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FAQ/Walkthrough by Renolan

Updated: 09/15/2001

Arcus Odyssey FAQ/Walkthrough
by Renolan

History of this FAQ:
9/09/01 FAQ sent in its mostly finished form.
9/15/01 Added passwords and first level spells for Jedda and Bead.



    -The basics
    -General tips



 -Item descriptions


(Taken directly from intro)
A  long time ago, a sorceress named Castomira lived in a place called
Arcus, and she plottd to destroy the whole world...
The sorceress planned to use her dark magic to remake the world
according to her own design...
She conquered many lands, and brought chaos to the lives of innocent
people everywhere...

Many brave warriors died trying to stop her, but only one person had
the courage and strength to confront the sorceress...

A good princess, called "Leaty," rose up to stop the wicked Casomira.
Leaty commanded the magical powers of light, and brought these forces
to bear on Casomira...

Leaty and Casomira clashed in the most powerful battle ever recorded in
ancient history.

The shockwaves from the battle utterly destroyed the lands around

After days of fighting, Leaty was victorious, and Casomira was confined
to the Dark World. In order to seal Casomira's fate, Leaty forged a
magical sword that would bind Casomira forever. This sword came to be
called "The Power of Leaty." This sword has been guarded for centuries
by the kings of Arcus, and has become a symbol of peace for the people.
Now that peace is threatened again, as the power of Leaty has been
stolen by the followers of the wicked Sorceress, Casomira grows
(end quote)

Okay, so it's not the most innovative story. But it's not bad for a
16-bit action game.

|          |
| Gameplay |

A : Brings up Item/Magic menu, equips something from the item/magic

B : Uses equipped item/magic, closes menu.

C : Attack, closes menu. (Hold down to defend)

Start button: Pause

The basics:
In this game, you wander around killing things - same as any number of
other games. Your character starts with a certain amount of health,
and every time they take a hit they lose one. Enemy monsters may have
projectiles that they will try to throw at you, or they may simply try
to rush at you. Most normal enemies die in 1-2 hits. The super-enemies
you run into at the end of each stage (the 'boss' of that stage) will
usually take a lot more. If you have ever played any sort of action
game at all this should sound familiar.

Throughout the game you will also find various items inside treasure
chests. These items heal, cure poison, make you invincible, and
generally make your life easier. You can carry up to six at a time.
Medicines of regeneration cannot be carried, but are automatically
used as soon as they are found (see item descriptions for details).

In addition to normal items, there are also magical power crystals.
They do not count in your normal inventory, and you can carry up to
six at a time. To use them, highlight the number of crystals you want
to use, and press A. Your magic will be set to a level equal to the
number of crystals used, and you will receive anywhere between one and
twenty charges for that magic. As long as you keep magic (the icon with
the M on it) as the equipped 'item', you will be able to use magic by
pressing B. Each character has between three and five magic levels.
For information about their spells, see the characters section.

After you beat each act, you will receive the password for that act and
the character you beat it with. You will now be able to go back to that
stage by entering that password from the title screen.

You will be healed three health in between acts. You will also receive
an extra health bar every ten thousand points.

General tips:

-There is usually no reason why you should not constantly be
attacking. Enemies take some time to react every time they come on
screen, so if you're constantly pressing the 'C' button there's a
good chance you'll cut anything in front of you down before they even
fire. If you are Diane or Bead, you can destroy whole armies before
they come within your line of sight. The only time when you shouldn't
do this is when you know there are exploding enemies around. These
monster types generally die very easily, and send out projectiles in
several directions when they do.

-Stockpile lamps of life and dolls of life. They are lifesavers.

-If your inventory or power crystal stock is full and you come across
something you'd like to pick up, use one of your items to free up a
slot. Even if you don't plan on using magic anytime soon, the spell
charges will stay until you decide to use them. Magical crystals or
items left behind in chests are gone for good.

-Keep your distance from enemies with ranged attacks. It gives you
more warning, and therefore more time to dodge or block.

-You should learn the attack patterns of all enemies, but especially
bosses, since you will be spending the most time dealing with their
attacks, and bosses usually have the largest arsenal of weapons.

-Don't rely too much on magic or non-healing items like potion of
invincibility. They are powerful, but very finite. Save them for tough
boss fights.

-If you're stuck, try talking to people. Many hidden passages/items
will only become accessible after your character finds out about them.

|            |
| Characters |

The numbers in parentheses beside the spells are for the number of
charges you get for each one.

