hut is.  Then, just throw grenades at it until it blows up to complete this

Phase 3: Village People

Phase: 3 out of 4
Briefing: With 5 Soldiers You Must Kill All Enemy
                                   Destroy Enemy Buildings
Recruits Remaining: 54
Buildings to Destroy: 2

The basic idea of this level is that you should have a system where you know
where you have gone already, so that you can work through this level quickly
and efficiently.  Anyway, as I give directions on the key locations, any
branches off of the main path should be explored and all enemies should be
killed.  Let's begin.

From the start, head left until it branches down, and head downwards.  Keep
going, killing guys along the way and you will come upon these weird slow
moving guys.  These are the natives, and they will not hurt you, but you can
still kill them if you like.  Keep heading downwards, then left into the area
with the four huts.  The only one you need to blow up is the one with the door
on it.

After you do that, go back to the first fork on the way back and head right to
the river.  Kill the guys along there, then get the grenades on the other side,
and all the way up are some more grenades.  From there head down along the
riverbank to get to another hut which you should destroy along with the other
soldiers that are lying around there.  Make sure that when you blow up the hut,
you don't go into the quicksand, which is right to the left of it, cause it
will kill any guys that touch it.  Anyway, head back to the fork and head to
the upper left part of this map and kill off any remaining soldiers to complete
the phase.

Phase 4: Quicksand

Phase: 4 out of 4
Briefing: With 5 Soldiers You Must Kill All Enemy
                                   Destroy Enemy Buildings
Recruits Remaining: 54
Buildings to Destroy: 1

From the start, go up and avoid the quicksand.  Kill the guys along the way and
then when you get to the next quicksand, blow up the land mine on the bottom
part of the quicksand, then move around it, kill the soldier, and get the
grenades.  Keep going, around the top of the next quicksand, then downwards.
Make sure you are always looking out for mines.  Head to the left part to kill
a bunch of guys and blow up the hut.  Watch out for the guys that throw
grenades.  Once you hear the sound of a grenade being thrown, run so you don't
die.  After the hut is blown up head right to the water and go along it killing
any more guys to complete the final phase and the mission!

                     MISSION 5 - THOSE VICIOUS VIKINGS
Password: DNKFG

Phase 1: The Valley of Ice

Phase: 1 out of 3
Briefing: With 3 Soldiers You Must Kill All Enemy
                                   Destroy Enemy Buildings
Recruits Remaining: 72
Buildings to Destroy: 6

Now there are rockets!  Anyway, the toughest part about this phase is that
there are rockets, but it is so linear that it isn't too bad.  Start out, go
left and kill all of the soldiers you come upon.  Destroy the first hut that
you see, then move on and go across the river to the second one.  Go back
across to the third and fourth ones, killing all of the enemies along the way,
then back across again to blow up the fifth and sixth ones.  On the way you
should have picked up some grenades and rockets, but they aren't necessary for
this mission though.

Next, go across the tree line and be careful!  There are two enemies with
rocket launchers and they use them.  Kill the upper guard, then, while moving
towards the far rocket launcher guard, shoot the closer one and then the far
one to kill them both without them firing a single shot.  Continue on and kill
any last enemies to complete the phase.

Phase 2: Barmy Bazookas

Phase: 2 out of 3
Briefing: With 3 Soldiers You Must Kill All Enemy
                                   Destroy Enemy Buildings
Recruits Remaining: 72
Buildings to Destroy: 6

This phase is quite difficult as there are a lot of missile launcher enemies in
this level.  Keep on your guard and especially keep moving to avoid getting
blown up.  Anyways, from the beginning, head left and blow up the hut along
with the missile soldier that is in the way.  Go downwards from the hut,
killing soldiers along the way, and then right to get to a hut which you should
blow up.

Next, head down across the river, past the island and to the other side of the
river.  There, keep heading downwards to find a hut to blow up and a hut with
rockets by it.  Pick the rockets up and blow up the hut, then head left.  Go
all the way left, killing the soldier, then head back a little and up to go
across the little ice path.  Kill the soldiers, along with the missile soldier,
and then head all the way up.

Once you get to the top of the map, head left across the river and kill the
soldier.  Keep heading left to kill a couple more soldiers, then head downwards
on the peninsula killing all the soldiers along the way.  When you get to the
hole in the ground stand by it for a little bit, so that you can kill all of
the soldiers that come out.

Finally, head to the tree section and scourge the place of any enemies.  This
is a tough section in the game, but if you stick with it and use guerilla
tactics, like staying back and killing them one by one, you should be fine.
Again beware of the missile soldier, and once all the soldiers are gone, blow
up the hut to finish the phase.

Phase 3: My Beautiful Skidoo

Phase: 3 out of 3
Briefing: With 4 Soldiers You Must Destroy Enemy Buildings
Recruits Remaining: 72
Buildings to Destroy: 3

From the start, go down and blow up the hut, killing any guys in the way.  Go
down and to the left to pick up some missiles, killing a soldier along the way.
From there head down again until you get to an intersection, and at this point
you should go south to kill the soldier that is shooting missiles at you.  From
that point a soldier wil come from the top of the screen, so take care of him
and then keep moving down.  Watch the river as many guys will cross it, along
with a missile launcher enemy on the other side of the river.  Keep heading
down to get to a hut, and blow that up.

Once you blow up that hut and no soldiers are coming after you, get into the
vehicle, which I guess they call a Skidoo...go figure...anyway, get in it and
drive off to the right around the trees, over the water, and run over as many
soldiers as possible.  Once you run over most of them get out and blow up the
final hut to complete this phase and the mission.
______________/6.0 Credits\____________________________________________________

CJayC - For hosting my FAQs

GameFAQs FAQ Contributer Board - For some good advice on the FAQing buisness

Copyright 2004 Armin Jewell

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