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FAQ/Walkthrough by Naru2005

Version: 0.75 | Updated: 02/19/04

Warner Bros presents..
***  *  * **** ****   ***  *  * *   * *   * *   *  *** *   *
*  * *  * *    *      *  * *  * **  * **  *  * *    *  **  *
***  *  * * ** ****   ***  *  * * * * * * *   *     *  * * *
*  * *  * *  *    *   *  * *  * *  ** *  **   *     *  *  **
***   **  **** ****   ***   **  *   * *   *   *    *** *   *

**   **  *  * ***  *   ***   *** ***   **  *  * ***  *   ***
* * *  * *  * *  * *   *      *  *  * *  * *  * *  * *   *
* * *  * *  * ***  *   ***    *  ***  *  * *  * ***  *   ***
* * *  * *  * *  * *   *      *  * *  *  * *  * *  * *   *
**   **   **  ***  *** ***    *  *  *  **   **  ***  *** ***

***************FOR THE SEGA GENESIS/MEGADRIVE******************
**********Written and Produced by Helen Chiu(TimiAzN)**********
********E-mail: AzNxxGrL4u@aol.com, KimmyC1089@aol.com*********
***************Last Updated: February 18, 2004*****************

Status: v0.75 - February 18-19, 2004 12:00am ET GMT -0500


--->Contact Information<---

---->Revision History<----

Section 1. About this Guide
  1-1. Basic Information About the Game

Section 2. Technical Information
  2-1. Characters
  2-2. Weapons
  2-3. Item List

Section 3. Walkthrough
  3-1. Duck Rabbit Duck
  3-2. Bully for Bugs
  3-3. Hare-Abian Nights
  3-4. Knighty Knight Bugs
  3-5. Haunted Hare
  3-6. Space-out Bunny
  3-7. Mad as a Mars Hare
  3-8. Mars Attack
Section 4. Frequently Asked Questions
  4-1. Frequently Asked Questions
  4-2. E-mails

Section 5. Credits

--------------------------------->CONTACT INFORMATION<-----------------------------

Real Name: Helen Chiu
CodeName: AzNTimi
B-Day: March 25, 1985
ICQ: 78129469(I'm barely on ICQ..)
AOL/AIM: AzNxxGrL4u, KimmyC1089
E-mail: AzNxxGrL4u@aol.com, KimmyC1089@aol.com
MSN Hotmail: None
Yahoo ID: None
Where you can find me: GameFAQs Forums(Username: TimiAzN).

--------------------------------->REVISION HISTORY<--------------------------------

v0.75 (February 18, 2004): Walkthrough is done! There are some things yet to be 
                            covered, and will be covered later!(16k)

--------------------------->SECTION 1. ABOUT THIS GUIDE<---------------------------

This guide is for everything you need to know about the Bugs Bunny in Double 
Trouble game. If you have any questions or suggestions, please e-mail me at 

Please do not copy this guide without my permission. Doing so will cause you to
commit plagiarism. Note that in mind.

This guide is found posted at the following sites:

1-1. Basic Information About the Game

	Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble is a old platformer game for the Sega 
Genesis. Basically, if you have seen the Bugs Bunny cartoons, you'll be 
familiar with the characters presented in this game. Some are Yosemite Sam, 
Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Marvin the Martian, and Gossammer.


D-pad: Up, Down, Left, and Right
A button: Shoot/Fire
B button: Jump
C button: Action/Dash

(The control scheme can also be found at the options menu.)


Music: You can turn the music on or off here.

Level Select: Difficulty select that is. You can choose between Easy, 
Normal, and Hard.

Music Test: Tests all of the game's music!

------------------------>SECTION 2. TECHNICAL INFORMATION<-------------------------

2-1. Characters

A. Bugs Bunny - This is the character you are physically controlling throughout 
the game. You will enter many exciting adventures with your cartoon counterparts.

B. Elmer Fudd - The hunter who always want to find a rabbit so he can cook rabbit 
stew with it. The only problem is that he keeps running into Bugs Bunny who comes 
out and taunts at him.

C. Daffy Duck - Yes, he only shows up in Duck Rabbit Duck. Basically, it's the 
same concept as that Duck Season/Rabbit Season show where Daffy is always the 

D. Yosemite Sam - The bearded westerner who talks funny. Only this time he's 
in a "Aladdin" type world with flying carpets and such.

E. The Bull - Remember how in one of the shows Bugs Bunny was trying to get to 
Albequerque(sp?)? Well, instead of reaching there, he ends up in a big arena 
where the bull want to knock him away.