(From left to right)
Starting health: 6
Spells: Stoneskin(1) (Hits only take out half a health bar),
Fireball(20), Fire swirl(10), Fire swirlx4(5),
Attacks: Sword hit, sword wave, sword blast, strong sword blast.
He has a short range attack that does decent damage. He's middle of
road in pretty much every aspect.

Starting health: 7 
Spells: Anti-poison(2), Energy blast(15), Energy rune(8)
Attacks: Whip, flame whip, extended flame whip, fire whip
Extremely strong short range attack. She's probably the best fighter
of the four. Even many bosses end up dying in a couple of hits. If you
press C while she is attacking, she will whirl the whip around,
attacking in all directions. Great for dealing with swarms.

Starting health: 6
Spells: Heal(1), Guided shot(15), Guided shot 2(10), Volley(3)
Attacks: Arrow, flame arrow, triple shot, triple flame shot
Her attack is the weakest, but it has unlimited range and being able
to bounce it off of walls makes for some interesting angle shots.
Her first level magic is also the best, it heals her to full health.
Having multiple attacks allows her to get in hits even while dodging.

Starting health: 5
Spells: Cure Silence(2), Shockwave(15), Elemental strike(10All),
guided lightning(3), lightning storm(1)
Attacks: Fireball, twin fireballs, double lightning, triple specter.
His attack is pretty strong, and it has unlimited range. His magic is
very powerful. I actually don't use high level magic much, it looks
very cool but it's nothing that couldn't be accomplished using fewer
power crystals. Like Diane, he gets multiple attacks, but they go at
wider angles - the lightning goes in opposite directions, and the
specters go at right angles. Diane's arrows are more local, which can
be a plus or a minus.

|             |
| Walkthrough |

Act 1 "Leaty's Power"

Part 1: Shrine Grounds

New enemies:

Dark Soldier: Slow and weak. You should be able to kill them before
they get close. Watch out for the ones that hide behind buildings,

Sandpit: There are three creatures that lie in quicksand and hurl
boulders at you. Dodge their attacks, move within range, and hit them
until they go down. They have a lot of health, so keep pressing the 'C'

This level is pretty straightforward, just follow the path until you
reach the shrine. Move next to the statue of Leaty at the end to get
some story info and two magical power crystals.

Part 2: Shrine
New enemies:

Crawler: These monsters have ranged attacks, and cannot be hit while
they are attacking. Fortunately, they cannot chance the direction of
their attack once they start, so it's not too hard to dodge. Position
yourself in front and slightly to the side of them to kill them - their
attack has to hit dead on to damage, while yours does not.

Flies: They will appear out of the water and attack you at high speed -
fortunately, they do not change direction, so as long as you keep
moving you should be all right.

Giant Frogs: Very strong and very stupid. They only move or attack in
two directions. Wait for them to jump past you, then hit them from
behind or below.

Red moles: Slow and weak, like the soldiers in the last level. They
take awhile to come out of the ground, so even the soldiers' element of
surprise is lost.

-Medicine of regeneration, in the upper left by the lake.
-Medicine of regeneration, in the upper right below the waterfall.
-Magical fire ring, in the center.
-Doll of life, next to right waterfall.
-Magical power crystal, next to center waterfall.
-Lamp of life, below the center waterfall.
(All waterfalls are in the upper right.)

This part of the shrine is a network of passages. The soldier in the
center (not the same place that you find the fire ring) tells you that
there his companions are being held captive behind a waterfall. The
waterfalls are in the upper right, and being the good and noble person
that you are, you can't refuse. There are 3 possible falls, and the
correct one is random. Getting at the right and center falls requires
some roundabout walking. You will have to travel the same path that
leads to the one on the left, but take the bottom fork when the
passage turns right. Your character will identify whether the you're at
the right place when you approach each waterfall (if you've talked to
the soldier). If they notice something strange, it's the right one.

Part 3: Shrine exit

As soon as you enter, you run into the stage boss. He has a lot of
health, and his attacks bounce off the walls similar to the way the
archer's do. Use the column of stone in the center of the room to
keep him from getting close. Attack him a few times, then duck behind
the column again before his attacks hit you. If you can find a place
where he constantly attacks you but never hits, good. If you are in a
position to hit him from that place, even better.

There isn't anything to do in this level other than kill the boss.
After you defeat him the door leading to the next level opens up.

