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Guide and Walkthrough by GavLuvsGA

Version: 1 | Updated: 05/04/2002

								BUBSY 2 FAQ

								for the Genesis

by GavLuvsGA.

Version 1: 19 - 04 - 2002

Write to: GavLuvsGA@aol.com or XPhileScaper1121@aol.com with any suggestions or
questions, but please read the FAQ first to see if your question is answered
within. Also, please put "Bubsy 2" in the subject heading - that would help me
a lot. And don't send IMs, or attachments.


1 Items
2 Baddies
3 Mini Games
4 Brief Desciption of Worlds
5 Walkthrough (for time challenges)

1 Items


These are scattered around the level, and add to your points at the end. Get as
many as possible if playing for points.

Trading Cards

Collecting these will allow you to buy items at the end of each level. You can

Nerf Ballzooka Ammo (1 card each)

These allow you to fire at enemies (pressing C). Unless you're on a flying
section (where you will have infinite ammo), you will turn all enemies or
missiles you hit into trading cards

Smart Bomb (25 cards each)

Obliterates every bad guy and missile in sight, turning them into marbles

Black Hole (5 cards each)

Only use in emergencies; press C to get out the hole and C again to jump in. If
you're flying Bubsy will look at the screen and smile when you use it

Diving Suit (10 cards each)

Allows you to access the Liquid Lunacy mini game. Put in on and fall into water
to enter. Water can only be found in the Egyptian and Medieval stages. In the
latter, look in the wells. In the former you can use either the pools of water
or any urn that has water flowing into it

Extra life (25 cards each)

These can also be found in the levels; extra lives are in the form of T shirts,
and can be worth one or two (look at the number)

Patch Up

Replenishes your energy. Three hits will kill you, though hitting anything
sharp, falling in water without a diving suit and falling too far without
gliding (using B) will kill you instantly. Also, fire (in Egypt) will kill you
and so will the electic currents found in Space; these can only be turned off
using switches. Oh, and falling off the screen kills you. Every time you die
you will restart from the start of the level or the last exclamation mark you

Bag of Marbles


Crate of Marbles


Super Marble

Only found in Liquid Lunacy


Represented by an arrow forming a circle, these allow you to continue when you
lose all your lives.


Found on all the worlds except aerial, these will alter something. If a 2
appears they will stay the same whn you return to the world or (in 2 player)
when the other player starts. In Space they are used to turn electric currents
on and off. In Egypt they are in the form of pictures of lions.

2 Baddies

Ace (Egypt, Music, Aerial, Mediaeval)

A flying penguin, who drops ice cubes. Flys erratically and can be a pain when
you're flying.

Alien (Space)

Found in the flying sections of Space; shoot them down fast!

Billy the Kid (All worlds)

Walks around, jumping a lot. Not terribly dangerous.

Boz "The Gourmet" Buzzard (All worlds)

Flies along, and will drop Sid the Shrew on you. Boz has an infinite supply of
shrews but if you kill him, he won't return.

Butterly (All Worlds)

These travel in large groups and can be very irritating on the higher levels.

Crocodile (Egypt)

Appears out of carvings; so be careful.

Drum (Music)

Jumps around a lot. Dangerous on slopes.

Guitar (Music)

Fires missiles at you, but stays in one place.

Jellyfish (Egypt, Music, Medieval, Liquid Lunacy)

Doesn't harm you but is very annoying; likes to grab you and slow you down,
until it vanishes.

Jimmy "Knuckles" Hog (All worlds)

A pig with karate skills.

Jumping Hog (All worlds)

Jumps around. Can be dangerous in enclosed spaces.

Kangaroo (All worlds)

Likes to jump around a lot. Very annoying when there is little room to

Lambo (All worlds)

This sheep stands still but attacks you with its bleat (shown by soundwaves).
The bleats can also be destroyed.

Pterodactyl (Egypt, Aerial)

It flies slowly across the screen. Only dangerous in enclosed spaces.

Sid "The Vicious" Shrew (All worlds)

Is dropped by Boz (see above). Just mentioning him so it's perfectly clear I
know he exists.

Small Pig (Egypt, Music, Aerial)

Doesn't move anywhere; just sits in awkward positions. Rides some sort of
flying contraption in Aerial and just gets in the way really.

Space Duck (Space, Aerial)

Flies across the screen fast.

Suited Pig (All worlds)

Roams around, sometimes on ceilings. The only problem is they hang around on
ceilings a lot.

Thing - a - ma - jig (Music, Medieval)

I don't actually know what it is meant to be - a blue thing with a crown. It
jumps around a lot.

Trumpet (Music)

Fires out soundwaves like Lambo. Very easy to beat.

