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FAQ/Walkthrough by BlueGunstarHero

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/10/10

                  [][]    [][]
                 _/  [\()/]  \_
               B A T T L E T E C H
                88    _[]_   88
                     //  \\
                    [[    ]]  
                    [[    ]]  

        Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat

         *Guide (c) 2010 BlueGunstarHero*


All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances 
except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site 
or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. If you
have any questions regarding this guide, please email me at

Any attempts at plagiarism will result in a variety of punishments, up to 
and including a PPC blast to the face.

}      TABLE OF CONTENTS        {

Copy the bracketed [] text and use "CTRL+F" to jump to the section.

......a.1 Player.....[1PLY]
......b.2 Players....[2PLY]
......c.Pause Menu...[PSMN]
5..Objective Types...[OBJT]
6..Enemy List........[NMYS]
......a.Mission 1....[MSN1]
......b.Mission 2....[MSN2]
......c.Mission 3....[MSN3]
......d.Mission 4....[MSN4]
......e.Mission 5....[MSN5]

} 1.Introduction       [INTR]   {

Greetings and welcome to Battletech for the Sega Genesis, an isometric
action game set in the wonderful Mech filled future of the Battletech
universe. In this game, you'll be piloting a Mad Cat Mech for the Clan
Wolf on an interplanetary adventure through five challenging 
missions and face off against all sorts of enemy weaponry.

This game contains nine available weapon types to customize your mech to 
suit your preferences. There's also a fair amount of strategy involved when
balancing your stats to keep your ammo plentiful, your kill count high, 
and your engines cool.

In this guide, you can find a listing of some strategic maneuvers, an 
in-depth weapons guide, the types of enemies you'll be up against, 
as well as a full mission walkthrough and more!

} 2.Controls/Radar     [CNTR]   {
This game can be played with the standard Genesis 3-button controller. 
In this section, I will identify each of the button commands, as well as
several additional fighting techniques and an explanation of the pause
menu and radar screen.

1 Player    [1PLY]

A button:     fire weapon type A
B button:     fire weapon type B
C button:     fire weapon type C
D-Pad:        move/aim
Start:        bring up pause menu

Battle techniques
Charge Shots: Two A-button weapons have a charging ability to either 
              increase range or power. Holding down the fire button 
              will trigger a yellow charge gauge that will appear in 
              the top left of the screen. In the case of the PPC, 
              holding the charge for too long can cause the weapon to 
              overheat and explode.

Rapid Fire:   Each of the B-button weapons, as well as the ISM have a 
              rapid fire option. Hold down the fire button for a 
              continuous stream of bullets.

Auto aim:     Although some weapons directly seek out targets, most 
              bullets have a light detection system for enemies and 
              will slightly adjust their bullet path to reach them 
              as long as your mech turrets are facing close enough. 
              Useful since otherwise your mech would probably only 
              fire in eight directions.

360 Aiming:   If you hold rapid fire while standing still, the cab and
              turret direction can be controlled by the d-pad.

Strafing:     Everyone knows the most important thing about mechs 
              is the ability to walk in one direction, and shoot in 
              another. This does prove difficult with only one 
              directional input, but it can be done. First, you need 
              to walk in one direction, then hold down rapid fire. Your
              mech will continue walking in that direction, while you 
              now gain control of the mech turrets for aiming.

Circling:     This can only be done when engaging enemy mechs. By 
              holding down rapid fire aiming at the mech, your turrets 
              will lock onto them, and you are free to move in any 
              direction. Needs to begin by standing still.

2 Player    [2PLY]

A unique two player co-op experience can be found here, where both players 
will be in control of different parts of the same mech. 

Hey, Mechs aren't cheap, you know...

Player 1:     Gunner - Controls aiming the cab and turrets with the 
              D-pad, and is able to fire A, B, and C weapons.

Player 2:     Pilot - Controls Mech legs and is in charge of movement and
              level progression.

The main benefit to 2-player is the ability to strafe and circle enemies
with ease and without any prior requirements. Each part can also hold
different but equal roles in offensive and defensive strategies.

As a final note on 2-player, if you do find a friend willing to hop into 
the Mech with you, be sure that the more level headed of you takes control 
of the legs. In most cases, it's better to secure your level progression
strategy than to unwillingly be thrown into an unnecessary firefight. Be 
sure to ignore any variation of the phrase "C'mon, we can take em" if you 
know for a fact that you need to restock on ammo.

Pause Menu  [PSMN]

Pressing the Start Button will bring up your pause menu, which houses 
three different screens. You can toggle between them by pushing their
corresponding button (A, B, or C). At the bottom of each of the pause
menu screens will be your ammo count for each selected weapon.

(A) Radar Screen

The default screen that pops up is your radar, which you'll be using a 
lot. You will see a basic grid map of the area that can get very confusing
very quickly.

