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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Iheartpancreas

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    Copyright of 2008-2009 iheartpancreas
    -Intro                    [INT]
    -Walkthrough              [WLK]
    STAGE [1]
    STAGE [2]
    STAGE [3]
    STAGE [4]
    STAGE [5]
    STAGE [6]
    STAGE [7]
    STAGE [8]
    -INFO                     [INF]
    -Version History          [VRS]
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    INTRODUCTION                                 [INT]
    Hello, and welcome to my guide. This is a guide of a throwback game, that I
    like to call Alien storm. It's a good old school beat 'em up, that features
    aliens.......................and storms. Well anyway, aside from that, with
    many old school games, difficulty is an unsightly culprit, and so the purpose
    of this guide to to aid any stragglers in this journey we like to call video
    games. Now let's stop with the big words, and let's get on to the guide, shall
    There are three characters to choose from. Your attacks differ from each, (and
    my personal favorite is the robot)but essentially, they don't take
    mastering:you can beat the game with the same style of play with any of them.
    Take advantage of the length of time some enemies stun. This way, you can
    either guage yourself to finish them off without being hit, or leaving them
    alone to content with other baddies that seem to pose more of a threat.
    Be semi-liberal with your crowd control special attacks. I'll generally state
    where they're used best, but don't see this as a limit on when to use them.
    __          __   _ _    _   _                           _
    \ \      / /  | | |  | | | | 
    \ \/  \/ / _` | | |/ / __| '_ \| '__/ _ \| | | |/ _` | '_ \
     \  /\  / (_| | |   <| |_| | | | | | (_) | |_| | (_| | | | |
      \/  \/ \__,_|_|_|\_\\__|_| |_|_|  \___/ \__,_|\__, |_| |_|
    WALKTHROUGH                                [WLK]
    MISSION 1                   [1]
    'Save The People'
    Take out the first two guys that come up to you. Don't worry, they may look
    like people, but after a few hits on them, you'll realize that they're aliens.
    And even if they were people, what more motivation to beat them up do you need
    other than the fact that you can? Evade out of harm's way and focus on taking
    them out one at a time. You can occasionally land hits to stun the both of
    them, but just try not to get them to surround you.  Beat them up enough, and
    they'll turn into little flies. Destroy them to pick up the goodies they leave
    You'll see an enthusiastic 'GO' prompt, and you.....go! Proceed forward and
    keep your distance from the red barrel canisters. There are more aliens
    underneath them. A few quick hits is enough o put them out of commission. There
    will be some little green men that come into the fray. Just watch out for their
    spit attack, and beat them senseless. More of the ugly dudes from the beginning
    will approach you. These guys are best to be taken down individually, like
    Always make dodging top priority when facing these guys. When you take them
    out, you'll finally approach the people you are supposed to save, as per the
    beginning intro. Save the mother and child by pulverizing the green fellows.
    Take them out, and then you have more of the pink annoyances to deal with.
    Apparently, they are not too keen on human saving. Take them out and move on.
    They are harder to stun than the green guys, so remember to keep dodging.
    You'll then proceed up to the opening of the building and will get to spice
    things up.
    You'll have a shooting segment where you have to shoot the enemies in a
    horizontal fashion. Shot the goodies to obtain them, and hit the crates when
    you can. Ignore the rampant-running chickens. It's best to take this part by
    rapidly moving from right to left.
    And that's all she wrote!
    MISSION 2                                  [2]
    'Expel The Aliens'
    Dammit, man it's not a vacation anymore when you start chewing on the material
    of building complexes. So I think it's time to let the aliens go. Thy had their
    fun and all, but now they have to leave-one way or another.
    Take out the green minions as you move to this sort of suburban area. A
    different colored version of them will start to appear. Don't let them surround
    you, but other than that, they're fairly straight forward to take out. Just a
    few quick hits, and they should kick the bucket. Take out the pink guys as you
    A tactic to keep note of is that if you manage to cause an enemy to recoil off
    the screen, stay near the edge of the screen and just keep attacking before
    they get a chance to move back on screen. The green dudes aren't the only guys
    that get a color variation here, the ugly purple wachamacallits are here too.
    The color of the alien doesn't really matter, as long as you leave them black
    and blue. When disposed of, some green guys will come to say hello. Take them
    out, and move on towards the one that seems particularly hungry.
    See the mail box and garbage barrels? Yeah, they're aliens. No really. Take
    them out. The green guys will feel left out, and then join the alien party. Let
    him know he's unwanted by taking him out, and then take out him cousins than
    will shortly appear.
    Now things start to get a little interesting,. You'll have a variety of dudes
    to take out, and you can get overwhelmed. Just dodge whenever you get the
    chance, and try not to get surrounded. They'll get scared and run as the sorta
    mini boss, weird looking thing approaches. He's kind weird looking, but needs
    to be expelled nonetheless. Keep your distance from him, and try to attack in a
    way that your attacks just barely reach him. If you get too close, well then
    he'll push you back.
