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Reviewed: 03/24/00 | Updated: 03/24/00

Wacky and fun, you take control of thieves!

Wacky as it sounds, Bonanza Bros is a game where you take control of two cunning thieves. Of course, it’s a real, fun and funny game to play.

Graphics – 8
A bit like the cartoon and it is with cool colours, and nice backgrounds. With the funny animations, you’ll surely be glad of this game.

Music – 8
The background music is a bit weird but nice to hear. The sound effects are even better!

Gameplay – 9
This is a totally fun and wacky game you have ever played. As the name says, you can choose to control as one of the two brother thieves. One is skinny and tall while the other is short and fat. Of course, playing as thieves meaning you’ll have to steal money, avoid dozens of traps and police that are looking for you.

Of course, playing in two-player mode with another friend is even fun as you play and shout through this amazing game. You can lock doors (which are useful. You can lock your enemies in, and even lock your own friend in two-player mode!), swing down bravely, sit on mini-carts, hide behind things and many more.

Traps such as banana skins and drink cans are out to make you slip and fall and then, probably get caught by police. Try not to get caught too often since there is a limit or it will be a ‘Game Over’ to you.

Sometimes, you will need to rack your brain to solve certain puzzles and in two-player mode, you will need co-operation and sometimes, even scarification!

Replayability – 8
You’ll replay this funny game over again but not too often or you’ll feel bored with it.

Overall – 8
A nice game to buy and of course, every people loves funny games, right? So, this game will be a nice one to keep you as a companion.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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