A few quick points on how to read the radar:

 - Your Mech appears in blue, and will be the point of origin for the
   radar scan. A line of dots will circle around the mech to locate
   nearby objects and enemies which will become visible for approximately
   2 seconds after your scan line passes by it.

 - Item pickups such as ammo and coolant will also appear as blue on the
   screen. Each are shaped differently. Similarly, mission specific items
   will also show up as blue. Pickups that are inside buildings will not be
   available until that building is destroyed.

 - Red items are enemies, and come in a variety of shapes. Enemy mechs are
   large and easy to spot, but be wary of their position on radar, as they
   can usually cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

 - Buildings and structures will appear as green on the map. Their size 
   should clue you into what types of enemies they produce. (Long thin 
   buildings are usually Aerotech Hangars, small square buildings are for 
   Elementals, etc.) Destroying these buildings halts output of a specific
   enemy. As a rule of thumb, try to shut down the enemy mech sites as 
   quick as you can.

 - Mission objectives will appear as a red circle surrounding the area you
   need to get to. Although you can complete missions out of order, you 
   will need to complete the current red circle mission to have the next
   one appear on the screen.

(B) Status

Your mission stats will appear on this screen. here's a brief rundown
of what to expect.

Rank - Clan ranking will go up after completing each mission

Lives - How many lives you have left

Damage - health percentage (0% means health is full)

Enemy mechs destroyed - tracks for each level

enemies destroyed - tracks for each level

buildings destroyed - tracks for each level

hit ratio - percentage rating accuracy for total shots fired

(C) Mission

Lists only your current objective. Please note, most objectives can be
completed out of order.

} 3.Weapons            [WPNS]   {

Before starting each level, you will be asked to select three weapons 
that correspond to each button. Once you receive the mission briefing 
you will see the following screen, and will be prompted to choose one 
weapon from each column.

use "CTRL+F" on the bracketed [] text to jump to individual weapon 
[  A  ][  B  ][  C  ]
[ PPC ][  LL ][ ISM ]
[  GR ][ MGN ][ LRM ]
[ AVI ][ ACS ][ TMF ]

Weapons vary in ammo count, damage, and in technique. Each weapon has 
its merits, however, some weapons are better suited to certain scenarios 
than others. It's important to pay attention to the mission briefing so 
you know what kind of tasks you are in store for.

A Button Weapons     [  A  ]

In general, these weapons pack the biggest punch. Ammo is fairly 
limited, and should be conserved for tougher enemies.

// Name: Particle Projection Cannon                     [ PPC ]  //
// Location: left arm            // Firing Technique:            //
// Ammo: 10                      //                              //
// Damage: Medium to very heavy  // Charge up for more power     //
//                               // Arm explodes if overcharged  //

Notes on PPC: 
When fully charged, the PPC can be the most powerful weapon in the 
game, however, it can also be the most dangerous. If overcharged, 
your arm blows off, and you can't use the gun any more (picking up 
ammo won't restore it). You'll have to wait until you explode and 
come back to life to get the arm back. There is, however, an easy 
to read gauge, and you should receive fair warning before your arm 
overheats, and seeing an enemy mech drop dead after only a few shots 
can be well worth the risk. 

// Name: Gauss Rifle                                    [  GR ]  //
// Location: left arm            // Firing Technique:            //
// Ammo: 20                      //                              //
// Damage: Heavy                 // Charge up to fire farther    //
//                               // Can fire over walls          //

Notes on GR:
Think of this weapon as your grenade launcher. Holding down the A button
extends the reach of your shot, but it won't typically go farther than 
the end of your screen. The shot arcs high to be able to go over walls, 
and makes a fairly wide explosion radius when hitting the ground, making 
it useful for disabling minefields in a hurry. Aiming can be difficult.

// Name: Arrow VI                                       [ AVI ]  //
// Location: left shoulder pack  // Firing Technique:            //
// Ammo: 10                      //                              //
// Damage: Medium                // seeks best nearby enemy      //
//                               // Can fire over walls          //

Notes on AVI:
More useful in 1 player mode than 2 player mode, since aiming is not 
always your biggest priority. These missiles will seek out the enemy 
that poses the biggest threat (exe. will attach an enemy mech before 
a helicopter). These missiles won't hit buildings, but will take out 
most lower enemies with one hit. They also snipe enemies from behind 
walls and obsacles, keeping your mech out of their range. It's a shame 
the ammo is so low.

B Button Weapons     [  B  ]
The B button will house your primary fire weapon for taking on each 
level. Each weapon essentially functions the same, so the choice 
really comes down to personal preference for what you value more 
between damage, firing rate, and ammo count.

