Animation DirectorMike Dietz
Animation EngineDavid Perry
Assistant AnimatorsJeff Etter
Assistant AnimatorsRoger Hardy
Assistant AnimatorsShawn McLean
Assistant AnimatorsEdward Schofield
Assistant AnimatorsClarke Sorenson
Assistant AnimatorsTom Tanaka
Assistant AnimatorsAllyn Welty
Background ArtNick Bruty
Background ArtSteve Crow
Background ArtChristian Laursen
Development ToolsRob Northern Computing
Development ToolsCross Products
Development ToolsTodd Robertson
Development ToolsAndy Astor Services
Digital SamplingSteve Henifin
Director of DesignDavid Bishop
Presentation ArtEdward Schofield
Presentation ArtLin Shen
Programmer & Project ManagementDavid Perry
Sound, Music, & SFXDon Griffin
Sound, Music, & SFXTommy Tallarico

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