Tuba (Music)

Very slow moving; travels in groups.

Zombie (Egypt, Medieval)

Very dangerous in groups; fire energy beams that can fry you.

3 Mini Games

These can be found in all worlds except Space and Aerial.


Accessed through certain doors, you must fire frogs using a. Press up and down
to aim further away. You get an extra life for every five hits.

Armadillo Drop

Control Arnold the Armadillo as he goes through the maze in the truck's engine.
Collect marbles and extra lives. Land in the middle within the time limit for a
bonus. However, do not land under a wheel or you lose the bonus. There are
three exit tubes; use the middle one. The only exception is "Manifold Destiny"
where there is only one exit. Also accessed through doors.

Liquid Lunacy

Get as many bubbles as you can, killing the jellyfish and avoiding the whirling
dervish that chases you. Bounce on the fish and grab the Super Marble.
You need the diving suit and a pool of water to access this one.

Select 1 or 2 player mini to play mini games only.

4 Brief Description of Worlds


A series of mazes, including hazards such as waterfalls and fire pits (the
latter are deadly). Switches are in the form of lion pictures. Plenty of
opportunities to access liquid lunacy (if you have enough diving suits).


Good fun, but does lack bonus stages. It has a lot of death traps in the form
of elecricity (switch this off and pass by to access hidden treasures), and
also retracting spikes and anchors. One each stage you will come to a flying
section, where you shoot aliens.


Very fun indeed. Bounce on kettle drums and stand on notes. Watch out for pits
of sharp symbols though - they're ... sharp. Warp doors are in the shape of


This takes place in a plane. Probably the most annoying world as you also lose
energy if you touch a wall.


Very ... medieval. Not much to say, really. The pig statues can be used as
springs; also look oput for bonuses underground and in trees. Don't walk over a
well unless you have a diving suit.

5 Walkthrough

This walkthrough deals with routes to take when playing for time. If playing
for points, take time to explore - but stay within the 15 minute time limit.
When playing for time there is a 10 minute limit.  If you play Grand Tour time
limits are shorter and there are extra rooms that must be played.

Note also that as well as 1 and 2 player, there are friendly and feisty games.
In friendly, one player plays and the other controls one of the Bubsy twins and
helps by killing enemies and flicking useful switches. In feisty, drop bananas
to make your opponent slip up and pull levers that do damage.

Floor One

West Wing

Egypt (King of De - Nile)

Time: 1:30 minutes (Floor One Only)
0:45 minutes (Grand Tour)

Floor One Only

Head right and enter the door on the right. Then, hit the restart point and
head right. Go up when you have to and past the door, then immediately drop
down and use the switch. Thbe door will open, so head down and right and glide
over the waterfall, heading right, avoiding the traps. After the next door, run
right, jumping over the fire, to the end.

Grand Tour

Head right and  glide towards the right hand door.  Spring up to the right and
go through the flase floor to another door. Go through and in the next room
drop down to the right and pull the switch, then head down and right. Glide
over the waterfall and quickly head right to save time. Head across the
bottomless pit and water trap and enter the door on the right. Head right and
jump over the fire to the marble.

Space (Star Wreck)

Time: 3 minutes (Floor One Only)
1:25 minutes (Grand Tour)

Immediately glide to the right and you should reach a door with a restart point
in front if it. Go in and get past the shooting section. As soon as you appear
out of the door, enter it again to appear further on in the level. Now glide
left, and you should land left of an electric trap. Jump over it and pull the
swith to turn off the trap that blocks your way. Run along, killing the duck
and avoiding the spikes. Hit the restart point and go down. Head right,
avoiding anchors and spikes to the exit.

Music (Bach in Time)

Time: 2 minutes (Floor One Only)
0:45 minutes (Grand Tour)

This works for both worlds; head up and to the left quickly, then keep going
left. As you go down the slope, jump on the musical notes until you see and up
arrow. Go up and run up the green slope above you, then jump towards the right
arrow. Run along the top of the level; when you see the next arrow, jump on it
as you have an easier chance of avoiding the concertinas. Glide right until you
reach the exit.

Aerial (The Hindenberger)

Time: 1:30 minutes (Floor One Only)
0:55 minutes (Grand Tour)

Really easy - keep heading right. There is an extra room in Grand Tour, but it
is still clearable within the time limit.

Medieval (Hamalot)

Time: 0:40 minutes (Floor One only)
0:20 minutes (Grand Tour)

This is evil on Grand Tour, but the following strategy works on both. Before
entering, make sure you have set the Smart Bomb selected. If you don't have
any, find one in another level. Preferably two.
Now, run as fast as you can. When you see Boz and Sid (as you approach the
first tree), press C to zap them or they'll waylay you. Run on, and ignore the
up arrow - it is a red herring. Jump over the pit and use another smart bomb on
the pigs on the other side, then run to the exit. This level is clearable in
about 17 seconds.