// Name: Large Laser                                    [  LL ]  //
// Location: Front Turrets       // Firing Technique:            //
// Ammo: 100                     //                              //
// Damage: Heavy                 // Hold for rapid fire          //
//                               // medium firing rate           //

Notes on LL:
Strongest amount of damage with each shot, but fairly slow moving, 
and low ammo.

// Name: Machine Gun                                    [ MGN ]  //
// Location: Front Turrets       // Firing Technique:            //
// Ammo: 350                     //                              //
// Damage: Light                 // Hold for rapid fire          //
//                               // fast firing rate             //

Notes on MGN:
Fine for dealing with lower enemies, but tough to bring down mechs 
with, regardless of how much ammo is there. Keep in mind that for 
most mech fights, every second you shoot at them, they're shooting 
at you. If used, be sure to couple with a more powerful weapon.

// Name: Auto Cannon /S                                 [ ACS ]  //
// Location: Front Turrets       // Firing Technique:            //
// Ammo: 150                     //                              //
// Damage: Medium                // Hold for rapid fire          //
//                               // medium firing rate           //

Notes on ACS:
Middle ground for the B weapons. Decent damage and ammo, as well as a 
wider bullet, so may clip enemies where the laser and machine gun may 
have missed.

C Button Weapons     [  C  ]
These are your special weapons. They offer a variety of gameplay and 
battle techniques with some decent results.

// Name: Inferno Short Range Missile                    [ ISM ]  //
// Location: Right shoulder pack // Firing Technique:            //
// Ammo: 70                      //                              //
// Damage: Medium                // Leaves fire on ground        //
//                               //                              //

Notes on ISM:
Think of this as a flamethrower. Similar to the B button weapons, you 
can hold down for rapid fire. Doing this, the ammo ticks down fairly 
slowly. ISMs are great for close quarters combat with lots of enemies 
on the field and are rather effective against enemy mechs.

// Name: Long range missile 20                          [ LRM ]  //
// Location: Right shoulder pack // Firing Technique:            //
// Ammo: 40                      //                              //
// Damage: Medium                // Shoots straight to target    //
//                               //                              //

Notes on LRM:
As opposed to the Arrow VI, these missiles lock onto enemies and 
buildings, shooting straight to them, although your mech will need 
to be facing close to the direction of the target. Ammo is fair, but 
missiles may not always head where you'd expect.

// Name: Thunder Mine Field                             [ TMF ]  //
// Location: n/a                 // Firing Technique:            //
// Ammo: 50                      //                              //
// Damage: Heavy                 // Blows up after 2 seconds     //
//                               //                              //

Notes on TMF:
Leaves a mine on the ground that blows up after 2 seconds. Can be 
used if being chased, or if enemy movement pattern is predictable, 
however the time to explosion is pretty short, and the range is nothing
special. Contrary to expectations, you can't be hurt by your own mines. 

} 4.Items              [ITMS]   {

Items can be found in storage areas, inside buildings, and are sometimes
dropped by enemy mechs. These Items don't disappear if not picked up, 
so leave them for later if your ammo/health is full.

Ammo Type A 
Closed grey box that looks like a briefcase. Replenishes A button ammo.

Ammo Type B
Opened grey box, showing ammo inside. Replenishes B button ammo.

Ammo Type C
Short grey circular tank. Replenishes C button ammo.

Tall grey circular tank that cools down your mech (replenishes health). 

Mission Specific Items
Level items that need to be found in order to complete certain missions.

} 5.Objective Types    [OBJT]   {

Mission objectives are first relayed during the mission briefing,
given by Galaxy Commander Craig Ward (points if you know who he is),
and will be repeated one by one as you complete them in sequential

These Objectives can pretty much be summed up by the following:

"Go to X; Destroy X."

There is however, some variation that can be noted:

Locate and Destroy
As simple as it sounds, just obliterate the object in question. 
Doing so yields no advantages to the rest of the level.

Similar to the above, but destroying these targets gains specific
advantages to help you through the rest of the level, such as
stopping a certain enemy from respawning, or getting your radar
back online.

Some objectives require you to locate items scattered across the
level, and even perform a rescue. You'll do this, mostly by
destroying things.

Access New Area
Destroying certain targets will grant access to a previously 
walled off area within the level where further objectives are
located. Similarly, there are also objectives that are required
to complete prior to completing other objectives.

Another Locate and Destroy mission, but this time, it needs to be
completed in a specific timeframe.

While some fights can be avoided, certain fights, such as with the 
final boss, are required.

} 6.Enemy List         [NMYS]   {

Basic Enemies

AeroTech     - Planes that fly overhead in straight lines firing on the 
               ground. You will hear them coming first, and should be 
               visible by their shadows. Spawn as long as AeroTech hangars
               are in operation.

Elementals   - These are small armored ground troops. They mainly fire 
               lasers, however a second class of elementals can jump and 
               fire auto-cannons. Elementals spawn from small square 
               buildings and medium rock doors. 
               Fun Fact: You can step on the small ones!

