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Guide and Walkthrough by GreatY2E

Updated: 04/17/2003

This is my first FAQ written, so go easy on me. If you have any questions 
about anything written in the FAQ please email me at great_y2e@hotmail.com and 
I will be happy to answer them. 

The only source that was used to write this FAQ was the game itself.
I've owned it for about 8 years and know it from inside out.  

Table of Contents
1. Bungle In the Jungle
2. Space Trucking
3. Remember the A La Mode
4. To Scream or Not To Scream
5. Once there was a man named Oscar
6. Final Boss


Yacko, Wacko, and Dot have escaped from the water tower again and are 
now on the loose! They've decided to make a collection of souvenirs
from different movies. Here's a little bit about each character

Yacko - the oldest of the three who wears nothing but pants. He has 
the strength to move boxes and the power of...THE PADDLE RACKET! 
ooooh, scary...

Wacko - The younger brother. has a red hat and blue shirt, no
pants. He is the goofy one. His main weapon consists of a giant

Dot - The Lovely little sister with her cute skirt and her cute bow.
Her main power is being that darn cute! She blows kisses and
Mesmerizes people. 


Beginning Stage.

you start inside of the Warner Tower. Jump out of it. See if you can land on
the 3 birds. You get a star for each one you hit. If you do that, they'll come
and fly around near you (I think they're mad...). Well, anyways, continue on
in the level and as Yacko so you can push the box and climb over the wall.
Switch to Wacko so you can hit the string of the bomb with your mallet, setting
it off. Now switch to Dot and keep going. You'll see Runt the dog there. 
Have Dot blow a kiss at him and he'll move out the way, letting you through 
the door. You'll see Rita pop out too. Go in the door. Now that was easy,
wasn't it?

*Password beyond this. Yacko on the top left and bottom left.*

Now there are four stages to go through. You can begin in either once, but
i'm going to start from the first one.

1. Bungle in the Jungle. 

In this stage, you need the hat of Dirt Rugged. Start off by pushing the 
box to the wall with Yacko so you can climb the wall. Make Dot blow a kiss
to the bird so you can jump on the swing and go over the camera. Go down
for those 2 stars and jump back up the swing and continue. Now this part 
interesting. Walk to the cannon and hit the string with Wacko's Mallet,
and jump in! It'll launch you across. If you look closely, you can see 
Pinky and thr Brain to the left where you flew over. Continue on until
you see the studio guy. Blow him a kiss and he'll stop. Jump on his head
and keep going. Now onto the machine. Make Wacko do this part so he can
make the machine go up and down whenever you hit the button with the
Now to the boat. Watch out for the alligator, he can hurt you. Climb
on the stage lights so you can avoid him. But beware, they fall!
speaking of fall, don't fall in the water, you'll die. You'll see
an elephant in your way. Jump o him and get the fruit if you need 
it, and then smack him wiht the mallet so he can move. Continue
and you'll see Ralph the police officer. Hit him with Yacko's
paddle racket so he can fall in the water. You'll be approching
a waterfall now, so watch out. Jump from log to log to avoid 
falling. All the way on the bottom right, you'll see a a button.
Hit it with the mallet and climb back up getting the time thingy
on the way to increase your time by 100. Keep going up to the next
This part is tricky, so watch it. Jump on the cart and continue.
The up and down buttons on it you need to hit with the mallet to 
switch the lanes. The first one doesn't matter, but by the switch,
hit down, there's a bana above you, get it. On the next switch, 
hit up. Next one, keep it on up. Then continue on. there's a
1-up so look out for it before the fall. Jump off the cart before 
it falls. Here's an interesitng thing, if you fall in the hole 
and get all 3 of the stars, you can play a bonus game. It's like
a wheel of fortune type thing. You best how many stars on what
it'll land on. Exit when you're tired of it and you'll be right 
back in the same place. Continue on to the next area. 
In this area, have Wacko hit the thing with the mallet to 
launch you up. You'll see a bunch of rocks falling down, jump
on one to avoid the spikes ahead. Watch out, besides the rocks,
Ralph can appear to, if you touch him, it'll hurt you. Have
Wacko smack this hting now and continue on. Now you're going
to have to go through the disappearing rocks. Jump on them 
before they vanish to go on. Watch out for the snakes below.
Now you don't know where to go? Easy, jump from the top and 
you'll see invisible blocks. get the treasure chest on the 
bottom for a star, then go up on the invisible blocks and go
on. Have Yacko move the box out of the way and Wacko hit the
breakable rocks with a mallet to move the giant boulder out                           
of your way. Go and have the water launch you to the top. 
Go on and don't touch the next chicken and time clock to the bottom.
It's a trap, you'll be sent to the begining of this area. Go on
and you'll see two buttons. Hit the one on the right and the door
will open. Go inside and prepare for the boss of this stage!