East Wing

Egypt (Dark Side of the Tomb)

Time: 2:30 minutes

Run right and slide down the waterfall; activate the switch, then fall through
the floor and bounce up again. Head down the gap to the left and go through the
false wall. Activate the restart point,  then  go down again and glide tot he
right, finding another waterfall. If possible, jump across onto the second
watefall; otherwise, go  right from the bottom (avoid the water) and kill
baddies and hit the restart point. Beware of the pit and more water, then
spring up using the spring and head up and right to the end.

Space (Star Boars)

Time: 2 minutes (Floor One Only)
2: 30 minutes (Grand Tour)

Floor One Only

Really easy! Head right to the door with the restart point. Play the shooting
section, then head down until you reach the exit.

Grand Tour

Head right to the door with a restart point outside and enter; play the
shooting section. When you exit, go back in the door and you'll find yourself
in another area with a pig about to attack you. Re enter and do another
shooting section. After this, head down and then to the right to exit.

Music (C Sharp or B Flat)

Time: 2 minutes

Floor One Only

Head right and throw the switch to the bottom right, then get the 1 up and
enter the portal. Then, keep heading right and downward, following the signs.
Really easy!

Grand Tour

Head right and throw the switch to the bottom right, then get the 1 up and
enter the portal. You will come to a restart point, so use it. Go right and
pull another switch, then glide downwards, killing or avoiding the tubas. Enter
the blue portal to the left of the trumpet spring and jumping hogs. Then, keep
heading right and downward, following the signs.

Aerial (Fleece Academy)

Time: 1:30 minutes (Floor One Only)
0:50 minutes (Grand Tour)

Keep heading right. Note that the first portal is best avoided as it will take
you into the path of Sid and Boz.

Medieval (My Penguin For A Horse)

Time: 3 minutes (Floor One Only)
0:40 minutes (Grand Tour)

Simply run along the bottom of the level; jump the well, and the big pit (watch
out for the jellyfish), then watch out for some baddies on the ground. This is
really easy!

Boss Level (Aporklyps Now)

All boss levels are identical for both wings. If you played one floor only you
will face Oinker here (see the end of the Walkthrough for how to beat him).

On Grand Tour you will face a Space Pig, Lambo, a Guitar, A Trumpet and a
Zombie. Keep hitting them until they are dead. They appear from behind the
windows that open and close.

Floor Two

West Wing

Egypt (Mummy Dearest)

Time: 1 minute (Floor Two Only)
1: 20 minutes (Grand Tour)

Floor Two Only

Enter the door and then glide right until you reach the down arrow, then glide
down and to the left. You will go up a slope. Now, drop down the next hole and
glide right, and land on the waterfall; you should land just right of the water
trap. Land next to the door and go through. Head left and down the first shaft,
then go right and glide until you see a down arrow; go down and head right, and
then up. Hit the switch. Glide downwards and you should find an area with pigs
and a switch press it and glide down. The exit is on your right.

Grand Tour

Enter the door and then glide right until you reach the down arrow, then glide
down and to the left. You will go up a slope. Now, drop down the next hole and
glide right, and land on the waterfall; you should land just right of the water
trap. Land next to the door and go through. Go through the narrow passage,
getting the 1 up by Lambo, and then killing the seahorse. Glide past the
crocodiles and they will miss you completely, then kill the two sheep and watch
out for two pterodactyls blocking your way. At the bottom walk through the
false floor. A gang of butterflies will decide to get in the way, so use a
smart bomb if possible, then bounce to the top of the shaft. Run right and
glide until you see a down arrow; go down and head right, and then up. Hit the
switch. Glide downwards and you should find an area with pigs and a switch
press it and glide down. The exit is on your right.

Space (Cattlecar Piglattia)

Time: 1:30 minutes (Floor Two Only)

Keep heading right to the door with a restart point and go in to the shooting
section. After that keep heading left and downwards until you reach the exit.

Music (Sax, Drums and Rock and Roll)

Time: 1:20 minutes (Floor Two Only)

Really easy! Go right and use the trampolines with the trumpets on. Go right
using th enotes and use the red trampoline, landing on the yellow platform with
a restart point. Go right, crossing the notes. Kill the set of tubas that
appears and land on the red platform with a jumping hog and restart point. Go
right and cross another set of notes and stave, then kill a set of trumpets and
reach a red platform. Jump right onto the stave (watch out for the drum), jump
right, kill the guitar and then glide down to the exit.

