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It's STILL the best Sega game EVER!!! 01/25/02 BHeilman
Old School RPGers, try this out! 08/29/03 Breeze
Great game for the Genesis. 08/04/02 Cactuar
This game blows FF games away 10/20/01 Cesar
One of the best games ever. 03/24/02 Da Jerk
Excellent RPG/Strategy game...Perfect combination! 07/24/01 Da VideoGuy
The beautiful sequel to one of the best rpg's! 11/03/02 Doom
Truly one of the best games of all-time. 11/01/01 Drake
The best game I have ever played 01/22/07 Eviloracle
A unique (if somewhat unpolished) RPG/Strategy game 04/09/00 Falsiloquos
A wonderful game in a shining series 06/20/00 greatgame
Do yourself a favor and play this game! 01/05/11 Hadespet
A strategy/rpg game that needs improvement... 08/19/02 kpboy777
A simply amazing game, in a series with many ups and downs... 01/18/01 Lizard
Am I the only person who has Deja Vu? 02/16/11 Ofisil
Other than Phantasy Star, this is the second leader of best RPGS on Genesis. 05/11/02 Paulos
Shining Force II; Sequal to a Great 06/30/05 RiggsCrossfire
Besides Final Fantasy Tactics and Der Langrisser you will be hard pressed to find a Strategy/RPG that equals SF2 02/22/01 Sephirstein
What I think is the best game of all time. 11/01/00 shenlong
The best video game ever created by far!! 07/28/01 Slade
A sequel that's actually better 01/23/04 The Manx
The greatest SRPG of all time! 05/28/04 Vivi0198
Tactical planning... great storyline... a must! 11/01/99 WZafran
Great RPG tactics game 08/26/02 yumaru
Easily the best strategy/RPG hybrid ever created 07/14/03 z129000

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