Boss: Ralph

This is pretty easy. He'll be on the top and you'll have to
launch the balls to hit him. Beware, if you see Pinky and the 
Brain pass by, then that means he's gonna rush you on the bottom.
Switch to yacko quick and hit him with the racket  ball weapon.
He'll walk away and go back to the top. Beware of the obms he 
throws and the pieces of the roof that can hurt you. After you
beat him, you can go on and get the hat, and watch whoever grab
it do a funky dance. 

*Password to this point: Yacko on top left, Wacko on top middle,
and Dot on bottom left.*

2. Space Trucking

Now you need to get the item that looks like dark vaders helmet. Start
the stage by hitting the bottom on the bottom. Once hit, you'll see a 
rocket, jump on it. It'll eventually explode, but hey, you'll be across.
Walk through the set as you keep going. Break the camera in your way
with the mallet. Fix the boxes to climb up and go left. Buttons will
be in your way, blow him a kiss and he'll go to sleep. You'll then see
three treasure chests. This is totally random, but hit one and hope
you get the 1-UP. Continue back to the two boxes you climbed up.
Move the box so you can jump across the hole and continue. Look who
it is! the Godfather bird! Blow him a kiss so he can move the rocket
he's holding your way and you can jump on it. Here avoid the lasers.
Try not to jump, it stops the moving thing and takes longer. Now step
on the button and rush through the door before it closes again. 
Now for this next button, push the box onto it so it can stay. Rush
through, because it eventually closes. Keep going and jump down.
Move the box a little on the moving floor and ride it to the left
and try and jump on the top floor. If you can, you get an apple for 
it. Continue right using the nxt box to jump over the hole and to 
the next area. 
In this area, keep going without stopping, the floor is coming up 
breaks. Don't break the blocks ont he right yet, instead pull the 
box a little to the left and jump on it to jump to the top left.
Lookie here, another random game. I'm not quite sure if this one 
is random, I think it is though. Hit the four buttons in any order
and rather get a star, a lot of them, or bombs falling all over
you. Go back to the breakable blocks and break them and go on.
Here press the button to activate the green screen, and fight Ralph.
Keep hitting him with the paddle ball thing until a rock comes 
and knocks ihm away. you can climb those rockets and break open 
reasures if you want too. Climb to the top and over the whole. Jump
down once you reach the right and go to the next area. 
Here, jump down to get the clock. Then launch yourself back up. 
Press jump as soon as you go up to give yourself a boost and
make it to the top. Now this part is tricky. Break the two
top left rocks very carefully. If you hit the bottom one, go back 
and forth for them to reappear. Now carefully hit the top right
block and not the top bottom. now go on to the next area.
Carefully climb up and avoid Ralph. Hit him with the paddle 
racket when he comes close. Once at the top, go right and away
from Ralph. Move the box on the button to hold the door. Continue
and move the box under the roof the goes up and down to go by.
Hit the button and go back left and fall through the hole.
HELLO NURSE!!! Make sure you use Dot for this, she's the only
one that won't be distracted by the nurse. Get the apple and
go up to the two buttons. Move the box on the triangle switch
and continue left. You'll be able to walk through the wall and
get the other box to put on the circle switch. Now go stand on
switch on the right long enough for it to open completely. Then
rush to the bottom and through the door on the right and to the
next area.
Climb the moving things to the top. Move the top box on top of
the right one by moving them to each other and not breaking the
breakable one yet. Go right and try and get the 1-UP. Then jump
on the moving things back the the movnig things again. Repeat the
process, this, time break the rock and hit the button to activate
elevator. Jump in the whole and to the elevator and inside
that purple thing that says exit to the next area.
Jump inthe cannon and fly, in the process, you've broke this
chemical setting the floor on fire (yes...as bad as that looks,
it's fire and will hurt you). Use the machine with Wacko to go
on. Nothing to watch out for, but there's stars and 2 ice cream
cones you can get. Go to the next area for your next boss...

