Review by WishingTikal

Reviewed: 08/22/03

I really tried to play this game... I really tried...

You don't want to play this game. Believe me, you don't.

Story -5/10

Forest critters have invaded the Beast's castle so he wants to get ride of them... well, that's the main story... Sometimes the story expands a little through the game, like the Beast has to go in the woods to save Belle who was attacked by wolves or at the end he has to fight Gaston, like in the movie, but really, that's all.

Graphics -7/10

I'm being nice here. If it wasn't for the pretty good character models, I would have gave it a 5 or 6. The Beast really look like the Beast from the movie, the animal enemies are fine and the animal bosses are pretty great. The animations are good, like the wolf really moved like a wolf. The graphics for the levels are really so-so. Except for the level in the woods with the snow, which looked nice, the other levels are awfully bland and repetitive. Except for the level mentioned above, all the levels are in the Beast's castle. This ugly and gloomy castle. All the levels always repeat themselves, it's always the same background that keeps repeating while you walk and kill enemies. You always do the same thing and the graphics are always the same ! That's awful. In the last level, on the roof of the castle, you can see the screen flashes when thunder strikes (it's raining hard), hopefully, that was nice. But the graphics inside the castle are really not good at all. Plus, level 1-1 has the same exact graphics as level 1-4, etc. Nightmare !

Music/Sounds -5/10

Except for the main theme, which is nice, the rest is really ordinary. The music in the levels is bland and unoriginal. To the contrary of Belle's Quest, there is absolutely no music from the movie in Roar of the Beast. I don't know where the levels music comes from, but it's really harassing to hear for too long. The only decent sound is when the Beast roars, it sounds convincing enough.

Gameplay -3/10

This game has barely any gameplay. I can't believe people actually sat in front of a computer and decided to make this game the way it is right now. Let me explain you... You play as the Beast and have 3 moves; jump, scratch and roar. You only have 3 roars per level. With these, you can freeze all the enemies around for a short period of time. The scratch attack is to attack the enemies, the normal way. The problem is that the scratch attack isn't even good. Some enemies take many hit before being killed and you always have to scratch at a certain distance of the enemy or it won't hit him. The worst thing is that some enemies are on the ground so you have to kneel before hitting them, but then, you have to stand up to hit a flying enemy and then kneel again and attack and many other tedious things like that. Jumping as the Beast is like jumping as an elephant and it doesn't serve any purpose, I jumped over enemies before, but always ended up touching them anyway because the Beast doesn't stay in the air for long... You have only 4 lives for a level (represented by magical mirrors) and you can pick up food in the levels to replenish some health. Now let's talk about the gameplay. The unacceptable gameplay. There are 4 levels in the game but with 2 to 4 sub-levels inside each. The themes of the levels are: inside the castle, outside in the snowy woods, in the castle again and on the roof of the castle. How boring ! The level design is horrible so imagine playing always in this ugly and dark castle. The only level I liked was the one with the snow, it offered some variety from the castle. Want to know what the levels are about ? You go to the right, kill an enemy, kill another one, continue to the right, kill the enemy and so on. That is for all the levels ! Kill the snake, jump over the pit, kill the bat, kill the rat, jump over the pit, kill the boar... this is awfully boring. There is also a level where you kill villagers that comes into the castle and all you can do is hit, hit, hit until they die, so boring. The enemies are very hard to hit too, they always seem to hit you before you do. And you only have 4 lives ! All you do in a level is kill enemies. Sometimes there are bosses, and they are hard to defeat too ! The bosses are always animals like a bear, a wolf, a boar... and the last boss, Gaston, is a cheater. Sometimes he falls in a pit, but then he reappears and continue fighting ! What a cheater. In fact, this game is so hard I never finished any of the levels. I played them all, with a code, but wasn't able to finish any. Not a single one. This game is insanely hard and anyway, why would you want to finish a level ?

Overall -4/10

40% is maybe a score a bit too high for a game that crappy but it ended like that when I made the average. I'd say this game deserves 20% or 30%, it depends. Anyway, I don't recommend this game to anyone and definitely not to kids ! They'd do nightmares about it.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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