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Guide and Walkthrough by EntropicLobo

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/29/2006


              ****    *   ****  ****  ***** *****
              *   *  * *  *   * *   *   *   *        VACATION
              ****  *   * ****  ****    *   *****      ADVENTURE
              *   * ***** *  *  *   *   *   *
              ****  *   * *   * ****  ***** *****

Version 1.0 (07/24/2005)

Version History:
-3/27/2006, added 1up as a host.
1.0: Basic Guide Complete - (07/24/2005)


This Guide is Copyright, 2005, Matthew McIntyre

This guide may not be used on a website or in any public forum
where it is protected by copyright without the consent of the author.

To contact me: entropiclobo(at)yahoo(dot)ca or chaos(dot)wolf(at)gmail(dot)com

Websites with permission to use this Guide:

Barbie is copyright Mattel. Game by High-Tech Entertainment.

*                            Table of Contents                               *

*To jump to a section, hold the Control Key and press F, then type in the
section number as it appears (ie type B1)

B1: Intro
B2: Options Menu
B3: Wyoming
B4: Iowa
B5: Florida
B6: Texas
B7: California
B8: Credits

|                                 B1: Intro                                  |

I really can't relate to the premise of this game, seeing as I never had a
Barbie collection growing up. Then again, I guess I should do less lamenting on
that part and realize I probably like my Battle Beasts and Ninja Turtles more.
So I'm not going to give a philisophical speech about the virtues of this or
that, nor am I agoing to regale you with my experiences. So why then did I
choose this game to write about? It was something to do, and I'd also promised
a friend I would do it.

I had expected this game to be horrible and vacuous, but it was less horrible
than I would have thought. The concepts are still empty, but there are some
nice and humorous points.

|                             B2: Options Menu                               |

Level: Blocks or Scholar, I guess Child and Expert modes?

Players: One or Two

Music: On or Off

Sound Effects: On or Off

Two Player Mode:

Two players, some times the events are simultaneous, other times they take

|                                 B3: Wyoming                                |

Okay, so let's get this started! You'll be asked to enter your name. Lucky me,
there are just enough letters for "MATTHEW." Entering my name in this game is
highly dubious, but I'm a brave guy.

Using the powers of mostly random selection, I've chosen Wyoming as the start
of Barbie's Vacation Adventure.


Okay, here's something cool that you do at the beginning of every area, choose
the colour of Barbie's outfit. In Wyoming, she's wearing hiking boots, shorts,
a jacket, and white shirt. You may change the colour of the jacket and shorts.

Jacket: Green, Purple, Red, or Blue.
Shorts: Light blue, Green, Red or Brown.

Just move the cursor over her clothes and press A to change them. I went with
an Autumn motif: Red jacket and brown shorts, because that's woodsy and I
wanted to look cute.

Alright, so you arrive in the National Park, and Barbie asks you if you would
help her set up her tent. You will see a hand holding a piece. Use the control
pad to bring this to where it belongs on the tent and press A. Note that they
must line up precisely. Each time you place a piece you get 200 points. After
the setup, Barbie states that we should take a walk in the park.

Now, I don't know how "jumping stones on multiple rivers" is a "walk in the
park," but that's what you're going to be doing. If you fall in the river at
any point during this phase of the camping trip, you will be forced to start
over. You will get points for crossign the rivers.

River 1: You should see a white line towards the bank. Pass this and stand so
that your heel is the only part of the foot on the bank. Press A to make Barbie
jump. You really need to be at the limits of the bank to make it to this rock.
For the second rock, jump from the half closest to the bank you were just on.
Jump again from the edge of the rock closest to the bank you want to reach,
you will land on the bank. Go onto the next screen.

River 2: Again, move to the extreme of the bank so that only your heel is at
the edge. Jump and then quickly move towards the end of the rock and jump
again. If a butterly touches Barbie, she will jump slightly forward, which
could land you in the drink.

River 3: Can't make that jump eh? You need two rocks do you? Well, a turtle
will be bobbing up and down, and they act as a rock. Just watch your timing,
if your heel is on the white line then you should make the jump. Jump again
from about the middle of the turtle, then reach the next bank normally.