Helicopters  - Helicopters are equipped with machine guns and are fairly 
               small in size and easy to take down. Not sure why, but they 
               can't fly over walls. Helicopters spawn from medium sized
               buildings and structures that have a helicopter (H) pad.

Mines        - There are several types of mines in the game. Mines will
               either detonate when stepped on, pop up and wait several 
               seconds to explode when triggered, or will drift toward you.

Tanks/Crafts - Tanks and Hovercrafts move slowly and fire either lasers or 
               auto-cannons depending on the level. Tanks require more 
               shots than Hovercrafts. They both spawn from medium sized 
               buildings with garage doors and larger rock doors.

Turrets      - Immobile guns that shoot a variety of weapons, depending on
               the level. Some turrets also have the ability to fire in
               multiple directions at once.                 

Enemy Mechs

Level 1 (Wasp)      - Fast but weak, and armed with machine guns

Level 2 (Stormcrow) - Stronger than Wasps, and armed with auto-cannons

Level 3 (Orion)     - Very high defense, but slow and only armed with 
                      machine guns

Level 4 (Marauder)  - Likely the most difficult of the level mechs, 
                      the Marauder is big, quick, has a strong defense, 
                      and fires lasers

Level 5 (Uller)     - Fast and fairly weak, but they are armed with 
                      lasers AND missiles

Boss (Thunderbolt)  - Exactly what you'd expect from a Mech Boss,
                      the Thunderbolt is fast, heavily defended and
                      very well equipped.

} 7.Walkthrough        [WKTH]   {

Mission 1 - Alshain [MSN1]

Opposing Forces: Draconis Combine and 14th Legion of Vega

Starting Rank: Star Commander

Notes on Terrain: nothing but a bunch of grass and paved roadways.
                  Simple fences group objective areas together and 
                  can be walked through. Landmines are found at the
                  radar site.

Objective Walkthrough

1. Destroy the Radar Site in the Southeast Sector

From the level start, head right to find the radar site, where you'll
need to destroy each of the satelite dishes in the area. There are
plenty of landmines scattered about the fenced in area so try not to
take too many steps.

Reward: forces ground based guns to target manually

2. Destroy the Aerotech hangers in the Eastern Sector

The Aerotech hangars are up and to the left of the radar site,
you'll recognize it from the large runway in the middle. Take
out each of the buildings within the fenced area to complete
this objective. If you have not completed the 3rd objective yet,
you'll likely have your first mech fight here. The first enemy
mech will drop a coolant when defeated.

Reward: disables aerotech attacks

3. Eliminate DCMS Mech and Tank Bays in the Western Sector

Another fenced in area that needs destroying. From the hangars
walk left to the complete opposite side of the map and head down
to find these larger buildings grouped together. The Largest one
in the middle is the Mech bay that spawns enemy mechs so try to
take that one out first. You only need to destroy the buildings
within the fenced in area, so you don't need to destroy the small
square buildings to the right.

Reward: Halts production of Mechs and tanks

4. Rescue the Star Captain in the North West Sector

Now that aerotech fire and mechs and tanks are under control, you
should have a fairly easy walk up to the location of the lost Star
Captain. He's held in the large building behind the fence in the 
upper left corner of the map. You should encounter some turrets,
but there won't be much to stop you.

Reward: Star Captain will deactivate the DCMS compound bay doors

5. Destroy the Power Generators at the four corners of the compound

Once you retrieve the Star Captain, he will tell you about the 
internal defense system of the DCMS compound, which are basically a
bunch of rapid fire laser shots shooting all over inside. Head right
from where you found the Star Caption to find the compound area and
disable it by destroying the four power generators (they are pyramid
shaped) that are on each side of the compound. Once you destroy them
all, proceed to the doors at the bottom of the compound for the Star 
Captain to open them. (if you're damage meter is high, there's a 
coolant in the top-right generator, while all others carry ammo.)

Reward: shuts down the compound internal defense system.

6. Take out the main DCMS compound itself.

You're finally tasked with taking out the enemies and buildings inside
the main compound. Wipe everything out to complete the level. Additional
ammo and coolant can be found inside if anything is low.

Reward: ends mission; promotion to Star Captain


//Recommended Weapons: [  GR ][ ACS ][ ISM ]                           //
//                                                                     //
//Reason: auto cannon and Inferno will make short work of enemy mechs, // 
//and the gauss rifle will destroy buildings quickly as well as attack //
//enemies from a safe distance (can fire over DCMS compound walls) and //
//take out the minefield surrounding the radar sites                   //

To get through this level as easy as possible, head to the western side
to destroy the Tank and Mech spawning buildings first. Don't waste any 
ammo on the elementals you pass, just step on them. Wait till the large 
Mech building is in sight before engaging the enemy mech, so that you only 
have to fight one of them. Use your ISM to take the enemy mech down 
quickly while saving your ACS for tanks and buildings. Once Mech and Tank
production is destroyed, the level can be completed in it's regular order.
You can use your Gauss rifle to clear a path through the mine field in the
radar site. and while destroying the four power generators, you can also 
use your Gauss Rifle to attack a few of the enemies inside the DCMS 
compound while safe from any return fire.

