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FAQ/Walkthrough by Renolan

Updated: 06/14/02

Langrisser 2 FAQ/Strategy Guide
by Renolan

History of this FAQ:

6/30/01 Work on this FAQ begun
8/3/01  FAQ sent in its mostly finished form.
8/5/01  Minor typographical fixes, briefly added how to get to ?4
8/12/01 Fixed some quotes, added this history, other minor fixes.
8/19/01 Deleted some large blocks of empty space, which probably
        appeared when I converted this from .txt to .rtf.
8/23/01 Added info for hell hound movement, fixed quote for
        walkthrough, tested out getting to ?4, more minor fixes.
9/23/01 Ran entire document through spell check,
        added more class changing information.
10/6/01 A lot of small aesthetic fixes.
11/?/01 Added info for Gleipnur and Assault Suit
4/28/02 Added Secret Shop code to Item List section.
?/?/01  Added two new movement types, various other minor fixes.


-Frequently Asked Questions

-General Strategy
     -Gameplay and basic strategy
     -Unit Matchups
     -When to kill

     -Scenarios 1-27 and ?1-?4

     -Player characters
     -Allied Non-player characters
     -Enemy Non-player characters

-Spell list
     -Damaging Spells
     -Healing Spells
     -Status Effecting Spells
     -Other spells

-Leader classes
-Follower classes

-Item list
     -Armor (or armour, depending on where you live)
     -Special/Miscellaneous Items

|                              |
|  Frequently Asked Questions: |

"H, how could I lose?" -Imperial General

What is Langrisser?
Langrisser (Warsong in the US) is a roleplaying-tactics hybrid made by
a company called Masaya. There have been many different games in the
series, but the only one to reach American shores was the first. You 
can find an old cartridge of it for the Sega Genesis if you're lucky...
or you could just download the ROM, but that's illegal.
( not that most people care ;) )

What is Langrisser 2?
Langrisser 2 takes place many years after the first. The kingdom of
Baltia (the good guys in Langrisser 1) is gone, and a new world power
called the Rayguard Empire has risen. Led by Emperor Bernhart and his
four generals, it has been taking over the surrounding countries and
searching for something... what is it? You'll find out as you play the

What's the difference between Langrisser 2 and Der Langrisser?
-DL is for the SNES, L2 is for the Genesis
-DL has a branching storyline where you can choose who you want to
 fight for after a certain scenario. (My personal favorite is
-DL has different, and IMHO better dialogue.
-L2 is much harder (that's a plus, in my opinion =P)
-L2's graphics are more anime.  Whether or not this translates into
'better' depends on your tastes.

-They both have the same basic story and characters.

Which is better, Langrisser 2 or Der Langrisser?
Neither. They're both great games in different ways. Play them both!

Some notes on abbreviations in this FAQ:
-AT = attack
-DF = defense
-A = attack bonus given by leader to follower
-D = defense bonus given by leader to follower
-MDF = %chance of evading a negative status effect
      (like charm or sleep)
-HP = Hit points. The health of the character
-MP = Magic points. The magical energy (or mana) of the character used
      to cast spells.
-MV = Movement points. How far the unit can move per turn over clear
      terrain. Different units take different penalties for rough
      terrain. (see gameplay and basic strategy section)
-L = Experience level. As you gain levels, you gain abilities. Each
     class has a set of bonuses/spells which will be gradually phased
     in. There are ten levels in each class, and at the tenth of any
     non-dead end class you will change into a higher class.
-P = Gold, cash.

|                  |
| General Strategy |

Part 1: Gameplay and Basic strategy
"We, the forces of darkness, will be the perfect instructors."

A: Go to next leader with active troops
B: Cancel
C: Select
Start: Options

You start each scenario with up to 10 heroes, each with his/her
unique advantages and disadvantages. You can use the gold you earned
from the scenario before to hire troops for them or buy special items
that increase their power. In most scenarios, you get a number of
starting positions that you can choose to post your heroes on.

The game alternates between you and the computer - you always go first.
(there are actually some advantages to being the good guy =P ) On your
turn you can move your heroes and soldiers, attack, and cast spells.
Each hero gives his/her followers attack and defense bonuses, but only
if they are within a certain distance from him/her. Their command
radius is helpfully lit up by a blinking area, light blue for you, red
for the enemy. Except for special circumstances, NEVER let your units
fight outside of that area. In the beginning, your troops will be
closely matched with the enemy and you'll want every advantage you can
get. Later on, your leaders' bonuses will be so high that fighting
outside of their radius would be suicide.

RL Note: In real life, numbers mean more than skill, but in Langrisser
2 and movies, experience has a huge effect on combat. A level 30
character could defeat an infinite number of level 5 characters, just
because they wouldn't be able to damage him for more than one point in
a blue moon (read: very rarely). Keep this in mind when fighting.

To heal your soldiers, have them spend a turn next to their leader.
At the beginning of each turn, all damaged soldiers next to their hero
will be healed by 3. Problem is, the AI tends to hit the weakest units.
Protect the guys waiting to be healed with your more healthy ones. If
you're lucky, they'll be powerful enough that the enemy will shy away
from attacking you altogether.

L1 Note: In Langrisser 1, enemies pretty much always attacked, even if
they had no chance. L2's AI is more timid - it only attacks if it
thinks it will come out on top, or if it doesn't think it will be very
damaged if it tries. You can take advantage by this by sending a strong
unit into a mass of weak ones. As long as you keep your HP high, not
one of them will try to attack you, even if they could overwhelm you if
they attacked together. Also, the AI doesn't take into account first
strike rules - a Scylla who could take down a full unit before they
even reach her would still stay away from them if their attack was high

To heal your heroes, have them use the 'health' command. This will heal
their HP by 3 and their MP by 2. (errr, that would be recharge) Healing
yourself is a very good idea if your HP is low. (surprise, surprise) In
addition to making you feel good about yourself, keeping your heroes
alive till the end of the scenario means that they get experience
bonuses. Since in Langrisser you cannot backtrack if your characters
are lagging in exp like you can in most RPGs, this is important.

L1 Note: In Langrisser 1, if a hero died, he was gone. Permanently.
Thankfully, this is no longer the case in the sequel. I'd like to think
Masaya did it to be nice, but I'm guessing it was because they didn't
want to have to write different sets of dialogue for whether each
character was alive or not. Unlike the first, L2 is very dialogue

Different types of terrain give different defense bonuses. In general,
the rougher it is, the larger the bonus. Rough terrain also means that
units take longer to pass through it. Here's a list of terrain types
and how they affect soldiers:

%: Bonus the unit gets in combat.
F: Movement cost for foot soldiers.
H: Movement cost for most mounted units.
h: Movement cost for Unicorn Knights, Silver Knights, and Hell Hounds.
S: Movement cost for sea units.
D: Movement cost for 'deep' sea units (Leviathans and Krakens)
- indicates that the terrain is impassable to that type of unit.
* means that they never show up in a scenario with that terrain type.
|             |    |   |   |   |   |   |
| Terrain     | %  | F | H | h | S | D |
|             |    |   |   |   |   |   |
| Road        | 0  | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 |
| Grass       | 5  | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 2 |
| Forest      | 20 | 1 | 3 | 1 | 3 | 3 |
| Crater      | 10 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 |
| Mountains   | 25 | 2 | 3 | 2 | 4 | 4 |
| Roof        | 25 | 2 | - | - | - | - |
| Cavern/Room | 10 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 2 | * |
| Rubble      | 5  | 2 | 3 | 4 | 3 | * |
| Shallows    | 0  | 2 | 3 | 2 | 1 | 1 |
| Water       | 0  | 3 | 4 | 3 | 1 | 1 |
| Wall        | 40 | 4 | - | - | - | - |
| Ship Deck   | 5  | 1 | 2 | 2 | 1 | 2 |
| Ship Rail   | 5  | 4 | - | - | - | - |

Try to position yourself so that you get the most out of the terrain.
The difference is not large but it does matter.

If you're a flier, terrain doesn't affect you at all (see unit matchups
for details).

Deep sea units will always get 0% when fighting on land.

Werewolves and archdemons are the only units (that I've found) who can
move across high mountains (they look white on the map but look the
same on the battlefield, and they give the same bonuses as normal

Some of your characters will be able to cast spells. In fact, all of
the higher level classes have at least one or two. Spells either damage
the enemy, heal you, or hit someone with a stats effect, which can be
good or bad. Healing spells are extremely useful, they can heal you
much faster than health commands, and they give experience to the
caster. How much experience depends on how many units the spell healed.

Damaging spells are good against enemy leaders, or large masses of
units. It's a good idea to hit the enemy leader with a magic attack or
two before you assault him directly. Leaders do fewer damage
when damaged themselves - a full health hero can do a maximum of 10
damage, but a hero with only 1 HP left can do 5 tops. Ordinary soldiers
get exactly as many attacks as their HP.

Here's how many hits a leader gets depending on his HP:
|    |      |
| HP | Hits |
|    |      |
| 10 | 10   |
| 8-9| 9    |
| 6-7| 8    |
| 4-5| 7    |
| 2-3| 6    |
| 1  | 5    |

There are other spells, but I won't discuss them here. If you want to
know more, the spells section (hopefully) has information about every
spell in the game.

You can also give your heroes special AI for their soldiers so you
don't have to give orders to each troop individually. I never use
these, I'd rather just order all my units around manually, but I'll
put them here in case they're more to your style.

Move: Soldiers follow hero as close as possible, and attack any enemy
units that they happen to find within range that are weak enough
(according to AI). Leader's icon is a shoe.

Battle: Soldiers will aggressively attack anything within command
radius unless enemy is more powerful than them. Leader's icon is a

Defend: Soldiers will shy away from fights, refusing even to get
within a single space of an enemy if they can avoid it. They will still
try to follow the leader, though, and they still occasionally attack.
Leader's icon is a shield.

Manual: Do it all yourself. Leader's icon is a pointing finger.

Part 2: Unit matchups
"Our knights cannot be stopped even by pikemen!" -Laird

Spear units get about +10AT/+10DF against mounted units.

Soldiers get about +5AT/+5DF bonus against spear units.

Horsemen get about +5AT/+5DF bonus against soldiers.

Archers get about +10AT against fliers but don't seem to do very well
against anything else.

Ranged units get a +20% bonus in forests.

Monks get about +10AT/10DF bonus against dark units (undead, demons,
and the like)

Guardsmen get about +12AT/+12DF against slimes. They also get bonuses
against dark units, though they're not as large as the ones monks get.

Other bonuses:
Flyers ALWAYS get a 25% bonus from terrain - in some cases, this
actually means they get less than an ordinary unit would on that
terrain (like if they're on a wall, ground units would get 40%, but
fliers would still only get 25) Fliers are also immune to earthquake.

Sea units get a +30% bonus over shallows and +50% over deep water.

From this, you can sort of get an idea of what kind of units will 
do best in a in a given situation. Because of the speed of their
attack, flyers seems to do well against most ground units of equal
strength - their enemies will only get in 5 shots, and then each
surviving flyer will get in 2 hits (unless you entered the battle with
less than 10 HP). Ballistae don't get any bonuses vs. flyers like
archers do, but, as Hain will proudly tell you, they still do well
against griffons because of their low defense. If you can put them
under a commander with a high AT bonus, they can do quite well against
a lot of units.

The moral of the story? Always check to see what your enemies have
before you choose your units.  Remember, you can mix and match unit
types for a single character.

Part 3: Formation
"I plan to break through the outer defences..." -Laird

In general, put weaker units behind stronger ones; common sense, right?
If you have some archers and some pikes, put the archers in back.
If your hero is a fighting class, it often helps to put him/her in
front of his troops. Since the leader is usually stronger than the
followers, enemy attackers will either have to move around the leader
to get to the soldiers, or attack the leader at a disadvantage. This is
assuming that your hero is stronger than the enemy leader. If the enemy
is a boss with much more exp, or if your hero is especially vulnerable,
(like a mage or cleric) do the reverse of this and have your soldiers
protect the leader.

If you have a whole unit that is stronger than the enemy, have that
unit spread out to cover your other forces as much as possible. A good
example of this is when you're facing enemy fliers. Since fliers move
very fast, you might not be able to get first strike with your archers.
What to do? Spread one of your own flier units out in front of your
weak units. Let the enemy come, then use archers to shoot them out of 
the sky. Again, this assumes your fliers are better or at least as good
as the enemy flyers.

If you are fighting a very powerful enemy, it's better to attack with
all your heroes together so you can bring all your force to bear. The
last thing you want to do is fight a powerhouse like Leon with a
damaged Highlander and 3 heavy horsemen. Oftentimes, you'll run into a
boss mid-scenario, when you may have already split your forces. Unless
there's something that the boss wants more than he wants to kill you
(like, say, Langrisser) retreat and delay him until you can pull
everyone together.

Also, position your forces to take the most advantage of terrain. Put
troops near the bottom of hillsides so that when the enemy attacks you
he'll be doing it from lower ground. If you can see a place within your
leader's command radius where you can get a terrain advantage, even if
it is slight, you should probably take it. Remember that horseman
cannot climb walls and suffer more penalties for moving through rough
terrain than soldiers.

Part 4: When to kill
"This is no fun if I can't exercise my sword!" -Baldo

Killing an enemy leader kills all soldiers under his command. While
this may seem like a good thing, it is a waste of perfectly good
experience. As mentioned before, you can't backtrack for level building
unless you cheat, so every bit you gain counts. Try to kill all the
followers before you go for the leader.

-There is a time limit that's running out
-Not killing the leader immediately would result in the death of one of
 your characters or NPCs.

How to make this work better:
Keeping leaders like archmages alive for too long can be dangerous
because of their meteor spells. To keep someone alive but harmless and
immobilized, damage them down to 7 or below using spells, ranged
attackers, or just plain melee units if you have to. Enemy AI ALWAYS
heals when its health is below 8. No exceptions.

|             |
| Walkthrough |
"I can never run away from the path I've chosen!"-Leon

Scenario 1 "Knights of the Rayguard Empire"
Winning Condition: -Defeat of Baldo
Losing Conditions: -Baldo escapes to edge of map
                   -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife
Heroes: Elwin, Hain

      Leon Knightmaster L4 Plate mail, Great sword, Royal Horseman x1
      Laird MagicKnight L6 Chain mail, War hammer, Heavy Horseman x2
      Movement for these 2 is limited to their command radius.

   Infantry vanguard:
      Baldo Fighter L4 Soldier x6
      Riana (hostage, doesn't really do anything except take up space.)

      Imperial General Fighter L1 Soldier x6

   Villager Cleric L2 Civilian x3

When Baldo abducts Riana:
   Jikeidan(Vigilance) Lord L2 Chain mail, War hammer, Pikeman x6

   Shisai Priest L2 Chainmail, War hammer, Soldier x4, Guardsman x2

For a first scenario, this can be kinda tricky. Buy Elwin 6 soldiers,
you'll need them all. Buy Hain between 4-6 guardsmen, he will be less
important because he starts further away from the center. Get Elwin a
knife if you want. Have Elwin attack imperial general and defeat as

many of his troops as possible. Try to have Elwin himself get in an
attack each turn, since he will be stronger than his soldiers. Go for
damaged enemy soldiers first, and try to position Elwin so as many of
his soldiers can attack while still being within 2 spaces of him.
Listen to Laird and put damaged troops next to Elwin, and have any
units that can't reach the enemy surround the damaged troop to protect
it. Don't attack a unit next to the enemy commander unless you think
you can finish it that turn, otherwise the commander will heal it right
back up again.

Once Baldo comes close, it's time to forget about the imperial general
if he's still alive. The two key passages are the space between the two
houses to the left, and the top entrance to Elwin's house. Make sure
these are blocked at all times, even if it means putting someone
outside their commander's range. If Baldo makes it through either of
those paths, you're basically screwed. Use Hain to block the left, and
one of Elwin's soldiers to block the door. Form a line above that
soldier with Elwin and any soldiers that aren't very damaged
(8-10 health). Put the damaged units behind the line so Baldo doesn't
attack them. Hopefully, Baldo will attack Hain's guardsmen, leaving him
trapped between Elwin and Hain with nowhere to go. If not, read the
next part anyway.

Hit Baldo with Hain's magic arrow and use Elwin and one of his soldiers
to take out one of the soldiers protecting Baldo. Then hit Baldo with
another soldier unit... make sure it's at full health. The idea here is
to keep his health below 8 so he can't move. If you were able to contain
him, this isn't as important. Use any remaining soldiers to attack
Baldo's other troops - only if it's within their commander's range,
though. If you can expose Baldo on two sides with Elwin and Hain still
active, you should be able to kill him. Save before you try, though.

Note: Although it is rare, it is actually possible for Riana to cast
heal on your characters during this battle. To do it, Baldo must not
have moved that turn, and she must already be in a space next to him;
basically, you have to make it so that the AI doesn't try to move her.
This isn't very important, but I thought it was kind of neat.

Scenario 2 "Besieged Manor"
Winning Condition: -Riana escapes to top of map
                   -Defeat all enemies
Losing Condition:  -Death of Riana
                   -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, War Hammer, Great Sword, Small Shield, Robe, Cross
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott
  Front gates:
     Zolm Lord L1 Soldier x4

     Imperial General Knight L1 Soldier x3
   ( Imperial General Fighter L3 Soldier x4 ) x2

  Ambush, shows up when you bring a hero to or beyond the rear bridge
  or when Zolm is defeated:
   ( Imperial General Fighter L3  Soldier x4, Barbarian x2 ) x2

     Rolan Highlord L7 Great Sword, Large Shield
                       Soldier x2, Archer x2

  ( General Fighter L5 Soldier x3 ) x2

    Riana Cleric L3 (unless you really pushed her healing last scenario,
                     which I doubt.)

Compared to the last scenario, this one is pretty straightforward.
Imperial generals of the Fire Dragon Army show up to take Riana (again)
and you have to escort her out through the back exit. Of course, things
are never that easy, and a pair of enemy commanders shows up to ambush
you. The commanders are pretty weak, and their soldiers are even worse
than the ones in the last mission since some of them are barbarians.
Plus, you don't have to worry about them escaping or any enemies
breaking through the front gates because Rolan is so powerful.

Buy at least one great sword, it gives a huge +4 attack bonus. It'll
be awhile before you see it come up in the shop again. Since Hain's
defense is so low, you might also consider a robe for him. You can go
with any number of soldiers you want, since as stated before the
enemies aren't that powerful. 4 to each hero should do nicely. Try to
take the fighting as far from the gates as possible, because the enemy
has an annoying tendency to use the +40% DF walls that are on the
outside of the manor  (Outside?! Aren't the walls supposed to protect
the defenders?) Since you don't have to worry about time, try to kill
all enemy soldiers before going for the leaders for the most
experience. Keep Hain himself behind the front lines, because his
defense is low.