Act 2 "The Lost Cave"

Part 1: Prison

New enemies:

Giant octopus: Slow, short range, only attacks on diagonals. Easy
enough to kill, just attack it from the left, right, up, or down.
(i.e. off the diagonals)

Lizardman: They have a ranged attack, and will also try to close on
you. They're not very fast, though. Just keep your distance, dodge,
and return fire while they're trying to ready their next attack.

Anemone: I'm not sure what these are, actually... they look like
mutated carrots or something. Since this is a water level, I'll just
call them anemones. They have a ranged attack that can go in any
direction, and they use it often. However, they are very weak. Dodge
out of the way, then get in a quick shot before they fire again. They
appear in very large groups, so keep pressing that C button to cut
them down before they all start bombarding you. Remeber, enemies take
some time to notice you after they appear on screen.

-Medicine of Regeneration, in the center.
-Magical power crystal, in the center.
-Another magical power crystal, up and to the right of the last 2.
-Potion of invincibility, in the same place.
-Magic of elemental summoning. It's in the upper left, but you have to
go right and then all the way around in order to get at it.
-The prison key, on the far right.
-Medicine of regeneration, top center next to the door.
-Lamp of life, top center, on the upper path that leads to that leads
to the bridge.

At the start, move forward and defeat the octopus. After that, turn
right. You should find a magical power crystal and the prison key at
this part of the level. If you want, follow the path to its end to pick
up a medicine of regeneration, otherwise backtrack to the first
junction. Take a left, and keep moving until you reach the prison.
There are plenty of dead ends on the way, but they are very short, so
you will know as soon as you take a wrong turn. One of the prisoners
will tell you the key to the resorvoir is located "at the end of the
bridge"... hmmm. You can take any one of the three others with you -
they will attack when you attack, but their movements will always be a
step behind yours. Kahdega throws scimitars that will come back and
boomerang in the other direction, Fureya has slow moving fireballs that
will automatically seek out and hit enemies, and Nadiru has fast energy
darts that explode on contact. I personally prefer Fureya.

Go back to the area you found the key, and take the path that leads
to the upper left. Keep heading left - there are a couple of paths you
can take, but they both lead there eventually - and you will find a
bridge. Approaching it, you will pick up the exit key.

Now you can open up the door to the next stage. Go back to where you
found the prison key, and follow the path that goes to the upper right.
It will take you to the door to the reservoir.

Part 2: Reservoir

New enemies:

Giant turtle: This thing will be your boat, once you convince it to lie
down. It has two attacks. Its fireball is not very fast and easy to
dodge, while its spikes come out in groups of 4 and move somewhat
unpredictably. The best thing to do is hit it as hard as you can -
you'll have your friend from last level to add to your firepower - and
hope he dies before you suffer too much damage.

King Handagon (lizardman): He pops out of the water while you are on
the shell to hurl tridents at you. You'll probably be too preoccupied
trying to dodge them to fire back - unfortunately, you will have to, or
else the level will never end. This is where Fureya comes in handy,
because his fireballs will aim for him while your character is moving
in circles trying to dodge. If you don't have Fureya, and don't want to
use a potion of invincibility, watch where Handagon pops out closely,
and move to his side (he always throws to the front) and attack. You
will only be able to get a couple of hits in before he goes underwater
again, so unless you're Erin you'll have to do this several times.

Act 3 "The Bad Dream"

Part 1: Pyramid

New enemies:

Worm: It is slow and has no ranged attack, but it takes a few hits to
take down. Just open fire as soon as you see it, and you shouldn't 
have problems. Even if your first burst doesn't kill it, you can just
fall back and do it again.

Skeleton: Similar to the worm - slow and tough. Use the same tactics.

Necromancer: He stands in one place and reanimates fallen skeletons.
Very durable, but since skeletons are so slow you will get plenty of
time to whack him. Back off if his skeletons come too close, but keep
him within range.

Imp: Like the flies in part 2 of act 1, they will swoop across the
screen very quickly. Unlike the flies, oftentimes you will not get any
warning, so just try to keep moving as you explore the temple.

-Magical power crystal, at the end of a path heading to the right.
-Herb of purification, at the end another path heading to the right,
-above the first.
-Inside the second chamber: Lamp of life, herb of purification, anti-
poison herb of wizardry, magical power crystal x 3, magic of elemental
summoning, doll of life, potion of invincibility, 

To start off, turn left at the first set of stairs, then just keep
going up until you reach the door. It is on the far left, but there is
some treasure to pick up if you bother to explore the right.