F. Gossammer - The Orange monster. From the looks of it, it has no mouth and arms.

2-2. Weapons

The weapons depend on which level you are on at currently.

A. Glue Pots(Level 1)
Use these to throw at Daffy to make him stick for a few seconds.

B. Speedy Shoes(Level 1 and 2)
Increases your speed with these. You can run faster than normal.

C. Dynamites(Level 2)
For use with blowing up the hole.

D. Carrot Weapons(Level 3)
There are three kinds of carrot weapons:
1. Homing Carrots - homes into the target
2. Straight Carrot - straight onto the target
3. Carrot Bombs - Blow up the target

E. Singing Sword(Level 4)
For use with the boss on that level.

F. Books
These are magic spell books. Throw them at the bats and they will be possessed 
by Bugs.

2-3. Item List

A. Invulnerable Potion
Makes you invulnerable for a short time. YOu will hear a special music and see 
stars around you while you're invulnerable. When music stops, you are not 
invulnerable anymore.

B. Sparkling White Carrot
Gives you a extra life if you pick up one of these. This item is only available 
in the first four levels.

C. Carrots
Pick up one of these and your energy bar will refill.

D. Star
These are only available through the first four levels. Pick up three of them 
and you have the ability to play a bonus game. There are a total of six stars.
So you can play the bonus level twice before entering the last four levels.

E. Keys
Use these to open locked doors

F. Old Potion
Makes you very old!

--------------------------->SECTION 3. GAME WALKTHROUGH<---------------------------

In this walkthrough, I will only list what you have to do and some tips on how to 
complete it best for each level.

When you start a game, you are given a choice between two levels, either Duck 
Rabbit Duck or Bully for Bugs. You choose. I will be going in order by the way, 
so follow along..

3-1. Duck Rabbit Duck
Stages: 2

	First, you must face Daffy into a chase before Elmer Fudd kills you after 
time runs out. Just watch out for upcoming enemies on this level:

a. Beaver - Watch out for this dangerous enemy that throws nuts at you.

b. The Caterpillar - Only shows up in the first stage!

1. You must find all the hunting signs to change from "Rabbit Season" to "Duck 
Season". Stage 1 has 6 signs and Stage 2 has 7 signs.

2. Daffy is quick sometimes. If he stays there and look left and right, hit C 
while standing and he will come to the direction you are on. Bugs Bunny will do a 
silly trick to Daffy.

3. Carrots can restore your health here.

4. When you see a bottle, get it for invulnerable for a short time. When you see 
stars around you, you are now in god mode. And while you're in god mode, you will 
hear special music.

3-2. Bully for Bugs
You must now fight the bull.

Watch out for certain enemies here such as:

a. The Lion: This character is very fast! Once you open the switch to open the 
gate, the lion will chase you until you reach another cage and trap him while he 
is inside. You will see a switch in the top of the cage.

b. Claw Attack: In the ground, there may be some claws of the lion which try to 
attack you every second.


1. Once against the bull, jump in his back to make him lift you up to where the 
dynamites are. Pick one of the dynamites and blow the wooden covers of the hole.

2. Once underground, collect trap pieces. The trap pieces are on the top of the 
screen. Also, watch out for three holes on the ground. They pump out spikes which 
will hurt you.

3. Once you collect all of the trap pieces, go back up and run around the arena 
to built the trap.

4. If you manage to get all three stars in the first two missions, you can play 
the bonus stage now.

3-3. Hare-Abian Nights
Your goal is to find all three lamps so the genie could get you back to the 

Watch out for certain enemies such as:

a. Flying Boy - This guy levitates himself on a magic carpet. Watch out, cause 
he will fly down to you. You need one carrot to defeat him.

b. Boom Boy - This guy throws boomerangs at you, so watch out! You need one 
carrot to defeat him.

c. Sword Boy - This guy has a sword with him, so when he sees you, he will try 
to kill you with this sword. It looks like he is trying to lift up the sword 
like it's too heavy or something. You need two carrots to defeat him.

d. Fat Boy - This guy is fat. You need either three carrots or two bombs to 
kill him.


1. Watch out for hot stuff on the ground.

2. There are some hidden enemies which you can't see, so watch out!

3. On the 3rd Stage, do not fall. If you fall, you will die a full life.

In each stage, there is a boss. It is Yosemite Sam as a Arabian guy. It takes 
six carrots or 3 bombs to kill him.

3-4. Knighty Knight Bugs
Your goal is to find the Singing Sword and defeat the knight and his pet dragon.