Alternative Strategy: All marbles
The NPC's defending the front gate will never join you, so any
experience they get from killing Zolm's crew will be wasted. There is a
way to prevent this. Buy both Elwin and Scott Great Swords, and get 
Hain as many guardsmen as possible. Depending on how lucky Jikeidan was
last scenario, you might have some leftover cash. If so, use it to buy
some soldiers for Elwin and Scott.

When the scenario starts, disregard Scott's advice and move Elwin and
Scott to the front gates of the castle, where the fighting is. Post
Hain at the rear gate. From here on, you are trying to get as many
kills as possible with Elwin and Scott in the south, while keeping the
enemy from breaking through in the north. Go for enemy leaders above
all - although the Knight gets attack/defense bonuses against your
fighters, he has to REACH you first to hurt you, and your great sword
should allow Elwin to do 6-8 damage in a single attack. The other enemy
leaders are not very powerful, even Lord Zolm, and you should be able
to easily get them for yourself provided you keep a save state ready.
When Zolm and his cohorts are defeated, send Elwin and Scott back
around to assist Hain. When the dust clears, you will (hopefully) have
more than doubled your experience gain for this scenario.

If you're not willing to risk having Hain defend all by himself, you
can do a milder version of this strategy by having only Elwin go to the
front, and leaving Scott behind to support. You'll get less experience,
but it'll also be a lot safer. If you position Hain's troops right, you
can actually block Riana from reaching the back entrance, avoiding the
hassle altogether.

A nice side effect of this strat is that since Hain will be taking so
much damage, it's a great opportunity for Riana to practice her healing

After the manor is quiet once more, Rolan gives you a Great sword and
sends you off to Estol.

Scenario 3 "Mountain Ambush"
Winning condition: -Defeat all enemies
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
                   -Death of Riana
Items: Knife, Small Shield, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott

  Zolm Lord L3 Soldier x3, Pikeman x3

  Imperial General Fighter L2, Barbarian x1, Pikeman x5
( Imperial General Fighter L3 Barbarian x1, Pikeman x5 ) x2

When first wave or Zolm defeated:
        ( Imperial General Fighter L1 Barbarian x2, Pikeman x4 ) x3

NPCs:     Riana Cleric L? Guardsman x4

Despite the huge number of enemies, this scenario is very easy. All
soldiers except Zolm's are poorly equipped - as Scott points out, pikes
are at a great disadvantage against your swordsmen. Riana's defense and
defense bonuses are so high that you don't have to worry about her
dying evens if her 'protector' decides to charge headlong into a mass
of enemies. Just be careful not to neglect any one character too much.
You can make the scenario go faster by using terrain to your advantage
and not letting the enemy take the hills, but even when charging uphill
your soldier units will still cut them to pieces . I won't say any more
about killing the leader after his troops if you can - from now on,
that'll just be implicit.

The only real threat here is Zolm. His soldiers are stronger than
yours, so use your leaders to attack them. A great sword or two is
extremely helpful here. Try to go after him last so that your
characters will be more experienced when they fight him. Scott's
suggestion to use Hain's attack magic is also good, but make sure he's
been weakened by your fighters before you send the soldiers in.
Since Zolm's rolling fire strikes first, you want him to have as few
hits as possible.

When you finally defeat the last of the bumbling fools attacking you,
General Vargas himself shows up. However, a mysterious knight shows up
with a unit of phalanx to chase him off, then leaves as quickly as he
came. Bewildered but no less resolute, the companions continue on to

Scenario 4 "The Light Shrine"
Winning Condition: -Death of Morgan
Losing Conditions: -Death of all Shinto Priests
                   -Death of Riana
                   -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Small Shield, Robe

Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott


   Main army:
   ( Imperial General Warlock L3 Barbarian x6 ) x2

     Imperial General Shaman L1    Morgan Sorcerer L1
     Barbarian x4, Dark Elf x2     Soldier x2, Dark Elf x2, Horseman x2

   Shrine attackers:
   ( Imperial General Thief L1 Soldier x2, Pikeman x4 ) x2

    Riana Cleric L? Guardsman x4 (Charmed by Morgan on turn 4)

 Shrine defenders:
    Shisai Priest L2 Cross, Guardsman x4

    Clergy Cleric L6 Guardsman x3
    Clergy Cleric L6 Guardsman x4

 Reinforcements, arrive turn 6 near the shrine:
    Mystery Knight/Nazonoki Fighter L9 Gladiator x3

In this scenario, you're racing to defeat the enemy leader before the
beleaguered allied garrison falls. The defending clerics are no match
for the thieves that Morgan has sent. Fortunately, only the 2 thieves
are attacking - all the other enemy forces are waiting for you.

Send your characters forward, and try to defeat the warlocks quickly
- whether you kill all their units is up to you. If you plan on doing
it the slow way, use archers (if you have them) to at least knock their
HP a little so they don't bombard you with magic arrows. Enemy units
have a high attack, so use your fighter leaders to take on followers.
This way, you'll be able to destroy most of the enemy soldiers before
they even reach you. The enemy warlock leaders, however, will hit even
if the fighter's attack kills them, so it's best to attack them with
your own followers. Of course, you'll have to have <some> soldier to
soldier fighting - it'd be too slow otherwise, and you want to take
care of these guys before the shaman attacks you.

All right, challenge number two. The shaman is too inexperienced to use
any advanced spells, so he will cast magic arrow like the warlocks.
Protect Hain well, because his low defense makes him an ideal target
for dark elves. Be careful to not cross the row on the map just below
the small hill next to the road until you're ready - doing this causes
Morgan to attack. Position your characters so that the dark elves will
have to cross that line in order to attack you, and kill them first.

Morgan has a well-rounded army, so try to position yourself so that
your troops get the first strike. Use pikes on the horsemen if you have
them, if you don't just go straight for Morgan. The horsemen will
usually go for your soldiers first, giving you some time to organize an
attack before you get they hit your leaders. Cut through to Morgan on
at least two sides using soldiers and fighters, then attack. Hopefully,
you will be able to kill him before he kills you.

There really isn't much you can do about Morgan charming Riana except
trying to keep moving forward so Riana can't reach you. Your main
concern will be your characters 'accidentally' killing Riana, not Riana
killing you. Use soldiers to weaken her below 8 HP so she is forced to
spend a turn treating herself. Do NOT use leaders for this because you
will run the risk of killing her outright. Daring (or sadistic) players
can get a very small amount of extra exp by killing her guardsmen. 

Unless you're fast, Mystery Knight will reach the shrine before you do,
so I usually just cross my fingers and leave the rescuing to him (or 
her, as it turns out).

Scenario 5 "A Werewolf Howls"
Winning Condition: -Death of all enemies in 22 turns
                   -Elwin reaches top of map in 22 turns
Losing Condition:  -Death of Elwin
                   -Run out of time
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Riana, Sherry

Enemies:  Morgan Sorcerer L10 Dark Elf x4, Horseman x2

          Imperial General Warlock L8 Soldier x6
          Imperial General Thief L6 Pikeman x4, Soldier x2

        ( Werewolf L1 Wolf man x6 ) x2

    After crossing point where road turns right for a couple of spaces:
        ( Werewolf L3 Wolf man x5 ) x2

    After reaching the hill after crossing the second bridge
    or defeat of Morgan:
        ( Werewolf L5 Wolf man x4 ) x2

No matter what you do, Morgan will always survive to be in the
next scenario, although it is possible to wound him here, forcing him
to retreat. This scenario is essentially a very long chase, and how
much you get out of it depends on how much you put into it.

Despite what Sherry says, werewolves are not very tough - about as hard
as a low or mid level lord. The main threat is the thief. His attack is
high enough to kill your weaker characters. Kill him using Sherry,
Elwin, or Scott, who by this point should have class changed or at
least be close to it. Keep Hain and Riana behind them, but try not to
neglect them. Riana especially really needs experience. Have Hain cast
attack on her guardsmen to help her.

If you wish to kill Morgan or his Warlock companion, chase after them
using a knight and/or hawk knight. If you have a hawk knight, you can
use griffins to sweep out the pikemen - if you don't, you'll have to
wait for the soldiers to do it. You will have to move fast, or else the
werewolves will surround you and block your movement. Bypass the
warlock at first and go for Morgan himself. Attack him directly as soon
as possible. Because of his low defense, you should be able to either
kill him or cripple him so much he'll be stuck using the health command
for 2-3 turns. The scenario will continue even after Morgan leaves.
Once you've done that, backtrack and kill the warlock.

Scenario 6 "The Lone Warrior"
Winning Condition: -Death of all enemies
Losing Condition:  -Death of all civilians
                   -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Small Shield, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Riana, Sherry

Enemies:   Morgan Sorcerer L10 Horseman x4, Dark Elf x2
           Morgan attacks once you reach any tile above the bridge.

         ( Imperial General Shaman L1 Barbarian x6 ) x2
           Imperial General Fighter L10 Pikeman x6
         ( Imperial General Knight L1  Horseman x6 ) x2

         ( Imperial General Sorcerer L1 Barbarian x2, Pikeman x4 ) x2

       Reinforcements (show up on turn 7, enemy phase):
           Imperial General Hawk Knight L1 Griffin x6

NPCs:  Aaron Fighter L8 Gladiator x3, Soldier x3

This is the first scenario you've had in awhile where you haven't been
racing against the clock. Despite what the situation may seem, Aaron is
extremely capable of holding his own with his gladiators, so you have
all the time in the world. Don't feel like you have to rush it.

Survey your enemies first, and position your characters opposite the
enemies they do well against (pike > horse, sword/monk > pike, etc.)
This holds true for most of the missions in Langrisser 2, but this is
the first time it really comes up. Be sure to keep your pikeman leaders
surrounded on all sides by their troops, or else the enemy horsemen
will charge the gap and kill your leader. Watch out for enemy leaders
trying to disengage and attack your forces elsewhere, especially
knights - it's entirely possible to lose the character you send after
the pikemen in the middle because you forgot about the knights on the
flanks. In other words, try to keep all leaders protected by troops,
regardless of where they are.

The shaman have thunder this time around. This annoying spell damages
everyone in a unit for a decent amount. Restore damaged troops with
healing spells and by keeping them close to their leader. This is
another good reason to keep the leader surrounded. Fortunately, the
shamans' troops are weak. You should be able to destroy them easily
with horsemen, which you should have by now. If not, use soldiers.

Morgan is rather tough, so take him on with care. Use pikemen, since
they do well against both dark elves and horsemen. As tempting as it
may be, don't steal Aaron's kills. He joins you afterwards, and he
needs the experience more than you do. If all civilians are alive at
the end of the mission (which I think pretty much always happens) they
will award you with an amulet.

Scenario 7 "Revival of the Old Spirits"
Winning condition: -Death of necromancer Ginam
Losing conditions: -Death of all civilians
                   -Death of Elwin
Items: War hammer, Great Sword, Wand, Chain mail, Robe, Cross
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Riana, Sherry, Aaron

       Ginam Necromancer L7 Mirage Robe, Zombie x6
     ( Imperial General Necromancer L1 Skeleton x6 ) x2
     ( Great Slime L4 Slime x6 ) x2

  Eastern clearing:
       Imperial General Serpent Knight L1 Large Shield, Lizardman x6
       Imperial General Hawk Knight L3 Griffin x6

  Reinforcements, shows up on turn 6 at southeast entrance:
       Imperial General Assassin L1 Devil Axe, Soldier x6

          ( Villager Cleric L2, Civilian x4 ) x3
On turn 6:  Keith Hawk Knight L1, Griffin x6

Lots of new items... this is where it pays off if you've been
stockpiling cash from earlier scenarios. Try to buy as many as you can,
but don't neglect soldiers either.

Send guardsmen and monks(if you have them) into the graveyard -
guardsmen do well against slimes, and monks do well against the undead.
Slimes have very high defense and are difficult to kill... on the plus
side, they have a hard time killing anything else. Undead have a high
attack, so any units except monks will likely end up going 1 for 1 with
them. Since you will probably have fewer troops, this is a bad thing.
Watch out for thunder from the necromancers - three bursts of it can
seriously weaken anything. Keep units near their commanders to hasten
the healing process.

The other enemies you have to face in this scenario are pretty
straightforward. The lizardman's low defense means that just about any
unit can take it on off of water. Do remember that the Serpent Knight
is not an ordinary knight, and pikemen will probably just bounce off of
it. It's probably best to use horsemen against him.

The hawk knight in this scenario can really wreak havoc among your
civilian NPCs. Attack it with archers, and deploy them in a line in
front of the civilians to protect them.

At the end of the scenario, the civilians will award you with a
runestone if all three survived, and Keith joins your party, bringing
news from Kalxath.

Scenario 8 "The Great Bridge"
Winning condition: -Death of Kramer within 23 turns
Losing conditions: -Run out of time
                   -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Riana, Sherry, Aaron, Keith.
      Kramer Highlord L1 Great Sword, Pikeman x4, Soldier x2

      Imperial General Mage L1 Dark Elf x4
      Imperial General Mage L1, Wand, Soldier x4, Dark Elf x2

    Attack wave 1:
      Imperial General Magic Knight L1, Horseman x4
      Imperial General Hawk Knight L1, Griffin x4
      Imperial General Hawk Knight L6, Griffin x4

    Attack wave 2:
      (Same as attack wave 1)

If any commander in the first wave defeated, Kramer sends in the second

    Reinforcements (show up when Kramer has been attacked):
      Vargas General L1 Pikeman x4
      Zolm Lord L5 Soldier x4

      Vargas' movement is limited to 2.

The imperial vanguard outnumbers you, but they will hit you in waves,
giving you time to recover in between attacks. Spread your air units
out in front and on the flanks as much as possible, since they're the
only unit that both horsemen and enemy griffins will shy away from
attacking. Put pikemen in directly behind them, since the enemy charges
will be led by horsemen. Hopefully, one of your characters can buy
elves to take on enemy fliers - if not, just have your own fliers fight
within a healer's range to minimize losses.

You will probably lose some pikemen to the fliers while they are
fighting with the enemy horsemen. If you run out of them, just use
horsemen instead. You'll probably trade one for one in terms of kills,
but horsemen don't have much use against Kramer's pikes anyways.

When you approach the end of the bridge, the top mage will attack you.
Pull your fliers back, since she has dark elves, and attack with your
own ground units.

Once you reach the end, take on Kramer pikes with your own Lord(s).
If you want to get the most experience, kill the bottom Mage first. She
should fall to anything except pikemen. Even fliers could take her on,
since elves don't do so well when they're on the defense. Against
Kramer himself, use your knight(s) and follow up with your lord(s) if
that wasn't enough to finish him off.

By the time Vargas and Zolm show up, you should already be well on your
way to victory, so they should not be a threat. If you would like to
kill them anyway, use horsemen to take down Zolm, monks or soldiers
against Vargas' pikemen, and horsemen again to attack Vargas himself.
Scott does well here because of his large attack bonuses. If you can
spare it, have a mage or shaman hang back to provide supporting fire.
Sleep is extremely effective. Keep in mind that this part is strictly

Scenario 9 "The Siege of Karzas (yeah, I know the spelling isn't
consistent) Castle"
Winning Condition: -Death of Laird, the second in command of the
                    Blue Dragon Knights
Losing Conditions: -Death of all Kalxath defenders
                   -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Riana, Sherry, Aaron, Keith

    Laird Silver Knight L1, War hammer, Heavy horseman x4
    Attacks when all imperial knights are defeated, although he will
    defend himself if you come within his command radius.

 ( Imperial General Lord L6 Berserker x4 ) x2

Mountain pass guards:
 ( Imperial General Magic Knight L6, Soldier x4, Horseman x2 ) x2

 ( Imperial General Mage L4, Dark Elf x4 ) x2

   Imperial General Dragon Knight L3 Griffin x4
   Imperial General Knight L10 Horseman x6

NPCs (Castle defenders):
 ( General Fighter L7, Soldier x6 ) x2
   General Lord L1, Soldier x6

Lots of strong enemies... but you should be strong too. First of all,
you can forget about attacking as a single group - if you only go up
one side of the mountain, the knights on the other side will assist the
lords when they see they have nothing to fight in front of them. Second
of all, the Blue Dragon Knight blue Dragon Knight (sic) is very strong,
and any fliers you send at him will probably get fried before they even
get close. If you don't have archers, hit him with horsemen and magic.
Third of all, don't even think about charging up the mountain itself,
since the mages and archers will cut you to pieces.

With that in mind, split your forces so that they're relatively even,
and put your stronger commanders and archers nearer to the center so
that they can assist whichever group the dragon knight goes after. If
for some reason the dragon attacks the castle, then you should reload
and change your move orders so that there is something of yours within
the knight's range that he can go after. If you want, after you defeat
the dragon knight, you can move everyone except one group of pikes to
one side, and use the pikes the keep the knights are the other side
busy. If you do this, make sure the pikes have a good leader, (like a 
shaman) or else the imperial soldiers will destroy them. 

However you choose to do it, fight your way steadily. You might want to
send your fliers ahead to sweep out the berserkers trying to storm the
ramparts of Kalxath castle. As always, remember your unit counters.

When Laird attacks, hopefully whatever he goes after will have pikes
nearby. Use them to block him from reaching your vulnerable leaders
until you're ready to take him on. If you don't have any pikes left,
then... well, you're screwed. Laird is several levels above any of your
characters. Use attack and protection on your pikemen when they fight
Laird, they'll need every bonus they can get.

Scenario 10 "The defender of the Raul River"

Winning condition: -Death of Lester
                   -Changes to Death of all enemies
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: War hammer, Great sword, Wand, Chain mail, Robe, Cross, Necklace
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Sherry, Aaron, Keith
   Pirates (ally after turn 3):
       Lester Crocodile Knight L7, Merman x6
     ( Kaikozu Pirate L3, Merman x4 ) x2

   Monsters (show up on turn 3)
       Great Slime L6  Slime x6
       Great Slime L10 Slime x6
       Great Slime L8  Slime x6

     ( Werewolf Werewolf L10 Wolf Man x6 ) x2

     ( Scylla L1 Lizardman x6 ) x2
     ( Scylla L3 Lizardman x6 ) x2
       Scylla L6 Lizardman x6

Plenty of good items, including a new special item, the necklace. Any
one of your characters could benefit from this right now, since it
gives good benefits without getting in the way of weapons or armor.
Mages will probably end up swapping it for an orb later on, though. How
many you buy is up to you - I bought 4 and went into the scenario with
14 troops, but that's just me =P.

This scenario really begins in earnest on turn 3. However, if you want
to get some experience before that, have your flyers quickly take out
the two pirates. Do NOT touch Lester. On turn 3, a horde of monsters
shows up, and any surviving pirates will become your allies.

Despite the large number of enemies, this isn't too difficult.
Werewolves and slimes are too weak to be a real threat, and lizardmen
have terrible defense. Scylla can get deadly, but if you have archers
you should be able to handle them. If you don't have archers, just
use magic to take their number of attacks down from 10, then gradually
whittle them down with troops. Don't charge out to meet the enemy water
units. Stay on the shore so that they fight at a disadvantage. 

