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Reviewed: 07/31/02 | Updated: 07/31/02

Huhuhuhuh this game rules!!

Ah yes.Beavis and Butthead.The two crazy teenagers.Some of us love them.Some of us hate them.I for one loved them and was left in tears when they cancelled the show.But I have still got the game to play.I love the game.From the moment I saw it in in Toys R us I snatched it up in a heartbeat.Well...I guess I should start the review now.

Beautiful graphics.Typical genesis graphics.But they're great! No slowdowns.No glitches.It's perfect! It looks almost as good as the show.Great to look at while running from that cop.

Now in many games the music isn't good.But there is an exception with this game.The music is awesome! And the in game sounds are great.From the burps to farts this games sound is wonderful.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the controls! You can pick it up fast.Everything you do responds fast as well.One button for this,one button for that.It's all good!

I remember when seeing this game saying ''I don't even care if I don't beat this!'' and to this day I haven't but I still love it! This is a very very fun game.You actually get to pick which level you go to.Unlike other games like Sonic where you just go to a level and pass it you can redo a level as many times as you like.And there are lots of ways you can defeat your enemies.And this game has a pawn shop! Have the right things with you and you'll get some awesome stuff.And with multi-player you're going to be playing this a lot.It's just that it's hard to choose from Beavis and Butt-head.

This story is great and funny! You get tickets to a rock concert and your neighbor's dog eats it and tears it into shreads.Upon that a lawnmower blows it up.So now all the ticket pieces are spread around town and you need to find it.With all sorts of enemies in your way this is going to be an adventure.

You will be playing this game a lot.If you loved the show you'll love this game! And it has multi-player! That really gives this game a boost! It's just fun! If you enjoy burping on cops to kill them you will be playing this for hours on end.

This is one of my favorite Sega Genesis games ever.I loved the show and I love the game.The sound,the graphics,the controls,the gameplay,the story! This game has it all! It's the perfect game for Sega! Many times when games are made after shows the games are bad but that's not the case here.I love this game and I always will.

To rent or buy?
I say buy this game.Though it may be hard to find you can always buy it from a friend or find it on the net.I hope you have that Sega genesis hooked up because you're going to be playing this game for a long long time!

Beavis and Butt-head 4 life!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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