Inside, you will find an old spirit and a sword. The spirit informs you
that you need all 5 swords to unlock the curse, and the doors of the
pyramid. Out you go to find the other four.

Return to your starting point, then move right from the first set of
stairs, along the bottom side of the pyramid. You will come to another
bunch of stairs. It's a long climb, and imps will harass you as you
move forward. Fureya is great for taking them out. At the end, defeat
the two necromancers. You should stay a good distance away from them so
their skeletons can't get close. 

If you want to get some treasure, go left and down the stairs. Either
Kahdega, Fureya, or Nadiru will be here, depending on your sex who you
decided to take along with you. They will give you some information
about themselves and thank you again, but that's about it. Enter the
door, and loot everything inside. Continue down the stairs to claim
the magical fire ring, if you still have room in your inventory.

Backtrack, then move to the upper right. The sword of the hero will
open a new door for you.

Part 2: Tomb

New enemies:

Minotaur: Throws axes, and will also try to charge you. Use hit and run
tactics to defeat him.

Statue: High health, but immobile. Throws projectiles at you, but time
between attacks is high, giving you ample time to destroy it. Because
they are so large, you stand in front of it and slightly to the side,
and it will be unable to hit you while you hit it. Its attacks cause
silence, blocking all magic except for Bead's level, which is designed
to cure this sort of thing.

-Anti-poison herb of wizardry, to the left and down some of starting
-Another anti-poison herb, near the exit from your prison cell.
-Medicine of regeneration and herb of purification, outside the 
sarcophogi/tombs on the far left.
-Magical power crystal, on the far left beyond the sarcophogi..
-A magical power crystal and lamp of life, near the tombs below your
starting point.
-Medicine of regeneration, below starting point, one passage lower than
the last two items.

Of course, it would be too simple if every sword was as easy to get as
the first. From the start, go to the right and up to reach the only
door in the place that starts out opened. Inside, you'll find the sword
of ambition.

Work your way counterclockwise to the next door. The sword of ambition
will open it up.

Part 3: Halls of darkness

New enemies:

Zombie: Slow moving, but tough. Never let it get too close, even if
you think it's almost dead, because it might not be.

Specter: They fly around, ignore walls, and flicker in and out so it's
hard to keep track of their movement. A major pain.

Energy swirl: Slow moving and weak, they shouldn't be much of a threat.

Death flower: Weak and stationary. It's easy to destroy, but that's
exactly what you don't want to do. When it dies, it explodes, sending
shots in three directions.

A pretty straightforward area, even if the enemies are tough. Just
follow it through to the end, there are few dead ends and they are
short ones. Because the zombies are so slow, you might want to just run
through without attacking so you don't have to deal with the exploding
flowers. Fureya has an annoying habit of taking them out when you don't
want to.

Enter the door and receive the sword of darkness. However,
when you pick it up, you will be surrounded by dark lords. Not good...

Part 4: Captured

The companion you picked up outside the reservoir will be taken away,
leaving you to face this semi-boss alone.

The boss's energy bursts are huge and difficult to dodge. You're aiming
for its head, in the front. Hit it directly from the left or right of
it, then dodge up or down. Moving like this should keep it off balance,
since it puts low priority on direct left/right attacks, shooting in
that direction only if your character is directly in the line of fire.
Magic attacks can also finish it quickly.

After defeating the thing, the exit is unblocked. The exit from the
next set of passages is down and to the right of your starting point,
but you need to pick up another sword to open it up. Head up and to the
right - there are a bunch of dead ends. When you come to blue stuff
flowing across the floor, you'll know you're on the right path. Dark
lords respawn quickly here, so keep your guard up. At the end, you'll
find the sword of the fighter. Grab it, retrace your steps, and get the
heck out of there.

The tomb again:

Work your way clockwise. If you want, pick up the items lying outside
the embalmed corpses on the far left. Eventually, you'll find another
pedastal. Place the sword of darkness on it. This time around, there
will be no extraneous fighting and exploring to do. Just go in and take
the sword of peace, but be prepared to run for cover when the boulders
come out of the wall.

The last door is a bit of a ways down from the entrance to the tomb, in
the bottom right. There's some more treasure to be had on the way, if
you want it.