Be sure to leave experience for Lester, since he joins you afterwards.
His pirates will not - if they somehow manage to survive they will
simply retreat after a certain point.

If for some reason you defeat Lester before the monsters show up, the
scenario will end and Lester will escort you to Jessica without you
fighting any monsters. Lester will still get the exp bonus as if he had
survived the scenario, but you miss out on all the exp the monsters had
to offer.

Scenario 11 "Inside the Flame"
Winning Condition: -Death of all enemies
Losing Conditions: -Death of Elwin
                   -Death of Jessica
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester

  Egbert Zarvera L7 Wand, Mirage Robe, Necklace 
  Armored Soldier x4  (Leaves second part of turn 2)

  Battle group north:
     Imperial General Hawk Knight L5 Necklace, Griffin x6
     Imperial General Assassin L3 Berserker x2, Pikeman x4
     Imperial General Swordsman L1, Berserker x6
     Imperial General Mage L3 Pikeman x2, Dark Elf x4

  Battle group south:
   ( Imperial General Magic Knight L1, Horseman x6 ) x2
     Imperial General Mage L5 Pikeman x2, Dark Elf x4
     Imperial General Serpent Knight L1, Lizardman x6
Attacks when you cross the bend in the road by the single tree, or when
first battlegroup defeated.

Eastern Reinforcements on second part of turn 6
or when all other enemies defeated:
         Imperial General Hawk Knight L6, Griffin x4

NPC:     Jessica Sorceror L5, Soldier x4

Egbert sets Jessica's field on fire in the second part of turn 1 - at
the end of both the player's and enemy's phases, it spreads one space.
Anything unfortunate enough to be in one of those spaces is burned to
a crisp. As a result, you have to move, and quickly. 

Position your forces so that you have good counter troops facing the
enemies in front of you, then just charge. On this battle, always save
your game before you hit end turn, because Jessica will occasionally do
something stupid and put herself within 2 spaces of the flame. If she
does this, reload and send one of your troops to where she went, and
she should go somewhere else.

Don't trigger the second battlegroup until you feel you can hold them.
The knights are fast, and they will go for your weakest characters. If
your formation is too open, they might charge past you and attack
Jessica. She is weak after having transmigrated, and a single horse
charge will almost always kill her.

The Hawk Knight comes at a very bad time, at the start of the enemy
phase right on your flank. The only thing you can really do about it is
try to keep Jessica and her weak soldiers surrounded as best as you can
without hurting your offensive too much. Turn 6 is the critical stage.
Once it's your turn again you should be able to kill him easily.

It might be possible to defeat Egbert in this scenario, but I've never
done it. It is definitely possible to defeat some of his troops by
powering up some of your heavy horsemen or luring them into the flame.

Scenario 12 "The Holy Land Reital"
Winning conditions: -Death of all enemies
                    -Get the Dark Rod
Losing condition:   -Death of Elwin
Items: Wand, Robe, Orb
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica
  Sanctum Guardians:
     Witch L1 Wraith x4
   ( Living Armor L1, Gargoyle x6 ) x2
These guys remain passive until Egbert arrives.

  Outer Shrine Guardians:
     Ghost L5 Wraith x4

     Cerberus L3 Hell hound x4
     Master Dino L1 Bone Dino x4

   ( Great Slime L10, Slime x6 ) x2
   ( Great Slime L8, Slime x6  ) x2

     Egbert Zarvera L7 Wand, Mirage Robe, Orb
Shows up once any of your units reaches the foot of the second set of
stairs. Takes the dark rod the next turn, then disappears the turn
after. I doubt it's possible to defeat him, unless you've been level
skipping - only a flyer could hope to even reach him in time.

Lots of new enemies in this scenario. Cerberuses (Cerberii??)/ Hell
Hounds and Master Dinos/Bone Dinos are horse units. Ghosts are weak
only against monks, and gargoyles are flyers. Living armor are
essentially high lords with different spells. With that in mind, you
should be able to position your troops to defeat them. Favor Jessica a
LOT in this scenario, because she is way behind in experience.
Fortunately, there are 4 groups of slimes begging to be torched.

After Egbert shows up, the Witch and 2 Living Armors attack. Watch out
for meteor, it's probably the most powerful magic you've seen so far.
Keep those healing spells and monk crosses ready. Use dark elves on the
armor's gargoyles and then charge with horsemen. If you don't have
elves or horsemen, fliers will do.

There is a secret on this map. Go to the upper left platform, and move
Elwin onto the tile that is in the top right corner of it. He'll make
a note of it, then ask you if you want to investigate afterwards when
the scenario is over. Say 'yes' to go to secret scenario #1. Thanks to
Pyrolight for this information.

Scenario ?1 "The Temple of Muscle" (it gets worse =P)
Winning condition: -Death of all enemies
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: Devil Axe, Iron Array, Plate Armor
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica
  ( Aniki Builder L1 Barbarian x6 ) x2
  ( Aniki Builder L1 Wraith x4, Berserker x2 ) x2
  ( Aniki Builder L1 Ballista x4, Berserker x2 ) x2

On the platform:
    Adon and Sampson: ( Builder L9, Golem x4, Wraith x2 ) x2
      They attack on turn 6, or when one of your heroes reaches the
      top row of statues.
    Varan: Builder L10 Golem x4, Wraith x2

Turn 10: Varan starts countdown, when it is finished all enemies are

First, a little history. Masaya, the company that made the Langrisser
series, also made a certain 'homoerotic shooter' (to quote the Clouds
of El Salia, a now dead Langrisser site) starring Samson, Varan, and
Adon. Thankfully, it was never released in the US. Anyway, these guys
have somehow managed to creep into the Langrisser world. This is an...
interesting... little scenario, to say the least. If nothing else,
these dudes give huge amounts of experience and cash.

This scenario is a good time to start favoring whoever you plan on
making into a swordmaster. I usually say it's best to split exp evenly,
but in the next few scenarios you will want to have some good phalanxes.

Golems are essentially improved phalanxes, so arm yourself accordingly.
Ballistae aren't as deadly against your air as archers, but they are
much worse on your ground units. They have high attack and a range of
6. If you have thunder, you can cast it on the ballista leaders, since
they will usually get ahead of their troops. This will destroy the
ballistae before they get close enough to hurt you. They have a very
low magic resistance.

Builders have an insanely high attack, don't even think about attacking
them when they have 10 health. Use magic to knock them down a bit
first, then send in your best leaders. When the builder dies, use
healing magic to accelerate their climb up from what will probably be
a very low HP. Surround them with troops strong enough to ward off
attack from the other anikis. Rinse and repeat. Heavy horsemen and
griffins work well too. Sleep is extremely effective.

Enjoy the dialogue in this scenario. You'll never see anything quite
like it, unless you do the secret scenario in Der Langrisser too =P.

Scenario 13 "Battle with the Fire Dragon Corps"
Winning condition: -Death of General Vargas
Losing condition : -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica
  Left wing:
          Imperial General Swordsman L4 Berserker x4, Dark Elf x2
        ( Imperial General Magic Knight L1 Horseman x4, Soldier x2 ) x2
  Right wing:
          Imperial General Swordsman L4 Berserker x4, Dark Elf x2
          Imperial General Bishop L5 Wand, Pikeman x6
          Imperial General Bishop L5 Wand, Ballista x4, Soldier x2
        ( Imperial General Dragon Knight L4, Griffin x6 ) x2
  Rear guard:
          Imperial General Bishop L5 Wand, Ballista x4, Soldier x2
          Zolm Highlord L9 War hammer, Horseman x4, Berserker x2

  When you move any unit two spaces past the row of houses (the same
  row the last bishop is on) Vargas shows up and he and Zolm attack.
          Vargas General L8 Devil Axe,
                            Armored Soldier x4, Heavy Horseman x2
Vargas' AI is totally berserk in this scenario, it reminds me of the
Warsong AI...

How tough this scenario is depends on how experienced your characters
are, and how many expensive items you've bought. If your characters are
strong, you don't really have to worry much about tactics here, since
you'll be able to just roll over everything. If not, then you'll have
to do some planning. As usual, position your forces for effective
countering. The best way to take on ballistae is to use phalanxes, but
any unit with a protection spell on them can probably manage. Remember
that mounted and water units can't move over houses. Watch out for the
two dragon knights. If it looks like they're going for a group that
can't handle them, pull that group back to your main force. The problem

with this mission is that your forces tend to get really spread out due
to the positions of your enemies, and sometimes a powerful enemy will
make you wish they weren't. If you get clobbered, it's time to consider
taking the mission a little more slowly. You should definitely not
trigger Vargas until you've killed everything above that row of houses.

Once Vargas appears, regroup your forces and choose a spot to meet him.
If you're confident, pick a relatively open space so that you hit him
hard and quickly. If you're not, choose a narrow alley where his
horsemen will have trouble hitting you, and you can hit him from all
sides with troops, leaders, and magic. Put units on the rooftops beside
the alley, but not directly next to it, and not so forward that Vargas
or his troops can reach them by climbing. When Vargas arrives, he
should be open on at least two sides, and within range of all your
characters - timing and placement are everything. Pick out your best 2
leaders, and have everyone else hit Vargas with magic. Hopefully, the
pair will be able to finish him.

Either way, let them come to you so you can take down Zolm first - you
don't want to fight them both at the same time. Zolm is a bit stronger
but he should be no match for your horsemen. If you're having trouble,
power them up with an attack spell.

Yes, I know I said to favor your would-be swordmaster last scenario.
This isn't the scenario where you need him, but keep feeding him kills

Upon defeating Vargas, Leon and Laird appear, and a short dialogue
takes place between them. One of the things that I like about
Langrisser II is that the villains are not just one dimensional
cookie cutters - they are human, with dreams, virtues, and vices just
like any of the heroes. The party shares a brief moment of silence for
the fallen general before spending at least five times as long
mourning a certain cookie cutter. Some things never change.

Scenario 14 "The Race for Langrisser"
Winning conditions: -Elwin, Jessica, or Sherry reaches Langrisser
                    -Death of Blue Dragon Knight leader Leon
Losing conditions : -Leon reaches Langrisser
                    -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica
   Rear guard:
    Imperial General Lord L1, Soldier x6
    (Damn, this guy is obsolete... well, Blue Dragon Knights are known
     for cavalry, not infantry...)
    Imperial General Swordsman L4 Berserker x6
  ( Imperial General Mage L5, Ballista x6 ) x2

    Imperial General Serpent Knight L7, Lizardman x4

   Air force:
  ( Imperial General Dragon Knight L4, Griffin x4 ) x2
    Imperial General Dragon Knight L6, Griffin x4

   (Will go for Langrisser until turn 5, then attacks nearest enemy)
    Laird Silver Knight L5, War hammer, Berserker x2, Dark Elf x4

   Imperial Descendent of Light:
   (Arrives second part of turn 3, charges for Langrisser)
    Leon Royal Guard L2, Great Sword, Plate Armor
    Royal Horseman x4, Armored Soldier x2

Both you and the Blue Dragon Knights are equally determined to get
Langrisser. This mission can be either incredibly easy or incredibly
hard, depending on how experienced you are and how much you try to do.
If Sherry is a flier, all you have to do is send her in and the mission
is won. However, if she isn't, or if you want to get more experience
out of this, further measures are needed. If you got yourself a
swordmaster like I suggested, this is where it pays off.

The main threat in the enemy ground guard is the ballistae - use
fireball or thunder to take them out quickly. Laird is inexperienced
enough so pikes/phalanxes should take him with no trouble. If your
phalanxes are tied up (see next paragraph) use your own knight, he
shouldn't be that far behind Laird in experience. You will meet him
after you have probably already defeated the rest of the land forces
except Leon, so you shouldn't have to worry about being preoccupied.
Enemy air and sea units are numerous, but not too tough. Keep the
fighting somewhat close to the shore, so your land units can support.

All that's left now is Leon. At the start of the mission, you should
send your best pike commander - preferably Elwin - to secure
Langrisser. Not to take it. Just to secure it. This is why I said you
should favor your future swordmaster a couple of scenarios back. Block
the doorway, and have him hold fast until the rest of your leaders
finish off the other enemies and come up. Then, just bombard Leon and
his men with spells and powered-up phalanxes. If you feel that he's too
much for you, all you have to do is move Elwin onto Langrisser to end
the mission. Defeating Leon is strictly optional. Note that trying to
take him on with a character below his third class change (fourth class
level) is mostly a matter of luck. (read: extremely hard)

Langrisser in hand, the party heads to the heart of the empire to
confront the emperor and Alhazard.

Scenario 15 "The Battle at Roleck River"
Winning conditions: -Defeat General Imelda, leader of the Ice Dragon
                    -Elwin reaches bottom two rows of map
Losing condition:   -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica
    Imperial General Serpent Knight L1, Lizardman x4

    Imperial General Serpent Knight L7, Lizardman x4, Dark Elf x2

   Shore guard:
    Imperial General Mage L3, Ballista x6
    Imperial General Bishop L5, Ballista x6
    Imperial General Swordsman L4, Berserker x6

    Imelda General L6, Speed Boots
    Armored Soldier x2, Heavy Horseman x2, Ballista x2

   Dark forces (Reinforcements, arrive on second part of turn 6):
    Larna Dark Princess L1, Vampire Bat x4
    Scylla L10 Leviathan x6
    Wyvern L1 Gargoyle x6

   Scott (shows up turn 8 and rejoins you) Angel x4
   Gains 7-10 levels, depending on length of level up bar.

The enemy starts out in an extremely good position. Luckily, Imelda
is too impatient to take full advantage of it. Don't attempt a river
crossing with your land forces until you have defeated the 3 Serpent
Knights and the reinforcements that show up later. This may involve
spending some time doing nothing, but it's better than having to fight
tough enemies in the middle of a river where your mobility is seriously
restricted, and catapults raining boulders on you from the far shore.

Dark princess shows up in the top center of the map, on the left side
of the hill. Be sure that none of your weaker characters are exposed to
attack there, or her bats will suck them dry. Hit them with archers,
then use one of your fighters to defeat her. She shouldn't be too hard
if you have been leveling properly, but if she is you should probably
modify this strategy and deploy your characters on the sides, away
from where Larna shows up.

Once you do decide to cross, do it on the right side, where there are
enough shallows to make a ford of sorts. You may want to send a sea or
air unit to take out the artillery on the left side, but that's purely
optional. Whenever you're attacking ballistae, have someone cast
protection on whoever's doing it. Defeating Imelda is optional as well,
but there is no real reason why you shouldn't, since she's about as
tough as Vargas. Just keep weak commanders like mages out of range of
her catapults, which get the general's large attack bonus. In fact,
keeping weak characters out of range of ranged units in general is a
good idea. 

Scott shows up midway through the scenario in the upper right and joins
you once more. He comes with angels, a flier that has less offense than
griffins but much more defense. They're also immune to magic - a
definite plus. Use them to help you clear the shore.

Scenario 16 "The Blue Dragon Knights Again"
Winning condition: -Death of Leon
                   -Elwin reaches the gates of Bernhart's castle
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: War hammer, Great Sword, Wand, Longbow, Chain mail, Plate Armor,
Cross, Necklace, Orb.
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica.
   Gate defender:
    Leon Royal Guard L4 Great Sword, Plate Armor
    Royal Horseman x4, Ballista x2
   Moat defender:
    Imperial General Saint L3 Phalanx x4, Berserker x2

   Turret artillery:
     ( Imperial General Archmage L1 Phalanx x2, Ballista x4 ) x2

   Offensive forces:
    Laird Silver Knight L6 War hammer, Chain mail
    Armored Soldier x2, Heavy Horseman x4

    Imperial General Knight Master L1 Berserker x2, Heavy Horseman x4
    Imperial General Dragon Lord L1 Griffin x6 (attacks turn 3)

   Dark forces (Reinforcements, arrive on turn 8 from the north):
  ( Ghost L5 Wraith x4 ) x2
    Larna Dark Princess L1 Dark Elf x2, Elemental x4

Leon and Larna will hang back and defend, but they will shoot anything
that comes within they range. If you ever attack them, or if you've
killed all the imperials, they will come out and attack you. (Note that
'imperials' here does not include ghosts)

This castle is built for a tenacious defense, with unscalable walls
and a narrow bridge across the moat that can be easily pounded into the
ground by falling meteors. The best way to deal with this defense is to
force it to turn into an offense. Don't attack it, let the imperials
come out to you.

Put ranged attackers and mages on the flanks, with your fighters in the
center. Bombard the archmages and ballistae in the towers (don't you
love always going first?) with your own magic and ballistae. Make sure
that both mages are knocked down to 7 HP or lower at the end of every
round so they're too busy healing themselves to retaliate. Use
protection on your artillery before you send it to attack.

Meanwhile, have the fighters hang back, ready to cast support or
healing magic on your other characters. The knights will eventually
sally forth to meet you, as will the ghosts that Larna brings with her.
Let them. It's a lot easier to fight them on clear terrain, where you
can maneuver, and where the imperials will have their own maneuvering
impaired by their own moat. Cut them down as they emerge, while your
other characters finish off the archmages. The last character you'll
have to kill before taking on the tough stuff is the saint guarding the
bridge. Because she has no real offensive magic, use this time to heal
and prepare your formation for the true challenge. You might want to
have a flier move just out of range of the ballistae so that Larna
wastes all her MP trying to meteor him/her - it makes the coming
battle a bit easier.

Protect your phalanxes in this scenario - you'll need every one against
Leon. He and Larna attack as soon as the last Imperial General falls.
Put phalanxes in front, and do anything - attack, protection - to
increase their stats. You do not want Leon breaking through and hitting
your (relatively) fragile commanders. Pound Leon with magic, then
attack with your powered up phalanxes, and hope it's enough. Trying to
get Larna too is risky, and not particularly worth it. If you must,
(like me =P) take out Leon's horsemen and then use spells to knock him
down to 7 each turn - like you did with the archmages - while you send
your dragon lord and maybe someone else to defeat Larna's elementals.
They are not weak against archers, so the dragon's breath is really the
only way of dealing with them that doesn't result in your losing a lot
of troops, unless you bought monks. Since your troops are probably
somewhat battered by this point, that's important.

If you still do not have a 4th level character with phalanxes, then you
should probably just go for the gate. I think it has to be Elwin,
even though the objectives don't specify, because I tried doing it with
my dragon lord and it didn't work. Use low level troops to distract
Leon, or have lots of units surround Elwin while he makes a break for
it. Boots of speed help. Have other characters take out the ballistae
and dark elves. Use magic to keep Leon too busy healing to attack.
Heck, try anything you want - without that fourth class level, it'll be
tough regardless.