    He can pack a wallop, so you may need to use your special attack on him He's
    not all that easy to dodge either, to if you feel that death is imminent,
    attack him full frontal with as many attacks as you can get in. You can avoid
    death if you anticipate him movements, however. Dash attacks are welcome. He'll
    turn into little fly things when you take him out, and so leave no survivors.
    Grab the goodies and proceed.
    You'll then spice things up by running full speed in another shooting segment.
    Take out the enemies before they get too close. Alternately moving up and down
    is the best course of action, but just know when to avoid enemy contact. This
    high speed zoom fest is kinda cool, but you don't want to play through it
    numerous time. Before you know it, it'll be over.
    And that's all she wrote!
    MISSION 3                                    [3]
    'Alien's Nest'
    Nothing good ever comes from alien nests, and so you're here to do some arse
    kicking. You'll see a new kind of flying foe this time around. Yeah, they're
    not going to stand around and offer you pizza, so you probably guessed that you
    have to take them out. Try hitting them when they are grouped for maximum
    efficiency. Then take out the mail box tricksters, and the little green men.
    (see what I did there?) Don't stray too fart, or the green guy on the top will
    join you, making life harder for you and your controller.
    Their cousins will join up to avenge them, but...to mostly no avail. As you
    proceed, watch out, as some of them will jump out from the window. Show them
    your displeasure by dishing out a grade A beat down. An enthusiastic 'help!'
    marker will flash to annoy you, but don't start running off just yet. Take out
    the flying foes, before you decide to do anything to the helping accord.
    Multicolored versions o them will also approach you, but remember what I said
    earlier about blue-idity, and blackishness? You can use your power when enemies
    group you like these guys try to do. Because all they need is to chain their
    attacks on you, and then you'll be sorry. Move on into the opening for a little
    more variety to the formula.
    You've got the same kind of shotting as you did with the first mission, only
    now, the enemies are bigger and badder, and a little more oblivious to the fact
    that political parties also have standards that are meant to be kept to keep
    ties between allies stronger, while doing what's best for the forum. Anyway.
    Shoot them down, and avoid the innocents, as they have nothing better to do but
    to run for safety in a move-into-your-sight-of-view- to-distract-you kind of
    way. Don;t let the enemies get too close, and remember to hit the objects for a
    chance to score some restorative items. The strategy of constantly moving left
    and right works here as well. This shouldn't be too hard.
    And that's all she wrote!
    MISSION 4                                  [4]
    'Duel In Broad Daylight'
    Aliens are tearing up an audio store. You don't like that. The only sound to
    penetrate your ears should be the sounds of dead aliens.........but then again,
    dead aliens wouldn't really make a...um okay, so first off *hurhumph*  take out
    the ugly dudes. Don't worry the people who run past you are actually people
    this time, so no biggie. Fast, brief, and brisk attacks will do, followed by
    either moving away, or dashing to stun them. The more health you save early on,
    the better.
    Take out the canister critters, and pay no mind to the unusually fast walking
    woman. You'd think she'd be running,huh? The kid has the right idea, though.
    Take out the next batch of purple dudes, but again, try not to get surrounded.
    They're fairly easy to stun. Some aliens will pop out from the sewers ninja
    Turtles style, (and coincidentally, they're green as well O.o) but taking them
    out should be no different from what you're used to. Following the help signal
    up top, some of the green dudes' cousins will come to party. For some reason
    they tend to come soon after you've taken a major batch of green guys. Anyway,
    just try not to get hit-don't get overconfident with the amount of times you
    It may be hard to avoid getting hit from the upcoming pink blobs, but following
    the same tactic as before should suffice. Dashing works well. Though one of the
    canisters that later comes up may not readily come to attack you, stay on your
    guard. When the enemies are silenced, head indoors. You'll have another
    shooting fest to partake in, nothing really different here, save for the fact
    that some enemies may hide behind the destructible environs for a longer time
    that before, in an attempt to catch you off guard. You really have to be quick
    with your fingers this time around. After a fairly long pause from action, a
    bunch of guys will try to get the jump on you.
    And that's all she wrote!
    MISSION 5                                        [5]
    'Save The Laboratory'
    Some more aliens are chillin' enjoying the scenery....well we can't have that!
    Head over there now, and kick those a.o.b's to high hell! Watch out for the
    lasers up top. The first people that come your way are actually aliens. If you
    pay attention to their skin, you may be able to tell this. Nevertheless, take
    them out.
    A barrage of green guys will come to deal with you. And if you recall from
    about two levels back, it's just best to avoid barrage damage with those
    numbers and just use your special. Be weary of the lasers again, and take out
    the aliens that come to you.
