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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 06/26/06 BostonFuse51 1.2 90K
FAQ/Walkthrough 12/29/02 CChan 1.0b 22K
FAQ/Walkthrough 04/05/07 Church5SiX1 5.5 63K
FAQ/Walkthrough 09/14/07 Crazyreyn 1.2 70K
FAQ/Walkthrough 12/19/05 Gold Mage Final 32K
FAQ/Walkthrough 04/28/07 Kirby021591 1.0 166K
FAQ/Walkthrough 01/07/00 Outkast 1.3 53K
FAQ/Walkthrough 07/08/03 WWalker 123K
FAQ 01/03/05 MManos 7.0 54K

In-Depth FAQs

All Emeralds in Emerald Hill Guide 10/25/10 Sirhic Final 24K
Boss FAQ 04/15/02 NickWhiz1 Final 43K
Super Sonic FAQ 12/19/05 Gold Mage Final 21K

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