Scenario 17 "Emperor Bernhart"
Winning condition: -Death of Emperor Bernhart
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: War hammer, Great sword, Wand, Longbow, Chain mail, Plate Armor,
Necklace, Orb, Speed Boots.
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica.
      Throne room:
          Bernhart Emperor L1 Ballista x4, Royal Horseman x2
          Bosel Dark Master L1 Dark Guard x6
        ( Imperial General Wizard L3 Phalanx x2, Ballista x4 ) x2

      Hall guard:
          Imperial General Saint L6 Phalanx x4, Heavy Horseman
      Stair guard:
        ( Imperial General Saint L3 Ballista x4, Berserker x2 ) x2
        ( Imperial General Archmage Ballista x2, Berserker x4 ) x2

Reinforcements (arrive second part of turn 5 at south entrance):
        ( Imperial General Magic Knight L10 Heavy Horseman x6 ) x2

This being an indoor map, your horsemen will have serious problems
moving. Just bear with it, you'll still need them when confronting
Bosel's Dark Guards.

Bernhart has prepared a nice ambush for you, but you still get to go
first. Use the same strategy against enemy mages and ballistae as you
did in last scenario - weaken them down to at least 7 HP, then take out
their troops one by one with protected ballistae of your own.
Meanwhile, have your melee troops gradually sweep the place clean of
any other enemies. You might want to leave behind a unit of phalanxes
to greet the enemy reinforcements.

Watch out for the wizards' blast spell - it is incredibly powerful, and
could easily kill one of your heroes. Keep your leaders a good distance
away - you should be able to, because all your fighters should have
necklaces - or do the old knock down to 7 trick to stop them from
casting it. Blast has a pretty short range. Resist is helpful, but you
might not have it at this point.

Don't try to confront Bernhart and Bosel until you bring all your
heroes over, although you may want to send kamikaze troops in before
that to kill Bernhart's ballistae. Use dragoons against dark guards,
and phalanxes against Bernhart's horsemen. Bosel himself should fall
easily enough. Weaken Bernhart with magic first, otherwise his attack
will likely do the full 10 damage to anything that attacks him. Use
meteor to crush his throne into rubble, eliminating the 40% bonus, then
hit him with your best characters. Be sure to have your dragon lord
pick up the goodies in the fireplaces in the throne room (again, thanks
to Pyrolight).

Scenario 18 "The Dark Princess Larna"
Winning conditions: -Death of Great Dragon
                    -Death of Dark Princess Larna
Losing conditions:  -Death of villagers
                    -Death of Elwin
Items: War hammer, Great sword, Wand, Chain mail, Plate armor,
Necklace, Orb, Speed Boots.
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica.
     Battle group south:
    ( Minotaur L1 Bone Dino x4 ) x2

     Battle group north:
      Larna Dark Princess L3 Elemental x6
       Attacks when all enemies but her and Great Dragon defeated.
      Great Dragon L1 Gargoyle x4, attacks turn 5

      Wyvern L6 Gargoyle x6
    ( Scylla L10 Leviathan x6 ) x2
    ( Witch L1 Wraith x4 ) x2

Villager NPCs: ( Villager Cleric L2 Civilian x4 ) x2
Orders option: Go west, go south, or stay.

Your forces come into this scenario pretty scattered, so you should
make sure each character is ready to deal with whatever's nearest him/
her -  you should know unit counters by now. Or, you could put your
most mobile characters in the furthest positions, and have everyone
group together at the center of the map. Whether you go offensive or
defensive is your call, but remember Scylla are weaker on land, and if
you charge them they'll probably still be on the water.

There are a number of ways to go about this scenario, but in
general you should use the town walls and houses to your own advantage,
since they provide terrain bonuses. Tell the villagers to go wherever
you want, but having them stay where they are allows you to use the
houses and walls as fortifications while staying within range of their
healing spells. Just be careful that nothing slips through - gargoyles
are good at doing that. Pikemen do well against bone dinos, but make
sure you have some other unit types around to deal with the minotaur
leaders. You should be able to handle scylla and wyverns by now. 

Great dragon is not that tough, your best heroes should be more
than a match for him. Hit him with spells, leaders, and powered up
troops until he falls. If you decide to go after Larna, send your
dragon lord and leave behind one angel for your characters to cast
force heal and protection on. If you go for Larna, make sure that you
do not kill Great Dragon while you are fighting her, since that will
cause Larna to retreat.

If all villagers are alive at the end of the scenario, they award you
with a crown. This is a very useful item, like an improved version of
the necklace.

Scenario 19 "Battle at Mireil"
Winning condition: -Defeat Imelda in 23 turns
Losing conditions: -Death of Elwin
                   -Run out of time
Items: Longbow, Plate Armor, Cross, Necklace, Orb, Amulet
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica
    On the ship:
     Imelda General L10 Wand, Amulet, Ballista x4, Phalanx x2
     Imperial General Wizard L3 Ballista x4, Dark Elf x2
     Imperial General Archmage L4 Ballista x4, Phalanx x2
    On the docks:
     Imperial General Saint L5 Armored Soldier x6
    On the water:
     Imperial General Serpent Lord L4, Lizardman x6
     Imperial General Dragon Knight L8, Griffin x6

    Eastern Reinforcements (arrive when someone has reached the ship):
     Laird Silver Knight L9 Heavy Horseman x4, Berserker x2
     Imperial General Dragon Knight L10 Griffin x6
     Imperial General Lord L10 Phalanx x6

Another scenario with lots of mages and ballistae... start off by
sending all your forces out, although you may want to keep a mixed
group of pikemen and soldiers to greet the enemy reinforcements.
Resist the urge to have everyone go at their own speed unless you're
really confident - you want to keep your forces together. If you think
you can handle it, have everyone move at their fastest because it will
take some of the pressure from the timer off you. Ballistae are not a
very good choice for this mission because they're so slow, and your
mages will do most of the long-range attacking anyway. If you want,
you can give your ballista commander boots of speed to aid their

To get to secret scenario ?2, bring Elwin to the top-right corner of
the map. Elwin will say something about the enemy's reinforcements, and
then at the end you will have the option of confronting them. To get
him there in time, give him speed boots if he can equip them, and have
him go for that place above everything else - no stopping to attack
enemies. Thanks to Pyrolight for this info.

Once you reach the ship, have horsemen take out the Saint, and use
mages to keep pressure on the enemy mages and destroy their ballistae.
If you don't have meteor by now, feed your archmage kills using your
other characters to speed him up. Meteor is crucial for crushing
ballistae. Try not to fight the serpent lord in the water if you can,
since defeating him with that 50% bonus will be extremely tedious. You
shouldn't have to worry about the dragon knights, since they're lower
leveled than the one you had to fight to get into Bernhart's castle -
just hit them with archers and let whoever needs exp the most get the
kill. Watch out for Imelda's and the wizard's blast, they can take out
your leaders if you're not careful. If you do this right, you can
destroy all the ballistae without them firing a single shot. Of course,
you could just go in and kill them with troops if you want to.

By the time you reach Imelda, you should have things wrapped up. If
you're pressed for time, kill her right away, but otherwise send a
couple of leaders to deal with the reinforcements. Except for Laird,
they are exceedingly weak, practically walking experience, so feed them
to your weakest character.

After defeating Imelda, the party prepares to leave for Velzeria.
If Elwin discovered the enemy reinforcements, you get a chance to
defeat them before you go.

Scenario ?2 "Fierce Battle of Dires"
Winning condition: -Death of all enemies
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: Flame Lance, Mirage Robe, Crown
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica
  North wing:
  ( Imperial General Serpent Lord L4 Lizardman x6 ) x2

  East wing:
    Folger Dragon Lord L9 Griffin x6
    Seigal Dragon Lord L9 Griffin x6
    Imperial General Dragon Knight L10 Griffin x6

  South wing:
  ( Imperial General Dragon Knight L10 Griffin x6 ) x2

  West wing:
  ( Imperial General Serpent Knight L10 Lizardman x6 ) x2

Hopefully, you've been stockpiling cash for awhile, because there are a
heck of a lot of rare and useful items to be bought here.

Each character in this scenario is on their own, isolated from the rest
of the party and surrounded by enemies. Fortunately, you get to choose
who goes where. The weaker characters should go in the bottom left,
where enemies are weakest. Buy maximum troops for any characters you
don't have much confidence in. Put archers in the lower right, that's
where the most enemy fliers are. Place sea and air units wherever you
don't want anyone else, since they're the only units in this scenario
with any mobility.

It's kind of odd that a person like Imelda would inspire so much
loyalty. Anyways, take Elwin's advice and use fliers/sea units to cover
weaker characters. Because there are so many tough enemies, you need to
be careful with your troops. Don't try to get into a war of attrition,
because you'll probably lose. Healing and protection spells help a lot.
Surround damaged troops with healthier ones to protect them until you
get a chance to heal them.

Scenario 20 "The Red Sea"
Winning condition: -Death of all enemies
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica
   Fayas Demon Lord L1 Golem x2, Archdemon x4
 ( Witch L3 Wraith x4, Ballista x2 ) x2
They hold position until reinforcements arrive.

 ( Minotaur L3 Golem x2, Bone Dino x4 ) x2
 ( Scylla L10 Leviathan x6 ) x2

   Reinforcements (arrive second part of turn 9 ):
     Kraken L4 Leviathan x6
   ( Wyvern L6 Gargoyle x6 ) x2

Golems are boosted phalanx, and demons are very powerful units that are
weak only against monks. All the other enemies you should have fought
before, and if you did scenario ?1 you'll know about golems too. Keep
those counters in mind when choosing your units.

This sea battle gives you a bit more control than the last one. Here,
you both start out on ships, and they're large enough for you to do
some actual maneuvering. It's probably best to let the enemies come to
you rather than try to attack. If you go on the offensive, you'll end
up meeting on the gangplank, which is an encumbering place to fight.
If you wait until they board your ship, you can surround them on all
sides and cycle in the appropriate counter unit to deal with them. Be
sure not to put your leaders too close to the entrance, or the enemy
troops will get bogged down outside. You want to give them plenty of
space on your ship to move onto so you can cut them down efficiently.

Another reason for fighting on your own ship is that it makes it easier
for your heal spells to affect anyone you want. Since there are two
witches on the other ship raining meteors on you, this is a good thing.
Try to distract them with your own magic as much as you can, but if it
looks like it's not working feel free to shift your fire to the enemy
fighters. This scenario is a lot about patience, unless you've done a
good job leveling, in which case it doesn't matter =P. Regardless, you
should hold off on killing Fayas until you've had a chance to destroy
his reinforcements - waste not, want not.

Scenario 21 "Marionette"
Winning condition: -Death of all enemies
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica
  Main force:
    Larna Dark Princess L6 Crown, Elemental x6

  ( Succubus L1 Vampire Bat x6 ) x2
    Witch L5 Ballista x4, Wraith x2
    Living Armor L4 Golem x4, Bone Dino x2

  South shore:
    Witch L5 Ballista x4, Wraith x2
    Living Armor L4 Golem x4, Bone Dino x2

  Sea Reinforcements (arrive second part of turn 9):
  ( Kraken L5 Leviathan x6 ) x2
    Kraken L8 Leviathan x6

  Imperial General Archmage L6 Armored Soldier x4, Ballista x2
  He arrives either on the second part of turn 12 or when Larna is
  defeated, and replaces her.

The forbidden continent doesn't have a natural dock, so the party will
have to go on foot to reach the shoreline. There is a large group of
monsters led by Larna bent on stopping them. The hardest thing about
this scenario is the terrain - you'll still be struggling to reach the
shore when the succubi start dropping meteors on you. Be patient, and
use healing and resist spells a lot. A single resist spell makes a
whole unit immune to any offensive spells for a full turn... very

Once you make it to the shore, the hardest part is over. The witches in
the mountains will rain meteors on you the same as the succcubi on
shore, but you will have much more maneuverability on land. Go slow and
steady, and don't try to charge into battle with an already damaged
character. Keep using those heals and resists.

You may want to leave a couple of characters on the ship to deal with
the krakens that come in on turn 9. Otherwise, the enemy sea units 
might attack your forces still trying to cross over the water.

Killing Larna in this scenario isn't necessary, but it allows you to
get a crown, which is a very useful special item. In order to get to
her before the archmage arrives, you'll probably have to send your
dragon lord/master, alone. Keep behind one angel for your characters to
cast protection, attack, resist, and force heal on, and have him just
go for Larna. Don't waste time on any of the other units. This is
optional, and risky, but the reward is good. Larna carries a crown.

Scenario 22 "Alhazard's Revival"
Winning condition: -Death of all enemies
Losing conditions: -Death of Elwin
                   -Death of Jessica
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica
     Bosel Dark Master L6
     Larna Dark Princess L6
If any unit crosses a certain point - it's on the same line as the last
blue stone on the first path - Bosel finishes the ceremony.

   ( Witch L5 Necklace, Wraith x6 ) x2
   ( Iron Golem L10 Golem x6 ) x2

     Egbert Zervera L8 Orb, Ballista x4, Dark Elf x2
     Imperial General Archmage L8 Ballista x6
     Imperial General Archmage L8 Ballista x4, Armored Soldier x2
     Imperial General Saint L9 Armored Soldier x3, Phalanx x3

   Summoned by Egbert after Bosel finishes the ceremony:
     Bernhart Emperor L10 Great Sword (Alhazard after defeating Bosel)
                          Dark Guard x6
Chaos monsters and Imperials turn on each other.

Your first problem in this scenario is the pair of witches sitting in
the cave throwing meteors at you. You should give your archmage
ballistae and have him and any other offensive magic users cast meteor,
fireball, or thunder on the witches. Have your ballistae damage the
witches enough so they can't spellcast (the old 7 trick) and then
gradually take down the wraith followers. If they aren't powerful
enough, you can have someone cast attack on them, or you can just
ignore the troops and kill the leader straight away. Because the
witches are so far away, and their magic resistance so strong, their
meteors *will* hit you for a while, and this strategy may simply not
work. Just use grit your teeth, use heal spells, and keep moving. If it
gets really bad, you can try resist.

Iron Golems are essentially powered up versions of ordinary golems. Use
armored soldiers to defeat them, supported by fliers. Keep your
horsemen in back, out of range of the golems' spears.

Use meteor/thunder/fireball to destroy the archmages' ballistae on the
platform. Against Egbert, send the best fighter your left side has, and
cast resist on him/her if you can.

Larna plays no role in this battle, although you can attack her if you
want. 'Killing' her does not affect what happens at the end in any way.

Don't go near Bernhart until you're ready. If you plan on doing
Jessica's dimension shift, you can try to lure Bernhart to attacking
one of your troops, moving himself ahead of his guards. If you plan on
killing him and his soldiers, mass all your dragoons and cast attack
on them. If you have zone, use it to make things a lot easier. For 
Bernhart himself, knock him down with a magic arrow or two, then attack
with your best heroes - preferably a knight, because Bernhart is a
soldier-type unit. Because he'll have less than 10 HP, he won't be able
to kill any of your characters in one fight. Cross your fingers and
hope that your 4 best leaders are enough. If not, there's always
Jessica's dimension shift. Even if you manage to kill Bernhart, the
game will act as if Jessica did it.

At the end, Riana gains about 15 levels, and Larna gains about 30. Both
of them join you.

To get to scenario ?1, bring Elwin to the base of the pillar to the
right of Bernhart, 6 spaces down from the top of the screen. Then, have
someone meteor the pillar that blocks the left staircase, and move
Elwin to the end of the tunnel on the far left. (5 spaces down) Again,
thanks to Pyrolight.

Scenario ?3 "Magic Dragon's Lair"
Winning condition: -Death of all enemies
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: Dragon Slayer, Dragon Scale, Aura, Gleipnur, Gyaral Horn.
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Riana, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Larna.
      Witch Mage L1 Wand, Bone Dino x4, Vampire Bat x2
      Great Dragon L1 Elemental x6
    ( Great Dragon L1 Golem x4, Vampire Bat x2 ) x2

   3 o'clock:
      Great Dragon L1 Bone Dino x4, Vampire Bat x2
   5 o'clock:
      Great Dragon L1 Gargoyle x4, Golem x2
      Great Dragon L1 Wraith x4, Slime x2
   7 o'clock:
      Great Dragon L1 Gargoyle x4, Golem x2
      Great Dragon L1 Wraith x4, Slime x2
   9 o'clock:
      Great Dragon L1 Bone Dino x4, Vampire Bat x2

Second part of turn 3:
Witch transforms into Saint L7, Longbow, Mirage Robe, Elemental x4.

There's a treasure trove of cool items in this scenario, but there's
also a lot of enemies. Try to buy as much stuff as you think you can
without getting crushed in this scenario. Pick up any summon item you
haven't already, and spend the rest on Dragon Scale and Dragon Slayers.
Sell some of your old stuff if you don't think you'll ever use it, or
if you think it's a good tradeoff. Remember, these items will never
appear in a store again.

Onto the actual fight. This scenario is hell. You're in a cave
surrounded by meteor-chucking dragons, and your characters are jammed
together in a single entrance corridor. If you try to charge forward,
you'll find yourself in the center of the map with every dragon hitting
you. If you don't, the area-of-effect spells will take their toll on
your packed units. Either way, you're in for a world of pain.

First off, any character who takes more than 2 damage from meteor
should either be put in back or put under a constant stream of resist
spells. Even 2 damage is kinda risky. Second of all, don't try to
charge out to meet the dragons. You want to make them come to you, and 
you also want your characters in range of each other. Compact your
forces, use resist on your most vulnerable characters, and heal a lot.
A healer with the Masayan Sword can make a killing in this scenario.
Put any weak characters behind the main battle line - far behind, so
they don't get bashed by any stray meteors.

After the first couple of turns, things should calm down. Dragons don't
have a lot of MP, and their spells cost 8 apiece. If you're confident,
charge out to take advantage of their shortage - otherwise, just keep
back, and methodically kill anything that gets too close. Keep in mind
that charging will probably result in you getting hit by more meteors
from the dragons that didn't get a chance to reach you before.

Scenario 23 "The Light Rod"
Winning condition: -Find Light Rod and bring it to top of map
                   -Death of all enemies
Losing condition:  -Light Rod is lost
                   -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Riana, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Larna.
      Laird Silver Knight L10 Great sword, Necklace, Royal Horseman x4
    ( Imperial General Dragon Lord L10 Elemental x3 ) x2

    ( Imperial General Paladin L8 Phalanx x4, Heavy Horseman x2 ) x2
    ( Imperial General Saint L10 Dark Elf x4, Berserker x2 ) x2
    ( Imperial General Paladin L10 Berserker x4, Phalanx x2 ) x2
    ( Imperial General Wizard L10 Orb, Ballista x4, Phalanx x2 ) x2

There are a lot of weak enemies to kill in this scenario - the problem
is, they won't always stay in one place to let you. Your objective is
to search the building's rooms and find the Light Rod. There are 4
possible locations, each of which can be reached by one of the doors
near the center of the hallway. The rooms that are conveniently right
next to your starting positions are always empty.