Mission 2 - Satalice [MSN2]

Opposing Forces: Rasalhague and 4th Kavalleris

Starting Rank: Star Captain

Notes on Terrain: Volcanic area with many lava flows and fire pits
                  that cause heat damage. Small circular volcanic 
                  craters have periodic eruptions. Lots of Rock walls
                  to navigate around and fire trails on the ground last
                  longer. In certain areas, stationary mines pop up
                  when in close proximity.

Objective Walkthrough

1. Locate and destroy both launch sites before shipment leaves planet

You will start the level with a timed event. You have 160 seconds to
destroy the two launch sites. Unfortunately they are far away with a
good deal of space between each other. You will start in the top left
corner of the level, while sites are in the top right corner, and all
the way down to the center of the bottom (forming a triangle with where
you start). The straight path from top-left to top-right is also guarded
by a stormcrow mech.

Reward: halted shipment, stops timed event.

2. Take out the eight material gathering stations

Once you have the launch sites destroyed, you have all the time you
need to take out the 8 material gathering sites scattered about the
map. It's best to use your map screen to locate them (remember, the 
world map goes further than what you'll see on the map screen). You 
must destroy each of the stations before you attack the 
main assembly plant or the planet will explode... and the mission 
will fail. It's much bigger than the gathering sites, so it will 
likely stand out, plus there's no reason to go anywhere near it yet. 

Reward: disables defenses of Main Assembly Plant

3. Destroy Main Assembly Plant

The Main assembly plant is located in the center of the map and is
guarded by another stormcrow mech. Be sure to have destroyed each of
the material gathering sites before you attempt to destroy the main
plant. If the smoke stacks are still operating, you have not taken 
out all of the gathering sites. Around the Main plant, stationary 
mines will pop up and explode around you, so careful not to walk too
fast in a straight line. Blow up each of the cylinders and buildings
in the area to complete the level.

Reward: Ends Level, promotion to Star Colonel


//Recommended Weapons: [ AVI ][ MGN ][ LRM ]                           //
//                                                                     //
//Reason: Arrow VI missiles and Long Range Missiles will be useful for //
//their tracking abilities so you can concentrate on moving to the     //
//launch sites as quickly as possible. The LRM's as well as the good   //
//amount of ammo with the Machine Gun will also come in handy for the  //
//buildings you'll need to destroy.                                    //

In this level, it is mandatory that the missions are completed in the
assigned order. The easiest way to destroy the radar sites is by going
immediately south to destroy the lower site first, following the map
border down, then to the right. After you destroy the first site, head
diagonally up and to the right to get to the upper right corner where
the second site is. You should reach the last site with 10-20 seconds
left on the clock, and will have bypassed fighting a stormcrow mech.
While in this segment, you'll pass by 1-2 gathering stations that can
be quickly taken out, saving you some time later, and if you want to
move as fast as you can, trust your AVI to seek out any enemies coming
from the sides, while using your MGN for any directly in front of you. 
Make sure you save some of your MGN or LRM for the launch sites, as 
your AVI won't track them.

Once you end, the longer yet easier path for destroying the gathering
stations is to move clockwise from the top right along the borders, to
wipe them all out (you should notice them all on your radar this way).
Once you get back to the top left corner restock at the ammo dump close 
to the start, and finish off the stations in that area. The last station
you should find should be located just left of the entrance to the main
assembly plant (it will be surrounded by lava pits and heat areas). Try
to use your Long range missiles to take it out. When destroyed the 
cylinder will reveal a coolant, and if you have enough health to get over
the lava, go for it, as you should be able to walk away with minimal

Try to fight the nearby stormcrow near the bottom left of the main
assembly plant area (he'll come down and will turn around if you're too
far away) Use the rock walls to your advantage to get a few hits on him
with your AVI, then finish him off with your other weapons then proceed
with caution (remember the mines) to destroy the rest of the plant.

Mission 3 - Ridderkerk [MSN3]

Opposing Forces: Fedcom and First Lyran Regulars

Starting Rank: Star Colonel

Notes on Terrain: Snow covered level with slippery ice areas lined
                  with damaging spike walls. Ice will cause your
                  mech to slide, and force from weapon fire on ice 
                  will propel your mech in the opposite direction.

