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FAQ/Walkthrough by GavLuvsGA

Version: Final | Updated: 07/05/02


by GavLuvsGA

Final Version: 05 - 07 - 2002

I realise this is a very old game, and barely anyone is going to play it any
more, but I thought I'd do a FAQ anyway, so here it is. And this really is the
final version this time. I just discovered something I had to mention here or
someone would complain.


							1 Items
							2 Enemies
							3 Walkthrough
							4 Game Genie Codes

							1 ITEMS

Most items can only be bought in games of Janken, against the Gorilla, but only
if you have he right amount of Baums (found in chests, or by killing baddies).


Not something you need to buy, these contain Baums if gold; other chests will
contain other items, sometimes a 1 up, but sometimes bombs, which will kill you
if you touch them; some contain tokens. Janken games can be found in Levels 1,
2, 3, 7, 9 and 11.

Other items can be chosen from the item selection screen.


Very useful; when you punch or jump you throw a crescent weapon, which remains
until you lose a life.


Useful on flat terrain, this lets you ram into enemies, killing them instantly.


Hold A or C to take off, and press B to fire. If you hit anything,  you  crash.


Useful for getting items high up above you.


Allows you to walk in air.


Temporarily invincibility except to lava and falling ceilings.


Available both in Janken and Treasure Chests, these allow you to read an
opponent's mind. Save for the bosses (you must use it before you reach the

							2 ENEMIES


Only their pincers are visible - until you jump over their traps. They are easy
to avoid, though.


Climb up and down trees and can catch you by surprise.


Best avoided; flies around in the air, and gets in the way.


Shoot it with your pedicopter, but avoid the bombs that come out.


Drives back and forth and is not dangerous at all.


They look like frogs, but the manual says chameleons; they stand still, but
stick their tongue out a long way. Find its extent and wait just out of reach;
just after it sticks it out, then in, go in for the kill; most can be avoided


Flies back and forth, but poses little threat.


Push dung towards you, but are fairly simple to kill.


Indestructible, but also small and easily jumped over.


These walk on their hind legs!!! Don't attack them when curled up.


Very annoying, as they tend to run up and down trees, as well as on the ground.


Very annoying as they will run along floors, walls and ceilings and will keep
going. They will even chase you from room to room if you let them.


Wander back and forth, but have no specific attack.


Only one exists; attack it with a Power Bracelet. Start off on one side, and
destroy a tentacle, then avoid the ink it spits. Do the same to the other


Slightly harder, as it flies around a lot.


They pop up out of the ground, but will not kill you if you stand on their


Best avoided unless you have the power bracelet.


Zoom back and forth, but are easy to kill.


Not the pop group, real ones. They can be destroyed, but be careful.


Small, and fairly easy to dispatch.


Very powerful; best avoided again. They take several hits to kill.


Very easy to kill; only problem is they like to keep stopping and starting.

Unpredictable, to say the least, they will occasionally fly up and down the
screen, trying to catch you out.


Very frustrating, due to their habit of vanishing and appearing in random


A very annoying enemy; they will try and knock timer in your direction. Do dot
underestimate them, and avoid their axes.


Most levels can be traversed without a detailed guide; the exception is Sky
Castle, for which I have explained every room and puzzle.

							3.1 ROOKIETOWN

Plenty of Janken Houses here to get items; if you jump in the right place you
will knock the floor away, revealing a large secret room; exit by jumping to
find where the ceiling collapses.

							3.2 PRAIRIE

Slightly harder, but a lot of blocks to kill enemies with. There is a secret
room, accessed just after a section with a Condor guarding a treasure chest.
Jump on the ground at the next area with blocks and you should find it. There
is an extra life hidden; you need to get above the treasure chest that is
buried in rock and jump on the floor, breaking it. Use the bones as platforms
to help you escape.
							3.3 SPLASHY SEA

A bracelet is recommended here, as you cannot attack the fish while swimming.
Move up and down in the water, or press jump on the surface. Also jump up to
get hidden treasures above. The most secret item, though, is hidden by the
octopus. Kill it as described above and you will find a hidden Janken House,
where you play for a Cape (you also get a bag of 100 Baums for killing the


Fairly straightforward; most hidden items can be accessed using the pedicopter.
Not much to say here.

							3.5 PYRAMID

Make your way through, avoiding baddies. Make sure you get a token at some
point as at the end you face the Queen of the Oasis. Select the token when you
see her, before you talk to her. When you beat her once, she will insist on
going again.
lady_phantom1@yahoo.com writes: "in the janken with the Queen of the Oasis you
can always answer "No" if you defeat her in the first round. If you say "No"
the weight will fall on her head and you win. So you don't have to play two
rounds. :)"
Thanks for clearing that up; I was always afraid she'd kill me if I said no.