This scenario is all about controlling the center of the map. Single
out your strongest non-flying fighter and put him/her in the front
center. Put your two best mages or ballista characters behind the
fighter. Hopefully, your best character is strong enough that most of
the imperials will be too scared to attack him/her. This means your
mages and ballistae are free to shoot at anything that comes into the
hall. Move these three as far forward as they can go. If you can block
the center, great - if you can't, that's all right, just shoot any
leaders that try to enter one of the rooms to stun them (knock them
down to 7). The paladins favor the rooms on the bottom, so your
ballistae should be able to hit them easily. Keep trying to move your
line further towards the center. The more enemies you distract away
from searching, the better. As long as your center characters can
take it, that is.

Meanwhile, put your flier(s) in front on either one of the side
positions. Then, place your remaining characters, soldiers in front,
horsemen in back (this is a building map, so horsemen are slower). Have
everyone move at top speed - your fliers should be able to reach the
center when the enemy paladins are just entering the rooms. Hit them
hard, but be ready to pull back a bit once the dark elves start
emerging. Have your ballistae focus on them if there aren't any
paladins entering the rooms, since dark elves have inferior range and
terrible defense.

The main generals you have to worry about are the two front paladins.
By the time any of the other searchers show up, your flanks should be

Light Rod in hand, Riana and Larna prepare to break the seal on
Langrisser, unleashing its full power. However, Larna's thoughts are

Note: The character who picks up the Light Rod will lose the item that
was equipped in his/her weapon slot. In other words, do NOT pick it up
with any character wielding a rare item (like, say, Langrisser).

Scenario 24 "Light and Dark"
Winning condition: -Death of all enemies
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Robe, Amulet
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Riana, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Larna.
    Vampire Lord Archdemon x4, Vampire Bat x2

  ( Witch L7 Ballista x4, Golem x2 ) x3
  ( Cerberus L10 Hell Hound x6 ) x3
  ( Demon Lord L1 Archdemon x4, Elemental x2 ) x3

Your first priority here is to take down the Vampire Lord. Put horsemen
in front, fliers on the flanks (the extreme starting position away from
all the other characters), and any other troops in back. Hopefully, you
will be able to defeat the vampire by turn 2 or 3. Use protection on
your units before you send them in, because the vampire's attack will
strike before any of your troops can actually reach him.

Of course, it only gets harder. The demon army is very well-balanced.
Hell hounds may be weak, but they can still mow down monks if you let
them, and you'll need all the monks you can get to deal with the
archdemons and elementals. Meanwhile, witches are raining meteors and
ballista shot on you. As with scenario ?3, if anyone takes more than 2
damage from a meteor, it's time to start thinking about resist. You
*will* lose troops - you can't keep counters for 3 different unit types
on the front lines at once - but you can minimize losses by using
spells like resist, protection, and heal2.

If you have a serpent master, you might consider giving him the
southeast position and moving him into the river. The southern half of
the enemy army will break off and attack him, but if he's a serpent
master (that's 5th class level, approximately 40AT 42DF) they shouldn't
be able to touch him. Doing this buys the rest of your army time to
deal with the other monsters.

Scenario 25 "The continent's strongest knights"
Winning condition: -Death of all enemies
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: War hammer, Great sword, Wand, Longbow, Arbalest, Chain mail,
Plate armor, Cross, Necklace, Orb, Speed boots.
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Riana, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Larna.
   Front row:
   ( Imperial General Wizard L7 Wand, Orb, Armored Soldier x6 ) x2

   Middle row:
     Leon Royal Guard L10 Flame Lance, Large shield, Amulet
                          Royal Horseman x6
     Laird Silver Knight L10 Great sword, Plate armor
                             Royal Horseman x 6
     Imperial General Knightmaster L10 Royal Horseman x6

   Back row:
     Imperial General Dragon Lord L10 Necklace, Griffin x6
   ( Imperial General Paladin L10 Heavy Horseman x6 ) x2
   ( Imperial General Paladin L10 Necklace, Heavy Horseman x6 ) x2

A nice, straightforward melee, with little terrain to get in the way.
Egbert returns Jessica to you at the start of the battle, but she joins
with no MP, so she won't play much of a role here. This is the first
and last time you are actually required to defeat Leon, but you should
have had plenty of practice.

Basic strategy: All-out assault

Put phalanxes in the middle, and dragoons on the side. You might want
to mix in a couple of units of elves with one of your phalanx leaders.
You want to kill both wizards by the end of turn 1 - you don't want to
have to deal with any magic but your own in what is already a very
intense battle. Make a line out of your *good* phalanxes stretching
from one dragoon group to another, forming a U, with your weaker
characters in back. It's hard to figure out which of your characters
are tough enough except by trial and error - if Leon mauls the unit
at the start of the enemy's first turn, then you know. Hopefully, you
will have enough good units to form an unbreakable line. If you don't,
you might want to try the other strategy.

When the enemy charges you, take out the royal horsemen first - they
are the most dangerous. Leon's amulet lessens any magic attacks you
throw at him, but the other commanders have no such restrictions. Zone,
Charm, and Sleep to your heart's content. Always make sure that your
leaders are protected, since it only takes one horse charge to send a
mage or soldier type character to oblivion. Keep fighting, and use
heal2 a lot - *after* everyone else has attacked.

Because the enemy tends to cluster around your flanks, where the
horsemen are, you might want to send a 'fodder' unit in front of the
center. Leon will charge this unit, and you will be able to attack him
from all sides instead of just with one flank. Taking down Leon early
makes the rest of the scenario much easier.

Finesse strategy: Mountain defense
This starts out the same as the above, use dragoons to kill the two
wizards. However, instead, of having the phalanxes support them, have
them stay by your starting position, forming an n-shaped line along the
forests and mountains below the main road. Put the characters with the
worst A/D bonuses on the mountains, they'll need the +25% bonus more
than anyone else. If for some reason you have characters that can't
recruit phalanxes, dragoons, or angels, put them as far behind your
lines as you can.

On turn 1, the royal knights will charge and kill some of your
dragoons. Hopefully, your leaders are strong enough that they will not
be attacked. On turn 2, retreat all your surviving cavalry back to your
main line, and await the enemy assault. The teleport spell helps here.
Cast protection/attack on anyone whose troops bonuses you're not
confident of. When the enemy charges, just kill them all, using the
same spells as described above, but without moving your line away from
the protective terrain.

The advantage of doing it this way is that your phalanxes can take
advantage of the mountains and forests to get defensive bonuses. Also,
you're using the edges of the map as your flanks, which are much more
stable than dragoons. The disadvantage is that on turn 1 your dragoons
are in a very precarious position, and if your leaders aren't powerful
enough they could easily get killed by either Leon or Laird.

One interesting thing to note is that Leon's unit will never attack
Larna in this scenario, no matter how heavily the odds are stacked in
his favor.

Scenario 26 "The Black Dragon Sorceror's Trap"
Winning condition: -Death of Egbert
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: War hammer, Great sword, Wand, Longbow, Arbalest, Chain mail,
Plate armor, Cross, Necklace, Orb, Speed boots, Amulet.
Heroes: All
   Left tower:
      Imperial General Archmage L5 Orb, Ballista x2, Dark Elf x4
      Imperial General Wizard L7 Orb, Armored Soldier x4, Ballista x2
      Imperial General Saint L10 Armored Soldier x4, Heavy Horseman x2
   Center tower:
      Imperial General Archmage L5 Orb, Ballista x4, Dark Elf x2
      Imperial General Archmage L7 Wand, Ballista x4, Dark Elf x2
   Right tower:
      Imperial General Archmage L5 Orb, Ballista x2, Dark Elf x4
      Imperial General Wizard L7 Orb, Armored Soldier x4, Ballista x2
      Imperial General Saint L10 Armored Soldier x4, Heavy Horseman x2

      Imperial General Knight Master L10 Amulet
      Heavy Horseman x4, Dark Guard x2

      Egbert Zarvera L10 Dark Rod, Mirage Robe, Elemental x6

You've been through scenarios like this before - you start out on low
ground, and the enemies are meteor-chucking mages and ballistae behind
unscaleable walls. Use the same tactics as before - hit them with
ballistae and meteors of your own. Since this is the second-last
scenario, you might want to ditch the 'knock down to 7' routine and
just kill them outright. Either way, you will still end up getting hit.
There are 6 mages sitting on the parapets, way too many for you to
suppress/kill at once.

If your fighters have good magic resistance, send them ahead to attack
the saints at the base of the towers and cast resist on your mages.
This extends the life expectancy of your ballistae, which are very
vulnerable to magic. If your fighters do not have good magic defense,
buy them an amulet - you need magic defense more than you do physical
defense. If you'd rather not use fighters at all, a group of ballistae
under a serpent master, resist, and protection could probably wipe out
all three towers. However you decide to do it, resist is very useful.

Once the towers fall silent, it's time to go after Egbert. Hit the
knight master with dragoons or phalanx - you will definitely need a
couple of dragoons to deal with his dark guards. Egbert's elementals
aren't tougher than any of those you've already faced, his bonuses are
not very good. Just be careful not to put any heroes near him until
you've taken out most of the troops unless they have high stats,
because the knight's dark guards are strong, and even the horsemen
might cause trouble for a mage.

Scenario 27 "The end of a legend"
Winning condition: -Death of Bernhart
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: All
 Final boss:
    Bernhart Emperor L10 Alhazard, Chain mail
                         Dark Guard x4, Dark elf x2

 Shows up in enemy phase after Bernhart is attacked or all but
 Bernhart defeated:
    Leon Royal Guard L10 Flame Lance, Large Shield, Necklace
                         Royal Horseman x4, Dark Guard x2

        Imperial General Saint L10 War hammer, Chain mail, Cross
                                   Dark Guard x4, Phalanx x2
        Imperial General Saint L10 War hammer, Chain mail, Cross
                                   Phalanx x4, Dark Guard x2
      ( Imperial General Wizard L8 Robe, Orb
                                   Dark Elf x4, Ballista x2 ) x2
    Dark allies:
      ( Demon Lord L10 Archdemon x6 ) x3
        Vampire Lord L10 Archdemon x4, Vampire Bat x2

In some ways, this is easier than the last scenario. You don't have as
many mages to deal with, and the two wizards that you do have to fight
do not start out as close to your forces anyway. This is a
straightforward melee. However, these enemies are the toughest bunch
you'll see in the game. This being the last battle, that shouldn't come
as a surprise. Unless you really want to, forget about killing troops
first. Go for leaders whenever possible.

Put monks in the front, directly in front of the enemy demons. Place
dragoons/soldiers on the sides to attack the saints, and put any
leftover troops in the center or rear. If you want, make a unit of
phalanxes and have them hang back while the rest of your forces fight.
Use monks to cut away the archdemons and elementals protecting the
demon lords, then use a powerful fast attack leader like the princess
or royal guard to kill the demon lord itself. If you can, use powered
ballistae to knock the demon lord down to 9 so that if your attack
fails the demon doesn't kill your character. Keep those healing spells
handy, and try to wait until the end of the turn to use them.

Vampire Lord periodically hits you with meteor, but don't go after him
until you've killed everyone except him and Bernhart. You want to have
all your characters (except maybe that pike commander) around when you
attack him. Also, any hero that kills the vampire lord puts him/herself
in striking distance of Bernhart's Dark Guards, so you want to have a
healer ready. Unlike the demons, Vampire Lord can be hurt by magic, so
feel free to soften him up before you attack. Remember, he's weak
against monks.

If you decided to get some phalanxes in this scenario, this is where
you'll be thankful. Leon shows up after you first attack Bernhart at
the entrance. If you don't have phalanxes, just hit Leon with powered
up dragoons and magic - his resistance is high, but he still takes one
damage from spells. He has the same unwillingness to attack Larna that
he had back in scenario 25.

Bernhart's magic resistance is pretty bad considering he's the last
boss. Charm, sleep, and zone all work on him, as do all damaging
spells. Zone him, use meteor to pound his throne into the ground, then
hit him hard with cavalry.

Enjoy the ending, even though it's untranslated. Langrisser 2 is a very
enjoyable game, and there are plenty of things to do even after you've
beaten it. You could try different character classes. Or you could try
to complete the mission objectives you weren't able to do before. Or
you could replay just to experience the world and characters of
Langrisser all over again.

Scenario ?4
Winning condition: -Death of Bernhart
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: Flame Lance, Dragon Slayer, Odin's Buckler, Angel Wing, 
Heroes: All

  Level 1:
  Vargas AT 83 DF 54 Devil Axe, Chain mail, Necklace
                     Armored Soldier x4, Heavy Horseman x2

  Level 2:
  Imelda AT 72 DF 56 Wand, Large Shield, Necklace
                     Armored Soldier x4, Heavy Horseman x2

  Level 3:
  Leon AT 93 DF 69 Flame Lance, ?, Necklace
                   Royal Horseman x4, Dark Soldier x2
  Laird AT 71 DF 49 Flame Lance, Plate Armor, Necklace
                    Royal Horseman x4, Dark Soldier x2
  Demon Lord AT 75 DF 60 Elemental x6

  Level 4:
  Egbert AT 68 DF 56 Dark Rod, Mirage Robe, Orb, Elemental x6

  Level 5:
  Bosel AT 81 DF 57 Alhazard, Mirage Robe, Orb
                    Archdemon x4, Elemental x2
( Demon Lord AT 75 DF 60 Archdemon x6 ) x2

  Level 6:
  Bernhart AT 99 DF 72 Alhazard, Assault Suit, Gyaral Horn
                       Dark Soldier x4, Ballista x2

I know I said that scenario 27 had the toughest enemies in the game. I
lied. Getting through this scenario requires having insanely high
stats, and that means using multiple runestones. If you want to be able
to beat it without excessive level skipping, start the game, choose
your favorite character, and give all experience to him/her. You should
choose either Elwin or Sherry because they start out closest to you.
Masayan Sword helps a lot.  To reach this scenario, from the title
screen, go to the load menu and press left, right, start, c. You will
then be able to access all scenarios in the game, including this one.

Someone told me that you can get to this scenario without level
skipping by having all characters on level 10 and fully promoted by the
end of this scenario. However, several people have told me this is not
true. I have tried it out myself, and it didn't work, but that doesn't
mean that there isn't a way, since this person says that he was able to
get it to work. There might be another condition you have to meet, like
getting a certain score (the game rates you at the end of scenario 27).

If you want a more detailed speculation about how the heck to reach
this scenario, see the game script, scenario ?4.

Your characters come into this scenario split, with forced placement.
You control only Elwin and Hain, all other heroes are NPCs.  Each time
you defeat the main enemy leader on a level, all characters on that
level will come under your control. The chance of you 'saving' any of
the characters on the upper levels is pretty low. Vargas, Imelda, and
the Blue Dragon Knight crew will all attack aggressively the NPCs on
their level, then move on to you. Bosel and Bernhart will stay where 
they are and defend themselves. Egbert and Bosel's demons will attack
Bernhart for some reason. If you give the 'captured' characters AI
other than manual before this mission, their troops will follow that
AI. They will also heal themselves if they get hurt.

There isn't much to say about tactics in this scenario... either you
have high stats, or you don't. Try to keep a magic user alive - Hain is
a good choice, since he starts in the same general area as Elwin and
Sherry. Use magic to hit the enemy leaders before the fighting
character attacks, so that s/he will never take more than 9 damage. 
Remember, a warlock does as much damage to Bernhart as a zarvera when
using magic. You can use the narrow passageways in between floors to
prevent enemies from swarming you, or from killing Hain. Heal2 is
extremely helpful if you manage to rescue a character who has it.

Note: The music for the enemy phase in this scenario changes to the
theme music of whatever enemy hero you're fighting.

|            |
| Characters |

*** Spoiler Alert: This section contains critical plot information ***

The class changing advice is entirely my *opinions*, there are many
ways to get through the game and the classes I put in parentheses after
each character are only one possible route.

Player characters:
"...as ever the same, I see..." -Aaron

For class changing charts, see Pyrolight's FAQ.

Elwin: A wandering swordsman, he has traveled on his own since the
death of his foster father, Doren. One day, while staying at a village,
his friend asks him to help defend it from imperial soldiers. It would
be the beginning of a series of adventures that would change his life.

Elwin has a strong sense of justice and is very aggressive in battle,
always willing to do what he thinks is right. He is the son of
Ledan/Garett and Chris/Mina from Langrisser 1, and therefore a 
Descendant of Light, one of the few able to wield Langrisser.

  Natural bonuses: +1 A, +1 D

Class changing: There are 2 possible 5th-level classes for Elwin, Hero
and Royal Guard. Although they are both pretty good classes, only Elwin
can become a hero, while Scott is allowed to be a guard and has no
other choice within the 5th-level tier. Regardless, you should still
have Elwin spend at least one class as a knight since otherwise his
offense will suffer. Highlander is a good time because that's about
when Scott leaves you.

(Fighter, Lord, Highlander, Swordmaster, Hero)

Alternatively, you can go the King path. You'll miss out on the
highlander class, but the king gives almost as many bonuses as the
swordmaster and hero combined, in half the experience.

(Fighter, Knight, Highlord, King)

Hain (Hein): A young magician who befriends Elwin while he is staying
at his village. A childhood friend of Riana. He is an extremely fast
learner, but remains a boy at heart throughout the game.

Class changing: Hain's the only character early on who can get elves,
so I usually make him sorceror. I keep him on that path (ie always
choosing the middle class on the class change) the whole time since it
includes the best magic-oriented classes, and allows you to get meteor

(Warlock, Sorcerer, Mage, Archmage, Zarvera)

Riana: A young maiden of light training to be a healer. She lost her
sister at a young age. For some reason, the Empire has taken a great
interest in her. She is shy and formal, but still makes a good addition
to the party.

   Natural bonuses: +2 D

Class changing: She's the best healer early on so I just keep her on
the healer path, it gets her the best healing spells and good bonuses
early on, and some unique support magic later like teleport.

(Cleric, Healer, Priest, High Priest, Agent)

Scott: The son of the lord in charge of protecting Hain's and Riana's
village. He is very cool-headed, and knowledgeable of tactical and
political matters. His presence is a great asset for players trying to
learn the game.

  Natural bonuses: +2 A

Class changing: Well, the only 5th level class open is royal guard, so
it would probably be best to keep him as a knight all the way through.

(Fighter, Knight, Highlander, Knight Master, Royal Guard)

Sherry (Shelly): This white-haired tomboy also happens to be the
princess of Kalxath, the most powerful in an alliance of nations trying
to oppose the Empire. She is an excellent fighter, wild, impulsive, and
energetic... much to Keith's dismay. It can extremely funny watching
her personality and Hain's bouncing off each other.

  Natural bonuses: +1 A

Sherry is the Mystery Knight (Nazonoki) who saves you in scenario 3 and
helps you again in scenario 4. She is also a Descendant of Light. Her
ancestor is Sabra/Narm in Langrisser 1, although the two have little in
Note: Lance's last name in Langrisser 1 was Kalzas, which is what
Kalxath is sometimes translated as. Connection? Sherry and Narm both
had the ability to become a dragon knight, and Lance was also a dragon
knight in the end.