Enemies to expect are..

a. Knight - Gossammer is in this knight armor. When you are near him, he will 
grab you and shake you.

b. Dragon - This one is a different one. It will show up after you get the sword.

c. Smart Boy - Same for this one. This guy jumps too much.

d. Knight II - This guy stands in the wall to wait for you to show up, then he 
will pump down a huge axe at you.

e. Dragon II - This dragon pumps out from the hole and spits fire at you.


1. Once you grab the Singing Sword, press (A) to use it. Ground or air, it 
doesn't matter.

2. When you reach the last area, watch out for the tiny knights which try to 
hurt you.

3. You may not enter boss area without the Singing Sword!

3-5. Haunted Hare
Your goal is to reach the lab and kill the mad scientist and his pal Gossammer.

Enemies to expect are:

a. Gossammer - A orange monster that kills you in three hits. It's takes three 
hits to make him cry. He will come back in 15 seconds.

b. Bat - The vampire becomes the bat. You need 2 jumps or 1 book to kill him.

c. White Ghost - This guy "boos" at you while floating left and right.

d. Witch Hazel - This is a hlper that helpes you survive. Collect her kisses 
for extra health. once you get it all, duck! Because she will turn to a witch 
and spit a ball at you, which hurts you.


1. Throughout the levels, there is a fake mad scientist trying to chase you 
in different places.

2. Do not attempt to get the old potition, because you will have to turn old 
for a brief period of time and can't jump. You will have a weapon while you're 
old. It is a carrot magic wand. Press (C) to use it.

3. One the 4th Stage where the lab is, the way to defeat the mad scientist and 
Gossammer is by turning the switch on. This will shrink Gossammer and then 
fight the scientist.

3-6. Space-out Bunny


a. Brown and Blue Asteroids could hurt you while you are near them.

b. Marvin and K-9 - These guys only show up in the 2nd and 3rd stages in the 
level. They will push you four times in a row.


1. Blast the Blue Asteroids and collect the power-ups.. Here are the brief 
descriptions of each power-up.

a. White - Invulnerability for a short time
b. Blue - Refill Energy
c. Green - Increase ammo
d. Black/Red - Makes Marvin mad
e. Purple - Decrease ammo
f. Black/Yellow - Go far back
g. Yellow - Go forward faster until stop
h. Barrels - One Extra Ammo

2. Use your ammo whenever needed. You may not use it against Marvin.

3. Stay away from the brown asteroids and keep alive. Don't even attempt to 
crash, on a asteroid.

3-7. Mad as a Mars Hare


a. Marvin and K-9 - They will take a shot at you.

b. Spikes - These ones come down and hurt you.

c. Missiles - One the ground, it will shoot three missiles at you.


1. Use your ammo whenever needed. It takes three missile to kill the fake Marvin.

2. Spikes show up at the top of the mountains.

3. Missiles come underneath the ground and will hurt you.

4. Don't attempt to crash on the mountains. It will take your whole life away.

3-8. Mars Attack


a. The Martians - Some of them have guns and some of them run by you.

b. Hot Lava - Be sure not to step on these. They're extremely hot!

c. The K-9 - Marvin's dog runs by you and you can jump on him a couple of times.


1. Your goal in the first stage is to get the dynamite and get on to the 
next stage.

2. On the second stage, your goal is to avoid all of the martians attacks with 
the pistol their shooting.

3. If you want to beat the game, simply press (C) on each of the four sides to 
turn on the switch to make Marvin's guns turn to the top.

When you start, notice there is a bottle of invulnerable potion, but watch out 
for the lava.

When you beat the game, the ending will show up a large rocket coming down on 
board. Marvin(the real one) will come down and Bugs will give Marvin the explosive 
and Bugs will carry on. Marvin will be like, "What the hell is this?" and Mars 
blows up until one piece is left. You will see the game credits after that!

---------------------->SECTION 4. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS<----------------------


Q1. Can I help you with this FAQ?

A: Sure thing, just try to help me with any additional info I might have missed.

Q2. I'm stuck in a particular game! Can you help me?!

A: Although I haven't wrote any guides for the following games, I can be more 
than happy to help you with the following PS1 and PS2 titles..that is if you're 
on the lazy side to look for yourself in GameFAQs...

These are the titles I still have a fresh memory on..

Capcom vs SNK 2
Chaos Legion
Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry 2
Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly
Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance
Silent Hill
Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 3
Terminator: Dawn of Fate

The others I'm still trying to complete and get more knowledge on..

4-2. E-MAILS

----------------------------->SECTION 5. CREDITS LIST<-----------------------------

- Thanks to me for producing, writing, and updating the guide!

- Thanks to GameFAQs(CJayC) for posting the guide!

- Thanks to you for playing the game!

- Thanks to Sega for such a great system!

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