Boss: Ralph (again...)

Here you don't really have to fight him, you just need to get to
the top. Avoid the moving panels and the electricity going around.
That green stuff hurts you too. When Ralph gets in your way, hit
 him with the paddle racket and he'll fall to the bottom. he comes
 up fast though, so watch it. Now at the very top keep jumping
towards Ralph on the mving floor, cause you can't walk on it,
you'll fall. Here's Ralph wiht a vengance, throwing spotlights
at you. Hit him with the paddle racket and he'll get it on the 
head by the very item we're looking for...that dark vader hat
thing! Grab it so whoever can again do a funky dance!

*Password to this point: Yacko on top left and bottom middle, and 
Dot on middle top.

3. Remember the A La Mode.

It's the cowboy stage now! Yuo gotta find the sheriff badge here.
Start off by going till you see Ralph. Hit him with the paddle
racket a couple times for fun. Eventually, a horse will knock
him out. keep on and use the horses to jump over the cactuses.
Guess who's back...Ralph! This time he wants to cattle tie you up!           9
Hit him wiht the paddle and he'll be distracted for a while, go past
him and keep going. You'll see Mindy and Buttons! Go to where Mindy
is at and she'll jump down and Buttons will follow, opening up the
way to the apple, get it and go on. If you saved Mindy and Buttons,
they'll be hanging in this next area. Uses the boxes to put over the
spikes to go to the next area.
See the skull and bones thing on the top left? Go up and hit it, and
it'll fall. It's a button, hit it and the floor will come down and the
camera will break, opening the way. Continue on and see yes..again...
Ralph. He has this water squirter and he'll try to squirt you with it.
Hit him with the paddle racket and go into the bar. Watch out, a 
spotlight comes out of no where. After it falls, continue on avoiding
the falling chandeliers and the glasses. Then continue wtaching out
for the barrels coming at you. Hit the switch and continue. Keep
going from above to make it to the high floor to see who's responsible
for throwing these barrels. well, if it's none other than Mindy and
Buttons again! (damn that brat!) Jump on their barrels so they'll fly
down too. Hit the switch here to make the stairs disappear the the 
barreal fall to hit the camera in the way. Go to the next area.
Go on to see the boxes and the fire. Put the barrels on the fire 
to avoide it. It's very annoying, here I usually jump jump on and 
scorss if i have enough health. Go on and before you break the two
rocks, move the top box. Then break them so you can get the clock.
Continue and mvoe that same box you moved out the way to the fire
to jump over safely. Hit the thing to launch you up. Jump on the
rocks that disappear on you and make your way left on them. Climb 
to the part where it says exit and move on. See the 1-UP in the
fire? Go for it...but beware, you WILL get hurt. If your health
is low, forget it, but it's it's full, go and get it. Go back
and jump up the logs that move once you step on them and climb up.
Continue and go inside the little cart. Then once again...HELLO
NURSE!!! Switch to Dot to get out. You'll see Buttons with Mindy
again. Mess with Buttons wiht your paddle rakcet for him to lose
balance and move the thing a little. then you can reach the
Godfather bird and blow him a kiss. Then jump on the thing and over
the fire. Now go and you'll see Pinky and the Brain! Hit Brain's
fake legs and they'll break, he'll jump to Pinky in the bucket
and they'll fall, putting out the fire. Go on. Jump on the thing
to the right on hit it to fly up. Go left and climb on the thingy
thats close to falling when you jump on it. Hit it so it'll fall
(while you're on it) and jump to the middle level to hit the switch.
Go on to the next area...the train!
Continue to see Ralph throwing things at you. See the little orange
thing? Smack it with your mallet to knock some at him. Hit him
enough times to get off your back and move on. Get the candy inside
of the candy cart for health and move on. Use the boxes to get the
ice cream if needed. Them move on..now it's boss time! You guessed
it! Ralph!