Class changing: Sherry gets a lot of flexibility, and she could easily
excel in a number of different areas. I like princess most because it's
a unique class, and also because its attack just plain rocks. Before 
that you can go hawk-dragon knight (for power) or shaman-bishop (for
magic and faster level ups). Shaman-mage also works. Highmaster is a
mediocre class, so don't bother with it.

(Fighter, Hawk Knight, Dragon Knight, SilverKnight, Princess)

Aaron: This old man is Sherry's sensei, and taught her most of what she
knows about swordplay. Despite his age, he is a strong fighter, with
endurance to match any of the younger members of the party.

Class changing: What you do here depends on how much you hate high
masters. If you go the himaster path, you should have him spend a class
or two as a knight, and you should definitely not use ranged weapons
except for maybe just once to see what they look like and how bad they
are. If you don't go himaster, then you can choose whichever 4th level
class you like most.

(Fighter, Shaman, Magic Knight, Archmage)

Keith: Captain of Kalxath's aerial troops, and also Sherry's ward. He
gets the unenviable job of ensuring that the princess keeps to her
studies. He takes his duty to her and his kingdom very seriously, a
contrast to the more light-hearted princess.

  Natural bonuses: +2 D

Class changing: This guy's a natural flier through and through, and the
dragon classes are pretty good besides.

(Hawk Knight, Dragon Knight, Dragon Lord, Dragon Master)

Lester: Jessica's student who guards the Raar river, the only way one
can reach Jessica's hut. He is a harsh man with a loose temper who
curses a lot, but he is good at heart and opposes everything that the
Empire does.

  Natural bonuses: +2 D

Class changing: You might not want to go the serpent route because of
the movement penalties, but Lester as a serpent lord/master has some of
the best ballistae in the game, great for dealing with enemy ballistae
when they're hiding behind walls. If you don't go serpent master, just
choose whatever 4th level class you like most.

(Crocodile Knight, Serpent Knight, Serpent Lord, Serpent Master)

Jessica: An ancient magician from the time of the kingdom of Baltia.
She knows more about the history of Langrisser and Alhazard than almost
anyone else. She possesses the wisdom of hundreds of years inside of
her, and has spent her many lifetimes fighting against the forces of

In Warsong, she was called Calais.

Class changing: Her options are pretty much the same as Hain. Since you
already have a zarvera you might want to send her on the sage-summoner
path instead.

(Sorcerer, Mage, Sage, Summoner)

Larna(Lana): Riana's twin sister who was kidnaped and mind-controlled
by Bosel. She fought against Elwin and his crew as Dark Princess Larna.
An outcast even among Imperials, she was shunned by all the Imperial
commanders except Leon, who treated her as a normal woman even in

  Natural bonuses: +1 D

Class changing: Same options as Riana. Choose whichever magic user
appeals to you most.

(Cleric, Healer, Priest, High Priest, Agent)

Allied Non-player characters:
"Such spirit!" -Sherry

Rolan/Loren/Lauren: Scott's father, he aids Elwin, Hain, and Riana
early in the game. A stern character with a strong sense of duty, he
is somewhat hard on those under him, easily disappointed in what he
sees as failures.

Doren: Elwin's foster father, he cared for the orphaned boy until he
was killed by Fayas. Elwin then became a wanderer, searching the world
over for his father's killer.

Enemy Non-player characters:
"Yesterday's friends are today's enemies.
 Today's enemies are tomorrow's enemies!" -Seigal

Baldo: A craven killer and swordsman who thinks he's a knight. He is
the one who kidnaps Riana in Scenario 1 and then slaughters the
civilians before Elwin and Hain kick his sorry arse.

Leon: Leader of the Blue Dragon Knights, said to be the finest horsemen
in the world. He is kind and honorable, but entirely devoted to his
lord, Bernhart. He believes that Bernhart's ambition for uniting the
continent is the only hope for peace. Leon is a Descendent of Light.

Laird: Leon's second in command and friend. He is loyal to his General,
and in turn Leon trusts him like he does few others, entrusting him to
carry out important tasks and allowing him to ride into battle at his

Zolm (Zilmu): Right hand man of General Vargas of the Fire Dragon 
Corps. An incompetent old fool, but he is tenacious and doesn't give up

Vargas: Leader of the Fire Dragon Corps, the division of the Empire's
forces which is composed mostly of infantry. Called 'The Valiant' for
his exceptional courage in battle. He is a proud man, and the disaster
that his father got his army into while he was a child keeps his mind
weighted with shame.

Morgan: An eccentric mage who works for Master Egbert of the Black
Dragon Sorcerors. Think a scaled down version of Kefka. He shrieks a
lot and enjoys killing things. He is one of the people sent out by the
Empire to look for information regarding Alhazard.

Kramer: A commander in the Blue Dragon Knights, he is assigned to guard
the mountain pass leading to Kalxath castle. He prefers death to

Egbert (Eggbert): Leader of the Black Dragon Sorcerors. He is cold and
calculating, and has both magical and tactical mastery. A former
student of Jessica's, he believes that immense power is needed to
combat darkness, and the only way to get that power is to use the power
of darkness itself.

Imelda: Leader of the Ice Dragon Navy. An extremely harsh leader, she
sometimes kills her own troops as punishment for disobedience. Imelda
has little patience for tactics or maneuvering, preferring to overwhelm
her enemies with brute force.

Seigal and Folger: Two Dragon Lords in the Ice Dragon Army. The
commander and second-in-command respectively of the relief army that
arrives too late to save Imelda. Intensely loyal to their general, they
will stop at nothing to avenge her death.

Bosel: Prince of Darkness, he has been revived by Chaos to bring death
and destruction to the world. Still weak after his revival, he has
allied with Emperor Bernhart to achieve his ends. He is the one who
showed Bernhart how to acquire Alhazard.

In Warsong, he was Ganelon, the master of Senefaria. Ganelon was the
penultimate boss, the last person Garett/Ledan had to fight before
confronting Chaos. Senefaria is Velzeria in Langrisser 2.

Fayas: Archdemon sent by Bosel to kill Elwin while he was a child in
his attempt to eradicate the Descendants of Light. Fayas killed Doren,
Elwin's foster father, but was grievously injured in the process. His
wound weakens him still.

Bernhart: A man with obscure origins, he rose in the ranks from a
common soldier to becoming the Emperor of the strongest nation on the
continent. He seeks power to unite men and crush their petty squabbles.
He is willing to use any method, good or evil, to bring order to the
world. And all too often evil is the most efficient way.

|        |
| Spells |

The effectiveness of spells depends on the caster's level (NOT on their

Levels 1-3: Minimum area of effect and damage for spell
Levels 4-7: +1 radius if area of effect, +1 damage if an offensive 
Levels 8-10: +2 radius, +2 damage.

I haven't figured out if it affects magical accuracy in any way.
(i.e. the success rate of sleep and stuff like that)

For some reason, the AI does not like to reduce its MP to 0. It will
always use health on itself if the only spells it has would reduce its
MP to 0.

Damaging Spells:
"If you must whine please do it in heaven!" -Imelda

Magic Arrow
Cost: 1
Range: 5
Damage: Low
Area of effect: 1 space
Learned by: Warlock

A nice spell for nudging near death enemies into oblivion, or for
softening up enemy leaders before you attack directly.

Cost: 10
Range: 2
Damage: Extreme
Area of effect: 1 space
Learned by: Wizard, Dragon Master, Royal Guard, Zarvera, Hero

An extremely brutal spell, it's probably more dangerous to you than the
enemy. The enemy's best leaders usually have high magic resistance, and
you'll want to be able to hit their troops besides. However, if you're
not careful, this can take one of your own seemingly healthy characters
and send him/her to oblivion.

Cost: 2
Range: 4
Damage:Very low
Area of Effect: 1 space + 3-5 radius, depending on caster ability
Learned by: Sorceror, Magic Knight, Dragon Knight, Bishop

A good spell for hitting a lot of enemies, but for smaller or more
spread out groups thunder is better.

Cost: 8
Range: 10
Damage: Very high
Area of effect: 1 space + 2-4 radius, depending on caster ability
Learned by: Archmage, Summoner, Zarvera, Agent

This is the most often used spell in the game, for good reason. It hits
hard, and over a sizeable area that the caster has a lot of flexibility
in targeting. Expect to see it a lot, so you might as well jump on the
bandwagon and start giving the enemy back some =P. It is capable of
destroying a full health ballista in one shot.

Cost: 4
Range: 7
Damage: Medium
Area of effect: 1 regiment
Learned by: Shaman, Dragon Lord, Serpent Lord, Highmaster

A great spell that does decent damage. It's also nice for taking out
units that are lagging behind their commander (like ballistae).

Cost: 2
Damage: Medium
Area of effect: 3-5 space radius around caster
Learned by: Hawk Knight, Mage, Swordmaster, Silver Knight, Paladin,

This is probably the worst of the second-tier damaging spells. It does
decent damage, but the area of effect is so limited it's a chore to get
it to hit enough units to make it worthwhile.

Cost: 3
Damage: High
Area of effect: 4-6 space radius around caster
Learned by: Serpent Knight, Knightmaster, Archmage

A bit better then tornado, but I still prefer fireball and thunder.

Cost: 12
Damage: Very high
Area of effect: 5-7 space radius around caster
Learned by: Grand Knight, Sage, Serpent Master, Zarvera, Highmaster

The only characters of the above who will find this worthwhile are the
sage and zarvera. The MP drain that this spell causes means that any
fighting class that uses it will probably be unable to cast anything else
for the rest of the scenario. Even the magic users will find the fixed 
target area annoying... it's usually just better to meteor.

Healing Spells:
"Take good care of your troops." -Laird

Cost: 2
Range: 6
Heals for: 3 maximum
Area of effect: 1-3 radius
Learned by: Lord, Cleric, Healer

Quick, easy experience. If you have a bunch of damaged units clustered
together, cast this on them, even if they aren't being threatened by
anything. The exp you get from one heal spell isn't much, but if you
make a habit of it, it does add up.

Cost: 4
Range: 6
Heals for: 9 maximum
Area of effect: 1-3 radius
Learned by: Priest, Saint, Sage, Dragon Master, Royal Guard

Extremely effective at what it does. Best used at the end of the turn,
when you can maximize its effect.

Force Heal1
Cost: 3
Range: 6
Heals for: 3 maximum
Area of effect: 1 battle group
Learned by: Healer, Highlord, Bishop, Dragon Lord, Paladin,
            Serpent Lord.

A nice trick for this spell is to take a unit like fliers that tends to
go ahead of the front lines, keep behind one griffin, and continually
cast this on the griffin while the others fight the enemy. This spell
provides instant supply lines.

Force Heal2
Cost: 6
Range: 6
Heals for: 9 maximum
Area of effect: 1 battle group
Learned by: Princess, High Priest

You'll mainly use Heal2 for mass-healing purposes. This is only better
in special cases (like the supply lines thing), or if your caster's
level is too low to affect enough people.

Status Affecting Spells:
"You really want to become zombies, don't you?" -Morgan

Cost: 2
Range: 5
Learned by: Warlock, Knight, Highlord, Dragon Knight, Knightmaster,
            Dragon Master, Agent.
Effect: All units in same command/section/regiment/whatever of the target
will get +4 attack until next turn. Quite useful, even late in the game,
because that extra attack can make a big difference when the forces are
evenly matched, or when you're trying to level up a late joiner.

Cost: 2
Range: 5
Learned by: Cleric, Healer, Lord, Highlander, Serpent Knight,
Swordmaster, Grand Knight, Princess, Summoner, Royal Guard, Zarvera
Effect: All units in same command get +4 defense until next turn. Not
as useful as attack, but still nice when your forces are otherwise
evenly matched. It's great when you're going against those annoying
ballista units.

Cost: 2
Range: 4
Learned by: Highlander, Saint, High Priest
Effect: All units within certain radius of target square have a chance
depending on magic resistance of being unable to move or attack. If
attacked, they will not defend themselves, having the offensive power
of a bunch of civilians. At the beginning of each enemy phase, there is
a chance of them being able to recover from the spell.

Sleep is one of most useful (and, in my opinion, cheapest) spells in the 

Cost: 6
Range: 4
Learned by: Princess, Agent
Effect: All units in target leader's command have a chance of becoming
your allies. They will move/attack at the same time that NPC's normally
would. At the end of enemy phase, there is a chance of them recovering.

A nice spell, when it works, but I prefer to just kill things myself.
Charm is a waste of experience.

Cost: 2
Range: 8
Learned by: Mage, Wizard, Serpent Master, High Priest, Hero, Highmaster
Effect: Makes whole unit immune to harmful magic. This is incredibly
useful - cast it a lot. 

Range: 5
Cost: 3
Learned by: Bishop, Priest, Sage
Effect: Silences the target leader, stopping spellcasting.

Cost: 6
Range: 6
Learned by: Grand Knight, Wizard, Silver Knight, Archmage, Serpent
            Master, Hero
Effect: Deactivates leader's attack/defense bonuses on troops.
Extremely effective, because by the time you get this spell the leader
bonuses are very large.

Other spells:
"Shikaaaa!" -Barbarian Shaman

Cost: 2
Learned by: Sorceror, Shaman
Effect: Creates 0-6 illusions of the caster, depending on how many
troops the caster already has. No character can have more than 6 units,
so if the caster already has six, spell won't work. If the caster
doesn't have any units, it will make a full 6 illusions. They look
exactly the same, but if they ever go into combat they vanish in a puff
of smoke. Great distractions if you're fighting someone you don't want
to kill just yet, but in a no-holds-barred combat it's probably better
to just frag them with a meteor or fireball.

Turn Undead
Cost: 5
Learned by: Healer, Priest
Effect: Kills all undead within a certain range of caster. That
includes skeletons, zombies, and wraiths. Depending on the situation,
this spell ranges from totally awesome to useless. 95% of the time,
it's the latter.

Range: 16
Cost: 5
Learned by: Agent
Effect: Takes a unit up to 16 spaces from the caster and drops them
onto any square, 16 spaces from the caster. Not only is this spell
incredibly useful, it's also a lot of fun. Unfortunately, you get it
too late in the game to take much advantage of it.

|              |
| Hero classes |
"I want to be a brave man worthy of praise..." -Vargas

AT/DF is the hero's attack/defense.
A/D is the attack/defense bonus the hero gives to his soldiers.
Soldier-type leaders (fighter, lord, etc.) can use all weapons except
lances, and all types of armor.
Knights can use all weapons and all armor.
Sky Knights and Sea Knights are like knights except they cannot wear
plate armor.
Priests can use hammers and wands, and chainmail or lighter armor.
They're also the only 'class type' which can use the cross special
Highmasters/Rangers are the only characters who can use longbows or
Mages can use daggers and wands, and no armor heavier than robes.
If a character equips, say, some plate armor and then class changes to
an archmage, the armor will stay equipped even though the mage
technically isn't allowed to. You can use this trick to optimize your
equipment regardless of your class.

Knights and SkyKnights have longer level bars than any of their
counterparts until the fourth class level, where pretty much everyone
takes an equally long time to level up.

I usually try to have as many class types around as possible. If I have
a choice between three class types I already have, I'll choose the one
that's most extreme, the one that's best at what s/he does. For
instance, I'd rather have a knight master, because his focus is on
offensive melee, than a paladin, who doesn't really have a focus and is
not outstanding in anything. Similarly, I'd rather have an archmage,
who is a complete battlemage and destroyer, than a weak class in
somewhere between battlemage and healer like the saint. I also like to
have a fourth class change, so I usually ignore dead-ends like the
Grand Knight or King even though they are very good classes.

Fighter AT + 3  DF + 2 MP + 1 Range 2
A + 0  D + 2 MV 5
Attack type: Rolling fire
Troops: Soldier

Basic soldier-type leader. Barely better than the rabble he commands,
but with a great sword he can be a real powerhouse.

Lord AT + 3 DF + 6 MP + 3 Range 3
A + 2 D + 4 MV 5
Attack type: Rolling Fire
Spells: Heal1, Protection
Troops: Soldier, Pikeman

Low attack, but pikemen are important for dealing with enemy horseman,
and heal1 is great for easy experience.

High Lord AT + 4 DF + 6 MP + 5 Range 3
A + 3 D + 4 MV 5
Attack type: Rolling Fire
Spells: Force Heal1, Attack
Troops: Elf, Phalanx

The pros and cons between this and magic knight/highlander are pretty
much the same as the pros and cons between lord and knight.

Sword Master AT + 6 DF + 7 MP + 3 Range 3
A + 8 D + 7 MV 5
Attack type: Energy blast
Spells: Tornado, Protection
Troops: Phalanx, Armored Soldier

Nothing particularly fascinating here, just more of the same. His
magic defense isn't very good, so watch out for meteor and blast.

King AT + 8 DF + 7 MP + 8 Range 4
A + 8 D + 8 MV 5
Attack type: Energy blast
Spells: Heal2, Attack, Resist
Troops: Ballista, Armored Soldier

This class does everything the swordmaster does, and more. Great
bonuses all around and much better spells. Unlike the swordmaster, this
class is a dead end. It looks exactly like the hero in battle.

Hero AT + 4 DF + 2 MP + 4 Range 4
A + 9 D + 8 MV 6
Attack type: Energy blast
Spells: Blast, Zone, Resist
Troops: Phalanx, Dragoon

Okay bonuses, nothing spectacular. You probably won't use blast much,
since you won't have much MP to begin with. Incidentally, the hero's
combat stance looks exactly like Bernhart's.

Ranger AT + 9 DF + 6 MP + 12 Range 0
A + 7 D + 5 MV 7 (special)
Attack type: Blur charge (lightning discharge vs. air)
Spells: Blast, Tornado, Resist
Troops: None

An odd class. Short command range, and a shift toward magic on a path
that was really melee oriented. It is also the one of the only classes
that can use bows, but s/he loses the ability to use swords or axes.
You can equip a necklace or crown to give her some range and allow
her to use some troops. The ranger and highmaster seem to get an extra
10% bonus when fighting inside caves, buildings, or rooftops. She also
moves quickly over water, and has an extremely small level up bar.

Highmaster AT + 2 DF + 2 MP + 8 Range 0
A + 8 D + 6 MV 8 (special)
Attack type: Energy Blast (Sword beam when using ranged weapons)
Spells: Thunder, Earthquake, Resist
Troops: None

The class that comes after the ranger. They are very similar. Ranger,
being a fourth level class, gets more AT/DF bonuses. Highmaster has an
unusually small level up bar for 5th level class, so you can get the
spells faster. The lousy range and inability to equip good weapons,
however, are eternal. Still, he makes for a good fighter/mage combo,
and his spells are good.

