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Time To Score Big!
Tecmo World Cup offers all the power and drama of professional soccer! Choose from a host of international teams and muscle your way to the top of the ranks! With competitors coming from Algeria to the U.S.A., you'll need to use all of your abilities to become a champion!
Select your offensive and defensive strategies and begin the bone-jarring, head-banging action! Aim corner kicks, throw, thow-ins, and one-on-one shots at the goal for the true test of your soccer skills! Take on the toughest teams from around the globe and go for the Tecmo World Cup!

- Tackle your opponents for a quick steal!
- 1-Player mode offers matches in professional and exhibition style play!
- Choose from 24 World Class Teams!

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#49 lowest rated GEN sports game (#226 on GEN, #10604 overall)


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