Boss: Ralph (yet...again)

This one is tough. Move the box quick and jump over the camera before
he see's you, then go on. He'll jump down and break release the lever,
letting you guys escape. What? He's not done, that was the beginning...
He's going to try and get to you with that cart. Everytime he jumps on 
your cart, hit him with the paddle racket. Keep sending the coal into 
the open thing on the top (when it's open. if it's not, watch out, it's
coming at you) Continue the process. Eventually, he'll lose his cart
and start running instead. Keep it up, and he'll fall and the item
you need flys to you...the sheriff badge. Grab it and bust a move. 

*Password up to this point: Dot on top left and top middle, wacko
on bottom left and yacko on bottom middle.

4. To Scream or not to Scream

The stage starts with some reaper guy coming towards you. Blow him
a class and keep going. Move the tombstone to fall to where Mindy is
at. Break the stone to let Buttons get to her and keep going. Then 
walk all the way back to where they are and push the tombstone to the
right the other oen is at. Stand on it and move the right tombstone
on the grass. Then break the stone and move the left tombstone to the
right so you can move the right tombstone towards the hay, which you
should NOT touch (it'll send you to the beginning of the level). Jump
over the clown thing (inside the hay) and move on. Move the rock on 
the awitch so you can get the star and keep on. Go right and move the
box on the button to open the door. It'll start raining as you go 
inside. Avoid the laughing books or take them down with the mallet
and go to the next room. Now here watch out for the chandeliers and
look into the mirror on the right. Instead of your reflection, you'll
see a vampire. It's funny, if you look into it with Yacko, he'll look
at you with his cape open, with Wacko, he'll stand normal and with Dot,
he'll look at you with hearts in his eyes. Nothing else to see here, go
to the next room. In here, the vampire is going to send fire balls at
you! Blow a kiss at him and he'll leave. Go on and move the box to go
to the floor above. Keep on and you'll see Pinky and the Brain again.
This time they're gooing to try to suck you in with a vaccum cleaner
they made with a tuba...run forward to avoid getting sucked in avoiding
the glasses and plates. Eventually, the Tuba will get full of glasses
and stuff, and will explode, sending Pinky and te Brain off. When 
they're gone, break the blocks that were next to them and get the box
to move it to the right so you can jump up.
Now here you have to match the right block with the right shape. Throw
down the triangle in the middle first. then pull the circle one to the 
left and put it down, then the square. This will open one way. Go
forward and go back and put them in wrong on purpose now. This will 
open the other door. Move the box on the left to the floor on the right
so you can move the other box. throw it on the hole and jump down with 
it to the next area.
Go down to the right and get the clock. Now move that box onto the log
in the water. Let it leave and come back, then jump on avoiding the 
water that can hurt you. Move the box to the other side and put it on
the whole so you can jump on the lever with no problem. As you walk
by, you'll see the camera man get pissed at you. Who cares, move on. 
See the 1-UP int he water? Ignore it for now and go on. to the bottom.
Move the box from the right to the hole to drain the water. Go back
up to the 1-UP and get it. Go right and drop the box down to the right.
Then use it to climb up to the next area to face the boss...and
guess who it is?! No it's not Ralph this time...it's the vampire!

Boss: Vampire (thank goodness it's not Ralph again...)

There are 4 levers, one on the top left, bottom left, bottom right, and
top right. Each will move the floor of it's opposite (top left switch
knocks down bottom right floor, bottom right floor to top left, etc.)
If you're quick enough, you can do this without Dot's blowing kisses.
Just hit the opposite switches the vampire is on and make him fall
enough times. Eventually, he'll turn into the next item you need...
that looks like Jason's mask. Grab it and dance!