River 4: Another of those jumps that require you to be on the edge. But watch
out for the Beaver who will leap onto the rock. If Barbie touches him, she will
fall into the water. Make the jump, then quickly jump to the next bank.

River 5: Two turtles, no rocks. Jump on the first one when it emerges, then get
to the middle. Jump on the next one as it emerges. Do this quickly as the one
you are standing on is likely to submerge now. Jump quickly to the next bank.

"Let's take some photographs of the animals"

Barbie now takes her walk, there will be a viewfinder onscreen. Move this
around the screen, and when it is on an animal, press A to take a photo. You
will get some points. Take quick, successive photos for easy points. The birds
are worth some decent points, the skunk is not. I stick with the air personally
but you can snap whatever turns your crank.

After this, the round is over, you get a postcard:


I have been camping in the National Park.
I took some beautiful photos
of the wild animals.
                            Love Barbie"

Your score will be tallied, and you can pick a new level.

|                                 B4: Iowa                                   |


Clothing and colours: Barbie wears a shirt, skirt, and knee high boots.
Shirt: Orange, Pink, Blue, Green
Skirt: White, but with highlights of: Brown, Grey, Black, or Yellow.

I chose orange and yellow, since a fair is supposed to be festive. So Barbie
sets out for a night on the carnival. But uh oh! There's trouble already! It
seems Farmer Brown's prize pighas run away. Just walk over to the pig and keep
on pressing A. You will capture it. The pig will now follow Barbie around. Do
not worry - Barbie is used to having pigs follow her around.

Ok, so head to the right. There will be carnival games for Barbie to play.

Game 1: "Step Right Up! Test Your Aim!"

You get 60 seconds for this game.

There will be cans scrolling across the screen. Hit these by throwing a ball
with the A button, and aiming with the control pad. During the game, in the
top right box, there will be a picture of something behind the cans. Hit what
the picture is referring to for 1000 points. If you manage to knock down every
can, you get 5000 extra points.

It is probably easiest to hit the cans by throwing it slightly ahead of them,
so they will move into your shot. For the targets, place your aimer directly
on them.

Game 2: "Come on Down and feed a Clown! Everyone's a Winner!"

You get twelve balls to throw.

Three clown heads will be bobbing up and down. Use the crosshair to aim at the
mouths, slightly ahead of their paths. Wait until their mouths are open.


Barbie does it all. Dancer, Doctor, Teacher, and Strongwoman. This is the ring-
the-bell strength test type game. Wait until the yellow ball is at the bottom
of the meter, then press A to swing the hammer. The ball should be at the top
and the bell should ring.

Now continue right and you will leave Iowa, and get a postcard.


I had a great time at the County
Carninval. I found a run-away pig
and played the Carnival Games.

                            Love Barbie"

|                                 B5: Florida                                |


Clothing and colours: A bathing suit, either yellow, red, pink, or green.
I made it blue, because it's a nice cool colour to contrast with the hot beach.

You can either head left or right from the Beach.

Left takes you to the Volleyball court, where you will play a game of Volley-
ball, the first to 10 points wins. Now, I'm not going to lie to you - this is
easily the hardest part of the game. The red haired girl stands a good chance
of trouncing you. If you do want to try and win, you're basically just going to
have to try and survive. Press the A button to hit the ball as it comes back
towards you. Press it before the ball is at you, so that Barbie will put her
hands out. The opponent seems to know where the ball will hit, so concentrate
on returning the ball to her if you hope to win.

If you'd taken the right path, you'd be at the much easier Diving game.

If you're on the hard mode, there will be an air limit in place. However, there
are so many extra air tanks that this is never a problem. Just use the control
pad to guide Barbie around the cave, collecting treasures.
-Make sure to swim across the entire floor of the bottom path.
-Check every bit of the ceiling for little indents with treasure.
-There is a rock close to the start, just move towards it to push it out of the

Alright, we're actually done now. Short, no? Go to the signpost back on the
beach and go to the next destination and get your postcard.