Objective Walkthrough

1. Locate and Destroy the five jamming radar sites

When you first arrive, you won't have access to your radar as it's
being jammed. To restore your radar, you'll need to destroy the 5
jammers, which are tall thin towers with satelite dishes. 3 of these
are down ice paths, where you'll need to slide. Two of these paths
are on the left side of the level, north and to the left of where you
start, and the other is to the right of where you start. The remaining
two are found in the snow in the north-east and you should not cross
any ice to reach them.

Reward: returns radar

2. Locate and destroy central research center

Once you have your radar back, you will be able to see a weak area 
in an ice wall, indicated by a red area on your radar screen. Blast
through that section of the wall to get into the research center and
destroy it. The area close to the destructable wall is being guarded
by turrets and an enemy mech.

Reward: None

3. Locate and Destroy the main base

To access the main base, you'll need to go as far to the north-east as
you can go to find another ice path (it's to the right of where one of
the radar jammers was). This path will be longer than the others, and
has plenty of enemies. At the end of the ice path is another enemy mech
but you can battle him on the snow. Once the enemy mech is out of the
way, lay waste to all of the buildings in the area.

Reward: Ends level, You now have a Bloodname


//Recommended Weapons: [ AVI ][  LL ][ ISM ]                           //
//                                                                     //
//Reason: Large Laser and Inferno help with destroying buildings as    //
//well as the enemy mechs. Arrow VI missiles will also be useful       //
//considering how many walls are present. There is also no recoil on   //
//ice when the AVI or ISM is fired, whereas powered up PPC blasts will //
//send you flying.                                                     //

I find the easiest route to be to first head immediately to the right to
destroy the southernmost radar jammer. If you follow the southern wall,
you'll eventually see it slope up to show the entrance to the ice path,
which will lead you down and back to the left to the jammer. Back at the
entrance to this path, head north, and you should find both jammers that
are in the snow, 1 on the way up, and the second in the northeast corner 
before an ice path leading to the right (don't go down there yet!).
After destroying these two, head left following the north wall untill
you reach the northeast corner, and head down to another ice path, which
will zig-zag to the fourth jammer. upon exiting this ice path, head right
and continue down while hugging the wall, either fighting the enemy mech, 
or running right past him. If you're low on anything, the first ice path
you come across on your left side will lead to an ammo dump and coolant, 
while the second ice path leads to the final jammer.

With your radar back up, I find it's best to fight the enemy mech close
to this area, as he'll be further away from other enemys, as well as
being nearby the ammo dump and coolant. Take him out using your LL and
ISM, as he can take a lot of damage. Once it's out of the way, head
to the breakable wall taking out the nearby turrets (the large turrets
that fire lasers tend to explode after 2 AVI missiles, while the small
ones firing LRMs explode after 1) and destroying the wall with your LL.
Once inside destroy everything in sight and pick up anything you see, as
you won't be coming back.

Head back northeast to where you destroyed your third jammer and continue
right down the icy path. Try to use your ISM as much as possible taking
out the enemies on the ice as it has no recoil and you won't slide 
backwards. Close to the bottom of the ice path, the second enemy mech
will come close on the other side of the wall. Here you have a chance to
shoot him with your AVI missiles to weaken him up. You might as well
use up your stock on him as the remainder of the level can be taken care
of just using the LL and ISM.

Once you reach the end of the ice path, quickly finish off the mech if 
it's still there, and destroy everything in sight. You need to destroy 
everything in the area, which includes those small little igloo huts, 
so be sure to look around for any areas you've missed.

Mission 4 - Avon [MSN4]

Opposing Forces: drop ship manufacturing plant and 5th Ghost Regiment

Starting Rank: Bloodname

Notes on Terrain: Jungle with several boulders and rock spires that can
                  be broken. Lots of walls to shoot over. All three mine
                  types can be found here.

Objective Walkthrough

1. Collect the 4 bomb parts

Bomb parts can be found immediately to the left of the level start,
and at the end of branching pathways at the top left, top middle, and
top right areas of the screen. The pathways near the top left and top
right are guarded by maurader mechs. Each pathway includes a breakable
wall that looks just like the rest of the level which will need to be 
destroyed (will show up as red areas on your radar screen).

Reward: receive explosive for gate

2. Destroy the Main Gate

Once you recover the final bomb part, you will have 35 seconds to reach
the main gate before the bomb detonates. The gate is located just south
of the middle of the level and is easily distinguishable from the area
walls. After you drop it (a cutscene will play), move away from the gate
so you don't get caught in the explosion.

Reward: allows access to facility

3. Destroy Dropship Facility

Once the gate is destroyed, proceed through it to lay waste to everything
in site. Destroy each of the large dropship facilities (you should notice
them building replicas of the spherical dropships that transport you to
the start of each level) to finish the level. The dropship area is guarded
by several smaller enemies and an additional marauder mech.