    You already know what to do, it's just avoiding damage that's to be kept in
    mind. Follow the help indicator to move on indoors for some more shooting
    It's still the same straightforward shooting, but it's easy to get overwhelmed.
    This level'll be over before you know it.
    And that's all she wrote!
    MISSION 6                                    [6]
    'Night Crawler'
    No. Contrary to what your were thinking, there is no X-Men collaboration with
    the character of the same name in this level. There are aliens, not mutants.
    Aliens. As you could of already guessed from the intro, the people who pass by
    have not been unscathed; they're aliens in disguise. Would you kindly take them
    out before they do the same to you? Even a little alien youngster will trot
    along. But hey, age is no different. The only good alien is a dead one. Or at
    least the one's who make little kids fly as the ride bicycles with a
    picturesque view to the moon.
    When you're done phoning hom- I mean, taking the aliens out, proceed until some
    green guys come. Don't move too far to the right,as you may have noticed a
    green unfamiliar enemy there. Here's the trick, don't take them out. just move
    close to them to get the blue flying aliens to trigger. The green things are
    stuck to the ground, and can't follow you. Take the blue guys out first. When
    the go symbol comes up, do the same for the green guys to trigger. And again
    fro the next batch of enemies. And again. Finally, you'll face off against the
    weird boss thing from before, only with a new paint job.
    Attack him quickly while he's still off screen, but be careful. You've fought
    him before, so you know what you're up against, however, when you take him out,
    another weird alien thingy will come down from above. Watch out for the
    projectiles, attack from a short distance away, and dash accordingly. You'll be
    dishing out minimal damage, and the battle will take a while, but it's better
    safe than sorry.
    When done, move on and give chase to a conspicuous looking alien UFO. Just keep
    firing and dodge the aliens that come past. The scenery is a nice change of
    pace, but your eyes should fixated on the task at hand. Remember that you can
    jump. This is useful if some enemies have come a little too close for comfort.
    When possible, focus your attacks on the UFO, while avoiding the things it
    And that's all she wrote!
    MISSION 7                                [7]
    'Destroy The UFO'
    As the intro suggests, the alien baddies are not too pleased with your recent
    doings. They've come for some retribution. Start off by immediately attacking
    the oncoming snail baddies. They aren't hidden in mail boxes or canisters, so
    you'll get to see how they really look. Move on, and take out with particular
    haste, the pinkish dudes.
    They're in large numbers, so crow control techniques are fairly useful. Though
    you should get them out of the way quickly, you should try to avoid taking any
    damage, and as such may spend more time than anticipated. Don't worry, you need
    all the health you can get. Move on, and take out the next batch. It shouldn't
    be too difficult. Some green guys will poop out of the bushes later, to take
    They're just as the same as ever, so no worries. Some variations of the green
    guys will approach, followed by the snail guys. Take the quicker ones out
    first, and try triggering a single snail at a time. It won't be long before
    some flying guys come to party though. S'more ugly guys will pop out from the
    ship you approach. Take them out; you should have some more space to work with
    here. Quickly waltz into the ship when you take them out and ignore any enemies
    that may pop out.
    You need to do this quick, though. You've got another fairly standard shooting
    sequence to move through. Just keep an eye out for goodies, to replenish
    whatever ailments you may have.
    And that's all she wrote!
    MISSION 8                                             [8]
    'Final Battle'
    In an unexpected turn of events, you have boss to beat up. No, he doesn't want
    to talk to you about politics. Get to him by first taking out the rudimentary
    bad guys, and move on through.
    You've got a lot of ugly dudes to deal with. Later, move into the first hole
    that's marked with the 'in' for some shooting action. Standard fare here,
    people, but still try to preserve your health. When done, more into the first
    of the next three.
    Zipping past these enemies is the best way to avoid getting hit. You haven't
    faced them before, so they may land some hits in, and there are a lot of 'em.
    Again, go through the first of the next three holes. The final boss is in the
    form of another shoot-fest.
    It shouldn't be to difficult. So get to shooting; aren't you early to see the
    And that, my friend, is all she wrote. Congratulations, you beat the game!
    INFO                                  [INF]
    This guide is copyright of 2009 iheartpancreas, and is only to be read on
    If there are any comments, or questions, contact me from my e-mail stated
    I'd like to thank Gamefaqs for letting me post this guide, and for the site.
    And I hope this guide helps those in need. Remember: the only good alien is a
    dead one.
    Or at least one that can bring you coffee and balance your check book.
    Version History          [VRS]
    Started guide skeleton -Feb 19
    Started writing        -Feb 27
    Added details          -Mar 17
    Slight modifications   -Mar 20
    Finished guide      -Mar 22

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