Boss fight: Yodi

This guy is tough. He constantly summons zombies, energy swirls, and
specters. The most annoying ones will be zombies, since they are
incredibly hard to kill and have a tendency to swarm. Take cover in one
of the corners to stem the tide of enemies. Whenever somethings steps
in front of you, attack it. Otherwise aim to the side, at Yodi.

Act 4 "The Wicked Flame"

Part 1: Firewall

New enemies:

Fire dragon: Pops out of the lava to throw fire darts in a few
directions, or pops out of holes in the ground to be annoying and block
passage. They are difficult to kill, but their attacks are slow.

Fire ray: Flies slowly, even ignoring the walls that stop your attacks.
Easy to kill, but leaves a trail of flame when it dies that is just as
deadly as any enemy. It takes awhile to dissipate. If you run into one
that is flying over a wall right next to the passage you're walking
on, back off and wait for it to come out. Their movement is
unpredictable, and you don't want it to pop out and hit you as you're
walking past.

Fire beast: Charges toward you. Pretty fast, but dies quickly. They
have a painful habit of hitting you from the sides or rear. Keep that C
button pressing whenever you move forward.

New items:

-Magical fire ring, at the end of a corridor in the upper right.
-Magical power crystal, one over from the fire ring.
-Herb of purification, at the end of a long passage at the far left.
You have to go up and slightly to the right of your starting point to
get at it, though.
-Lamp of life, up and to the right, near waterfall.
-Medicine of regeneration, below the waterfall.
-Magical power crystal, near the end of the winding corridor leading
to the dark lords.

From your starting point, head right (it's not like you have much 
choice) and then take the first passage heading to the northeast.
Follow it straight through, continuing in the same direction until you
reach a corridor that is stuffed with fire dragons. Proceed slowly,
and watch the ground for holes. At the end, you will find a doorway.
Heal yourself if necessary, and enter. The reaction of those inside is
the same no matter how you decide to answer.

New enemy: Cyclops

Those two guys are easy, if you know what to do. At the start, simply
walk behind the tone block. You will have to approach it at a slant,
otherwise you won't fit. Once you don't that, the cyclops are helpless.
They're too large to get through, and you can cut them down at your
leisure. Once they are both dead, approach the block from the top to
get the water gate charm. You will now be able to knock down the
various floodgates scattered across this level. The first one is right
on the way back. Destroy it, and watch the sweet blue flow. From there,
go down and take a left to bring you to the next gate. Knock it down
as well.

Take a detour and head up, and grab the lamp of life. You'll need it.
Go back down and follow the path, going left and then down, and destroy
the third gate. Enemies are very thick around here, so proceed
carefully. You can keep going down if you want in order to get the herb
of purification, but you're probably getting tired of having to deal
with constant waves of enemies. Backtrack a bit.

From your starting point, go all the way left, and then up. You'll find
the next gate. Knock it down like all the rest. Return to the first
junction yet again, and go up. Congratulations, the door is now
accessible. Get the heck out of there.

Boss Battle:
The arms will shoot largish energy balls at you, while the mouth hurls
spikes in front of it. Moving to the left or right side of the monster
protects you from the spikes, but it means confining yourself to a
small space. Trying to dodge the energy balls in that condition is

Watch how the spikes fly a couple of times - it's always the same.
Choose a spot between the center pair and the ones on either the left
or right. Position your character so that the spikes always go around
him/her, and time it so the energy balls and spikes come at different
times. Shoot a few times, then move to the side. The boss is large, so
you should be able to hit it even when you're not directly in front of
it. Alternatively use a couple of magic crystals and blast away.

Act 5 "The Arrival"

Part 1: Sky Castle

New enemies:

Demon: Purple humanoids. They have a ranged attack, but will also try
to close on you. Best defeated by putting something between you and it
so it can't move closer, and dodging its shots while you hack away.

Flying sword: They float straight in one direction. Whenever they reach
the edge of the map, or are hit by one of your shots, they fly back to
in the other direction, at high speed. So don't attack the thing when
it's already past you if you're behind it. If you're clever, you can
use these things to kill demons by attacking them when a demon's behind

Dark Lord: Their attacks explode and split in three directions. If your
character has a triple shot of some sort, you can beat them easily by
attacking them from a diagonal and then moving when they shoot. Since
you will be off to the side, you will have time to move out of the way
before the thing explodes.