Reward: Ends level, you are now a Commander w/ Bloodname


//Recommended Weapons: [  GR ][ ACS ][ ISM ]                           //
//                                                                     //
//Reason: You'll need a lot of ammo to get through this level as there //
//are several rock walls you need to blast through, so the auto cannon //
//is well rounded enough to deliver strong shots with enough ammo. The //
//level also contains a large landmine field, where the gauss rifle is //
//invaluable, as well as with it's ability to shoot over walls. The ISM//
//can also help when engaging enemies at close range.                  //

The most important piece of advice I can give on this level is to save 
the bomb part that's closest to the start for last. The reason for this 
is that once you collect all four parts, the timer will start counting 
down. Getting that closeby bomb part last will leave you closest to the 
gate that you need to get to, giving you plenty of time. There's also 
plenty of supplies right at the start which you can reload at before 
heading beyond the gate.

The first bomb part I collect is typically the one at the top right. 
There's a shortcut you can take there going north, which is behind some 
rock pillars you can shoot to break. Befor heading to the furthermost 
corner, you can come to an earlier corner peering into the area where 
the Marauder is, running around like a madman. If you can time it 
properly, you can launch a few gauss rifle shots over the wall to hit 
as the Marauder is running by, weakening him before you take him on 
properly. Otherwise, proceed through the opening to fight him and 
claim the part.

Proceed from the top right to the top left collecting the part in the 
middle along the way. The leftmost passageway with the third bomb part 
contains a large minefield like in level 1. Use your gausee rifle to 
clear a straight line through to proceed on to another Marauder fight.

Once you receive the three parts at the top, return to the start, either 
the way you came, or by cutting past the gate (faster, but there will be 
more enemies). Reload on anything you need at the start area, collect the 
last part to the left and blow up the gate.

Behind the gate, you'll find a final marauder, which you should pummel 
with everything you have, then lay waste to each of the drop-ship 
construction buildings (They'll look like the dropships that leave you 
at the start of every level).

Mission 5 - Comstar [MSN5]

Opposing Forces: 394th division of the Comstar Garrison

Starting Rank: Commander W/ Bloodname

Notes on Terrain: Swamp with varying levels of traction. Rocky areas
                  will cause your mech to move slower as it walks over
                  them. Many walls create a somewhat linear, although
                  slightly branching path. In slow moving areas, be
                  prepared to shoot mines, as you can't outrun them.

Objective Walkthrough

1. Destroy Radar Jamming Sites

There are two structures that will need to be destroyed to restore your
radar, and they are fairly close together. After a straight line to the
top of the level they can both be found by following the top wall as it 

Reward: returns radar

2. Collect 10 Genetic Canisters

Once the radar map is up, you'll see ten buildings that you'll need to
destroy in order to collect the genetic canisters. Navigate the mazes
of the level to reach each of them.  

Reward: Causes Thunderbolt mech to appear

3. Destroy Thunderbolt Mech

The Thunderbolt Mech appears in between the 9th and 10th canisters, and
will immediately seek you out. Destroy it quickly before it kills you.

Reward: Ends game


//Recommended Weapons: [ AVI ][ ACS ][ ISM ]                           //
//                                                                     //
//Reason: Lots of walls means lots of cover to use the AVI at a safe   //
//distance. There will be plenty of enemies in almost every direction, //
//so the missile tracking abilities will be very helpful. The ACS will //
//provide sufficient ammo and firepower, and the ISM is once again the //
//weapon of choice for taking down enemies and mechs quickly. Be ready //
//to expect fire from all sides, especially in slow moving areas.      //

The final level plays as a fairly linear maze having only a few areas with
multiple paths. Even though your radar's off at the start, you can still 
collect some canisters along your way. There are two you can get prior to
the radar jammers. The first can be found if you follow the left wall into
a small alcove, and once you return from that, the second can be found by 
following the right wall. Getting them now will save you the return trip.

Once you can't go up any further, follow the northern wall to the left to 
eventually find the first jammer. Continue following that same wall as it
wraps down, to the left, and up to find the second one. Destroy them both
to get your radar back.

Now that you can see your surroundings, continue on collecting the rest of 
the canisters. You'll come across several hot spots with turrets and
Uller-mechs, so use your ISM and ACS to take them down quick.

After finding 6 more canisters, you'll eventually come to a long diagonal
chute that is predominantly swamp water, which will cause your mech to move 
slowly. Heat seeking mines will pop up in this area, which you won't be able 
to outrun, so be prepared to fire at them, or take the hit.

At the end of this passageway, there will be a clearing that branches off in
two directions, each leading to one of the canister areas. This clearing is
where the Thunderbolt mech will spawn. I suggest getting the right canister
(following the northern wall of the clearing) first, then claiming the other
one last. The reason for this is that in the latter, there is a small wall 
you can get behind, and fire off several AVI missles at the Thunderbolt as
he's approaching, giving you the edge in the final confrontation. Spam
all the firepower you have on the Thunderbolt to take him down for the win!

