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Reviewed: 05/22/09

Tin Tin okay but just stick to comics next time.

I heard that Steven Spielberg was making a full length feature film on the comic book Tin Tin, as a fan of the comics I decided to pick up a copy of the old Tin Tin in Tibet game for the Sega Gensis and snes. Now the game didn’t really make a huge impact on day of release way back in 1995 but I feel it is worth a review and one of the best looking games on the genesis to date. It was developed by Infogrames that well know French company and let’s take a look at what it is all about.

The in game story stay true to its comic book counterpart and stays true to the classic tin tin franchise. The games story is basically told in little comic book style cut scene in between each level, now usually in most games the cut scene look better than the in game levels but not the case here the cut scene are not that detailed and in my opinion they look a lot worse than the game and why so short they give you two seconds of story max in between each level.

This is where Tin Tin really shines; the graphics are just oozing with style and have a great looking unique comic book style. This game actually looks like yes you’re playing the comic book. Level are bright and colourful and they character animation is well executed. Each level is very different they are not just recycling the same levels over and over they all have a feel of their own.

Game play:
This is where Tin Tin falls to the ground and drops dead. The game looks like a classic side scrolling platform but when you start to play you realize how unique this game is. The games level are basically split up into two section there is the back ground and the fore ground which is a great idea and works pretty well, you use this to your advantage when dodging enemies and exploring other sections of the level. But on the other hand game play is awful I mean this could possibly one of the most frustrating games I have ever got my hands on for the genesis. The controls are not fluid and very awkward to use, tin tin jumps all over the place he runs way to fast to see what is a head and you’re often find yourself just running of cliffs or into oncoming enemies. Oh there is a walk button but man does he walk slow it would take you ages to finish each level. The levels may look and feel great but the design for each is awful your often get lost and your be doing a lot of back tracking trying to find the right character to talk too. To round the game play up this game is HARD I mean for a children game this is the most frustrating out there. Round of applause to anyone who has finished this game without throwing the pad at the screen or finishing the game full stop. On top of all that the developers decided to put a timer on each level why who knows to just make you even more frustrated.

Not much to mention here the sound is pretty basic stays true to the tin tin theme. Each level has its own background music which can be catchy tunes but you will probably get annoyed way before you enjoy them.

Overall from first look Tin Tin looks and feels great. With great artwork, story and fairly decent sound but as you begin to plunge into the core game play you realize how poorly designed it is. Like with anything if you are a hardcore fan of the Tin Tin comics you will make yourself overcome the bad points and probably enjoy the game. I think with the average gamer if they did the same and got a least half way through the game then they would realize Tin Tin is a unique story book gaming experience which is where Tin Tin in Tibet shines on.

Rating: 7

Product Release: Tintin in Tibet (EU, 12/31/95)

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