							3.6 HIHO FOREST

This is one of the hardest levels in the game, as you are constantly being
hounded by Woodcutters; there are treasures above you, but these involve
navigating falling platforms. At the end you face the bear, but he's easier
than the Queen.

							3.7 TROPICS TOWN

Similar to Rookietown and no harder. Once again, a lot of Janken Houses await;
I have found no hidden rooms.

							3.8 ROCKY MOUNTAIN (1)

A long level, with many hazards - mainly rocks and Wizards. Fairly nondescript
otherwise; play Janken against the Wizard at the end; he only plays one game.

							3.9 ROCKY MOUNTAIN (2)

A harder, vertical stage. There are plenty of hard jumps; make sure you get the
Pedicopter in the Janken house at the start.	The main problems are wizards and
falling rocks. Fortunately, this stage has no boss.

							3.10 IN THE SKY

I made a mistake before saying it was straightforward. I get through without
dying the first time. This is actually the more infuriating level in the whole
game. You must shoot the blimps and other enemies; the blimps drop bombs and if
you take ONE hit, you will be knocked back to the start of the previous level
again. Try and stay near the top for most of the level.

							3.11 SKY CASTLE

The longest and hardest level, for which a detailed walkthrough is provided
below. Similarities to Wario's castle in Super Mario Land 2 are evident here.

Enter the castle and go along, killing baddies. There are a few detours leading
to treasures; go down, where a Chameleon is guarding a treasure chest (usually
a 1 up or token). Take this if you like. Head right and then up, avoiding the
chest in the room full of spiked chandeliers (I don't think you can get that),
then bounce up the next shaft.

In the next room, run under the falling spikes and punch through the wall,
entering a room with two mice running round platforms. Kill the first by
waiting for it to get to the right of its platform, go to the underside and
head left, then jump, hopefully killing it. Go up and past the water, getting
the chest, which is either a 1 up, bombs or a token. Avoid the second mouse and
head to the next room.

Here, take the top route, avoiding the spears.

In the next room, go to the switch, pressing B by it to make the chandelier
fall. Use it as a platform to get up to the next room where you should kill or
jump over the Toy Soldiers, but don't jump onto the black section as you will
be bounced up to the spiky ceiling.

Next, get the chests if you wish, but don't touch the floor where the robot is.
Go up to a higher point in the block pile and punch the ones under the fire
spirit, then jump over the robot.

In the next room, simply run straight ahead, avoiding the spikes and hit the
switch to stop the ceiling caving in, and go to the next room, where you must
avoid mice and spikes; jump onto the first narrow pillar, and jump from pillar
to pillar, watching where the mice are, then hit the switch.

After this room, you will be returned to this point when you die. The floor
will collapse; try and stay on the right as you fall and land on a platform
that falls away; if you are quick, you can head right to a room with some mice
in. Open all chests except the different coloured one (it always has bombs in)
and enter the Janken room for a Cape.

Head left and fall down into the water; swim right to the next room, kill the
chameleon and enter a room full of bumpers. Continue on until you reach a room
with a switch; hit it and jump on the chandelier as it falls and quickly jump
to the higher platform; if you don't make it, go back and return to the room
where it will be reset.

Head left and enter a room with blocks in a pattern like this:



							C			D			E

Jump up and hit the ones labelled A and B to move them over to positions where
you can use them to get up to the next room, making sure you don't accidentally
destroy them or you will have to leave the room and start again.

In the next room, use the black block to spring up, then get over the
collapsing blocks quickly, avoiding the spikes. If you fall and don't die, go
down and do the last room again.

In the next room, jump over the Fire Spirit and kill the Toy Soldiers. Be sure
to get the box, as jumping onto it will lad to certain death on the spikes. In
the next room, hit another switch to make a chandelier fall; go past it and
down; ignore the chests as you can't get to them without being spiked to death.

In the next room, quickly hit the switch before the chandelier falls too far;
it should be high enough so you can pass without being killed. If you think it
is too low, return to the last room. In the next room there are a lot of
springs; simply avoid flying into a Solider and go into the room below; you
should hold left to avoid hitting the mouse. Get past quickly and avoid getting
the chest - it wastes time. Go through the next room, kill the robot and hit
the switch opening the door below, before the mouse arrives; get the chest if
you want.

You end up in a room full of chameleons; my advice would be - unless you're an
expert - not to take any unnecessary risks here; simply head to the right of
the room and jump, breaking the false floor.

Get the chests in the next room, using the false floor again and jump over the
lava.  Go underwater now and avoid the spikes, then
kill all the toy soldiers.

