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Reviewed: 09/03/01 | Updated: 09/03/01

This game should meet your gaming standards.

Welcome to a game called ''Baby's Day Out'', which is about a film called, well, ''Baby's Day Out''. This game has basic sound, and the graphics are not too bad. As the movie was for children, this game is for children too.

Graphics : 8/10

When I first got this game, I thought the graphics would be of poor quality. They are not. The graphics are definitely not the best I have seen, though they are not the worst I have seen, either. Everything looks like it should, and there are no odd textures or mysterious bumps on the images.

Audio : 4/10

The audio in this game is not that good, though it met my expectations. You hear the occasional noise, such as a car, or the sound of a person walking, but that is all. The audio in this game is clear, with the occasional ''odd noise''.

Plot : 5/10

The plot is very basic. One day, young Baby Bink is kidnapped from his rich parents by clumsy kidnappers hoping for some extra cash if they return the baby to his parents. Well, the baby craws away from the kidnappers, and he goes off into the city, exploring. While he is exploring around the city, it is your job to make sure that he does not get run over by a car, stepped on, etc. You also have to help Baby Bink find his way back to the arms of his mother.

Fun Level : 6/10

This game is somewhat fun. The graphics are pretty interesting to watch, and the plot should keep you content for an hour. It is not dull at all, and certainly not boring.


If you do bring Baby Bink back home safely to his parents, you will probably not want to re-play this game again, because you will already know all of the techniques to win, so it will be dull.

Buy vs. Rent

I would recommend that first; you rent it, and if you like it, keep renting it. This is one of those games that are easy to win, so you will probably be able to beat it in a day or two.

Overall : 6/10

I give this game a six, because it has good graphics, fair sound, a somewhat interesting plot, and a good fun level. I would recommend this game for children under the age of ten, because this game is probably too basic for those over the age of ten.

Rating: 6

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