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Golf courses beyond your wildest dreams beckon you to set food upon their fabulous fairways and Chi Chi Rodriguez challenges you to play them all--and beat them. Chi Chi's Pro Challenge Golf has got it all in the bag with the easiest interface you've ever seen in any golf game for the Genesis ! With our one-of-a-kind UltraCam, you'll get an aerial overview of the hole layout, revealing any traps or obstacles which may be in the way of your shot. You'll pull off precision shots while playing against over 20 different gutsy opponents with varying levels of mastery and mischief. When you think you'r really up to par, challenge PGA World Hall Of Famer Chi Chi Rodriguez to a golfing duel you won't forget!

- Lineup Perfect Shots With The Special Cross-Hair Feature
- An Almost Endless Variety Of Challenge In Matchplay And Strokeplay Matches
- Play With Up To Four Of Your Friends Or Choose Computer Contenders Ranging From "Careful" And "Balanced" To Ruthlessly "Aggressive."

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