Review by Sephirothdadarkangel

Reviewed: 02/10/05

Hey Beavis Pull My Finger!

Beavis and Butthead was IMO the best Tv show ever! To bad they took it off the air but all good things come to a end in time don't they? Well mabay not. This game is probably the funniest and best game I have EVER played. Thats right I said EVER played. Well I am sure you guys are going to want me to get this review started right? Ok well here we go.

Graphics 8/10
What can you really say here? They are the genesis graphics but...I think that they did a little better here than they did in most other games that came out for the genesis. You can see the characters blink and all so I think that is pretty good for the time that this game was created.

Sound 9/10
Well this game is real good on sound. I love how they make the farting noise and the burping noise. (Who doesn't love a game with those noises?) The music through the game is pretty well done also. So I personally think you will love this part of the game.

Controls 9/10
I remember playing this game for the first time when I was fairly young...but I picked this game up REAL quick. I was able to play better than most people my age and a couple above my age. I really did like the fact that you could play 2 players and whoever you were playing with could pick up the controls fast.

Gameplay 9/10
In this game you must play around levels in search of concert tickets...but we will get into that later. There are tasks throughout the levels that you must complete to get the tickets. Its really fun but there are some hard parts to certain levels which can be kinda annoying.

Story 8/10
This is a pretty good story. Remember the tickets I was talking about earlier? Well this is when I will talk about them. You got 2 tickets to a concert. And well something bad is bound to happen (of course!) Well the neighbors dog eats them. When he finally spits them up the neighbor will run them over with his lawn mower cutting them up into many pieces. Your task if you choose to accept is to go around and collect all the pieces doing many tasks throughout the game to get the ticket pieces so you can make it to your precious concert.

Replay 9/10
With the multiplayer were you can have a friend play as either Bevis or Butthead I think you will be playing this game many many times. The only problem is there isn't a save feature so you must complete the game in one try or try and use the password which will restart you with the certain number of tickets you had when you died (this feature never seemed to work for me)

Overall 9/10
This is a very very good game for its time. The only problem you might have is that it is hard to find this game because it is so old. But if you really want this game try looking online or going to a local game store.

Rent or Buy?
If you can find this game just do the smart thing and BUY it!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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