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Reviewed: 11/08/04

Really great platform game for all ages.

As I was playing through some games when I was feeling lonely at the time, I have come across The New Zealand Story, which was created by Taito who created the legendary 100 level Bubble Bobble. Not much to say here, except Taito did a very decent job on this gem.

Story: 9/10 It all begins where the Tiki (or YOU if you like to prefer) was living in the Zoo at New Zealand with your girlfriend (Phee Phee) and the other Kiwis, you were all playing around and having a good time together. But alas, all was not filled with love and joy, As a Sea Leopard (according to the game) comes along and puts you all in a sack and then you get carried away. You manage to escape, but your friends weren't, thus, you must set out to rescue them. The Leopard Seal was selling the all the kiwis to other zoos, but he keeps your woman to himself. Now is the time to free your friends.

Gameplay: 10/10: This game is just like Mario, you can get a choice to jump on your enemies to kill them, or shoot them with your arrows, but some enemies weren't meant for jumping on. Plus, the game has 5 worlds ( of New Zealand) you must adventure to rescue your friends, each having 4 levels. Plus, there are some hidden warp zones that you can go into and warp to other levels, pretty much rando i suppose. You can also hijack other moving vehicles from the enemies, like a balloon, some floating thing that look like a teddy bear's head, a zepplin, a UFO, AND a really fast rubber goose. But if you lose a life, you will start off in a hot air balloon. It also burrows Bubble Bobble's "extend" bubbles for an extra life thing. All I have to say is, it's very addicting.

Music: 6/10 Very cute music in this game, but it gets repititve. While in normal gameplay, it just plays the simple tune over and over again, much like a loop. When "Hurry Up" appears, the music gets more fast and intense, telling you to get to the boss or rescue your comrads, hang around, and a devil with a clock will come to get you. While your fighting a boss, the music will get a little deep and dramatic, when you start the fight, it'll sound like Jaws. You should really give yourself a listen.

Graphics: 9/10 I like how the atmosphere of the game looks, very colorful and very cheerful. Your enemies look weird and cartoony, some even animeish. Tiki somewhat has a sad look on his face throughout the game. (of course, he's lonely). When you die, you flap your wings and feet in rather a strange and cute way. All i have to say is, that the look of this game is sweet and sugary, in a good way. =) But the bosses suuure can be sour looking :P

Challenge: 8/10 This game is very challenging, even for me. I'm usually good at platform games. If you play the game, you have to be aware of your surroundings, you may never know what will happen. The challenge is to SURVIVE!!!! One hit, and your mince meat. All in all, the challenge of this game will keep you busy for a while.

Replayability: 7/10 I dunno much about this game having a replay value, maybe just get a higher score or just try and finding some secrets you had no clue about. That's pretty much all i've got to say.

Buy or Rent: Oh by all means, buy this game when you get the chance. Or play the arcade version as that version is the best of all. This version will come in second as is it way better looking than most other versions (I used to own an Amiga version myself).

Overall Rating: 9/10 A really great and wonderful platformer by one of my favourite classic games of the 80's Taito. It has everything you need to put a lil' sunlight into your day if you're feeling down. Nice gameplay, Nice Graphics, annnnd one very brave lil' baby chicken looking Kiwi who'd be willing to sacrifice himself to save his friends. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

GamingGeek, out.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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