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Reviewed: 08/09/10

This was definately worth importing from Japan...

Puyo Puyo Tsuu, if you do not know, is a Japan-only puzzle game. In America, it saw releases such as Kirby's Avalanche, and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, with completely different characters. Only two characters were kept in Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine- Kaa-Chan the Carbuncle (Known as Has-Bean in America), and of course, the beans!

I'm not too sure of the storyline behind this game series, since I do not speak Japanese. However, the Korean PC version was easy to understand since I speak Korean, and this is what I found out- you are a girl named Arle, and you are battling your friends and enemies with beans. There was a RPG series of Puyo Puyo that came BEFORE this game, and you use magic to battle.

Graphics 10/10- For a Genesis game, this has superb graphics! And great animation, also! I love one of the level's backgrounds- it looks just like the clockwork in the musical Wicked. And a very in-detail version of it, too!

Music and SFX 10/10- Good and funny voice acting! I especially love Arle's shouts of "Ice storm!" and "Fire!" when she gets a combo chain. My favorite voice acting in the game though is Nomi, the small fly that you cannot see. When he gets defeated, he says "Defeat!!!" and you hear a large boom when he hits the ground, even though he is a one-pixel dot flying around the screen with a Japanese sign saying "Ko ko ni iru"/"Here" over his head. Very funny! The music gets annoying fast, though.

Gameplay 10/10- Creative idea! You're using beans, and making groups of four of the same colored beans. If you get a group to fall, then another one to fall and clear without dropping another bean yourself, you get a combo. This makes more clear beans go to the enemies playing board, imparing their board's setup. They have to make beans touching the clear beans to match so that the clear beans fade away. Very fun! In Japan, tournaments of this game were actually televised!

Controls 9/10- The controls are fine, but I wish there was a fast drop button like in Tetris... other than that, nothing special here.

Replay Value 10/10- I play this about 5 times every day! It's very addicting and fun!

Overall Score 9/10 - Without the fast drop button, I can't go faster than the enemy. So, I have a bit of trouble adjusting to the normal speed of the falling beans. If it weren't for this, the game would have gotten a 10/10 from me. Other than that, it has great voice acting, great graphics, an outstanding gameplay idea, and mediocre controls. It is SO worth importing from Japan!!! I would if I was you!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Puyo Puyo Tsuu (JP, 12/02/94)

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