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Reviewed: 09/17/01 | Updated: 09/17/01

the game that made the devil quit his job

*Para walks in heaving a sigh as screams are heard from another room* that person is playing this game I am reviewing. Apparently the devil quit his job after this game so Barney is the new devil. but before I go into the review this shall now longer be called a game but referred to as ''the hell spawn''

Graphics (1): as an old genesis goes the graphics arent so good. but even cartoon based games had better graphics. this is too cartoony for my taste.I mean the hell spawn is over colored. I got afraid of this fifty seconds into the game. There's a difference between to colored and just enough color. The hell spawn sets a new limit to it.

Gamplay (0): huh this thing has gameplay. well I must have missed it. Going through a level left or right and pressing A,B or C isn't much fun. those kids even are barely hidden. This is one of the weakest game plays I've ever seen. Even a shooting game has a lot more gameplay than this.

Sound (.5): I'll give them half a point for matching that demon's
Barney: IT'S DEVIL!!!!
ok devil's voice. but other than that these sounds suck. or for that matter they barely have any other sounds. How can I give a whole point for a game with so few sounds.

music(0): how annoying it gets. This thing repeats so fast it can beat sonic's speed. it's cheesy. It sounds to much like the T.V. show. The music is barely a few little twangs and jumble of noises. how can a person rate that even one tenth of a point.

Story(0): story? what there's a story? Oh yeah go find a group of idiots and some crappy presents while cheering up animals and doing other stupid magic. I've played a tetris game with more story than that.

replay value(0): unless your insane, want to torture your self for a bad deed, brain dead or just realy young this game is not able to be replayed. I'd rather play a *shudders* pokemon game before I reply this.

Level design and quality (0): how old is this. going through a field. walking through a barn place. going in a ''magical'' city full of living instruments. going under water in some weird organized sand colony. it's all prett pathetic.

Challenge (0): A challenge. I could do this game blind. you don't even have to find the stuff. And four levels isn't much of an add on.

Overall (1): why does it have that one point you ask? it get's the devils voice right and you can rip sprites from it which X789Pac has already done.

Rent or Buy?
It's not worth even for free. they should pay us to play this game. it's not even worth the computer memory!

Rating: 1

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