Knight AT + 6 DF + 3 MP + 2 Range 3
A + 6 D + 2 MV 8 (horse)
Attack type: Charge (Lance throw vs. air)
Spells: Attack
Troops: Horseman

The opposite of the lord, knights are very attack-oriented. Since
you'll be on the offensive most of the time, this is a good thing =P.
You could probably get by without a knight... you could get by w/o any
one class if you tried hard enough... but it would be hard. Even though
their level up bar is unusually long, they're still a good investment.

Highlander AT + 9 DF + 4 MP + 4 Range 4
A + 5 D + 3 MV 11 (horse)
Attack type: Charge (Lance throw vs. air)
Spells: Protection, Sleep
Troops: Heavy Horseman, Gladiator

A very combat-oriented knight. He gets a great AT boost.

Magic Knight AT + 7 DF + 4 MP + 8 Range 4
A + 6 D + 3 MV 10 (horse)
Attack type: Charge (Lance throw vs. air)
Spells: Fireball, Sleep
Troops: Heavy Horseman, Gladiator

Worse stats than the highlander, but he gives better bonuses, and the
MP boost can be nice. Unless there's something at the end of the class
path that you need the magic knight for, I'd say just pick Highlander.

Unicorn Knight AT + 6 DF + 5 MP + 8 Range 4
A + 6 D + 2 MV 10 (special)
Spells: Mute, Charm, Heal1
Troops: Heavy Horseman, Gladiator

A knight class with less power but better magic. Usually it's best
avoided, since there is really no reason why you would want a knight to
be good at magic.

Knightmaster AT + 8 DF + 4 MP + 4 Range 4
A + 10 D + 5 MV 11 (horse)
Attack type: Blur charge (Lance throw vs. air)
Spells: Blizzard, Attack
Troops: Dragoon, Armored Soldier

Another very attack-oriented character. His charge is so swift archers
and ballistae don't even get a chance to fire.

Royal Guard AT + 5 DF + 1 MP + 2 Range 4
A + 10 D + 7 MV 11 (horse)
Attack type: Blur charge (Lance throw vs. air)
Spells: Blast, Heal2, Protection
Troops: Phalanx, Gladiator

Very good attack, but his defense still suffers. He makes a good second
wave attacker - send him in after you magic attack an enemy leader, or
after you hit him with one of your higher defense characters. His low
defense hurts his ability to fight on his own, but he is great support.

Grand Knight AT + 8 DF + 9 MP + 0 Range 4
A + 8 D + 8 MV 8
Attack type: Charge (Lance throw vs. air)
Spells: Protection, Zone, Earthquake
Troops: Phalanx, Dragoon

This class gets a couple of very nice spells, but no MP. If your knight
hasn't spent class or two as a magic user, this class might get very
boring. It's a dead end fourth level class, but it gives very solid
bonuses, more than any of the 4th level classes that evolve into 5th.

Paladin AT + 5 DF + 7 MP + 6 Range 4
A + 9 D + 6 MV 11 (horse)
Attack type: Charge (Lance throw vs. air)
Spells: Tornado, Force Heal1
Troops: Monk, Angel

An interesting mix of a horseman-type leader and two troop types that
are generally not associated with horsemen. He's not very strong in any
given area, but he's pretty versatile. However, by this point you
should have nearly 10 characters - you should be able to carve out a
niche for every one. In the end a versatile character is only the
most limited of specialists. (And if that makes any sense, you can
whack me or something)

Hawk Knight AT + 7 DF + 2 MP + 3 Range 3
A + 2 D + 4 MV 8 (flying)
Attack type: Wind
Spells: Tornado
Troops: Griffin

Like Knights, Hawk Knights have large level bars, but they're also
very good. Even though the leader itself isn't very tough, he is fast,
and his troops are powerful and versatile. 

Dragon Knight AT + 6 DF + 6 MP + 4 Range 4
A + 4 D + 3 MV 9 (flying)
Attack type: Lightning Breath
Spells: Fireball, Attack
Troops: Horseman, Griffin

This class is great against enemy fliers, his attack will take them
all down before they even get a chance to hit. He does pretty well
against ground troops too.

Dragon Lord AT + 10 DF + 4 MP + 4 Range 4
A + 9 D + 6 MV 10 (flying)
Attack type: Lightning Breath
Spells: Thunder, Force Heal1
Troops: Armored Soldier, Angel

Angels are very useful units because they don't die as often and are
immune to magic. Other than that, it's more of the same.

Dragon Master AT + 4 DF + 0 MP + 4 Range 4
A + 8 D + 7 MV 11 (flying)
Attack type: Lightning Breath
Spells: Blast, Heal2, Attack
Troops: Dragoon, Gladiator

A nice 5th-level class with a lot of versatility in spells and troops.
The A/D bonuses aren't that good, though, and it hurts the angel's
already low stats.

Crocodile Knight AT + 6 DF + 3 MP + 2 Range 3	
A + 5 D + 3 MV 6 (sea)
Attack type: Charge (Lance throw vs. air)
Spells: Attack
Troops: Merman

Lester's starting class, but it's his second in terms of runestoning.
It's similar to the knight.

Serpent Knight AT + 4 DF + 7 MP + 4 Range 3
A + 5 D + 4 MV 7 (sea)
Attack type: Charge (Lance or spear throw vs. air)
Spells: Blizzard, Protection
Troops: Merman, Elf

A nice, balanced class with as many bonuses as the knight without the
long level up bar or the weakness against pikes. He is incredibly slow
on any kind of rough terrain, though.

Serpent Lord AT + 5 DF + 9 MP + 4 Range 4
A + 10 D + 6 MV 8 (sea)
Attack type: Charge (Lance or scythe throw vs. air)
Spells: Thunder, Force Heal1
Troops: Ballista, Gladiator

Still very well rounded. His high attack/defense bonuses compared to
most mages make him great for artillery duels, if you're into that sort
of thing.

Serpent Master AT + 4 DF + 2 MP + 2 Range 4
A + 10 D + 7 MV 9 (sea)
Attack type: Charge (Lance throw vs. air)
Spells: Earthquake, Zone, Resist
Troops: Dragoon, Angel

Okay bonuses, and good spells. 5th level classes aren't that exciting.

Warlock AT + 3  DF + 2 Range 2
A + 4 D + 2 MV 5
Attack type: Charged fireball (very slow)
Spells: Magic Arrow, Attack
Troops: Guardsman

Basic mage leader type. He levels up extremely quickly. His troops are
horrible but with the great A/D bonuses, they can fight against
soldiers as equals.

Sorcerer AT + 4 DF + 4 MP + 8 Range 2
A + 5  D + 4 MV 5
Attack type: Charged fireball
Spells: Fireball, Illusion
Troops: Archer

I actually think he's an inferior magic user to the shaman... thunder
is much cooler than fireball imo. But he's the only guy early on who
can get archers, while the lord can get pikes, so I still take him.
Fliers can be a major pain.

Mage AT + 5 DF + 4 MP + 14 Range 3
A + 6 D + 4 MV 5
Attack type: Charged fireball
Spells: Tornado, Sleep, Resist
Troops: Elf, Gladiator

The mage class continues the warlock's and sorceror's history of high
attack and attack bonuses, while rounding out his spell arsenal. If
nothing else, take him because he has resist. *Very* useful spell later

Archmage AT + 7 DF + 4 MP + 14 Range 4
A + 7 D + 5 MV 5
Attack type: Charged fireball
Spells: Meteor, Blizzard, Zone
Troops: Phalanx, Ballista

More and more damaging spells. His defense is as crappy as ever, but
the archmage is extremely good at what he does - mass slaughter. He is
one of the few classes with the meteor spell, which is quite possibly
the best offensive spell in the game. Zone is also very good.

Zarvera AT + 2 DF + 1 MP + 14 Range 4
A + 9 D + 7 MV 5
Attack type: Energy blast
Spells: Blast, Meteor, Earthquake, Protection
Troops: Armored Soldier, Heavy Horseman

This is one of the few 5th level classes that shows a big improvement
over its predecessor. Boosted MP, a much faster attack, and a set of
new spells and troops.

Wizard AT + 6 DF + 5 MP + 14 Range 4
A + 6 D + 6 MV 5
Attack type: Lightning storm
Spells: Blast, Zone, Resist
Troops: Armored Soldier, Ballista

It's a decent class, but I prefer archmage. Wizard misses out on
meteor, and blast is too focused and short-ranged to make up for it.
Only take it if you really want Hain to become a summoner.

Sage AT + 4 DF + 7 MP + 8 Range 3
A + 7 D + 5 MV 5
Attack type: Lightning blast
Magic: Earthquake, Heal2, Mute
Troops: Phalanx, Armored Soldier

Another hybrid class, but this one actually isn't a dead end for
Jessica. It still isn't as good as archmage, but it lets her become a
summoner, and having heal2 is kind of neat. For some reason, this class
is allowed to equip plate armor.

Summoner AT + 2 DF + 1 MP + 14 Range 4
A + 8 D + 7 MV 5
Attack type: Fire lash
Magic: Meteor, Protection, Summon
Troops: Phalanx, Armored Soldier

Lousy bonuses, but this class gets to do what no other class in the
game can - summon. Once a creature is summoned, it acts like a second
commander, casting spells and dealing out decent damage. Unlike summons
in, say, final fantasy, these things stay until they're killed or the
battle ends. They can get pretty good if you get the special items that
let you summon the really powerful stuff. See summons section for

Meteor is also nice to have, since you missed out on the archmage

Shaman AT + 5 DF + 3 MP + 7 Range 2
A + 4  D + 4 MV 5
Attack type: Lightning storm
Spells: Thunder, Illusion
Troops: Pikeman

Getting thunder early is definitely a plus, and the attack is somewhat
faster than the sorceror's. Other than that, there isn't much here.
The shaman's pikemen are stronger than the lord's but either class will
do fine against horsemen.

Bishop AT + 4 DF + 5 MP + 12 Range + 3
A + 5 D + 4 MV 5
Attack type: Lightning storm
Spells: Fireball, Force Heal1, Mute
Troops: Monk, Gladiator

A cleric with more of a tilt toward offensive. It has an unusually
small level up bar, but is not a particularly useful class.

Saint AT + 6 DF + 7 MP + 6 Range 3
A + 8 D + 8 MV 5
Attack type: Lightning blast
Spells: Tornado, Heal2, Sleep
Troops: Armored Soldier, Ballista

Another fourth level dead end. One reason why you might want to take it
is that it gets the same bonuses monks get against demons. That,
combined with his decent attack bonus, can make him very effective.
If you plan on using this class, pick a character who can reach here
from Highlord so that she can carry over a great sword or devil axe
from her previous class.

Silver Knight AT + 7 DF + 6 MP + 2 Range 4
A + 10 D + 6 MV 10 (special)
Attack type: Charge (Lance throw vs. air)
Spells: Tornado, Zone
Troops: Griffin, Dragoon

This fighting class comes on a path that's composed of mostly magic
users (Shaman, Bishop, etc.) Kind of the odd one out, but sometimes
it's nice having a knight with a large MP total and a cool spell like
Zone. However, its horrible movement indoors severely cripples it. Only
take it to get Sherry to Princess.

Princess AT + 2 DF + 2 MP + 8 Range 4
A + 9 D + 9 MV 6
Attack type: Flash
Spells: Force Heal2, Protection, Charm
Troops: Monk, Angel

This is one of my favorite classes in the game... then again, I'm kind
of biased since Sherry is one of my favorite characters =P. She has an
extremely fast attack, made even better by the fact you can equip
swords and axes. She also has good spells and troops. You can give her
a wand if you want, but this is such a great melee class that it would
be a waste.

Cleric AT + 2 DF + 2 MP + 2 Range 2
A + 0 D + 4 MV 5
Attack type: Cross darts
Spells: Heal1, Protection
Troops: Guardsman

Basic healer. Terrible at fighting, although you can augment that
slightly by using a war hammer. It's probably better to just use a wand
and concentrate on healing for experience.

Healer AT + 2 DF + 6 MP + 6 MP + 2 Range 2
A + 3 D + 5 MV 5
Attack type: Cross darts
Spells: Turn Undead, Heal1, Force Heal1
Troops: Monk

This is where the healing classes really start to shine. Great troops,
decent troop bonuses, and better spells. Still hopeless at fighting,
but that's not her job anyway.

Priest AT + 3 DF + 6 MP + 10 Range 3
A + 4 D + 6 MV 5
Attack Type: Cross Darts
Spells: Turn Undead, Heal2, Mute
Troops: Monk, Phalanx

This is the earliest class that can use heal2... unfortunately, you
won't see it much because Riana will probably leave at around this
point. It's a decent class, but by the time she rejoins there will be
much better ones around.

High Priest AT + 4 DF + 7 MP + 12 Range 3
A + 6 D + 7 MV 5
Attack type: Cross darts
Spells: Force Heal2, Sleep, Resist
Troops: Phalanx, Armored Soldier

The most useful item here is resist. By the time you get this class,
your other characters' troop bonuses will have caught up with the
healer's, so the A/D here is nothing special.

Agent AT + 0 DF + 3 MP + 10 Range 4
A + 8 D + 7 MV 5
Attack type: Cross darts
Spells: Meteor, Attack, Teleport, Charm
Troops: Monk, Angel

This is your reward for having to go through 4 classes of very low
attack power. Agent gets a lot of good offensive spells, and her A
bonus is higher. Teleport is also pretty cool. She doesn't get any
new healing spells, but come on - you have them all by now anyway.

Other classes:
"Werewolves again?!" -Hain

Thief AT 25-28 DF 18-21 MP 0 Range 2
A + 4 D + 2 MV 6
Attack type: Blur charge (Sword beams vs. air)

A type of enemy unit you'll run into early on. High attack, low 
defense, uses the sort of units that fighters/lords have. It is a
soldier type class even though its attack is faster than most knights.

Assassin AT 32-34 DF 21-23 MP 2-3 Range 2
A + 5 D + 2 MV 6
Attack type: Blur charge (Sword beams vs. air)
Spells: Attack

A stronger version of the thief.

Necromancer AT 30-34 DF 18-21 MP 24-33 Range 3
A + 7 D + 2 MV 5
Attack type: Lightning storm
Spells: Thunder

These guys show up only on scenario 7. High attack and attack bonuses
combined with thunder can really take a bite out of your forces if
you're not careful.

Swordsman AT 28-31 DF 24-26 MP 4-5 Range 3
A + 4 D + 5 MV 6
Attack type: Energy blast
Spells: Attack, Heal1

You cannot get this class. It isn't much like the swordmaster or 
highlord, with a focus on offense rather than defense.

Living Armor AT 31-33 DF 30-32 MP 16 Range 4
A + 8 D + 7 MV 4
Spells: Attack
Attack type: Rolling fire

The monsters' highlord. Nothing particularly special here, just another
soldier-type class. His defense high can be a major pain if you haven't
been leveling your characters enough.

Minotaur AT 39 DF 33 MP 0 Range 4
A + 9 D + 5 MV 5
Attack type: Slow charge (Axe throw vs. air)

Another soldier type unit. They shouldn't be much of a threat, since
their stats aren't that great and horsemen have a high attack.

General AT 40-48 DF 30-35 MP 26 Range 4
A + 11 D + 8 MV 5
Attack Type: Fire lash
Spells: Heal2, Thunder, Blast

This is the class Vargas and Imelda use. A very strong soldier type
class with more of an emphasis on offense. The MV is average but half
the time you meet it, the general will have major movement restrictions.
Use the extra time to mass your forces - you'll need all the help you
can get.

Demon Lord AT 46-50 DF 32-34 MP 64-80 Range 4
A + 10 D + 9 MV 7
Attack type: Fire lash
Spells: Heal2, Blast, Zone

Incredibly powerful beings, they are best attacked with horsemen or
fliers. Anything else will probably die before it reaches him. It is
immune to all harmful magic. He is weak against monks, if any actually
survive his barrage of hellfire.

Emperor AT 40-52 DF 37-42 MP 45-51 Range 5
A + 13-16 D + 11-12 MV 6
Attack type: Energy blast
Spells: Meteor, Force Heal2

This is Bernhart's class. Extremely high attack power, made even
deadlier once he acquires Alhazard. His defense is also pretty decent.
Think of him as a powered-up Hero - in fact, their combat stances are
very similar. He's a soldier-type class, but he has a lot of MP and
won't hesitate to meteor you if you're out of reach of his sword.

Werewolf AT 21-26 DF 19-22 MP 0 Range 3
A + 4 D + 2 MV 6
Attack type: Blur charge (Energy darts vs. air)
+ 20% bonus in forests or mountains

They are not considered soldiers or horsemen, so no units get attack
bonuses against them. However, they are not very strong.

Cerberus AT 32-37 DF 25-28 MP 7-13 Range 4
A + 6 D + 3 MV 8 (horse)
Attack type: Blur charge (Energy darts vs. air)
Spells: Attack

Decent fighters when you first meet them, but they still fall easily
to pikes. By the time you reach the endgame, they will be little more
than a nuisance.

Master Dino AT 29 DF 32 MP 0 Range 4
A + 6 D + 2 MV 8 (horse)
Attack type: Slow charge (Fire bolts vs. air)

Horsemen type units with unusually high defense. You might have to
power up your pikes to be able to damage them. If that fails, send
your own horsemen and try to win through attrition.

Great Slime (G. Slime) A 19-21 D 22-25 MP 0 Range 3
A + 1 D + 2 MV 4
Attack type: Slow charge ( Slime missile vs. air )

These things are hard to kill, but will rarely kill anything of yours.
Their magic resistance is terrible. It makes an odd sound when it feels 
pain. They're great for leveling up your weaker characters since
low-level clerics and mages both have access to guardsmen.

Iron Golem AT 38 DF 40 MP 0 Range 3
A + 5 D + 7 MV 4
Attack type: Slow charge (Spear throw vs. air)

This is the only leader type in the game that's considered a spearman.
Incredibly tough, don't bring a horseman anywhere near him.

Ghost AT 34 DF 24 MP 29 Range 4
A + 9 D + 4 MV 6 (special)
Attack type: Fire lash
Spells: Attack

Like the wraiths, these things teleport when they move, and they are
not weak against anything but monks.

Witch AT 32-37 DF 27-29 MP 30-37 Range 4
A + 8 D + 5 MV 5 (special)
Attack type: Lightning storm
Spells: Meteor, Force Heal1

This is a flying mage class. Quite powerful, it's probably the first
time you'll see a meteor spell used. He's weak against monks.

Succubus AT 33 DF 28 MP 30 Range 4
A + 10 D + 6 MV 5 (flying)
Attack type: Lightning hit
Spells: Meteor, Heal2

Another flying mage. Another flying meteor. You'd think she would have
charm, but I've never seen her use it.

Dark Princess AT 36-37 DF 33-34 MP 30-41 Range 4
A + 9 D + 7 MV 5
Attack type: Fire lash
Spells: Meteor, Force Heal2

The class Larna uses when she fights against you. Really, I thought
naming her Larna while all your characters thought she was Riana ruined
the mystery. This class is a mix of mage and cleric, with decent power
in direct combat to boot. She is also immune to all magic.

