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Reviewed: 07/20/02 | Updated: 07/20/02

When I grow up I wanna be a burglar!

Bonanza Brothers is an old Genesis game that's about sneaking into buildings and stealing things. Add in super deformed looking characters and humor and you have a short but enjoyable game.

You are Mike and Spike, the famous Bonanza Brothers investigators and you were ''hired'' by a business man to sneak into his buildings and steal certain items that are scattered around, to test out his security force. And if you succeed then you'll be given a big reward.

The game layout is different from other games, instead of getting the whole screen you'll only be playing in half a screen. The bottom part of the screen belongs to the 1st player while the top belongs to the second, and the center features the map and other statistics. You might think it'll be a bit awkward but it's fine and you'll get the hang of it. The main objective of the game is to enter each stage and steal certain items that are scattered around the building ( you can see them on the map ) while trying to avoid any guards. Once you successfully obtain all the items then you must try to find an exit to the roof and escape in your blimp, and you have to do all of this within 3 minutes. In the beginning it's real simple getting around the laid back security guards, but as you further progress through the game the security force will get tougher with armed guards ( the most annoying ), dogs, big bearded men that throw bombs and maids that attack with dishes! Your not defenseless against them though, you have a gun ( most probably a stun gun ) that you can use, but you better get moving cause they only stay knocked down for a couple of seconds.

Nothing special, but the simplicity fits well with the game. The only way I can describe the characters is that they look like a bunch of shiny legos that have no legs to support there feet. It fits well with the humor of the game, from smashing someone with a door, disguising yourself as a robot or being bugged by a pesky fly while hiding. You get a variety of different stages ranging from a mansion, underground tunnel casino etc etc. The stages themselves don't look anything special too, but yet again there simple look also fits the look of the game.

Although you keep hearing the same couple of music scores repeatedly throughout the game, the music sounds good and fits nicely with everything else. The sounds are descent, but the sound your character makes when he gets shot sounds a bit muffled. It's so muffled that it sounds like he was cursing out something.

You can easily get through this game within 20 minutes max, so it's not a really long game. It's best being played with 2 players as you'll get the most enjoyment from that instead of just one player.

If you like the graphical style of this game, then you might also want to check out the ''Puzzle & Action'' games ( also made by Sega ). All of which are only available in Japan.

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You may not be playing it in the 1st player mode that much, but if you have another buddy then playing in the 2 player mode is alot of fun.

Overall - 7

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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