Aerial (Swine Flew)

Time:  1:15 minutes (Floor Two Only)
0:45 minutes (Grand Tour)

This is annoying actually. Head right and kill a few pterodactyls and pigs.
Pass the balloons and go down, then deal with a few penguins and flying
squirrels. Pass by an airship (get the patch up if needed) and go down some
more. Shoot three space pigs, then go down, and turn round. Watch for the
flying sea horses. Go down as you pass th enext airship and go through a room
with three butterflies and continue to the exit.

Medieval (Goat Of Arms)

Time: 2:30 minutes (Floor Two Only)

Another level where you just head right. Do a lot of gliding and take out the
baddies. Start off in the branches, avoiding spears, then jump towards the
buildings. You should head downwards and over a hill full of enemies. Run
across some buildings. You should come come to a pig statue at the end . Spring
up to the exit, in a branch above.

East Wing

Egypt (The Lion, the Switch and the Hoardroom)

Time: 3:10 minutes (Floor Two Only)
3:15 minutes (Grand Tour)

Head right and drop down the first pit. Go down and right, finding a switch.
Backtrack, and follow the top path, avoiding enemies, then head down the the
door. Hit the restart point, then keep going down until you hit the waterfall.
Land to the right of it. Head right, and hit another switch, falling onto
another restart point. Head left, going down the waterfall and landing in a
room. Manoevre Bubsy over the vase to the right (this easiest done by gliding
as soon as Bubsy begins to fall off the end of the waterfall). Head right,
killing baddies and enter a door, finding another restart point. Go down by
gliding; you will see a switch; hit it and it makes a down arrow appear. You
must actually head to the right to exit the level.

Space (Mighty Morphin' Bobcat Dangers)

Time: 3 minutes (Floor Two Only)
1:05 minutes (Grand Tour)

A really evil level! Jump onto the Up arrow above you and keep heading up,
until you reach the fourth platform with a building on, then go left and use
the spring. You will pass a platofrm with marbles on, then reach a ledge with a
goat and some spikes. Then head up and left; you'lll see a left arrow, so run
and glide left to the door (avoid the anchors), and pass through the shooting
section, then go right fast, avoiding the spikes, to the end.

Music (Forget Do and Re, what About Me?)

Time: 2 minutes

Floor Two Only

Head right, and when you see the up arrow, go up using the spring and head
right, past an arrow, to a restart point. Head right, killing tubas, then go
down when you see the down arrow and enter the blue portal at the bottom. Go
through to another restart point. Head right and follow the green platforms to
the down arrow. Go down and left until you reach more green platforms, then
head right again. Go up along the stave and jump over the notes to the yellow
platform. The exit is to the right.

Grand Tour

Head right, and when you see the up arrow, go up using the spring and head
right, past an arrow, to a restart point. Head right, killing tubas, then go
down when you see the down arrow and enter the blue portal at the bottom. You
will go to the left. Activate the next restart point. Head left, jump over the
sharps and then use the drum at the end to reach the next portal. Go through to
another restart point. Head right and follow the green platforms to the down
arrow. Go down and left until you reach more green platforms, then head right
again. Go up along the stave and jump over the notes to the yellow platform.
The exit is to the right.

Aerial (The Great Goatsey)

Time: 2: 30 minutes (Floor Two Only)
1:30 minutes (Grand Tour)

Head right until you enter the first portal. Then go up and left, then head
left to the exit.

Medieval (Richard the Swinehearted)

Time: 3: 30 minutes (Floor Two Only)
1:45 minutes (Grand Tour)

Simply head right, really. Head along the ground, and when you reach the end of
the screen use the windows in the castle to go up to the exit.

Boss Level (Pig Trouble in Little China)

Same as Floor One. If you played Floor Two only you face Oinker (see end of

Floor Three

West Wing

Egyptian (I Sphinx Therefore I Ham)

Time: 1:45 minutes

Smart bombs are useful here; head right and up. Pass a chicane of baddies, and
get to the switch. Only use it if you're doing two player feisty and want to
mess up your opponent as it creates a wall of fire behind you, making the next
door unreachable. Go through the door and get to the restart point. Glide to
the right, then head left (still gliding past the waterfall, then quickjly go
right and go past a Jumping pig. The waterfall throws you onto a platform with
a zombie. Jump down and go right. You should find a picture that makes a door
appear. Go through the door and when you emerge, enter again to skip a large
portion of the level. Go right and down (careful of the pig who appears from
the ground and glide down again until you see some zombies and a left arrow; go
left and down when you see a waterfall; glide left, then head left (don't use
the spring). Drop down at the top of the slope and keep gliding right until you
pass some sheep. Use the spring immediately to the right to reach a switch that
makes a down arrow appear. Then head right and glide down the shaft and enter
the door at the bottom to reach the exit.