Dark Master AT 38-42 DF 29-32 MP 52-59 Range 4
A + 11 D + 8 MV 5
Attack type: Lightning blast
Spells: Attack

Bosel's class. Because he is weak after having been revived, he is not
very strong in combat. However, he surrounds himself with strong
troops, and gives decent bonuses.

Vampire Lord AT 43-48 DF 34-41 MP 61-75 Range 4
A + 12 D + 8 MV 6
Attack type: Lightning blast
Spells: Meteor, Force Heal2

A strong magic user. Think of him as an advanced Zarvera. He's weak
against monks.

Pirate A 23 D 19 Range 2
A + 0 D + 2 MV 5
Attack type: Blur charge

Weak sea units that you run into on scenario 10. They are easy to kill,
and doing so nets you experience that would otherwise be given to

Scylla A 30-36 D 19-26 MP 14-20 Range 3
A + 2 D + 3 MV 6 (sea)
Attack type: Lightning blast
Spells: Charm

Sea monsters that enjoy charming their enemies into serving them. Their
attack is both strong and fast - most units won't even survive to get
close enough to hit them. Fortunately, they have a low defense, making
them an ideal target for ranged attackers.

Kraken A 39-41 D 32-35 MP 16-19 Range 4
A + 9 D + 8 MV 5 (sea)
Attack type: Slow charge (energy darts vs. air)

A stronger, slower sea class. They're best confronted head-on with high
offense units like dragoons.

Wyvern A 29-32 D 23-27 MP 10-12 Range 4
A + 5 D + 4 MV 8 (flying)
Attack type: Lightning breath
Spells: Thunder

Like dragon knights, but weaker. They shouldn't be much of a threat.

Great Dragon A 39 D 34 MP 24 Range 4
A + 10 D + 8 MV 5 (flying)
Attack type: Fireballs
Spells: Meteor

Larna's pet monster that she sends at the village in scenario 18. It
has decent stats, but nothing you shouldn't be able to handle. Its
attack is very slow - it sends out its 10 fireballs one at a time. The
main thing to worry about is its meteors.

Builder A 38-45 D 26-30 MP 0-18 Range 4
A + 6 D + 1 MV 4
Attack type: Flash
Spells: Force Heal1

Thankfully, you only have to fight these guys in scenario ?1.

|         |
| Summons |
"My cute little monsters." -Larna

Summons can only be used with the summoner class. Most require a
special item. A summoner can only have one of these at a time - if you
summon a new creature, the old one disappears. I'm not sure how exactly
spells work on these, but they seem to be randomly assigned, and each
time their leader moves or a new turn starts they have a random chance
to get a new bunch of spells. They never have more than 3.

Spells: Magic Arrow, Heal1, Force Heal1, Attack, Fireball, Earthquake,
        Tornado, Sleep, Resist.

Elemental AT 22 DF 20 MP 10 MV 7 (Flying)
Attack type: Lightning blast

Aniki AT 35 DF 30 MP 16 MV 5 Requires Iron Array
Attack type: Flash
The best summon in the game, if you dare to use him. If not, just use
white dragon instead.

Valkyrie AT 29 DF 21 MP 25 MV 7 (Flying) Requires Aura
Attack type: Lightning hit

Sleipnur AT 31 DF 18 MV 10 (horse) Requires Odin's Buckler
No spells.
Attack type: Charge (Energy hit vs. air)

YrmGuard/Iremguard AT 29 DF 28 MP 32 MV 5 (Sea) Requires Gyaral Horn
Attack type: Slow charge (Fire dart vs. air)

White Dragon AT 33 DF 22 MP 10 MV 5 (Flying)
Requires Gleipnur
Attack type: Fireballs.

Fenrir AT 31 DF 25 MP 10 MV 8 (horse) Requires Carbunkle
Attack type: Blur charge (Energy darts vs. air)

Freiya AT 23 DF 25 MP 40 MV 7 (flying) Requires Angel's Wing
Attack type: Wind

|                  |
| Follower classes |
"Fool... Our soldiers so easily beaten." -Rolan

Civilian A 0 D 6 MV 5
They're, well, civilians. If they get attacked, they cower, do nothing,
and will probably all die. Oftentimes the mission depends on their
survival. They're always led by a low-level cleric.

Barbarian A 19 D 12 MV 6
Enemy's weakest unit. Their attack is okay, but their defense is
horrible. Sending a fighter against them will rip them to shreds before
they even get close.

Soldier A 20 D 14 MV 5(6 imperial)  40P
Basic soldier type. You'll see them a lot early on.

Gladiator A 23 D 19 MV 6 70P
A more powerful soldier. They are much better than the enemy's version
of this unit, the berserker.

Berserker A 24 D 15 MV 6 (Imperial only)

Armored Soldier A 25 D 22 MV 5  140P
The best soldier money can buy.

Dark Guard AT 30 DF 25 MV 6
The best soldier in the game. They cannot be recruited - hey, they're
dark, what were you expecting? You have a reputation as a Descendant
of Light to protect, you know.

Pikeman A 18(17 imperial)  D 18 MV 5  50P
Basic spear type. Due to the stupidity of your opponents, you will also
see a lot of these early on. They get wrecked by soldiers.

Phalanx A 22(20 Imperial) D 22(23 Imperial) MV 5 100P
A more advanced spear unit. Note that although soldiers and horsemen
have 3 levels of units, the phalanx is as far as spearmen go for you.
The almighty computer, of course, gets golems.

Golem A 23 D 28 MV 4
The most advanced spear unit in the game. A major pain to kill, even
soldiers can have trouble if they're not powered up enough.

Horseman A 24(22 imperial) D 15(14 imperial) MV 10  60P
Basic mounted unit. Extremely mobile, although they're slowed in
forests, and very strong. They're great against pretty much anything
but pikemen.

Heavy Horseman A 26(27 imperial) D 19 MV 9  110P
Less mobile, but what it loses in speed it more than makes up for in

Dragoon A 27 D 21 MV 8  180P
Your best mounted unit, and probably best all around mercenary in the

Royal Horseman A 34 D 23 MV 13
The strongest horsemen in the game. They are both heavy and fast. No,
of course you can't have them.

Hell Hound A 24 D 22 MV 9
Horsemen type units led by a cerberus. They get bonuses in forests
and mountains like werewolves.

Bone Dino A 26 D 24 MV 8
These are the horseman type units that the monsters generally use.

Elf A 19 D 8 MV 6  100P    Attack range: 3
The only unit in the game that gets bonuses against fliers. They don't
do that well against ground units, but they're still okay at softening
them up for the kill.

Dark Elf A 20 D 8 MV 7     Attack range: 3
The imperial version of the elf. Theirs is better, of course.

Ballista AT 22 DF 10 MV 3(2 imperial)  250P   Attack range: 6
Long range artillery units. Properly powered up and with a strong
commander, they do decently against almost anything. Unfortunately,
they're very slow, and weak against magic. You can make them faster
using speed boots, but since most ballista characters are mages, it
means you won't be able to use an orb.

Ballistae are not as good as elves against fliers since they don't get
the special bonus, but they're still capable of killing griffins pretty 
easily. The imperial version looks more like a catapult, but they have
the same name.

Griffin A 26(27 Imperial) D 13 (14 Imperial) MV 10  70P
Basic air unit. Attack power is very high, defense surprisingly decent
because of the automatic +25% air bonus. A whole unit of griffins can
sweep across a ground unit before half of them get a chance to attack.
A very useful unit.

Angel A 24 D 19 MV 12  200P
A flier with lower attack but higher defense. This makes them much
better at taking out enemy catapults. Angels are also immune to
offensive magic, so the mages commanding the catapults also won't be
able to do anything against them.

Wraith A 25 D 21 MV 6
These things look like they fly, but they are not weak against archers.
They move instead by teleporting, and can pass high walls. Unlike
fliers, ground units are unable to attack them until they are literally
right on top of them. They are weak only against monks.

Elemental A 28 D 22 MV 6
An advanced version of wraiths. They are immune to magic, and can
cross unscalable walls the same way wraiths do. However, they fly like
an ordinary griffin when they actually attack. Like wraiths, archers do
not get a bonus against them, but monks do.

Gargoyle A 25 D 13 MV 10
The flier type unit that monsters use, essentially the same as griffin.

Vampire Bat A 31 D 18 MV 6
Extremely powerful fliers. They are the only units in the game which
show all ten of their hit points as a separate unit. Anything other
than an archer or fast attack leader will be in for a world of pain.
These guys suck. Literally.

Lizardman A 24 D 6 MV 7
Merman A25 D 13 MV 8  70P
Imperial sea units and your sea units, respectively. Merman are
stronger, but both suffer from the same low defense. Still, mermen are
somewhat better than soldiers so you might find some use for them on
land scenarios.

Leviathan A 26 D 15 MV 6
The strongest sea unit in the game. When on land, it always gets 0% for
the terrain bonus, even on high walls. Because of this, and their low
defense to begin with, they're not that hard to defeat. Oh yeah, you
can never recruit one... but you knew that already, right?

Guardsman A 18 DF 12 MV 5  20P
Basic unit for magic users, the worst soldier type you can buy. They do
get bonuses against slimes and dark units, though.

Monk A 21 D 19 MV 6 100P
The game's only holy unit. They will likely become the troop for
healers that replaces guardsmen. Unlike the guardsman, they are quite
useful in combat. Think of them as somewhere between soldiers and
gladiators. Also unlike guardsmen, they do not get bonuses vs. slimes,
but slimes are so weak it doesn't really matter. Because of their
bonus against dark units, monks remain useful throughout the entire
game - few other early units have that distinction.

Wolf man AT 19 DF 14 MV 7
The werewolf's followers. Like their leader, they are neither soldiers
nor horsemen, and so have none of their advantages or disadvantages.
They get a +20% bonus in forests or mountains, and move quickly over
rough terrain.

Slime A 20 D 20 MV 6
Smaller versions of great slime. They're essentially the same thing.
Note that although their defense is high and their stats are similar to
a spear unit, they are NOT spear units, so horsemen do decently against

Skeleton A 20 D 12 MV 4
Their stats are horrible, but since they are led by necromancers,
they can still be annoying on the attack. Best hit with holy units or
archers. Their magic defense isn't that good either.

Zombie A 22 D 14 MV 4
Slightly more powerful than skeletons. Same sort of strategy works
against them.

Archdemon AT 33 DF 24 MV 7
This is, quite simply, the most powerful troop in the game. Anything
other than a monk will probably end up trading 1 for 1 with them, or
worse. Their attacks rarely fail to hit home. If you don't have monks,
your best bet is to hit them with other troops and hope they run out
before you do. Fast attack <ground> heroes also do well.

|       |
| Items |
"...I'll lend you that sword." -Bosel

Items sell for 3/4 of their original value. You can carry a maximum of
16 - any picked up after that will require that you discard one.
For where to find hidden items, check someone else's FAQ. I'm too lazy
to check each square in each scenario on my own, and anything less than
that would be just copying and pasting what someone else has already
done, which I really don't feel like doing.

In addition to the normal shops that appear at the beginning of every
level, there is also a 'secret shop' that allows you to buy many rare
and useful items.

To access the secret shop, you have to be on the screen that shows up
at the start of every scenario - the one where you hire troops, equip
items, etc. Press A, B, A, B, up, down, left, right, start, B. You 
should  hear a special sound to indicate your success. Now, go to the
shop menu. The shop for the current scenario will have been replaced
with a new one. Thanks to sianguy for posting this... twice, because
I never got around to writing it down the first time.

The following items are available in the secret shop:
Knife, War hammer, Great sword, Wand, Flame lance, Devil axe,
Dragon slayer, Langrisser, Masayan Sword, Holy Rod, Dark Rod,
Longbow, Arbalest, Small shield, Large shield, Chainmail,
Plate armor, Assault Suit, Robe, Dragon Scale, Mirage Robe, Runestone,
Cross, Necklace, Orb, Speed boots, Crown, 


Knife  +1AT  50P
"A knife for self defense."
Not usable by: Clerics

War Hammer  +2AT  120P
"A curved war hammer."
Not usable by: Mages

Great Sword  +4AT  300P
"A large, heavy sword."
Not usable by: Mages, Clerics

Devil Axe  +8AT -3DF 2,500P
"A great axe infused with a strong enchantment."
Not usable by: Mages, Clerics.

Langrisser  +4AT +1DF 0P
    becomes +9AT +2DF when powered up by Riana and Larna.
"A sacred sword containing the power of both..."
The legend, the power, and the game.
Usable only by Elwin, Sherry, Jessica, Riana, or Larna.
(i.e. Descendants of Light)

Masayan Sword  -4AT -3DF -2A  600P
Doubles any experience gained through combat or healing. The end of
scenario bonus is still the same.
"A sword with a logo of a horse and star..."
Masaya is the company that made Langrisser, and the logo described is
indeed their logo.
Usable by anyone.

Despite its negatives, this is one of the best items in the game.
Favor whoever wields it by feeding them experience, and switch it off
between characters in between missions. The cumulative effect is

One interesting bug for this is that if you give it to a character
whose attack bonus is less than 2, it will interpret the -1 as a +55.
This has no real application unless you're using the secret shop code,
since by the time you can get this blade legit your characters will all
have well above +2A, but it's kind of funny to abuse.

Note: Because of this item's negatives, I never bothered equipping it
at first. I probably never would've figured out what this thing does if
it wasn't for someone posting it on the GameFAQs message board. I don't
remember who it was, and the message is gone now so I can't check...
but whoever it was, thank you.

Dragon Slayer  +7AT  10,000P
"A magical sword used by a dragon slayer."
Not usable by: Mages, Clerics

Flame Lance  +6AT 8,500P
"A magical, flaming lance."
Only usable by: Knights, Sea knights, Sky knights.

Longbow  -2AT -2MV all 250P Gives character ranged 3 attack.
"A strong bow made from the wood of a special..."
Usable only by rangers and highmasters.

Arbalest  -4AT -2MV all  1,250P Gives character ranged 6 attack.
"A powerful crossbow."
Usable only by rangers and highmasters.

These two items are kind of a letdown, they come with heavy penalties
and the ranged attack isn't really worth it. In fact, the highmaster
and ranger classes in general were a bit of a letdown. You should
probably give the swordmaster a devil axe then promote so you can have
a highmaster with a decent attack rather than go with either of these.

Wand  MagicRange+2, MagicDamage+1  150P
"A magical cane."
Not usable by: Anyone but Mages and Clerics

Holy Rod  MagicRange+2, MagicDamage+2  4,000P
"The rod which is the key to unlocking the..."
Usable by anyone.

Dark Rod  MagicRange+2, MagicDamage+2  4,000P
"The rod which is the key to unlocking the..."
Usable by anyone.


Small Shield  +1DF  80P
"Reinforced with iron alloy."
Not usable by: Mages, Clerics, Sky Knights

Large Shield  +2DF  200P
"Made from the strongest iron, a shield that..."
Not usable by: Mages, Clerics, Sky Knights

Odin's buckler  +3DF, +1D 4600P
"Sporting fine defense capabilities. A summoner should equip..."
Lets you summon Sleipnur.
Usable by anyone.

Robe  +1DF, +10% MDF  80P
"Defending clothes."
Usable by anyone.

Mirage Robe  +2DF, +20% MDF  1,000P
"An enchanted robe with high defense."
Usable by anyone.

Chain mail  +3DF  400P
"Armor made out of chained metal."
Not usable by: Mages

Dragonscale  +4DF  2,000P
"Armor made out of the scale of a dragon."
Not usable by: Mages
D&D fans can think of this as chain mail + 1.

Plate armor  +4DF 600P
"Large golden-plated armor" (even though it looks plain steel in the 
picture)    Not usable by: All but fighters and knights.

Assault suit  +10AT +10DF  30,000P
"Iron molded into the shape of a human."
Usable by Hero and Princess classes only.
(Thanks to XXXperiences and dracula1498 for telling me who can use it)

Special Items:

Speed Boots  +2 MV leader and troops  600P
"Fly like shuttle-cock"
Usable only by unmounted characters (no fliers, horses, or sea units)

Cross  +2D +20% MDF  230P
"Divinely blessed."
Usable only by clerics

Amulet  +15% MDF, decreases damage taken by magic?  1,000P
"An amulet containing the protection of..."
Usable by anyone.

One bug that is worth noting is that if you cast resist on a character
with an amulet, the character will still be vulnerable to magic.
Apparently, the amulet's partial resistance overrides the spell's
immunity... or something.

Necklace  Range + 2, D + 3  900P
"A necklace made from magical stones"
Usable by anyone.

Orb  Magic Range + 3, Doubles MP  1,000P
"A crystal with strong magic sealed within."
Not usable by: Fighters, land, sea, and sky knights.

Crown  Range + 2, A + 3, D + 2  5000P
"A crown blessed with mysterious power."
Usable by anyone.

Angel's Wing  2500P
"A feather from a holy angel. A summoner should equip..."
Usable by anyone.

Iron Array  +1AT, -1MV all  10P
"Made for a beautiful body. A summoner should equip..."
Lets you summon the mighty Aniki. Shield your eyes.
Usable by anyone.

Gleipnur  MagicDamage+2  2,800P
"A summoner should equip..."
Lets you summon White Dragon. It's listed as Gleipnur, but it says
Carbunkle when you find it in scenario 12.
Usable by anyone.
(Thanks to sianguy for telling me about +2 magic damage)

Aura/Aurora  +2AT 3,100P
"A rainbow-colored flower. A summoner should equip..."
Lets you summon Valkyrie.
Usable by anyone.

Gyaral Horn  A + 2, D + 2  3,200P
"A horn of a god. A summoner should equip..."
Lets your summon YrmGuard/Iremguard.
Usable by anyone.

Carbunkle +1DF  3,000 P
"A chain to capture Fenrir within. A summoner should equip..."
Lets you summon Fenrir.
Usable by anyone.

Runestone  10,000 P
"Mysterious stone."
Usable by anyone.
If at any time a character with a runestone is at level 10, s/he will
class change as if s/he had just left his/her first class level. This
is nice because the lower level classes usually give more AT/DF
bonuses per bit of experience than the higher ones. It also lets you
max out stats if you seriously favor a certain character or level skip.

One nice bonus of this is that any experience you get after level 10
but before you use the runestone will be carried over to your new

Thanks to: GameFAQs, Masaya, KGen, the members of the Langrisser II
board, Hiryuu Honyaku, and to Al Waldron <devilot60@hotmail.com> for
telling me about how to get to ?4 without level skipping even though it
might not be true.

This guide was written by Carl Morita, June-August 2001.
You can copy or excerpt it as much as you want, but give credit where
it is due, and do not give credit where it is not due.
I used to think this would be the final version but if I put that here
it would be the fourth consecutive version that was 'final.' I'll just
say that if I feel like adding to it, I will, otherwise I won't.

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