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A sequel that actual improves on an original classic. 11/06/14 AntoG86
Superb Sonic 200th! 11/07/07 Arkrex
Improvements coupled with oversights but still awesome 07/08/16 buruburu1
Sonic got through Act 2...with flying colors! 11/29/04 Computerbug9
Ain't nothing gonna slow me down... 09/06/05 discoinferno84
Guns and weapons can't save the world, but somehow a hedgehog can? 05/20/02 Doodleheimer
A worthy sequel to a great game 10/20/03 FusionDragon2099
A sequel that proves the lastability of the Sonic series 07/18/05 GavLuvsGA
Arguably the finest game in the series. 06/02/08 gimo80
Twice as nice 06/08/03 Internet Nomad
Sonic's still alive and he's better than ever!!! 10/11/04 L4H4002
This Hedgehog Got the Speed 08/13/12 leeko_link
Super Sonic Speed 01/23/17 Lord-Spencer
Another game I missed out on during my younger years 10/28/05 Overdrive
When Sonic started improving 12/20/04 peach freak
Quite the Sonic game indeed 03/19/04 Platinum Sonic 10
Feel the speed rushing through you!! 11/26/00 Ramagamma
He's back, and this time, he's got company... 12/21/04 reddragonflame
My second favorite game growing up. Sonic 2 is loads of fun! 11/30/05 Renatus
*sniffs* Ah, it's the aroma of unflawed gaming. 11/30/06 Richard Walker
Sonic, Sonic, Sonic, Sonic! 07/22/08 supermarioandsonicfan1986
Speeding to a Genesis console near you! 11/27/06 Supersegafan
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is Platforming at its best! 07/14/04 The Wise Tonberry
Too Similar to the First Game... But Its Still Good! 08/03/09 Truck_1_0_1_
Classic. 11/02/05 Unleashed Vortex
Another great addition to the Sonic Series! 09/02/05 Webster1209

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Fast, fast, faster, weeeeeeee 12/04/08 Ali_X_Rexus
A great Sega game(AGAIN). 04/25/00 AVexer
Sonic is back, but this time he brought a friend. 12/26/08 BenhTheMan
The Best Sonic Game To Date 12/20/12 BlackWarriorX
The second fun game of Sonic the Hedgehog! 01/23/00 CChan
Speeding Out Of My Good Books 07/26/07 CHRISMC64
A pretty good sequel! 10/24/02 cutiepie
A classic that always delivers! 05/27/01 DayoftheRhodes
It is a classic just like the original. 04/03/01 Doctrine Dark
Best Sonic Game Ever 11/25/09 flyerfan1248
Blue is back, but not better than ever! 11/03/01 FrenZy
Sonic runs Faster than your average Hedgehog in this Second Installment to The latest Sonic Series. 11/19/07 Game Master X
Excellent classic game 04/22/13 irrewonderful
Super Speed, Super Game, Super Sequel 09/17/07 JordanM
A true classic. 11/14/00 JPeeples
Aren't Sequels Supposed to Be Worse? 08/05/15 Kwing
The best in the series, but not by very much. 10/06/02 LordAtomic
A stunning sequal to a great game. The return of the Hog! 09/29/01 Mage
Best in the series 06/25/08 mf29
First Genesis game I got. 08/22/01 NESMaster
The Sega Genesis did not do so well in the battle of the consoles, but this game rocked!! And still does!! 07/30/00 Nivla
The Super Sonic Bros. 11/19/10 Ofisil
Puts all the other Genesis Sonics to shame 07/16/01 Psycho Penguin
Great Old School Play!!! 11/06/00 PsYcOpInE
A little bit better than the first one 04/23/01 RXavier
Sonic's second outing is still one of his best. 06/28/07 ShadowGuardian9
Better than the original 09/18/01 Shady
Better than the first! 07/10/01 sonikuu
The Best of the Sonic Games 09/29/01 Stinger
Best. Sonic. Game. Ever. 05/19/08 SuperMan678
Still the greatest Sonic game ever to grace our thumbs. 07/11/05 SuperYoshi
Good, but not what I expected from a sequel 07/05/00 TBranford
Sonic and tails return to bash Eggman into a pulp again 06/12/07 Tman106
Run in SONIC SPEED to your nearest game store! It's the BEST game in the entire series! 03/23/03 Tokyo Fusion
My favorite of the original three Sonic games! 04/29/01 tuvok47
Don't hurt me, Sonic. 03/22/03 waterforprez

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