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Reviewed: 06/06/03 | Updated: 06/06/03

Do do do do do do *snaps fingers*

I consider this a game based upon the movie instead of the show. Now what's the first thing that goes through your head when you hear someone talking about a ''movie game''? Most of the time the word ''awful'' and in a lot of cases ''unbearable'' would. But this is not the case with this game.

Story -8-

Gomez (the man of the house) comes home to his mansion and finds that his mansion has been infested with harmful monsters (not his pets) and that his family (except Thing and Lurch) has been kidnapped. Now you must go through the different parts of the mansion to save them.

Graphics -6-

Pretty mediocre for a Genesis game. The sprites look cartoony yet good. Gomez looks great but the rest of the family just looks good. The enemies look nice and the backgrounds are nicely detailed in some areas. It's pretty average overall.

Sound -6-

Also mediocre for a Genesis game. You hear the usual theme inside the mansion and the usual bleeps and blops when you jump on an enemy. You can also hear the sound of the usual creepy organ notes. It's not bad but not that good. It's also pretty average overall.

Gameplay -7-

There are four levels (each of them a different part of the mansion). The rooms are stuff like the conservatory and the Kitchen and whatnot. This is your usual sidescroller where you jump on the enemies and continue on. At the end of each level you have a boss that you must defeat. The controls are almost perfect except for the jumping. It seems to slide after you jump and it isn't really stable. Wooooo!! I just jump over that huge pit. Nooo!! I'm sliding into the next pit!!! This is why it gets a 7 instead of a 10.

Difficulty -9-

You'll have to try the level at least ten times until you beat it. Thus why you need patience in order to play the game. 'nuff said

Replay Value -7-

The difficulty can keep you from playing the game for a while. This is one of those games that you would want to try to beat every dozen months. There are also plenty of secrets that you would want to find.

End Result

Story - 8
Graphics - 6
Sound - 6
Gameplay - 7
Difficulty - 9
Replay Value - 7

To Rent or to Buy?

If you can find it somewhere for under $20 buy it.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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