New items:
-Magical fire ring, near start
-Lamp of life and medicine of regeneration, on the white walkway.
-2 Magical power crystals, up and to the right of the crystal room.
-Doll of life, on the right, beyond one of the mirrors.
-Medicine of regeneration, after the second dark lord.
-Potion of invincibility, up and to the right of second dark lord.
-Magical fire-ring and magical power crystal, beyond the potion of
invincibility. (to the left)

From the start, go up and to the right to get the fire ring. You will
find a demon imprisoned inside a cell - he will tell you some
interesting things about Casomira's followers, and say that anyone who
offers to help you is probably telling the truth.

Now, go back down and go right. You want to take the bottom path first.
Follow it to the end to find two allies. Choose one of them - Keyami
has an exploding attack that splits in three directions, and Vortek's
is a simple straight shot. Either one is a extremely helpful, since
enemies here are tough and you really need the firepower. I prefer

Now, move onto the upper path. You will find a u-turn that will send
you up and to the left, and face to face with a greater dark lord. Your
battlefield is confined, there are no walls to bounce arrows off of,
and his attacks explode and strike in three directions at once just
Keyami's. Keep moving and attack him while his attack is recovering.
Be sure to defeat any demons that are nearby before you confront him,
or they will fire on the battlefield as well. If you took Keyami, or if
your attack has three shots, then you will be able to hit the dark lord
while moving past him without having to face him. Don't rely too much on
Keyami, though, because the AI isn't very cooperative, and half the time
he will be facing the wrong way.

Before he dies, the dark lord tells you about Casomira's magic mirror.
It creates false exits. Once you break the mirror, you will be able to
tell which exits are real. Moving up and to the right, you will find
a mirror, but nothing you do will harm it. Moving right, you will
find a walkway of a different color. Detour southward to get a lamp of
life. There is also a medicine of regeneration to the north. Go east,
and enter a room with a strange crystal formation. Destroy it, and you
will be able to destroy the mirrors. Backtrack and get the two you
passed, one in the center of the area right after the first dark lord,
the second directly above the crystal room.

Go forward, and you will find a mirror blocking the passageway to the
northeast. Destroy it, move up the passage, and turn left. Keep going
up and to the left until you find another mirror. Take it out, then
backtrack. From the previous mirror, just keep heading right (and down,
since this is a slanted view) until you find another mirror. Destroy
it, claim the doll of life, and challenge the dark lord. If you can
catch him on the edge of one of the corners, you might be able to trick
him into constantly firing to the side of you and missing. Otherwise,
use the same strategy as against the last one.

Continue up and to the right. Take the medicine and potion of
invincibility. If you're short on magic, go to the left to get another
crystal, otherwise exit up the brown ramp. If the path is a dead end,
it's because you didn't destroy all the mirrors. Backtrack and take
them out.

Boss battle:
Most of this thing's attacks only hit straight in front of it, so you
can just sit a bit to the side and fire. You don't want to be too close
to the edge of the screen, though, because you will have to dodge to
avoid the creature's shockwave attack.

That last fight was only warmup. Now you have to fight Ginoban. He
attacks often, in all directions, and is mobile. His frontal is attack
is fast but easy to avoid... just avoid being in front of him =P. His
spikes move in several directions, but are slower and can be dodged. He
also periodically sends out whirlwinds. They cannot be destroyed, but
are very slow. Evade them until they dissipate. He also constantly
tries to close on you, so keep moving. Circle around - avoiding the
front when possible - and keep firing. This is when having Bead's or
Diane's multi-direction attacks is handy.

When he falls, take the power-up gem he drops, and move on. Your
companion stays behind to stem the horde of monsters.

Act 6 "Dark minions"
There's nothing to do outside, just head on in.

Round 1: 3 Golems
If your character has a long range attack, fight as far away as
possible, so that only one of the golems has you in its line of sight.
Enemy fireballs split and bounce off of walls... you will be doing a
lot of dodging in this fight. The fire darts are faster, but a lot
easier because you only have to dodge them once. Attack from a
diagonal, because you want as much screen space between you and them as
you can get, so that you get plenty of warning when one of their
fireballs streaks toward you.

Climb up the castle, and go onto the next fight.

Round 2: 4 Spiders
These monsters will try to entangle you by spitting out web fluid.
Fortunately, this only goes in 2 directions, so stay away from the
bottom diagonals. They also have a non-entangling missile attack that
goes in all directions, but they still rarely choose attack the sides.
Try to bunch them together, so that by staying above one you stay
above all. You're in way too small of a space to dodge attacks from
every direction. Attack them from the top, and when they get too
close, circle around and lure them down. Rinse and repeat.