I have been scuba-diving
and playing volleyball on the beach.
It was great fun, see you soon

                            Love Barbie"

See me soon? My dear, aren't we taking this a bit too fast?

|                                 B6: Texas                                  |


Clothing and Colours: Pink shirt, sweather, and pants.
Pants colours: Blue, Orange, Pink, Green
Sweather colours: Blue, Orange, Purple, Green

I choose a blue sweather and purple pants, it was a rather snappy outfit.

First of all, let's go to the far right of the stables and play Horseshoes.
In horseshoes, you get 10 Horseshoes. Throw them at the post with the A Button.
The cursor bobs up and down and moves left and right. Throw when it is on the

Now pick a horse and go for a ride. You will need to jump over fences, and if
you hit too many then you'll need to restart. Jump with the A button when the
fence is a Barbie's width (profile) away from the fence, and you should clear

After the horsejumping you can try the other horses or just leave.

You can leave the Ranch at the left when you are ready, and get your next


I've been horse jumping at a
western ranch, and I played a
horseshoe throwing game.

                            Love Barbie"

|                              B7: California                                |


Barbie's adventure has come to an end, and Ken (I gather) has decided to throw
her a party. Nice guy? Think again. He has hidden all over Barbie's gifts. He's
a cruel jerk, even if Barbie shouldn't be get rewarded for going on a vacation
in the first place. Anyways, this takes place in Barbie's house. If you decide
to leave for any reason, you should probably go and see the police.

Anyways, the controls are a bit different. You will move the cursor around the
house and click where you want Barbie to go. You'll also notice that she's a
bit more bodacious in this mode, having a nice wiggle to her hips and a larger,
swaying chest. The music also rules in this round.

Clothing and Colours: A dress which you can choose orange, blue, pink or
green. I choose pink, because it was pretty.

Alright so after talking to Ken, you'll be in Room A. I will label each room
and discuss points of interest.

Ken will tell you some riddles:

"Go up where you brush your hair and look inside for what to wear."
Room F2B 

"Open these to bring sunshine in. It;s the luck of the draw so now begin!"
Room F1C

"Beneath the looking glass in a young girl's room, search around and you'll
find it soon!"
Room F2C

"The mountains keep a secret!"
Room F1B

"Hickory Dickory Dock. What is that beside the Clock?"
Room F1A (Not necessarily on the clock)

"Old Mother Hubbard may have hidden something else besides a bone"
Room F1D

"Near the TV, on the wall. What Reflects reveals it all"
Room F1C

"Start by climbing up the stair. Pause for a rest, you will find it there."
Room F2A

"Well done! Now there is just one more left, a special gift from me to you
Knock Knock! Who is there? Is someone at the door?"
Room F1A (exit)

Floor 1:

                    to F2    [   D   ]  
                   [  A  ][ C  ]
                  [    B   ]
Floor 2

             [     B  ][  C  ]
           [   D   ][  A  ]
                     to F1

ROOMS and points of interest:

F1A: Stairs, door, exit, clock, party guests, chair.
F1B: Bookcases, Painting with wall safe, computer chair.
F1C: Drapes, TV, mirror
F1D: Appliances and cupboards.

F2A: Two doors, phone, stairs.
F2B: Dresser (both doors openable), vanity.
F2C: Vanity.
F2D: Exercise equipment, huge mirror.

You will need to identify what each gift is based on the shape of the wrapped
gift and options down below. One is even a Barnie Genesis game, to which she
excalims "A great game!"

In the end, Ken gives Barbie a car. All the better to escape with, I suppose.
Seriously, they sneak into Barbie's house, plan a party, hide all of her gifts,
and then make her answer riddles...

But they hold hands romantically on the balcony and the credits roll (if
everything is done).

|                                 B8: Credits                                |

Thanks go out to my hosts for letting you see this, and my friend for putting
up with my up-to-the minute updates on Barbie's wiggling hips.

Websites with permission to use this Guide:

Barbie is copyright Mattel. Game by High-Tech Entertainment.

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