*Password to this point: Yacko on the top right and bottom left*

The Animaniacs realized that there's one more thing needed for their
collection, A Felix Statue! (an oscar). Here we go, to the 5th level!

5. Once There Was A Man Named Oscar

Keep gonig collecitng stars on the way until you reach the second
see-saw type thing. Hit it with the mallet to launch you up. You
need to press jump once hit launches you in order to get a boost 
make it up there. Now head left and into the elevator. Don't start
it yet. Walk through the wall on the left. See the bottom wall 
that looks awkwarD? You can move it. Do so and climb up and hit
the machine with the mallet. Then go down and move the two wall
panels and go through the break the other machine. Grab the 1-UP
there and now go on the elevator. Hit it so it can go up. Once it
stops, get off and go left. you'll see Pinky and the Brain again.
Hit the switch when they're on it so it'll send them launching.
They'll do a little dance and then break the machine. Go back on
the elevator and go up. Notice Ralph sleeping on the left as you
go up. Once up, go right to the 3 boxes. Move the left one just 
enough to throw the one on the right on the other two without
making it fall. Once you do that, move that one from the right
to the left and put both in the hole. Now you can move the third
once. Pull it, don't push it, and go through. Fall through the
hole and go to the next area. 
Now you'll find yourself outdoors. Get the 1-UP on the left by
jumping on the bird next. Watch out for the hot dog sign, it's
going to fall. Jump to the moving things on the right. Watch out
for those walks as you jump from thingy to thingy. In the windows 
aboce you'll see the hippos, and Slappy the squirel. Go on and 
don't worry about the next hot dog sign, it won't fall, just scare
you a little. Go to the next area
Hit the button and jump on the left quick to swing to the other
side. if you fall, you gotta deal with Ralph. Once you're up, go
on. Watch out for this part here, it's tricky. Move the box to
the right first. Then hit the block and run left (not right). If
that swinging ball hits you, you lose in one hit. Go on into the
hole. Set off the bomb and run out quick, because it's going
to come up and hit you. nce that happens, the stairs will come
down and you can climb them and move to the next area. 
watch out here, once you hit the first switch, the set is going
to set on fire coming towards you. Move along as quick as you can.
There's a 1-UP, if you're quick enough get it. But move this
boxes quick so you can escape. Switch back to Wacko quick for the
switches coming up, then go in the door. Whew, done with that. 
In the next area, watch out, there's a helicopter outside that's
going to shoot at the windows, and that broken glass hurts. Make
him break them (top and bottom) and then move the box. The move
the other box to hit the switch and go through.
Now, hit the fire hydrants to put out the flaming houses. Once
the second once is out, move the box to climb then go on. Now
it's Mindy and Buttons again! Save Mindy by moving the boxes
so she can have a floor. Go on to the final area of the level now.
All you have to do is jump on the car and it'll take you to the
oscar, and then you beat the stage!

Here comes a skit with Pinky and the Brain thinking of a plan to
take over the world (sneaky little mice...). They're going to 
steal the Animaniacs collection. Then you'll have to fight for it.
Here they come, the final boss!

6. FINAL BOSS: Pinky and the Brain (in a robot)

You're going to need all 3 of the animaniacs powers to do this. Use
Dot to blow a kiss at Pinky and he'll throw a bomb he forgets to
light up. Push it to the robot with Yacko and light it up with
Wacko's mallet. Do this 4 times and the robot will split in half.
Now you have to do it avoiding the legs. Do this about 3 to 4
more times and the legs will go crazy and kick the crap out of
the robot's body, sending you into victory. All 5 of your 
collection items will come out. Grab them all to do your final

***THE END****

watch the ending, and enjoy.

Thats the end everyone! Well, goodnight and drive safely!!!

I hope whoever read my FAQ has found it useful. Thank you for reading 
it and thank you to GameFAQS for posting it!

***This FAQ is Copyright 2003 Ernesto Sanabria Jr.****

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