You can defeat the first spider easily by trapping it on one of the
corners near the entrance and then firing away. This also works if you
manage to lure other spiders into that spot. Cheap, but it makes things
a heck of a lot easier.

Round 3: 4 Worms
You can only hit them when they are out of the ground. The worms throw
rings which will speed towards you no matter what direction you lie in.
If you ever collide with one of them, you will get hurt, so try to stay
below or to the side of them if possible. Keeping to the bottom wall
also means that you don't attract the attention of those that are
further up until you're ready.

Round 4: ???
Whoever you chose as a companion back in act 2 will be here, having
given him/herself over to Casomira. You will have to kill him/her.
Kahdega and Nadiru are pretty straightforward, like the prison boss
they put low priority on attacks that are directly to the left/right.
Fureya is a challenge, since her attacks are nearly impossible to dodge.
Invincibility and magic attacks are your best bet. This is why choosing
Fureya might not be such a good idea even though she has the best attack
of the three. After he/she falls, an extremely nasty monster will appear
over the body, spraying the entire battlefield with shots. Fortunately,
it only takes on hit to kill.

Answer your companion's question 'yes'. If you fail to console them in
their afterlife, the game will end. Encourage them, and they will heal
you to full.

Round 5: Slithe
Slithe is fast, tries to close on you, and has many attacks. Don't let
him corner you against the entrance, it bring you swift deah. Move the
fight out into the open area behind him. Most of his attacks only go in
straight lines, so stick to the diagonals and keep hitting him. The
only exception is his spikes - if he throws them, you'll have as much
chance to evade them standing still as moving. This is one of the better
times to resort to using a potion of invincibility.

Act 7 "A Nightmare Castle"

New enemies:

Scorpian: Has a fast-firing ranged attack, but not very strong. Lead
with your shots raining in front of you, and you should be fine. Its
green attack explodes when it hits a wall - the purple one is normal
but occasionally causes poison.

Exploder: These red swirls sit on the walls, waiting to get hit. When
they die, they send shots in three directions.

New items:
-Magic of elemental summoning, beyond the entrance.
-Magical power crystal, up and to the right of entrance.
-Herb of purification, in the center.
-Medicine of regeneration, in the upper right.
-Magical power crystal, in the upper left
-Medicine of regeneration, lamp of life, and doll of life, at the end
of the first tunnel.

Near the entrance, you will find one of your old companions, dying.
There's nothing you can do for him/her. Keep moving, and go down the
hall to the right. Your sight will be obscured somewhat by water, but
you will be able to see well enough to hit your enemies. At the end,
there will be a door (you might have to approach it at different
angles to get in). Inside, you'll find Yodi. Ignore him, since your
attacks will not be effective. Instead, aim for the sitting figure in
the back of the room. When that is destroyed, Yodi goes with it.

Backtrack to the original room, and move up and to the right, going
down the stairs. Follow the passageway to the end. You will emerge on
a platform in another part of the dungeon. There are several healing
items to pick up. Go left, and you will find Ginoban. Again, you must
destroy the figure in the back of the room.

Go back to the first room yet again, and go left instead of right.
Stay to the left, and eventually you will come to a door. Inside you
will meet another old enemy, Slithe. Do the same to him as you did to
Yodi and Ginoban.

Now head east. At the end of the corridor, you will find a large,
empty room. Enter it. If you come here before defeating all 3 of the
old bosses, you will get a message saying you sense something is
wrong. This boss in its basic form isn't too hard - it pops in and
out of the ground, but its attack is slow. However, it occasionally
spawns creatures that will literally spray the entire screen. Kill
them as quickly as you can, they should fall in one hit. You won't
be able to hit the main enemy as often as you'd like, but it should
fall eventually. Just keep circling it and dodge its attacks, while
getting in your own. 

Act 8 "The Full Moon"

New enemies:

Fly: Weak and not very fast, but they're numerous enough.

Hive: Constantly creates flies. It takes a lot of hits to kill.

Light barrel: Floats around, and occasionally sprays the surrounding
area with fireballs. Try to destroy it as soon as you see it,
because you can't hit it while it is attacking and it takes a long
time for it to stop once it gets started.

Bloodstone: They float, move quickly, and take several hits to kill.
Not much to do against them except make sure you're constantly
attacking the area in front of you, and even that might not stop them.