 You will end up in a room with a switch under a chandelier; this will
raise the chandelier blocking you, but make the one above you fall (sounds like
Only Fools and Horses...)

Take the top route, avoid the Fire Spirit and cross the spikes on the moving
platform, taking out the chests if you're an expert, and head on to the room
where the ceiling is falling; get through quick, then hurry through the next
room, getting past the falling chandelier (try sliding by holding down) and
punch through the wall quickly.  Cross the lava and avoid the mice.

Once past this, go up and right; you will restart from here if you screw up
now. Go left and play Janken for either a Cape or Token. Go right, there are
some hard to get bonuses to the right; then go up and left, into a room where
you are trapped until you hit a switch. Kill the Soldiers, then go left,
avoiding the Fire Spirits (be careful of the one that moves).

In the next room, hit the switch BEFORE the ceiling falls and kills you, then
in the next, hit the left switch (the right will cause the spikes to fall).

If you have a token, put it on before leaving the room. In the next room you
are faced with the six - armed Ashra (looking slightly different than he does
on the package). You will play him twice; defeat him and he begins to throw
arms at you.
lady_phantom1@yahoo.com writes: "I just managed to finish the game! When you
meet the
six-armed guy, make sure you wear the bracelet, stay low to the ground and keep
firing at him. Eventually
he gives up. It wasn't so hard. :)"
If you don't have a bracelet when you do the last level be sure to get the Cape
(available in both the Janken houses) and simply put it on, approach Ashra and
punch away.
Ashra will run away and you will enter the next room to find Alex's father,
only to find he's not a prisoner after all - and Ashra is his servant! You've
completed the game.


			AKBT AACN, BPBT B74R, A3BT AA4T - Level 3
			APBT AACN, BPBT B74R, A3BT AA4T - Level 4
			AVBT AACN, BPBT B74R, A3BT AA4T - Level 5
			AZBT AACN, BPBT B74R, A3BT AA4T - Level 6
			A3BT AACN, BPBT B74R, A3BT AA4T - Level 7
			A7BT AACN, BPBT B74R, A3BT AA4T - Level 8
			BBBT AACN, BPBT B74R, A3BT AA4T - Level 9
			BFBT AACN, BPBT B74R, A3BT AA4T - Level 10
			BKBT AACN, BPBT B74R, A3BT AA4T - Level 11

LIVES: D3BA BC1E - Start with 1 life
	 	EBBA BC1E - Start with 2 lives
		EKBA BC1E  Start with 3 lives
		KKBA AG9E - Start wit 4 lives
		PKBA A8SE - Start with 6 lives
		PBBA A8SE - Start with 8 lives
		N3BA A8SE - Start with 19 lives

CONTINUE:  A3ST B65A - Need only 100 Baums to Contiue (not 1000)
			BBST B65A - Need only 500 Baums to Continue
			GBST B65A - Need 3000 Baums to Continue
			ABST B65A - Can always continue
			CKST B65A - Continued disabled
			AKST AA6A - Continue for free

BAUMS: AWNA B68T - Coin worth 50 Baums (rather than 10)
		A4NA B68T - Coin worth 100 Baums
		B4NA B68T - Gold coin worth 1000 Baums
		ACNA - B68T - Gold coin worthless
		ALPT - B67E - Bag of gold worth just 10 Baums
		BCPT B67E - Bag of gold worth 500 Baums
		B4BT 867E - Bag of gold worth 1000 Baums
		ACPT B67E - Bag of gold worthless

EXTRA LIVES: HCRA BJXN - Get two lives for every 1 up
			HCRA BNXN - Get three lives for every 1 up
			ALRA AA5N - Get nothing for any 1 up

JANKEN: AKGA B64E, AMBA B680, RFGA A6WC - All Janken games cost 10 Baums
		AVGA B64E, AXBA B680, RFGA A6WC - All Janken games cost 50 Baums
		A3GA B64E, A5BA B680, RFGA A6WC - All Janken games cost 100 Baums
		BBGA B64E, BDBA B680, RFGA A6WC - All Janken games cost 500 Baums
		B3GA B64E, B5BA B680, RFGA A6WC - All Janken games cost 1000 Baums
		ABGA B64E, ADBA B680, RFGA A6WC - All Janken games cost nothing
		RG4T A6TC, HC4T BAA2, WC4T AD24 - Always win at Janken

JUMPING: 9NDA B937: Jump higher
		9EDA B937: Jump MUCH higher

END OF FAQ; write to GavLuvsGA@aol.com if you are stuck, but PLEASE only write.
I do not have the time for IMs. Also, please refer tot he game in the subject
heading or I am likely to delete your mail.

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