} 8.Passwords          [PSWD]   {

Only a few passwords exist for the Sega Genesis version of this game. 
The password screen can be accessed by selecting "OPTIONS" on the main

Level Passwords
Level 2 - STJNNN
Level 3 - GRBCHV
Level 4 - BBYLND
Level 5 - BMBRMN

Infinite Ammo - BRN521

} 9.Cutscenes          [CTSC]   {

One neat little addition to the game is that every so often, an event
will be complemented by a colorful and well drawn cutscene, using
background stills and animation. More often than not, these scenes
trigger when things go wrong, but some look so cool it's almost worth
the price of failing a mission just to see them. Here's a list of
each of the cutscenes.

1. Game Opening

Occurrence: This scene occurs right at the start of the game if you 
don't press start to jump to the main menu.

2. Shipment Launch

Occurrence: Happens on Satalice if you fail to destroy the launch sites
in time.

3. Destroying Satalice

Occurrence: Happens on Satalice if you destroy any part of the main 
assembly plant prior to destroying all the material gathering sites.

4.Self Destruct

Occurrence: Happens on Avon if you are unable to reach the main gate
in time once you've assembled all of the bomb parts.

5. Successful Detonation

Occurrence: Happens on Avon when you do reach the main gate in time.

6. Mission Failed

Occurrence: Plays every time you lose all your lives on any level

7. All Missions Complete

Occurrence: After beating the game, this final scene plays before the
credits roll.

} 10.FAQ               [FAQX]   {

I wanted to include a few Q&A's that may come up in relation to the game.
After all, it wouldn't be an FAQ without one! If you have any questions that 
you think should be included, please email me at just_dave@juno.com


Q: My radar's gone, why can't I see anything?

A: You're on either Mission 3 or Mission 5, and you need to restore your 
radar by shooting some satelite dishes.


Q: Do pickups respawn/dissapear?

A: No, item pickups are limited, so use them wisely. pickups that are
dropped by enemies are also there until you claim them, so if you aren't 
running low, leave them for later.


Q: Do I get anything good for ____ count/percent on my status screen?

A: Nope, they are worthless statistics. Galaxy Commander Ward does not
care about the number of buildings or enemies you destroy or your hit ratio.
They are ultimately just for personal bests; record them if you like.
One fun thing to do is seeing how many Wasp mechs you can gun down on the
first level without dying or destroying the mech bay.


Q: Why can't I get to the gate in Avon before the bomb explodes?

A: Most of the bomb parts are pretty far away from the gate, and if you
complete the bomb there, it'll be tough to get back in time. The closest
one to the gate is the one to the left of the drop zone, so if you leave
that one for last, you should be able to blow up the gate in enough time.


Q: Where are the Missile Silos at Satalice?

A: The silos are in the top right corner, and in the bottom of the
middle of the map. You can reach them both in either order, but FYI
if you head to the top right corner first, you'll need to get past a
Stormcrow mech.


Q: Where can I find the Thunderbolt Mech?

A: The Thunderbolt will only spawn once all genetic canisters have
been picked up. He always spawns in the same place, so if you picked
all of the canisters up in order, chances are he's close.


Q: Can my own weapons hurt me?

A: Only the PPC and the ISM can hurt your mech. The PPC will blow 
up if you overcharge it, rendering that arm useless. The ISM can 
leave fire patches on the ground which will hurt you if stepped on.
Everything else, including the land mines, will do you no harm.


Q: What is the difference between this game and MechWarrior 3050?

A: MechWarrior 3050 was released for the SNES one year after this game 
was released on the Genesis. They are more or less the same game with only 
minor differences. One thing I've noticed is that the camera on Battletech 
is a bit closer, which seems to encourage more enemies to swarm you at once. 
From this, 3050 seems to be the easier of the two. Another major difference 
is that MechWarrior 3050 has more codes, including invincibility and 
playing as the enemy mechs.


Q: Why is there a different mech on the box cover?

A: I don't know. The cover seems to have a Vulture or Mad Dog mech, but it 
doesn't appear in the game, outside of being in the background of the game
over screen (I think). In this game, you play as the Mad Cat throughout.


} 11.Acknowledgements  [THKS]   {
So thank you very much for reading my FAQ. I've always been a big fan of the
Battletech franchise and it's various incarnations, from the tabletop, to
the MechWarrior games, and I was excited to write about this often overlooked
chapter in the saga.

With that, I would also like to thank the following:
-FASA, Jordan Weisman, and L. Ross Babcock III for starting the franchise
-my cousin JP, who confirmed my suspicions of the enemy mech types
-Extreme Entertainment Group for bringing the game to the Genesis
-www.gameFAQs.com - for being such a tremendous resource for gaming

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