Black hive: Stationary. It throws stones that explode upon contact,
but like other immobiles, it has a slow firing rate.

New items:
-Potion of invincibility and magical fire-ring, to the right of
start, near the fly spawn.
-Medicine of regeneration, at top of staircase.
-Medicine of regeneration and magical power crystal, to the right
and down from main path.
-Lamp of life, to the left of main path.

This is pretty straightforward. The level is mostly one long path
heading up, although there are a couple of places to detour to get
extra treasure. If you're looking for treasure, always take the
stairs that go up last, and explore in any other direction first.

At the end, you'll find Casomira herself. Answer her questions no 
like a hero whether you feel like one or not, because if you don't
the game will end.

Casomira (Sorceress)
This isn't too hard. Her most common attack is slow and easy to dodge.
She also has an exploding four direction attack, but this is much
rarer. She has few hit points. Occasionally, she will teleport to a
different location, but the only thing this really does is give you a
slight breather.

Casomira (Dragon)
Stay a good distance away from this as often as possible. Its blades
will rise and fall in an arc, but they do not travel very far sideways.
The spikes and fireballs can be dodged, but only if you have ample
warning - another reason to stay away.

Casomira (Demon)
This is tough. All her attacks are somewhat hard to evade. Stay away
from the sides of the screen, because that's where her laser attacks
come from. Keep your distance, it makes dodging the laser attacks
easier. Whether or not you win this battle depends a lot on how many
potions/power crystals you have left. Since this is the last battle,
you can go all out with everything.

(Taken directly from ending)
When Casomira's shrine, filled with wickedness, was engulfed by the
mighty Earth, a legend was born, once again.

Finally the curtain falls on the struggle that began with one sacred
sword. Thanks to the courage and power of the brave warriors, the
Sorceress "Casomira" has been banished again into eternal darkness by
princess Leaty, who has also been reborn.

Could it be that Leaty was revived in order to reign supreme, again?

But we must not forget that the victory in this struggle, and the
revival of Leaty, was won thanks to the brave spirit of you brave
warriors and the hearts of all good people! Your hearts must not be
filled with hatred but with courage... and love... and kindness...

These are the words of Leaty. Hatred is devoid of feeling, she said,
and it leads only to destruction. After experiencing many trials and
tribulations, your fight has come to an end. You knew inside that
Leaty's words wer true, and truth has guided you to victory...

After all this, the warrior's mind is filled with these thoughts:
What kind of person is Leaty?

I wish I knew... Leaty or Casomira, maybe they both have the same
form. Maybe Leaty was born from some of the light rays from Casomira,
or maybe Casomira was born from part of the shadow of Leaty...

But I am sure both of them were leading a very lonely existence.

This heroic epic is still talked about in history books. It was a
great heroic story about the country of Arcus....
Arcus Odyssey.....
(end quote)

I could say something about hatred being the other side of the same
coin, or that it is not light or shadow that makes a person, but the
combination of the two.

|                   |
| Item Descriptions |

Medicine of regeneration
Heals you for up to 3 bars. Cannot be stored.

Power-up gem
Either increases your attack power or increases your max health by 2.
The effect depends on the color - red for the weapon, blue for the
health. The color changes periodically, so you can get what you want
by waiting it to change into the color you're after. Cannot be stored.

Lamp of life
Heals you to full.

Doll of life
Brings you back to life when you die.

Magical Fire Ring
Creates a set of whirling fireballs that attack anything that comes
close. They dissipate after doing a certain amount of damage.

Magical Power Crystal
Allows you to use magic.

Potion of invincibility
Makes you invincible for a short period of time, and prevents you
from using magic.

Magic of elemental summoning
Attacks everything on the screen.

Anti-poison herb of wizardry
As its name suggests, this item cures poison. Comes in sets of three.

Herb of purification
Cures all status ailments. (poison, silence, etc.)

|           |
| Passwords |

Provided by Conquering Sega Genesis games, by Jeff Rovin.
The following passwords will take you to the last act with that
character, fully powered up and with some useful items.

Jedda: K4EEM4TZHM               Erin: K4MEE4TYHM

Diane: KOUEU4LZ5M               Bead: OG2EE4LOXM

This FAQ was written by Carl Morita, September 2001.
You may copy or excerpt it however you want, but give credit where it
is due, and do not give credit where it is not due.

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