Space (Plan Swine from Outer Space)

Time: 2 minutes

Really easy! Head up and right. If you see a pig above you, jump up onto the
same level and head left; if this is too hard to understand, just go right
until you see an arrow pointing left; you should still make it. Go left,
avoiding obstacles until you find the door and restart point, then play the
shooting bit. When you exit, go left and you will find the level boundary. Now
go down and the exit is below you.

Music (Suey Lewis and the Ewes)

Time: 2:15 minutes

From the start, head up and go along the blue platform. At the end of this you
will reach a red platform; cross this and drop down to a pair of notes and a
restart point. Then, head up using the drums and run along the highest blue
platform and cross over to the set of red platforms. Cross some notes and
continue along some more red platforms. Pass a restart point. Cross a pit of
sharps and then some staves, making sure you end up on the blue platform with
several kangaroos and sheep on to avoid hitting a dead end. Jump the gap to the
red platforms. Be careful not to use the next spring as you'll hit a jellyfish.
Hit the restart point and continue right, watching out for the concertinas.
When you reach the two musical notes, go down and keep gliding left to the

Aerial (A Fly in the Oinkment)

Time: 1:40 minutes

Fly to the right and down, passing through a room littered with enemies. Pass
an airship and a balloon with a jumping and you will enter a portal just ahead
of a restart point. When you come through the portal, go up and head left. Kill
the piug and watch out for some shrews and vultures (about four in a row). When
you reach the second airship, go down and turn round. The exit is in a room on
the right.

Medieval (The Once and Future Bobcat)

Time: 1:15 minutes

This can be cleared in 14 seconds if you know how. Glide right and use the pig
statue. Hold the direction pad hard right and then keep heading right past the
baddies. Pass two sets of spears and several penguins, and then make a big
jump. I've managed this a few times, but if that proves too hard, here is the
normal route.
Take the route given, but then glide through the level if you miss the big
jump; run along the tree branches, then glide off the end were you will find a
big tree. Go to the ground and find the secret room in the tree (stand bhind
the tree and jump and you will reach the top). A kangaroo will attack you, so
be quick to kill it. Run along to th left. A lot of smart bombs are useful here
as enemies appear in dozens. The exit is on a bridge. Watch out for a very
annoying goat and kangaroo.

East Wing

Egyptian (A Tomb With A View)

Time: 1:45 minutes

This level is EXACTLY the same as for the West Wing. See the walkthrough given

Space (Mars Needs Bobcats)

Time: 2 minutes

Very easy! Head right until you see the down arrow, then go down and right to
the door to the shooting bit (it has a restart point by it). After the shooting
section, run right to the exit.

Music (2 Live Shrew)

Time: 1:25 minutes

The hardest level in my opinion. Head right, killing baddies and use the first
restart point. To the right is a stave with a portal above; it is a good idea
to visit the frogapult mini game as you will exit with your life meter full
again. Glide, killing all the baddies, and head right all the time until you
come to two blue notes stack on top of each other; go up here and enter the
green portal overhead, breaching a large part of the level. Now watch out for
the jumping hog that hangs around the up arrow and go up, then left.
You now have two choices. Under you will be a yellow portal; go down and enter
it, ending up in a room with two goats on your right (kill them and activate
the switch, which creates a permanent short cut if you're on 2 player
friendly). Go left and enter the green portal, finding a restart point. Go
left, killing the baddies and reach the exit.
However, this route takes longer, so you could also glide off the blue platform
and head for the green portal on the other side, that takes you straight to the
restart point.

Aerial (Wild Boar Yonder)

Time: 1:15 minutes

Head right, into the portal. Keep heading right until you can't, then go left.
Pass therough a room full of baddies and then watch for a flying squirrel, then
enter the next portal and you're practically there.

Medieval (Surely You Joust)

Time: 2 minutes

Head right, and down. You will come to a pig statue, so use it as a
springboard. Now, run along the branch. It is possible to use one of the
butterflies to bounce up onto the platform above at the end (the exit is right
of here), but this is tricky. It is easier to head right, and use the next
statue as a boost, then head left to the exit.

Boss Level (Oinker P. Hamm)

To fight Oinker, just keep bouncing on his head, avoiding the missiles he
shoots as he moves across the screen. Try and stay above him. Eventually the
head of his robot suit will come off; another few hits and you've won!

This is the end of the FAQ. Send any comments or questions to the address given

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